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Jackson smiled, “You like that gracie girl?” He asked kneeling down and kissing his daughter’s forehead before smiling. Wider. “I love you princess.” He muttered.

Jackson had been working from home in his studio writing and producing for other people. Some coming. To the house, some just doing the recordings elsewhere and sending them to him to remix. They had installed a fence around their property for privacy as well as security cameras and alarms. Jackson was taking all the precautions for his girls. He was even in the process of writing a book. He had been sober for exactly a year today.
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 1d 18h 42m 46s
Ally couldn't help laughing as Gracie grabbed for his necklaces as if saying 'What about me, daddy?' Jackson had been the first to post any photos of Gracie and the one he did of her in his arms was one of Ally's favourites. He was still trying to convince her to take pictures with him and Gracie. And she finally had.

About five months had passed and Grace was now six months. All of them were settled in their Arizona home and everything seemed to be happy and good. The life she had never imagined having. Today, Ally was sitting on the porch watching Jackson play with Grace and Charlie. He had tried to get her to play too, but she had been sick that morning and still was tired so content to watch. [b "Baby that's not nice!'] She called as Jackson had sent Charlie after a ball he hadn't actually thrown, Gracie sat at her father's side, giggling and clapping
  -Ally / SheDevil / 1d 19h 2m 28s
“I meant in life.” He said and Gracie grabbed at his necklaces he was wearing. “You too princess.” She was known as Princess gracie and Jackson had been the one to post a photo of her first, in his arms. Gracie Irene Maine.
  Jackson / Polkadotrocker / 1d 20h 26s
[b "You came back because you wanted to. I just tried to help you."] She said gently.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 1d 20h 1m 49s
“You brought me back.” He muttered knowing he owed everything to her.
  Jackson / Polkadotrocker / 1d 20h 6m 37s
Ally kissed him and smiled sadly at his words. [b "You're amazing and I love you."] It always hurt to hear him say things like that
  -Ally / SheDevil / 1d 20h 40m 4s
Jackson nodded, “The kind of life I thought u was too broken and too far gone to have.”
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 1d 20h 42m 36s
[b "The kind of life you always wanted but never thought you would get to have?"] Ally asked softly as she moved to his side and traded his plate for their daughter
  -Ally / SheDevil / 1d 20h 45m 26s
Jackson smiled, “We will be over al the time and you can come to our place we’re about five minutes away. Charlie is there, Bobby’s moving back too...it’ll be good.”
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 1d 20h 50m 0s
Irene gave her grandson a bit of a pout. She really hadn't been thinking about Gracie's age, just had gotten excited.

Ally laughed softly as she rocked Grace who was still cooing in her arms. [b "She got excited Jax. Let her have her fun."]
  -Ally / SheDevil / 1d 21h 17m 16s
Jackson chuckled, “Isn’t Gracie a little too small for all that just yet?”
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 1d 21h 20m 54s
Irene began to buzz, talking about all the things that she wanted to be able to. In a way make up for lost time.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 1d 21h 26m 14s
Jackson nodded, “That’s the plan, let Gracie grow up knowing her grandparents.”
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 1d 21h 29m 6s
Irene and Amos smiled brightly. "Really? That means we'll get to see you all more."
  -Ally / SheDevil / 1d 21h 30m 6s
“Oh no I didn’t..we’re moving out home base to Arizona.” He said knowing that Charlie loved it already.
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 1d 21h 38m 18s

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