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[B [center [+blue Nightstalker Academy is located in the heart of northern Montana and has stood for 300 plus years with the sole purpose of raising young vampira how to control their powers and young vampir how to defend the vampira from the moria which is immortal vampira who gave up there soul by taking a life while feeding or was force fed Moria blood. Moria feed on vampira and vampir same as humans normally killing the victim, but when they take the blood of a vampira they gain the others powers and life span. The Vampira are mortal vampires with power over a elements and specialize in a specific element by age 14.the vampira do need blood daily to live but get there blood. from volunteer feeders.The Vampir are half human half vampira and are physically stronger and faster then both humans and vampira but there elemental powers are weaker then a pure vampira and they never specialize. The vampir are bodyguards to the vampira and are assigned the vampira they will guard for life in grade school. Also the vampir arnt as strong as a moria physically. Vampira can not reproduce other then with a vampira. Also vampir do not need to drink blood. They also grow faster then the vampira and humans making them appear older then what they are. Vampir receive a radian on the back of there neck for every moria they have killed.]]]

[B [center [+red rules
All es rules
No drama outside rp
Send a skelly
One vampir for every vampira in rp
I'll post a class schedule for both vampir and vampira
I'll assign who protects who
Vampir and vampira have separate forms until graduation when they will live together
Moria will be controlled by everyone]]]

[B [center [+orange who guards who
Kito (vampir) guards Lucas (vampira)
Aria (vampir) guards Miyuki (vampira)
Atlas (vampir)guards Mikael(vampira)
James (vampir) guards Chelsea (vampira)]]]

[B [center [+green skelly
Age- 14+
Vampir or vampira-
Specialized element-
Bio (optional)]]]

[B [center [+yellow accepted skellies
Name-kito gliht

Username- cece1133
Name aria
Age- 14
Gender non-bianary
Vampir or vampira- vampir

Username- Darclyfe
Name Atlas Conalis
Age- 17
Gender Male
Vampir or vampira- Vampir
Specialized element- N/A
Bio: Having been raised in Detroit all his life, he had grown into a capable fighter, he had military experience, and raised himself in a life of survival, nowadays, the young Vampir lives, for his car, a 67' impala and his music.

Username- -KushalaDaora-
Name- Mikael Darkklaw
Age- 18
Gender- Male
Vampir or vampira- Vampira
Specialized element- Earth
A rather interesting vampira, he is commonly assumed to be a vampir due to his strength, despite it being something he has worked very hard for. He despises the idea of having a guardian, but has long since excepted it, or at least stopped complaining. Though he can seem quite cold, he has a soft spot for animals, and often prefers them over other vampira or vampir.

Username- Infra-Red
Name: Lucas Knight
Age- 15
Gender: Male
Vampir or vampira- Vampira
Specialized element-: Ice
Bio (optional)

Username- TheHeroOfTime21
Name- James Henry Daniels
Age- 14
Vampir or vampira- Vampir

Username- Darclyfe
Name: Miyuki Kisaragi
Age- 15
Gender: Female
Vampir or vampira- Vampira
Specialized element-(Void)
The young girl, known as Miyuki, is a gentle soul, caring for others and treating everyone and thing with kindness. She's not much of a fighter. But she's the only Vampira in her family to have control of over the void.
She is a capable fighter, but she hates it and refuses to if she can.

Username- Princesslemondrop
Name Chelsea
Age- 16
Gender Female
Vampir or vampira-Vampira
Specialized element-water
Bio (optional) From a young age Chelsea has been shy. She rather be reading a book then try to speak to people. When she does have to, she has a small stutter, which gets worse when she is nervous. Chelsea specializes in healing with her water powers which she uses to help at the nurses office.


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Sighing, Chelsea looked around the courtyard. Another year of trying to stay as far away from people as possible. Another year of being picked on for the stutter that a Vampira should not have. Rolling her eyes at her mothers voice in her head. She should be proper and beautiful, a social butterfly like the rest of her family. Yet she took more after her father who would rather be lost in a book then speaking to those around him.

Looking back down at her book, Chels smiled. To live in that life where a a handsome man wouldn't care about her differences. Shaking her head, the small girl stood, straightening out her dress. " I should probably look for other half, but I also need to go to the nurses office to see if they need any help." Biting her lip, Chels did one more look around trying to find if anyone was looking for her. Like usually she was lost in the crowd by those more vibrant then her. Shrugging her shoulders, she made her way towards the health center.
  Chelsea / Princesslemondrop / 4d 11h 31m 0s
James entered the courtyard, hoping to spot his Vampira. He still hadn't met her yet, and was hoping to find her to introduce himself. He couldn't seem to find her, though, since he was a bit short, and couldn't quite see over anyone's heads. Then he had an idea. "Jackie, come" he said, and a small Ocelot trotted over. "Can you find my Vampira? Her name is Kirya." The Ocelot ran off into the crowd of people, searching for Kirya.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 7d 2h 28m 55s
Miyuki approached the courtyard, she had been searching for her guardian. She saw the white haired boy talking to his Vampira.

