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"Most Native Americans cursed the ground cause of how the Europeans treated them and their families", she says as she looked at Dean then thanked him, cocking the gun expertly as she grabbed the backpack.

"Trust me, I'm alot older than I look", she says as she smiled then seen a crow land in a nearby tree, looking at it as it cawed at them, another one landing beside it.
Dean dust his jacket off. He looked at her with a bit of a grimace. He handed her a 45.

He looked at dirt. The soil being red. "[b Possession grounds. Indian burial ground. Tell me, what do we do on a burial ground how do we prevent further casualties? What would you do?]"

He grabbed some matches, salt and two shotguns with salt rounds.

He offered her a back pack. "[b We might be out here a couple days.]"
  Dean Winchester / Darclyfe / 214d 7h 10m 35s
"I don't know remember the country and I left cause there was a huge breach and some of the other....I guess you can call them creatures got out and started to massacre all the guards and scientists",she explained as she looked at the location as she got out and bent down, grabbing a handful of dirt.

The wind started to eerily blow then sniffed it as she closed her eyes, dropping the dirt as she stood up "something bad happened on this land....something real bad",she says as she brushed her hand off on her pants.
Dean was driving and he smiled a bit at Amy. Trees blew by like cardboard cutouts, if he could go any faster it'd fell like warp speed.

"[b Where was this underground lab? Why did you leave? If you don't mind my asking?]"

He pulled off to the side of the road where lush trees lead to a big wood. "[b The demon in question has been spotted in this area. Do you know any sealing rituals?]"
  Dean Winchester / Darclyfe / 218d 9h 28m 54s
"Probably when I was about...I dont know..6, 7 years old, I grew up in a underground lab until I was..12 and it doesnt matter, I like a bit of everything",she says as she shrugged slightly, her ears pointed at the end then itched her neck.

She felt the car start to move then put her seatbelt on, having a branding of a R, S and M on the right side of her neck, along with a b as crude with the numbers 102753 under it on her left wrist but it could barely be made out cause of her tattoo sleeve.
Dean looked at her with a bit of smirk. The car began to move. "[b So, Amy. Tell me. What was your first kill? Mine was when I was about 13, just a low tier, but dad gave me the gun and I shot it. It was like an actual hunting trip, except instead of bagging a buck or doe. It was a typical possession demon.]"

He placed his hand on the glovebox to open it. "[b You can decide what we listen to. Your choice.]"
  Dean Winchester / Darclyfe / 225d 9h 39m 5s
She nods as she walked to the motel room and started to stuff her stuff in her bags then grabbed a wooden box and put it in a duffle bag. She walked to the mini fridge and put some mini bottles and vials into her bag as well, also grabbing her books and magazines, sighing slightly.

She zipped her bags and walked out of the motel room and to the impala and smiled as she his her hunting knife at the bottom of her bag, having 3 duffle bags and put them in the backseat then smiled at Dean.
Dean climbed in the Impala, He looked at her: "[b Go get your stuff, meet me out here in a bit. I do have some questions, as I'm sure you do as well. At least about our family.]"

He climbed in the car. "[b I'm gonna call our idiot brother.]"

Once she was gone. He pulled out his cell and dialed Sam's number. "[b Sam, I heard about you and Dad. I swear if you don't call me. I will find you and I will kick your ass. CALL ME!]"
  Dean Winchester / Darclyfe / 227d 10h 52m 33s
"Xanax for anxiety and panic disorder, Paxil for PTSD, Tripyan for migraines and Prozac for panic attacks",she says as she itched her neck again "I killed maybe 7 and I'm not a normal human",she continued as she looked at Dean then coughed some, still slightly sweating.

"Do you want my whole history cause it's kind if a long one, I can tell you on the car ride",she says as she shrugged slightly, remembering that she had to change the core of her reactor.
Dean shocked rubbed the back of his neck. "[b Well, supernatural things aside. I was never very sciency, uh.. Do you want Bobby to take a look that? He's got a knack for things technological.]"

He wasn't very surprised that she wasn't surprised. "[b Well, that leads into this next question? Have you killed a demon? How many? What was your first kill?]"

Dean wished this girl could have been saved what he and Sam had to endure since their mother burned to death.

"[b If we work together, we're gonna need to be one hundred percent honest..]"

He looked away.

"[b Trust me when I say I understand, but.. what do they have you on? The meds I mean?]" He sighed.
  Dean Winchester / Darclyfe / 228d 6h 38m 40s
"Trust me, you dont know crazy",she says as she listened to what Dean was saying then nods, already knowing about demons and all the supernatural beings. She grumbled as pain went through her head then pulled a pill bottle from her pocket and put 3 yellow pills in her hand and swallowed them dry.

"I have a reactor in the middle of my chest that is keeping shrapnel from moving closer my heart, that's what is glowing underneath my shirt",she says, happy to finally get that off her chest.
Dean stopped her, a moment. "[b Well, hold on. I need to tell you something, seeing as though you are a Winchester. I had our family friend Bobby look into it and it's how I found you. I need you to know. The Winchester family, me, dad, Sam. We hunt demons. We save people. I don't want to risk your life and you not know. So if you choose not come with, I understand. But I'm in town hunting the thing responsible for those missing teens.]"

Iowa was a big state with a lot of history. He and his dad, had spent a week once hunting a wendigo out here. That was a nightmare.

"[b Now this may all sound crazy. But you have our blood running through you so, I figured I owed you the truth.]"
  Dean Winchester / Darclyfe / 228d 6h 49m 29s
She grabbed her things as she paid and walked outside to where Dean was and smiled slightly, standing 6'4" "I need to go by my Motel room and grab my things",she says as she looked at the flyers for all the missing kids and sighed as pain went through her head but ignored it.

She rubbed her neck awkwardly as she looked around, not being used to being in a small town since she lived in south side Chicago for 5 years.
Dean looked at Amy with a raised brow. He found himself interested when he heard fifth missing kid. He pulled up a phone and typed in one number. "[b Yeah, Dad. I'm on a hunting trip. I found her, by the way. We'll be in Michigan in a few days. Wait.. whoa, Dad.. calm down. HE WHAT?!]"

The people around the table nearby looked: "[b Sorry, family business.. I'll take it outside. Amy I got this bill so, just meet me outside when you're done.]"

He walked out and placed the phone back against his ear. "[b Sam, he did that? He said those things..? Okay, after I deal with this monster, and consult with Bobby, I'll be heading to Detroit to meet up with you, Dad. Let me talk to Sammy before you do anything you regret, okay?]"

He hung up the phone. He dialed Bobby's number. "[b Bobby! Hey, man. I'm on a hunt in Winterset, Iowa. I need some information and I need to restock, how long before you're out this way. I have to be in Detroit tomorrow for dad and Sammy. Okay, thanks, man.]"

He stood against the Impala and waited for Amy to come out.
  Dean Winchester / Darclyfe / 228d 7h 1m 53s
"I'm fine, just a little tired, only got a few hours of sleep last night",she lied smoothly as she smiled then itched the neck of her neck as she smiled at the waitress who refilled her coffee cup, thanking her quietly then cleared her throat some.

She heard the TV in the background talking about another missing kid "that's the fifth kid missing this month",she says, her voice sounding raspy.

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