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Rina nodded in response to Liseth's question, [#DC143C "To an extent. Yes. The night the dead began to rise again, or so I've been informed."] she said, cutting her eyes to Nameless as she answered her.

As a voice came from behind them, Rina's hand suddenly went to the knife tucked in her belt as she spun to hunt for the source. [#DC143C "What is that?"] she asked, turning to look into the cages, searching for whatever it was that spoke, assuming it was some sort of bird based on the voices and the cages.

As she found the cage responsible for the voice, she crouched down to get a better look at its inhabitance. Her attention turning back to the wood elf, [#DC143C "From what I've learned, there are very few who don't know his name. You recognized the dark elf's emblem. You know who he's working for."] she took hold of the chain holding the emblem on Nameless's neck and held it up, [#DC143C "This should be enough to tell you who we're looking for. You're practiced and well respected in this field of magic, which is why I'm coming to you. I'm betting he visited you at least once before he pulled off his big stunt that caused all this. It's also possible he visited again looking for help to reverse his mistake. If he didn't then who else is knowledgable of necromancy?"] she asked, keeping a respectable ton and struggling to keep her impatience out of her voice.

She released the chain and rested her hands on her hips, shifting her weight to one leg. Regretting how honest she'd been with the woman, unsure now if she could trust this elf who should view Blight as an enemy, not to turn her into Blight or the Vampires that assist him in capturing their escapees but she refused to allow her face to show anything. Keeping her expression neutral but her crimson eyes alert and while she prepared to run, pull a weapon, or weave a spell, if it came to that. She just hoped it wouldn't come to that, protecting herself would be easy, protecting Graffin and Nameless was a different story.
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The elf's hand went out, about to stop Rina from spilling [i all of those secrets] and now... well, he had something to report back to Nadia about now. His hand fell to his side.

Mme. Camberg chuckled, crossing her knees again and sat forward, folding her forearms over them. "[B Do you [i know] what it is you speak of, little half-blood?]" she asked, looking amused. Did Rina even know what the Rising was?

It was interesting that she was being so transparent. Liseth wondered if she introduced herself as such a juicy target to [i every] source she went to for information? It was a wonder she wasn't turned in, considering she identified herself in alignment with this Blight fellow.

One hand rose, curling underneath her chin as she looked down on the little woman, painted nails tapping on her jaw. "[B Who is it you are looking for, petit?]"

"[+lime Blight, blight, blighted, night...]" came a small, croaking voice from somewhere on the porch, settled somewhere in one of the many cages and candelabras.
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Graffin didn't answer when asked why Conrad would need black snakeroot. He just stared at her and turned his attention to Rina when she spoke.

Rina ignored the dark elf beside her. She could feel the irritation rolling off of him. She resisted the urge to glare at him, her hands going to her hips as he explained everything to her. She understood Liseth's reaction now at least.

Rina sighed, [#DC143C "Yes and no. Up until about five years ago, I was one of Zeidan Blight's... [i pets]. I escaped him and this city and never looked back, until now. Forgive my lack of knowledge on the Rising. Anything evil and rotten in this city, I'd gladly blame on Blight. I don't mean disrespect to you, Madame. I've been asked to locate someone, that's all. I'm just trying to find where he is and get out of here before Blight and his men realize I'm here."] She admitted, honestly. Eying the wood elf across from her.

She ran a hand through her hair, resisting the urge to check over her shoulder for anyone who may be searching for her after having spoken of her upbringing under Blight. [#DC143C "I apologize for my rudeness, Madame."] she said, bowing her head just slightly, enough to get her sentiment across, before raising her head to look the woman in the eyes again.
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Liseth's brows arched, the woman's surprise showing in the amusement that crossed her face, nodding her head as a smile split it. She laughed, "[B Black snakeroot,]" she repeated. "[B And what does Conrad need with such a thing?]"

The drow's eyes closed, brow pursing over his eyes as he resisted the urge to plant his palm on his face. This woman clearly had no idea who she was speaking to or about what. Perhaps he should have assumed she knew [i nothing] when he had been sent to check on her.

It was evident on the woman's face as it went very carefully still for a few moments as Rina just went and said that. She shifted, sitting more erect from her lounging position on the bench and cushions, her lips parting.

