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Keita and ___ are two people who have become very close over some time, it was clear how they both felt but have not acted upon anything yet. Some of the reservations would be their difference in species. Keita was human, she was Their species didn't get along in a general sense, they were separate, sometimes by law, sometimes by factions, there was always something that made it hard for them. He did want to find a place where they could coexist in peace.
So their struggle is a daily thing, wanting to be together, having reservations, thinking about what might become of them, they don't even begin to mention farther in the future, what may befall any offspring they have, but it's in their mind. Should they be able to overcome these things? Even on top of that Keita had secrets of his own {which I don't exactly want to reveal in interest of surprises!} it could be these secrets make him feel even worse, maybe even make her angry or not, who knows. He kept them secret, for how long is also a mystery they certainly weighed on him, she might be able to sense that.
But above all they do know they'd like to be together, how long can they deny themselves that? Or will they even be able? How many problems can they run into.
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She nodded her head to his question on being the alpha. "Yes. That is me. My pack has grown. They should all be good though." She said with a soft laugh. She watched his reactions before answering his other question. "I am the only one that actually lives here that is like me. The pack meets here quite a bit but they live elsewhere."

She continued to walk up to the house. "The barn is back behind the house. Would you like a tour?" She asked while pulling out a set of keys. "I have a few ATVS to use if you want." She said with a slight laugh.
  Luna / darkelfprincess / 22d 23h 56m 17s
As they arrived at this large plot of land he looked around sort of amazed, he didn't recall her being a part of anything like this before. Listening to her go on and explain he felt himself looking her over, now curious about a great many things of course. He wondered how many of her kind were also around here. "The alpha?"He repeated and wondered who that might be. "Is it you?"He didn't know if she was the type to be a leader, but he supposed anything was possible, he hadn't really known her in a long while.
"How many of you are living here?"He wondered, expecting to start to see furry faces soon enough, he never really did like being eyed down, but he supposed that it would definitely be the case for his stay in this area. It was a really large plot of land to have, and it sounded like they were rather self-sufficient, but he supposed a lot of anthropomorphic people's had to be that way.
  Keita Takeru / Willofiam / 59d 18h 42m 59s
He wasn't picky with food. That meant she wouldn't have to stop at the store for anything. She thought about what she had at home and decided she was going to make some pasta with either chicken or sausage mixed in. Or perhaps both. She did still need at least one type of meat for each meal. She sighed softly having been caught with the nervousness. She still wasn't sure as to why she was so nervous.

"Then let's go." She said suddenly, the nervousness seemed to subside at least for now. She began to lead them towards her house. "If you feel like you are being watched, you most likely are. But don't worry. They know to wait for the alpha to give the command." She added as they stood before a tall iron fence with wolves engraved into it. She opened the fence and took off the pup's leash and watched as he took off.

The fence wrapped around the land. "This house is on about fifty or so acres of land. My fence wraps around almost all of it. There is a small opening in the back for prey to come and go. It helps with feeding." She said as the walked past a few barns. "I also have cows, horses, sheep, and chickens." She said with a laugh.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 66d 23h 38m 56s
He shook his head as she continued to speak. Though he was sure she was nervous, he wasn't aware it was because of him, he just assumed maybe she was fearful because he knew what she was. Though honestly she started to blush a bit, he found that a little curious. "No, I live somewhere close to there as well, not in the town."They had that in common at least. "I am not very picky when it comes to food."He informed her smiling slightly.
"I know it's been a while and all...but you don't have to..be nervous or.."He didn't know quite how to say it. "I would never tell anyone you didn't want to know.."He figured trying to assure her might help someone, but he didn't know if he was very good at being a very consoling person. Dinner would be good though, he was feeling a bit hungry now.
  Keita Takeru / Willofiam / 68d 12h 23m 29s
Luna laughed softly. She wasn't sure why she was so nervous. The only thing she could think of was the fact that she had a crush on him for so long. Also the fact of hormones. She held onto the pup's leash before beginning to walk. "I live on the outskirts of town up in the mountains. Is that too far for you?" Shw asked not wanting to push him. "I also have a car to where I can drive you home if need be." She smiled softly.

He had grown to be quite handsome that is for a human. She spent a lot of time with humans but none of them caught her eye like Keita had. A soft blush crept onto her face again as she started to think.

