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Dean chuckled as he heard her comment. He shrugged as he looked off out the window. "[b Ah, You might actually be my sister then. Haha, I mean.. I typically live the same way. My job sort of requires me to live on the road. Again, we'll talk more once we hit it.]"

He looked at her and noticed her sweating. "[b Hey, you alright? You look like you could use a bite or some air?]"
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"Better than living motel to motel with nothing but a few bags and living on takeout and alcohol to get me by",she says as she looked at Dean and smiled slightly as she finished her coffee.

She rubbed a hand through her slightly sweaty hair then hid a wince since her arc reactor was still running on palladium but didnt know that it was slowly poisoning her from the inside out.
Dean looked at her: "[b I have to hit the road soon. But if you want you can come with. I'm sure we'll find Sammy sometime later.. There is something else but it will have to wait until you and I are out of here. If you choose to come with.]"

He got another cup of coffee. He only wondered if she would be able to help him kill demons. He didn't want to put her in harm's way but if she was a Winchester. Then.. it's possible she's already dealt with demons before.
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"I think I remember hearing something about a missing person on the news a couple days ago",she says as she drank her coffee as her watch beeped slightly, having a hidden earpiece in her ear so she could talk to JARVIS "I've just been told my family was dead",she continued, having a thick Irish accent.

She smiled at Dean, having 4 different prescription bottles in her pocket, Xanax for anxiety and panic disorder, Paxil for PTSD, Tripyan for migraines and Prozac for panic attacks then closed her eyes as she took a sip of her coffee quietly.
Dean sat down across from her: He smiled friendly. He showed her a picture of John and Mary. "[b Well, My dad.. I guess our dad sent me to find you. He said that he wanted to meet you sooner. I guess your my sister.]"

He placed a hand on the table reaching for his mug of coffee. "[b My name's Dean. It's nice to meet you, I'm in town searching for that idiot brother of mine. He's gone missing.]"
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She jumped at the voice "I dont know my real parents",she mumbled as she looked up at Dean, her right eye a bright blue and her left a emerald green, wearing a apple watch with J.A.R.V.I.S installed on it automatically. She wrapped her long sleeve tighter around her to hide the reactor then smiled up at him, looking more like Dean than Sam.
Dean had been in town for a matter of five minutes and things already felt off. He felt relieved when he got his food. He had also been tasked by his dad. He had a picture and instructions to search for an Amy. He had shown the picture to the waitress and she pointed to the girl with colored pencils.

Well that was easy.. He finished eating and approached her. "[b Hi.. This is weird, I know. But would happen to of known a John or Mary Winchester?]"

He wasn't sure if she wholly related to him or not. But if she was then.. he'd have to welcome her to this family.
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She heard the new voice then closed her eyes as she focused on drawing then breathed through her nose, sweating slightly even though it was snowing and at least 20 degrees outside.

She took a sip of her coffee and smiled at the waitress as she refilled her coffee, being slightly hungover but she had been what is considered a alcoholic since 3 years ago, having gone through some things she'd rather not talk about
Dean had been on the road for hours, Sam had gone missing again. He didn't know what to think. He had been hungry, but he wanted to get back on the road as soon as possible.

The waitress came to the table. "[b What do you need hun?]"

He looked at her: "[b Oh uh.. Coffee, Eggs, scrambled, bacon, sausage, toast.]"

It was almost midnight. The woman nodded slowly. "[b Coming right up.]"

Dean nodded with a thanks.

He had a picture and showed to a few people. Because according to Bobby, Sam had been seen last in Iowa. He hoped his brother would be close.
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Amy was currently sitting in a diner near the motel she was ststing at wearing a plaid long sleeve shirt with a white tank top underneath, blue jeans and brown boots, her hair cut super short and had on thin rimmed sunglasses on her face.

Her bag was by her feet as she drank her coffee then closed her eyes as she pinched the bridge of her nose as she mumbled something, a faint blue glow underneath her shirts then sighed as she itched her face. She looked up when she heard the bell on the door above ring as more people walked in then mumbled something to herself as she pulled out her sketchbook and some colored pencils.

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