He needed to save this. The elf spoke up, "[+purple Do you understand who you are speaking to?]" he asked, frowning. "[+purple This is Madame Liseth Camberg, one of the voodoo queens of this community. And, subsequently, one of the people blamed for [i that],]" his voice dropped, eyes dodging to the woman. He dipped his head to her and dropped that gaze immediately. "[+purple but has since been vindicated, Madame...]"

Nadia should never have sent this [i halfbreed] to do a job he could so much easier himself. But she had lost faith in him, it seemed, in her interest with this street rat. A rat he would have expected to know better.

Liseth's lashes fell over her eyes, face softening at the accolade from the man.

Her eyes returned to the half blood girl. Those eyes narrowed a bit in thought, lips pursing as she tipped her head, one finger raising to tap on the side of her cheek. "[B You're not from around here, are you?]" Her voice was quiet, that composed, honeyed tone as she reconsidered this little creature.
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Rina's gaze shifted between Nameless and the wood elf. Curious, but not understanding of any underlying meaning as Liseth eyed Nameless.

Her attention turned to Graffin as Liseth spoke to him once again. There was irritation in his eyes but she didn't think it was directed at Liseth or any of the others, he gritted out [+blue "black Snakeroot."] he answered flatly.

Instantly, Rina knew what was going on now, her nose wrinkled. Snakeroot was a weird plant that only effected certain races and in different ways. For humans, it induced sleep, for elves it caused hallucinogenic dreamlike visions. Black Snakeroot enhanced magic in magical creatures, usually through enlightenment from their visions, sometimes through random outbursts. It wasn't something Conrad voluntarily used or gave to anyone but it was preferred by the city's most known magic users and dabblers.

[+blue "I'll take whatever you see fit to give me, we only need a little. I'll be bringing another batch in a few days when Conrad is able to make more."] he answered.

Rina turned to Liseth when she asked what she was there for, [#DC143C "I'd like to ask what you know about necromancy. Specifically, concerning the rising and the person who started it. I'm looking for him and I thought you may have heard... rumors, about where he might have run off too."]

Her crimson eyes watched the wood elf, alert for any changes in her demener or attitude toward them.
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Madame Camberg's dark eyes moved over the elf that stood in the back of the crowd. Her eyes moved down the man's figure and attire, catching on the emblem on a chain that he wore. A man of the Siannodel house.

He stood erect, attentive, and looked back at her as her eyes arose to meet his once again. They gazed at each other for a few moments, the wood elf and her dark eyes and pale face paint and the dark elf, lavender skin, pale hair and pale, green-yellow eyes. They were from different worlds, with a common ancestor. It was the kind of look that a marginalized class had, now and again, to someone similar.

It was only for a few moments before her attention returned to the human as he spoke up, "[B What is Conrad wanting from me this time?]" she asked easily, sliding a hand through her locs to part a few of the long braids from the rest and run them through her fingers. It was a trade they had for some time, and since Graffin had responded to tersely, she would respond in kind and give less of the herbs of potions he would want in return for what he gave.

"[B That all depends,]" the woman crooned, her accented words curling around the vowels and rounding them out. "[B What is the purpose you visit me with?]"
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Rina watched Graffin and the Elder wood elf, her crimson eyes followed her friend's movements around the small home.

As Nameless was mentioned, Rina glanced over at him as he stood beside her. Her attention went back to Liseth, she gave her a short nod, [#DC143C "That is correct, he is with me."] she answered watching her.

Graffin glanced between the vial he set down and the wood elf woman, [+blue "If that is what you see fit. Either way, I or Conrad will return with more in a week or so."]

Rina listened to this with a frown. She didn't know what the contents of the vial or what it was Graffin was picking up for Conrad but she knew it was important for both parties. [#DC143C "If you don't mind my asking, what is the purpose for that stuff?"] she asked, gesturing to the vial Graffin had delivered.

Graffin turned to her at that, [+blue "Don't you have another purpose for being here, Rina?"] he asked dryly. Rina wrinkled her nose at him, [#DC143C "Yes, I do, but that doesn't mean I can't ask about whatever it was you brought for her. Especially in case it has something to do with what I'm here for."] Sass creeping into her voice as she spoke and her hands moving to her hips.
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The elven looking woman stepped up onto her porch. Bold, that one. Liseth's quick, dark eyes moved to her, brow quirking as she was nearly addressed like a superior officer.

