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Ally's arms went around Soph as her dad put the little girl down beside her and she kissed her head. She was crying too as she watched Jackson. [b "Daddy will be okay, baby girl.."] She whispered
  -Ally / SheDevil / 2d 1h 56m 48s
“Momma.” She cried looking to Ally. Jackson was shaking, part of the shock as they put him on the stretcher to get him offstage.
  Jackson and Ally / Polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 2m 5s
Ally bit her lip. She didn't want to be away from Jackson but she moved to her father and Sophia.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 2d 1h 58m 35s
“Ma’am we need you to step back.” One of them told her and Sophia was crying, Lorenzo held her close.
  Jackson and Ally / Polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 7m 21s
Bobby had cut the mics and everything and had the paramedics going to Jackson in minutes.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 2d 2h 9m 6s
The blood the pouring from his shoulder, he was in shock it seemed.
  Jackson and Ally / Polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 13m 30s
Lorenzo had gripped onto Sophia when the shot rang out so the little girl couldn't get to the stage. The man had been worried for Ally because that was where it looked like it was going..until Jack had moved in front of her. Before, Lorenzo had had his doubts but seeing that, he KNEW Jackson truly loved his daughter.

It was all slow motion for Ally. She had expected the shot to hit her but then Jack had stepped in front of her and had gone down. Almost as soon as he went down, Alls was moving from where she had been and to him. [b "Jackson!"] She couldn't help her screams or tears.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 2d 2h 17m 27s
Middle of the third song a shot rang out and Jack has moved in front of Ally just in time, it clipped his shoulder and he fell to the ground.
  Jackson and Ally / Polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 35m 35s
Her hand gave his a small squeeze and she kissed him back gently before they walked out. Alls would stand with Jack for the songs she did with him, the piano was just so she could be out there the whole time.
  -Ally / SheDevil / 2d 2h 25m 23s
Jackson nodded, “I will.” He said kissing her gently before walking out with her.
  Jackson and Ally / Polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 49m 56s
[b "They have it set that I'm sat at the piano the whole time..So I'll be out there with you. If anything is off..stop Jack.."] Ally whispered
  -Ally / SheDevil / 2d 2h 50m 51s
He nodded, he hadn’t played since he passed out on his tour and this was just a few songs, he would manage right?
  Jackson and Ally / Polkadotrocker / 2d 3h 47m 25s
[b "I love you both so much."] Ally said, her hand slipping into his and she smiled watching Soph run off ahead to the house.

The next weekend cane faster than was expected and Ally stood with Jackson, Sophia, Bobby, Gail, and her dad at the side of the stage. Jack would play a couple songs first and then she would join him for 'Diggin' My Grave' and 'Shallow'. It wasn't exactly a good day with the twins but it wasn't terrible either. Besides even if it was, Ally wasn't going to back out because she promised to do this too. [b "Ready for this, cowboy?"] She asked as her hand moved into his
  -Ally / SheDevil / 2d 4h 11m 27s
“What we’re doing.” He said smiling and seeing her run towards the house.
  Jackson and Ally / Polkadotrocker / 2d 4h 22m 21s
Ally sighed and nodded. [b "I know..but what can we do?"] She whispered
  -Ally / SheDevil / 2d 4h 31m 13s

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