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[center [Suranna [size15 The Gods created The Labyrinth as a punishment to those who disobeyed their rules. Those who entered the Labyrinth must find their way out within 24 hours or the exits would seal them inside forever.
It had been thousands of year since anyone truly believed the tales. However, it is the mystery of the maze that draws so many people to it. Some liked to test the theory and enter the ancient maze; many of them were found days, or weeks later, lost or starved to death, others weren't found at all.
When a Female 1, Female 2, Male 1, and Male 2 decide to brave the Labyrinth, and find themselves trapped inside, they must work out puzzles and over come dangerous creatures just to survive.
Will they be able to break out of the sealed maze, or will they become just a couple more victims to the Labyrinth's mighty power.

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[size18 [u Rules:]]

• Romance isn't a key element to this roleplay, however, I dont mind if it happens, but I don't want it to become the main focus.
•Cybering is absolutely unnecessary to the story and will not be permitted what-so-ever.
•I would like quality over quantity but length is required to push the story forward, so nothing less than 1,500 characters. Spelling and grammar mistakes happen, that's okay we're all human. As long as your post is readable, and I don't have to read it six times to understand it, that's all that matters.
•All I ask is keep me updated if you can't post for a bit, I understand busy schedules
Lastly, as always, have fun and be creative.

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[size18 [u Skeleton:]]

[b Name:] First and last
[b Age:] No younger than 18
[b Gender:]
[b Personality:] Be detailed.
[b Background:] Just a short paragraph
[b Why are you in the labyrinth?:]
[b Photo:] Real pictures please.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/l8W68Hw.png]]

[size18 [u The Cast]]

[left [pic https://imgur.com/J0yAhc8.png]]
[b Name:] Moria Hunter
[b Age:] 19
[b Gender:] Female
[b Personality:] Moria is an outgoing girl, she loves adventure, and anything that has her taking risks, however while she is a thrill seeker, she also enjoys the comfort of home, and the relaxing side of life. Moria can be sarcastic and passive aggressive at times, but usually comes into negative situations with a positive outlook.
[b Why are you in the labyrinth?:] Moria has gone to the labyrinth as one last hurrah, before ending her reckless lifestyle for good.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[left [pic https://imgur.com/KPfIdbY.png]]
[b Name:] Porter Bolton
[b Age:] 20
[b Gender:] Male
[b Personality:] Porter is know to be impulsive, doing things on a whim without stopping to think if he should. This has gotten him into trouble way too often with the law, getting arrested for one particular event that he doesn't like to remember. Porter is also very kindhearted and will do whatever he can for the people he cares about.
[b Why are you in the labyrinth?:] He has always been interested in the Labyrinth and when given the chance to explore it, he jumped at the opportunity.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/24vHVAU.jpg]]
[b Name:] Eleanna Campbell
[b Age:] Twenty
[b Gender:] Female
[b Personality:] Eleanna's the kind of person who likes to stay to herself. She doesn't want people to really know what she's thinking. When she's really pissed off, she will turn into a totally different person. She can be stubborn, and really hard headed. She will put other's before herself, and if you manage to get into her world, she will do anything to keep that person safe.
[b Background:] Eleanna doesn't let people into her life easily. Ever since she lost her mother to cancer, she's shut herself off. That was until Camdyn came storming into her life. He's been like an older brother to her, and he's helped her come out of her shell little by little.
[b Why are you in the labyrinth?:] She wants to try and come out of her shell more, that and Camdyn pretty much bribed her to do it.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/eZvh2eN.png]]

[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKxqz5G.jpg]]
[b Name:] Camdyn Russell
[b Age:] Twenty-Three
[b Gender:] Male
[b Personality:] Camdyn is a very protective person. He tends to speak his mind, and doesn't take anyone's shit. He loves reading comic books, and playing video games. He's a really trusting person, and doesn't really care what other's think about him. He will bend over backwards to please those around him, and he will snap you in half if you decide to mess with his loved ones. He doesn't care if you treat him like shit, just don't treat the people he cares about like shit.
[b Background:] Camdyn's mother has been hounding him for the last couple of years to make something of himself. So he decided to let his mindset change. He likes challenges, and will do anything for a new challenge.
[b Why are you in the labyrinth?:] He thought it would be interesting to try out. Something to make his mind work, and to help get Eleanna out of her shell.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/l8W68Hw.png]]
PM me with the name of the roleplay and your character sheet before requesting access.


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