The woman laughed, glancing to Graffin, the little one she knew. "[B So formal,]" she said, watching as the boy set the bottle down. She put the end of her pipe back in her mouth as he set it on the railing to the porch. Her wooden seat lounge with its sloping back and arms, Liseth had gathered a myriad of cushions on for the warm, evening air on the porch.

She hummed, low in her throat, and took her time taking a drag off of it. The smoke seethed out of her, audibly, and she inhaled through her teeth, returning her attention to the gathered few.

"[B And who is that one?]" she gestured to the white haired elf behind Rina. "[B He is with you?]" Her eyes returned to Rina, brows arching again.

Nameless' eyes turned to her, their yellowy depths and pale hair reflecting the light of the candles on the house with brilliance. It washed him out, compared to the richness of Liseth Camberg on her wooden lounge.

Her eyes lingered for a moment, assessing the group before her. Then they returned to Graffin. "[B The last batch was bigger,]" the woman said, letting her eyes fall, lidded, knowing. "[B Shall I match?]"
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Rina glanced around the wood elf territory with curiosity and interest. She eyed the buildings that were scattered around them as they passed and stared into the darkened woods around them until they eventually made it to Liseths house.

She stood in the doorway in front of the two men, glancing around until she saw the form of the woman on the low couch. With a respectful nod of her head, Rina stepped inside, [#DC143D "I apologize if we are disturbing you but we are here for whatever information you're willing to give us on a certain person with an interest in necromancy."] she said, gesturing to herself and Nameless, then she gestured to Graffin, [#DC143D "He is here on another matter."]

Graffin looked between Rina and Liseth and held up a list of the herbs, [+blue "I'm apprenticed to the physician and herbalist, Conrad. He asked me to pick up the herbs he needed for his medicines and to deliver this to you,"] he said as he pulled a small vial of some strange blue colored liquid with what looked like some tea leaves floating around inside.

Rina watched as Graffin placed the vial down on a table near the respected wood elf and step away. Her gaze shifted between the woman and the vial. She didn't know enough about herbs to know what it was by looking at it but she could almost sense some magical properties of it, none that she could understand but it gave her a weird feeling and reminded her of some of the vials she'd seen in Blight's manor as a child.
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He hummed, unconvinced, with Rina's answer about the human herbalist.

His brows arched softly, sighing to himself, imagining all of the things that could go wrong depending on how this apparently uninformed woman was worrying about intruding on such an 'exotic' and dangerous culture. "[+purple I don't know, should you?]" he asked, voice cool.

'Nameless' as she has decided to call him, turned as he heard the voice of the stranger approach the group. Odd, he thought, approaching a group like this. An entire trio and he was trying to achieve what, exactly?

His eyes followed the man shoved aside as he stumbled back, overcorrected and upset himself over an uneven cobblestone. His eyes returned to Rina, arching a brow at her show of magic in the middle of the street, or whatever ability. He wasn't familiar with magic at all, other than his rudimentary knowledge of very small feats.

He arched a brow, "[+purple Shall we continue?]"
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The way to Liseth Camberg's house wended in a general direction towards the Fisherman's Village. It was a thick cluster of homes frothing with plantlife and gardens and trees and voices and wood elves, dotted with inlets of water, bridges and wooden walkways over the fragrant, fresh seawater. Trees were still in the streets- laden with unlit or flickering candles, and lamps on the corners of different glass and substance throwing light across the reaching shadows. The canals were clustered with boats, and the buildings bursting with light and sound and activity. And the static of magic was thick in the air, energizing, as they walked past charms and sigils and little offerings on streetside or central shrines to this or that entity or spirit.

Business owners, fishers and denizens all knew where the witchery woman lived and would point them in the direction they needed to go.

The way to her house started taking them deeper into that wooded area. Where the rest of the village was small, bare and clustered, the houses grew apart again, in between sprawling, elderly oaks whose canopies spread shade over the weedy earth. Their branches were laden with hanging mosses, and flickering lanterns or bare candles were hovering with insects. Singular huts and old, peeling homes earning a grandeur in their weathered, steady walls. Light seeped from behind their shutters along with voices, laughter, and language. Elven, with a distinct accent, cobbled together with Common wafted in the spiced air. It smelt of incense and smoke and food wafting, thick in the evening air about them. Crickets and frogs were loud in the shadows.

