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If Bitten Or Scratched By a Zombie, You WILL Become One. You Can Be a Zombie, Or Return to The Group as A Diferent Character AND you can Die as Many Times as you'd Like. >:D Because You Will... A LOT~




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*Maggie Woke Up,Hungry and In Pain* "uuugh... W-where am I? W-what Happened? I... I Remember a Flash... Then... Everything Went dark... G-god I'm Hungry..."
  Maggie Lacivi / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 197d 3h 16m 9s
[center By the looks of it, he was the first to awaken. The room was white, and he didn't quite know how many people there were, considering his vision was blurred. Groaning, Itsuki pushed himself up in pain as he fell again before finally standing up, using the wall as support as he held his stomach in pain.]

[center[+darkblue "W....Where am I?"] he mumbled as he looked around and saw what looked to be a note, he limped over. Groaning more, he fell to his knees, hunger taking over him as well and thirst. He grabbed the note that was displayed upon the dusted floor, reading it to himself.]

[center[+darkblue "Demon Queen...? What is this?"] he mumbled under his breath, pain striking him yet again. He clenched his stomach and sat down, leaning against the wall as he thought to himself. [i 'Well...I might as well wait for the other's...Who ever they are to wake up'] he then closed his orange eyes, and sleep took over again.
  ו•• / Clear- / 197d 3h 20m 31s
Everyone wakes Up a White rooms with A Note On the Floor It Reads "Hello. I Won't Tell you My Name For Obvious Reasons. But I Will Tell you My Plan. I Have Infected The ENTIRE World and Turned Them Into Zombies! I Will Turn Them Back... But If I Do... YOU WILL BOW TO ME. YOU WILL SERVE ME. AND I WILL OWN YOU. And If you Refuse? I Won't Cure the World. I'll Find You... AND I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF.


  The Demon Queen / YukiTheYandereQueen / 198d 17h 57m 12s

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