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“He’s done for the day Ally if you need a Doctor you tell him.”
  Jackson and Ally / polkadotrocker / 337d 4h 28m 27s
Charlie now was at Ally's side and her hand rested on his head. [b "I know they do...I wasn't going to..to tell him. I didn't want to ruin this for him or Iss."] She whispered, slowly sitting again.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 337d 4h 30m 1s
“Animals know.” Bobby muttered and looked to her softly
  Jackson and Ally / polkadotrocker / 337d 4h 42m 55s
[b "I know and I love him too. I just wish Thunder didn't tell him.."] She said quietly.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 337d 5h 13m 49s
“That man loves you so much.” Gail said smiling to Ally.
  Jackson and Ally / polkadotrocker / 337d 5h 18m 50s
Gently Ally kissed Jack as he leaned down to her. And soon they were watching as he rode Thunder back to the stable
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 337d 5h 27m 2s
Jackson kissed her leaning down and soon left back to the stable with thinder.
  Jackson and Ally / polkadotrocker / 337d 5h 34m 5s
Ally would not meet Jack's gaze now and continued to gently pet Thunder's nose.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 337d 5h 32m 21s
“I know buddy.” He said petting him gently. Jackson understood.
  Jackson and Ally / polkadotrocker / 337d 5h 59m 20s
Ally nodded to Jackson when he okayed petting Thunder and gently she pet the horse who kept gently nudging her bump. She was afraid the horse would tell Jack in his way that today was one of her bad days
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 337d 6h 29m 40s
Jackson nodded, “He’s not gonna hurt you. He knows now.”
  Jackson and Ally / polkadotrocker / 337d 6h 36m 40s
Hazel gaze met blue and she gave him a small smile. She then slowly held a hand to Thunder as he nudged at her bump gently She was waiting until both the horse and Jack okayed petting him..Ally didn't want to spook him and watch Jack thrown. [b "It's nice to meet you too. "] She said softly
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 337d 7h 8m 30s
Jackson was riding him but leaned down, “My wife Thunder, my child.” He said as the horse nudged her bump.
  Jackson and Ally / polkadotrocker / 337d 7h 15m 14s
Ally nodded as she listened to Bobby. [b "So he's thankful to have his old friend back. It looks like they...they both are."] She whispered. Ally hadn't realised it, but Thunder was now coming back towards the porch.
  -Ally&Jackson- / SheDevil / 337d 7h 47m 14s
“He and that horse have been through everything. He’ll Isabella was born in the stables. Jackson had ran in the house and Jess had her quick and thunder jumped the fence and ran to
The door. “ Bobby muttered.
  Jackson and Ally / polkadotrocker / 337d 7h 53m 41s

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