And sat in what looked like the back of a low, once gated yard sat a house. The spreading porch in front of the home was dark, its back to the late evening light, but illuminated by the glass bottles in the trees, flickering, and the clusters of candles on the railing, in an empty bird cage suspended in the corner of the porch. And on a low, cushioned couch lounged a woman in a dress.

Her hair was thick with braiding, woven feathers, charms and beads. Her face was that heart shape, with the high, full cheekbones, and broad, smooth nose that spoke of her wood elf heritage even as the tips of her ears did- glimmering with rings and little, rough cut jewels. She was smoking a pipe, sweet curls of scent chasing the clean air around. She smiled- some of her teeth capped with iron or gold.

"[b [+burgundy Well, well, what brings a trio to the door of the mother of the wood elves?]]" she asked, her words laced with the curling, deep lilt of her accent, edged just so by her smoking habit.
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Rina walked along with Nameless and Graffin heading toward the wood elves' 'mother queen'. She considered Nameless' explanation of the woman they were sent to speak to. She frowned as she began to think it over.

Her attention turned back to Nameless as he asked if Graffin was necessary. She shrugged, [#DC143C "Not exactly necessary but I don't have much experience with wood elves and because the old man works alongside them a lot, his apprentice, Graffin, should be able to smooth to help where I'm lacking. The worst he could do is not add anything to our meeting with Liseth."]

She walked alongside him with Graffin taking the lead ahead of them now. She watched his back for a moment, [#DC143C "Should I be concerned about meeting an important member of the wood elf community since I'm half high elf and half human?"] The high elves she'd met before Nadia always looked down at Rina and only one Wood elf had ever actually acknowledged her. Rina could go unnoticed among humans as long as her ears were hidden but other races were more inclined to notice her.

As the small group passed by a back alley tavern, Rina felt an arm wrap around her waist and jerk her away from the two men she'd been walking with. Surprised, she struggled against whoever it was who'd grabbed her, [#DC143C "Who do you think you are!"] she shouted as she looked up at the drunkard who'd grabbed her.

He gave her a stupid grin, alcohol oozing off his breath making Rina's nose wrinkle in disgust, [b "Hey there, girly, why don't you spend some time alone with me?"] he chuckled [b "I promise I'll be more fun than these drow and human losers you got with you!"]

Rina frowned at him, [#DC143C "Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't keep that kind of company."] she said using magic to push the wind against the drunkard holding her, shoving him away.
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The dark elf tilted his head at that comment, blatant, in front of him. It sounded like a warning. To him. And the way she responded. A confirmation about the warning on her end as well. He glanced between the speakers, his hands tightening where they were folded behind him. It smelled of a threat. Perhaps this wasn't the place he wanted to be.

He allowed his shoulders to relax a bit when they were back outside. Here, he would have a better chance ot escaping if needed. In an unfamiliar building with a dubius layout, he had little chance of that. He let his hands down at his sides as they went, letting himself linger towards the back of their trio, on his own.

Which surprised him when Rina turned to him again, his pale brows arched, glancing briefly over her body language.

"[+purple I have heard of the mother queen of the undead in this city, yes.]" he said. His eyes turned to the human among them, "[+purple Though she lives deep in the Fisherman's Village district.]" He was an outsider to the indigenous remnants of this branch of the coastal wood elf community. The wood elves had been pushed into living side by side with the high elves that came and made this place a flourishing port town. And with that shipping boom came humans, outsiders. Certainly, there were plenty of them now- and dwarves, dragonborn, all sorts- but they were still outsiders and this community was the part that adapted to the city, and kept their culture as best they could.

His eyes returned to Rina, wondering if she could see where he was going with this. "[+purple Is he necessary?]"

He fell behind again, walking on his own. He could feel the hackles raising on this human companion and wasn't interested in interacting. He was simply here as, well, he had thought he would have been messenger, and then now he had the distinct feeling of uselessness. Now with this Graffin character, Errol had planned on being a silent form of backup while watching her, if she needed it. A way to test the mettle of this girl. But she had invited him along. And now there was another. He began wondering if he would remain here.
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Rina watched Graffin stare Nameless down before she turned her attention back to the healer, [#DC143C "Conrad, why aren't you concerned with the stranger hanging around?"] she asked curiously.