She smiled at them warmly and then approached a beautiful red head. She did hope to be friends with her Vampir. But she hadn't had much luck being who she is. Kisaragi was a very despised family from where she was from.

Void was a very uncommon element. That it was very hated by most. "[b Excuse me...]"

Her voice quiet and small as she approached who she thought was her guard.

"[b My name is Miyuki Kisaragi. It's.. nice to meet you.. I hope we can maybe be friends.]"

She said with a little bow.
  Miyuki Kisaragi / Darclyfe / 7d 14h 19m 45s
Mikael had been enjoying the courtyard, a small wolf he had saved in his lap. He heard the bell ring and got up, stretching a bit. He was well built, with tan skin and green eyes. He had a menacing gaze and a quiet demeanor, letting out a sigh as he watched Atlas walk up and introduce himself. He growled to himself, feeling like his vampir being taller than him was intentional. Nevertheless, he softened a bit, "Atlas, eh? Name's Mikael, though you probably know that. Little pup beside me is Ruby, she's a bit shy. Would suck to not be friends with the person who's gonna constantly be around me, so don't talk too much and I'll treat you like one, okay? Okay." He turned to go back to his place on the bench, not really caring about anything Atlas wanted to say, unless it sounded important to him. He much preferred Ruby to the vampir.
  Mikael Darkklaw / -KushalaDaora- / 7d 19h 25m 41s
Lucas entered the gym looking around for his vampir. Personally, he felt extremely uncomfortable having someone following him around when he wasn't in class, but it was a requirement and so he wasn't going do complain or argue. Sighing, he made a small icicle and started fiddling around with it, upset that he forgot to bring his drumsticks. His ADHD made it so he was constantly tapping on stuff, hence the drumsticks. It made his ADHD channel into something somewhat productive.

"Where the hell is Kito?" he muttered with a sigh
  Logan / Infra-Red / 8d 31m 52s
Atlas stood at attention, the young man had fought his whole life and Kito, was a new friend of his. When sparring however, things got a little dicey. The moon was bright,as though it were somehow day. Atlas was wearing a pair of sunglasses as he approached his new friend.

He walked aside Kito. "[b Kito, you're my friend. Are you sure you really--]"

The bell interrupted Atlas and enveloped his senses. "[b Welp, Kito, maybe some other time...]"

Atlas had his glasses cover his face but he walked over to the Vampire, he was assigned to.

Mikael, a quiet, cold shouldered, vampira. Atlas approached him and stood at attention. "[b I take in understanding that you are an upperclassmen. But understand I am merely fulfilling a duty. If you wish to be friends, that is alright, if not and you wish to keep this strictly professional. I will understand.]"

Atlas, was stoic. He was a Vampir, who unlike other prior to the academy knew what he wanted, he was a warrior. No one here had more guns, and field combat experience than he did. Detroit itself was a warzone in a way.

"[b But either way, I will introduce myself, my name is Atlas Conalis.]"

He said after he took off his glasses. He wasn't used to many people liking him but it was because of his stoicism.
  Atlas / Darclyfe / 7d 20h 38m 14s
Kito sighed walking across the Academy dorm looking for his new friend atlas. since his vampira he guarded was still in class he was gonna see if atlas wanted to spar with him. He smiled looking up at the moon as he stopped by the fountain in the academy court yard. Classes were held at night because it was easier on the vampira. The vampira could be out in the sun they just have more sensitive eyes, and have to were 800 proof sunblock to avoid sun burns. He resumed his such for his friend who was several years older then him. Sighing he decided to walk to the gym. He smiled when he seen atlas already there. [+red "Hey Atlas spar with me today."] He called walking over to the older male. He moved over to the sparring Mat not waiting for the older males answer. He removed his shoes stepping onto the mat waiting for the other Male. Before they started sparing the bell signaling the end of the nights classes tang. [+red "well that sucks we dont get to spar now."] He said putting his shoes back on and running out the gym to find his vampira. It was required by the school that outside of classes and sleep time that all vampir stay with the vampira they are assigned to guard.
  Kito / kenbloodmoon / 9d 38m 12s

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