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It had been twenty-one years since the war had been fought and since it had been won. He like the other children of the main heroes had gone to school or were still in for their last year or so. And everything seemed to be quiet and calm. But in the young man's opinion it was almost too calm and like something was around the corner and bound to come up. One Edward (Teddy) Remus Lupin would be damned if he spoke of his thoughts to everyone. There was only one he trusted enough to let in fully and completely. Only one who had had even spoken these fears to. And she had been first his best friend and now that old enough the two were dating. Had been since he was sixteen and she was fifteen. Victorie Weasley had always been the one that he trusted and he would not trade her for anything or anyone.

All of that was going through his head and as a result, Teddy was not minding his hair or the fact that is had changed from it's natural brown to a fiery red that proved he was deep in thought. A habit or circumstance that seemed more likely than not as of late. For both he and Vic had been asked to become the current youngest professors of the school (Hogwarts) that they both had attended. Oh and to top things off, the Triwizard which had been banned when Victorie's uncles and his godfather had been at school. For some godforsaken reason the Ministry thought it would be a good idea to revive the tasks.

Lightly he knocked on the door and slowly pushed it open as it had been open the briefest of cracks. And instead of going in fully, Teddy just leaned upon the doorframe and let brown eyes fall on the beauty of the blonde young woman within the room. Well the office, her office. School had been back in school for about a week and the adjustments were interesting to say the very least. Sometimes he forgot they were no longer students. [#f1be0e "Sorry to bother you, Professor Weasley. But I wanted to be able to talk to you a bit.. Mostly about how it feels to be professors at our old school.. But more so what you think about them bringing back the Triwizard when we KNOW the stories of what had happened before. I mean I know we can join if we want.. But I just think something os coming."] He knew getting to the point would be for the best as she NEVER liked it when he was indirect or beat around the bush. Besides even had he, Victorie knew him better than anyone. She would have known the lie or indirectness and called him straight out on it. A trait he both loved and hated about the young woman depending on the circumstances and the situations.

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Another year at school and another year the girl would have preferred to pretty much be on her own. It was normal and something she was good at. Her parents had had been killed when she was about four and so her memories of them were fading. All she knew was what she was told and that was that they died as heroes and to keep peace that had come after the way. That was all fine and good, but she WANTED her mum and dad.. She didn't want to be another orphan who people looked at and pitied. Who people whispered about. And yet that seemed to be the case.

Her mind was wandering as always as she sat at the long table beneath the blue and bronze that were the colours of her house. It was still early and school had been back for about a week which meant everyone was still getting used to being back. Most the professors gor on them saying that they should be up and ready to be back. And then their were others who were a few years older, new like professors Lupin and Weasley who were relaxed and got where the students were coming from. So Serena could say she really did at least admire them.

Giggling and taunting broke through the silence or rather the quiet hum of them morning. And blue eyes came up to look down at the other end of the table. Morgan and her little clique seemed to find a new toy for the morning, a boy she had seen around often enough but never dared to talk to. It was the cackles and the words of being a freak that had the raven haired girl on her feet with a goblet of pumpkin juice in her hand. Silently she came up behind Morgan and poured it over her head. [b "I think the juice suits you. And honestly aren't we a little old to be toying with people like this?"] She asked with a smirk before turning to the boy and giving a weak smile as the other three girls had rushed off with on very pissed off Morgan shouting threats over her shoulder.

[b "Sorry...usually I'm their toy...I just couldn't sit and watch someone else endure those twits."] Serena said quietly.
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