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Rina watched the elvan woman suspiciously, her eyes switching between the elf and the hound. [#DC143C "I honestly think he can do more damage to me."] she muttered to herself as she watched the hound back off slowly.

Her crimson eyes turned up to her again when the dog was safely away from her. She frowned as the woman pointed out that Rina had magic, and then when she ordered the servant away. Struggling in vain for a moment, she stared at the woman suspiciously.

The fact that there was something more 'interesting' to be stolen from this place had caught her attention but woman's behavior and the fact that if she let on to her interest in that fact, kept her silent on it.

Her gaze shifted around the room for a moment before she looked the woman in the eyes. She had to questions for that proposal, [#DC143C "First, what's the request?"] she asked. [#DC143C "Also, why request anything of me in the first place? Have you not noticed yet that I'm only a half breed?"] her magic wasn't exactly impressive, especially compared to what this woman could do without even a second thought.

She struggled again but it made no difference, she was trapped and there was nothing she could do about it. Frowning at the woman, she gave up for the time being. May as well hear this woman's offer while she was stuck here anyway.

She felt the light breeze brush over her braided hair and past her ears as she waited for an explanation from the woman, if she was even going to get one that is.
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[right [pic]] Nadia's eyes dulled at the snark that she received, face becoming a thinly veiled lack of patience included in the amusement as well.

"[+gold Why would I do that?]" she responded, petting a hand over the animal's head again, "[+gold People are disgusting, he might get sick.]" Her touch was fond on him, attention briefly on adjusting his collar- a black leather and gold thing about his neck with a plaque on it undoubtedly with his name and address. "[+gold Or hurt.]" She frowned at that, eyes returning to the intruder.

"[+gold I could kill you myself rather easily if that's what you want.]"

The elven woman rolled her eyes now with a sigh and leaned her chin on her hand, beckoning the tentacles bring the thief closer with a crooked finger. "[+gold Ugh, and here I thought you were here for something [i interesting], but you're just a robber.]"

She looked over the individual for a moment, as if considering something. "[+gold You can use magic...]" with a sharp click from her mouth, the large, white dog retreated from his position beside her and Nadia reached forwards to pull the thief closer to the window with surprising strength in her long fingers.

Her eyes slid, head turning behind her, "[+gold Didi, would you please fetch my father?]" she requested of the vague shape of the servant beyond the shifting, sheer curtains obscuring her from the view of the two in the window. The winds had unsheathed the curtains from the four poster bed and now they swung lazily in the balmy breeze through the window. The woman disappeared at the order.

Nadia now pulled the woman in close, holding her gaze. "[+gold You'll be killed simply for being on this property, you know,]" Nadia said to the intruder. "[+gold But I have an idea. I can spare your life, if you let me. But you have to behave. I have a request to put to you.]"
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Just as she thought she was free to go, she felt something wrap around her waist and cloak, she struggled against it, trying to force herself free but the more she struggled, the more tendrils wrapped around her.

Panicked and irritated, she snatched her knife with her only free hand and stabbed it into the wood snatching out at her from the window sill, trying to make it break and free her. Only her knife made very little damage to the wooden tendrils.

As much as she racked through her mind, she couldn't come up with a spell to free her from this trap. She felt her hood fall from her head and glanced over her shoulder at her captor, [#DC143C "What are you going to do? Order your hound to kill me?"] she snapped at as she was face to face with the elf woman.

Rina looked the woman up and down, there was no doubt about it, this woman was definitely the merchant's daughter. At her question, Rina smirked defiantly at her, [#DC143C "As if you couldn't already guess, [i m'lady],"] she sneered the title for the wealthy woman, [#DC143C "Elvan goods go for a lot of money with the humans."] she looked pointedly at her jewelry, implying that that was how she'd managed to become as wealthy as she was. She was trying to get under her skin, trying to convince her to accidentally release her hold on her so she could make her escape.
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[right [pic]] Melchior growled and stayed put, Nadia eyeing the stranger in the semi-darkness with a growing sneer. Some excitement for the evening, it seemed.

There was a static snap in the air, the kind that put one's arm hair on end, just noticeable enough to those who knew magic's tang to be able to understand that was what was happening before the effect took hold. In this one it was a sudden rush of air, in some form or another. The woman's hair whipped around behind her with the last of the tendrils of it as they reached out to her.

It was when she herself snapped her fingers that Melchior lunged, to be met with said curtain of air. Her eyes moved to the individual fumbling with the locked window of her dressing room.

Quick as a flash, however, the magic in front of them died and the window, instead was busted out. A tight, hot twist of energy suddenly took hold of Nadia and the first spell that she could think of to stop the escape came to mind and she uttered the words.

From around the window frame itself, black tentacles leapt from the wood and seized what they could of the intruder's clothing and limbs. Once any got a hold they would pull back and hold steady, so that more could clamp on.

They didn't pull the straining thief back incredibly far, however they held fast as more slid onto limbs, and caught more of the woman's clothing. Slick at first, and cool to the touch, their texture became tacky as they finally found their spot to hold.

Melchior hopped up to the window, his long body arching completely over the window seat with his front feet on the sill and barked once more at the intruder.

