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Does anyone like these series? Please pm me if you want to do an rp. Thank you!!!!

I have a few ideas, we can do either canon or next generation.

I've also rewatched the series and finished it. Still need to rewatch atla though....

Idea 1: Aniu is a young waterbender who is determined to become a veterinarian and help injured animals wherever she finds them. She wants to open a clinic in republic city. She also had a lot of bullies growing up and hates conflict.

LOK version: she meets team avatar when Naga and Pabu fall ill and they aren't sure why. Aniu helps them and she and bolin begin to talk. He naturally asks her out and they fall in love as they investigate the cause of the illness the animals had.

Next generation version: an avatar hailing from the Earth kingdom has arrived in republic city and they meet Aniu shortly after sneaking away from the air temple island. Aniu helped them with their pet when the animal ate something they were allergic to and was pestered by the avatar to be their new waterbending teacher. Will they be able to get through the Avatar's stubbornness or did they bite off more than they could chew?

Idea 2: Kara is a single mother who works several jobs to make enough money to pay bills and take care of her daughter.

LOK version: Kara meets team avatar at a probending match and has to compete against them. Bolin makes a bet with her that if her team the polar bear dogs loses, she has to go on a date with him, but if the fire ferrets lose, bolin/mako has to do whatever she asks for a week.... Welp, can you guess who wins? If you answered the fire ferrets, you'd be right. However what will happen when it comes times for the date? Will she show up or have to stand him up? What will this story entail?

Next generation version: Kara is a singer at a local bar at night and a worker at the local power plant during the day. She's a very hard worker and most of the time works herself to near exhaustion. One night, while walking home, she runs into the new avatar and he/she offers to walk her the rest of the way home.

Idea 3: Yuya has a secret past and tends to keep to herself. The Phoenix is a mysterious person who seems to be neither good nor bad.

LOK version: Yuya meets bolin by swiping his wallet. He realizes what's happened and stops her from getting away. But he doesn't expect her to be ao clever. They talk a little but she stiffens up and avoids certain subjects. She almost can never do night dates and she seems to have several sugar daddies throughout the city, although she doesn't actually date them. Just gets money from them. Phoenix on the other hand has been causing trouble for the ritzy community for the last few years. No one knows who she is, where she came from or how she hasn't been caught yet. With two strange and mysterious women in town, what will happen?

Next generation: pretty much the same as above.

Please pm if interested!!


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