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Welcome! And thank you for your interest in my roleplay. Please post skeletons below or send a PM!

Original RP: [ Griffin's Academy of the Arts]

Accepted Students and their usernames :
[list Cameron - Lovablecurse
Kiso - Seki
Harsh - Monticello]

Time of the year within RP: Fall, first semester

Current event: Freshmen Orientation

Pending events:
[i Events without dates]
[list lock-down/lock-in
Theater Auditions - Any production suggestions/desires?
Homecoming game/dance]

Scheduled events:
[list Bonfire Freshman party - not school sanctioned]

[i This will be where I answer questions or further explain the University and the different pieces as required.

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[size11 I like him. ^ ^ And the picture too. I hate this 50 character limit forced upon us.]
  ʟɪʏᴀ / Seki / 73d 5h 57m 7s
[center [ [pic]]
Hi all! Here is my character, I hope he is okay! Let me know what you think and it's okay if it's a no.
  Alek / morbidity / 73d 10h 50m 54s
Morning, friends! =D

My friend is working on a sheet, so we may have four people! ^v^
  Harsh / Monticello / 73d 11h 4m 12s
Yes, that is where we are at right now. If we are left waiting for too long, I was thinking that the dorms could be shifted to four to a room and all three of our characters can room together and the fourth bed could stay empty until a fourth person is inspired to join us.
  Cameron Sierbay / LovableCurse / 73d 18h 10m 11s
[size11 Sounds good~

We're still waiting for one last person, right?]
  ☾ ᴏᴏᴄ ☽ / Seki / 73d 18h 13m 18s
School is an important background, giving everyone a place to relate back to, but the group interactions are definitely where I'd like to focus ~

I'll put up some loose suggested dates and we will come back to it after we have started and gotten settled in the dorms :)
  Cameron Sierbay / LovableCurse / 73d 18h 16m 19s
[size11 A school lock-in could be nice too. Or maybe change it up and have a dorm room lock-in, where all of us are trapped within one of our dorms for the night.. no matter whose it is.

I like the bonfire idea too. I assume it's still warm, so it can be right on the beach.. if campus is close by it?

Be good to focus on mostly group activities at the beginning to build trust and help Kiso, lol. JK. I think it's a good idea though, so there can be a lot of interaction. Probably won't be much during school.]
  ☾ ᴏᴏᴄ ☽ / Seki / 74d 3h 48m 29s
There is nothing at all wrong with that, I'm the same when it comes to ideas and probably would have been brought to the internet in search of more things to expand the experience. As long as you two don't mind, I don't see anything wrong with adopting high school practices for the academy. Since I did all my college schooling online, I wouldn't really know what belongs in a college environment, but I know everyone is likely very familiar with their high school days.

Since this is freshman orientation happening right at the end of summer and the start of fall, I think it would be fitting to start with a beach party/bonfire, sort as a get to know sort of thing. It also seems like a theater production should be put together ASAP, with proper auditions kicking off a few weeks in.

Considering the time of the year, do either of you have something you'd like to put up on the calendar for the present?

I was thinking it would follow more closely with seasons so we aren't too caught up on the changing of months, but if you think there is a good way to have to progress by months, I'd love to hear it!
  Cameron Sierbay / LovableCurse / 74d 4h 26m 6s
[size11 Yeah, and we can always vote on which ones we want to do most or do one at a time, like what we want for each month.

Will this RP go by months?]
  Seki / 74d 4h 35m 53s
I really like numbers 1, 3, 7, 8, 14, 18, 34, and 35 on that list.

I think group nights, contests, and trust exercises are a ton of fun. =D
  Harsh / Monticello / 74d 5h 19m 52s
[size11 I have a hard time thinking of this stuff to be honest, except school dances and such.

So went to GOOGLE. C:< Mwahaha.

[ Ideas]

Probably catered more towards middle/high schools, but pretty sure good to use for colleges too. It's a pdf , but there's like 100 ideas on here.. so.. be too long to list all of them.

#20 sounds like so much fun. xDDD Sorry if this takes out the fun of brainstorming, but we can always twist them around.]
  ☾ ᴋɪsᴏ ☽ / Seki / 74d 6h 8m 7s
Welcome, students of Griffin's! Let me thank you for your time in creating a character for my humble roleplay ~

Enrollment is still open! Looking to fill one last slot before we begin.

Do either of you have any questions, concerns, or event ideas?
  Cameron Sierbay / LovableCurse / 74d 9h 25m 44s

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