Nadia's figure swayed into view after him, a slender hand parting the curtains and stroking over the panting dog before her face came back into view once she emerged into the moonlight.

"[+gold I've caught a little thief in our midst,]" she crooned, looking over the struggling stranger. "[+gold And what exactly were we after this evening?]" Her tone was amused, but her eyes were cool, hard on the individual as she took the elven woman in, trapped on the roof.

Servants were gathering in the garden beneath them, one's trilling voice from deeper in the room complaining about the noise before spotting the magically bound individual and falling silent.

Now in the light, Nadia Siannodel was seen to be yet bejeweled as if for an event- gold dripping from multiple piercings on her ears, her neck swathed similarly, and fingers adorned all in thorns, animals, and draconic imagery. And above all the pointed, angular geometry of spikes and triangles and scaling. She was in evening robes, what she was relaxing in, but the rather vain woman had deigned to keep the jingle of her wealth about her body. In fact it was for such things as this exact moment.
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Rina was examining an expensive piece of silk fabric when a large dog barged into the room with her. She jumped back and pulled her knife from where it was hidden under her cloak by her hip, though she doubted it would do her any good with a dog of that size.

She glanced around the room for a moment before calling her magic to manipulate the air around her once again, only this time, it was to prevent the wolfhound from lunging at her throat or any other vital spot.

She spotted the form filling the doorway behind the dog with an inward groan. Rina turned to the window, trying to force it open only to find that it was locked down tight. She scowled over her shoulder at the woman behind her. Her red eyes darted to the hound for a moment, focusing her magic on keeping him at bay.

Rina hated to break windows in her thieving, it attracted too much attention to the fact that there was an intruder on the grounds but with the dog barking, keeping hidden was already out of the question now.

[#DC143C "Damn it,"] she swore as she created wind to smash the window and jumped out. She had to get away as fast as possible, she didn't stand a chance in a fight against a full-blooded elf, magic or no magic. Her magic was limited to air manipulation and cheap illusions or minor spells.

She needed to get off the property and into the forest, better yet, out of the elven territory. It'd be harder to find her among the humans.
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The dog's flank rose and fell softly in the firelight as Nadia absently pet the ball of her foot over him. A large, white animal, the wolfhound's long snout was tucked against his paws, tail having stilled as he had settled down for an evening of reading and the smell of alcohol coming lightly from the woman's goblet of mulled wine.

But his ear pricked at the noticeable sound from down the hall. Not a familiar smell, either. His head shot up.

Nadia Siannodel's gold eyes turned down to the animal as he tensed underneath her toes. She listened for a moment, hearing nothing, and frowned silently down at Melchior as he rose silently to slender legs. The arch creature emitted a low, quiet growl from his chest, and with that her eyes moved towards the direction he was facing. He looked back at her with one sanguine, accursed eye as he moved to the door, body language agitated, pacing already.

Her fingers flexed, opening the door with a gesture as the slinky dog took his opportunity and slid through the door. Nadia rose, gathering her robes and slipped her foot into her slipper and followed, brow tense and jaw tight. What did he sense? Her face was hard as he found the door he wanted; open.

Melchior's pace picked up, faster than Nadia's as she followed, until his high, displeased bark crescendoed off of a bark as he arrived at and filled the doorway, gold collar glinting in the sconce light of the hallway.

Soon Nadia's figure filled in behind him, eyes looking into the darkness of the room and the slanted light that reached into it, revealing the shape of the intruder.

"[+gold What have we here?]" she inquired, eyes hard.
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Rina watched the mansion house from her perch in the large oak outside the walls. This was the best vantage point outside of resting on the wall in plain view of all the elves that lived inside the merchant's home.

She'd been watching this house for days to the point she was sure she had a good idea of their routines by now. The guards they had examined the gardens only a few times a day, they probably didn't believe anyone would be foolish enough to attempt breaking in from the garden. Rina couldn't help but agree with that thought, if she wasn't careful, she'd be spotted as soon as she hit the ground on the other side of the wall and she'd have no where to hide except behind some bushes or trees here and there.

She pulled her hood over her head tightly, hiding her ears and pulling a mask up over her face. She placed a simple forgetting spell on herself in case anyone spotted her. But it had the potential to go array very quickly with the elves. Elves weren't always as easy to fool as humans were, especially with magic.

Watching the house for a moment longer, she leaped from her branch, using her magic to manipulate the wind around her until it placed her safely on the grass inside the garden. She quickly ducked behind a large rose bush before peeking around for any possible threats. Once she was sure that no one had seen her, and no one was around, she darted out from behind the roses and made her way toward the back entrance of the mansion.

Once on the veranda, she spotted someone moving in a window. Crouching against the wall, she listened and waited as someone came outside. A maid, Rina assumed, walled out the door humming to herself, Rina took the opportunity to duck in the door before it shut behind the maid.

Grinning to herself, she moved through the halls quietly, listening for anyone to approach her. She spotted some valuable art in the halls but decided against taking them, they were too heavy for her to move on her own and too large, easily spotted missing and would draw attention to her presence.

She checked doors until she found one unlocked and stepped into it and began silently going through everything, grabbing anything she thought might be of any value and could be sold.
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