The healer peeked up at her from his work before turning his attention back to the map and list of supplies he needed, [b "I've known you for a long time, Rina, if he meant harm, you wouldn't have brought him here, you would have sent him flying into the forest with your magic."]

She couldn't argue with that but it's been a long time since she's pulled a stunt as exhausting as that. She shrugged and hopped down from the countertop she'd been sitting on, walking over to Conrad to look over his shoulder at the map curiously. She read the name of the person they were being sent to, [#DC143C "Who's Liseth Camberg?"] Conrad handed her the directions while he handed the list of supplies to Graffin. [b "If you don't know now, you'll find out soon enough. She should be able to help with anything necromancy related, though."]

Graffin watched as Rina and Conrad spoke then sighed as he read over the list, [+blue "Fine, I guess we should be going then."] He gestured to the back door that Rina and Nameless had entered through as he turned to leave the small clinic-like shop.

Once outside, Rina turned to Graffin, [#DC143C "If you're apprenticing with Conrad now, shouldn't you already know where to find this woman?"] Graffin shook his head, [+blue "I've never met her, Conrad always goes to visit her, that'll be my first time running this kind of errand for him."]

She nodded slowly as she turned to look at Nameless, [#DC143C "You seem to know a lot about these kinds of things, have you heard of her before? Should we be wary? Also, will having Graffin along be a problem? I trust him not to cause problems for our search but, I'm not sure she'll feel the same way."] By 'she' she meant Nadia of course.

Graffin frowned, [+blue "I'm right here and I have some questions of my own. What are you searching for? How did you end up working with a Drow? Why are you looking into necromancy, are you going to do something stupid? And finally, who is that 'she' you're talking about?"]

Rina tugged her hood up over her head as she walked alongside the two men, she considered his questions for a moment but shrugged, [#DC143C "We can talk about that later."] she answered simply as she took the path toward Liseth's.
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[center [pic]]
The dark elf stayed where he was, listening softly to what was being said. His attention was piqued by such trepidation about the subject of Rina coming [i back] to the city, thoughts beginning to spin webs of wondering before his attention was snapped back to what was happening.

The old man noticed him. His brows pressed together. It wasn't like he was trying incredibly hard to hide, but he shouldn't have seen him so easily. Nevertheless, he stepped more into the mouth of the stairs, folding his arms behind himself.

His eyes followed the man as he moved about, solidly ignoring him now that he seemed to satisfy himself by pointing the elf out. It wasn't as if he was expecting a warm greeting, no, he was expecting more demands as to who he was, why a blooded dark elf was following the halfbreed.

And there it was, with the second individual that came out of deeper inside of the building. The elf's lids lowered, brows arching in disinterest even as his eyes remained reserved, wary of the company.

"[+purple I work with Rina,]" he said, nodding his head towards the half elf in question.
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Rina nodded to the healer with a sigh, [#DC143C "Yes, I know what trouble I caused you as a kid but I have another reason for being here now. I need to know what you know about necromancy or who should I speak to in order to find someone who's practiced it."] she explained.

The healer took her in for a moment before sighing, [b "Has anyone found out that you're in the city? Were you followed here?"] he asked. Rina shook her head, [#DC143C "I had the sense that I was being watched earlier but I wasn't followed. As far as I'm aware, none of Blight's men know I'm back in the city."]

He nodded for a moment before glancing to the dark stairway, [b "You may as well come in here too. No point in hiding. I imagine you've come with Rina for a reason."] he murmured to Nameless as he moved around the room and turned his attention back to Rina, [b "I don't know why you need to know this but if it has anything to do with the rising, you'll need to visit one of my friends in the wood elf village. I don't know much about it. My job is to fight Death, not steal from him after all."] He said as he jotted down a map for Rina. [b "You can take Graffin with you, I need some more supplies from the area anyway."]

As soon as the words left his mouth a voice behind the curtain called, [+blue "Who can take me where?"] as he curtain moved and someone came from behind it. A young human man looked up at Rina and then at the healer and back to Rina, [+blue "Are you insane??"] he suddenly snapped.

Rina raised an eyebrow at him, [#DC143C "Depends on why you're asking."] she answered, [#DC143C "I didn't know you were apprenticing with the old man."]

Graffin sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair. His gaze fell on the dark elf in the corner, [+blue "Who're you?"] he asked, blatantly ignoring Rina's comments.
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