"What would you like for dinner?" She asked wondering if she would have to stop at the grocery store on the way home.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 71d 20h 59m 56s
It was quite the odd experience, meeting someone after having been kids, the last interactions they had together weren't burdened by knowing or doubtfulness or any of those adult emotions. Obviously now things were a bit more clouded. Though hearing her response to him he shook his head a bit. "I don't need to stop by anywhere or anything like that..We can go now if you'd like."He offered, apparently needing to reassure her, well at least that's what he thought because of her tone, he hadn't known her to be so nervous. He didn't know the real reason she was nervous of course, he assumed she might have run into bad experiences or things like that, so how could he blame her for being cautious. After all it was quite some time that they had been apart, they might be completely different by now.
  Keita Takeru / Willofiam / 73d 21h 34m 13s
Luna smiled softly. "Great. Is there anywhere you need to go? I can come with you or give you my address." She said in a semi nervous tone. She had always had a crush on him and it seemed to have followed her even to this day. If he looked carefully he could probably see a slight blush creeping over her face.

She remembered the day she left. She had kissed his cheek and told him that she would always find him no matter where he would go. She had traveled the surrounding areas and even into the mountains before being called back to the town she grew up in. Her house was set back into the woods as for her to not be disturbed.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 75d 20h 41m 55s
He thought it over for a few moments before nodding his head. "That sounds okay to me." He didn't see a problem with going to wherever she was dwelling now, maybe it would be a bit like old times again. He couldn't deny he was also curious as to how she hid her features so well, always being the naturally curious one. He was an alchemist for that very reason, combinations of things making different things happen, he lived for it. Perhaps it was even a potion that allowed her to hide her features, but some part of him doubted that, still he'd have to learn the recipe if there was.
What were the odds of running into her again after all this time anyway, what happened that they ended up so separate as well? He had remained living in this same city at the very least, he supposed that would be harder for her to do.
  Keita Takeru / Willofiam / 78d 17h 42m 53s
She smiled softly at the look in his eyes when he realized it was her. A slight giggle escaped from her. Her pup went back and sat down by her feet as she resisted the urge to hug her long lost friend. She looked down to the ground. She knew she looked different from the last time. She ran her fingers through her white hair in a nervous manner. She was kinda worried about what he would do. He wanted to go somewhere to talk, but she had the pup with her. She couldn't go to anywhere with food while she had him.
"All should be fine. I can hide the ears and tail now. Thank you for worrying. But if you aren't doing anything tonight would you like to come over to catch up as well as some food. Your choice." She said and looked back up at him. "But I do have to bring him home and feed him." She said and looked back up at him.
  Darkelfprincess / 78d 22h 1m 4s
The 'guard dog' seemed okay with him which was good, he lightly stroked it's head for a moment after it approved of him. He noticed she seemed, somewhat eager to be speaking with him, which made him curious as well. Hearing her humming he did know who it was after all, she reaffirmed that with her last statement. The last time he had seen her she did have quite a lot more fur, and obviously a maw instead of a mouth. How was this possible he wondered, they could look like humans now, he supposed it made sense, they had to acclimate somehow, not all of them could live in segregation forever.
Finally recalling her name too though he still quirked an eyebrow up, "Luna?"He spoke out, not very unsure, but one could always be wrong. "I can't believe it's you.."He stated simply and thought back to how much they used to hang around and play, simpler times and simpler rules, now everything seemed so..messed up and strict. "But..how?"He wondered, and looked to the shop as well, "Isn't this all a bit..dangerous?"He asked her and wondered if it was too forward, but figured he may as well, "We should go somewhere and talk."
  Keita Takeru / Willofiam / 79d 18h 20m 18s
Luna smiled softly at the two as her pup licked his hand. She wondered if he would recognize her. The only time he saw her in any type of human form she had a white fluffy tail and white ears as well. She knew here she couldn't show him. She heard his words and nodded her head. He had grown to be a very handsome man and she wished she had kept in touch with him.

She started to hum the love song from Sleeping Beauty. The one thing she fully remembered from their childhood. He had shown her Disney movies and that one was her favorite. She hoped the humming would refresh his memory. The wolf barked softly with his tail wagging.

"It has been a very long time since we last saw each other." She said softly. She was not normally shy, but for some reason around him, she was. She looked down at her pup and sighed softly.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 80d 4h 48m 45s
Keita heard the door close and noticed the pair coming out of the shop, probably the owner he could assume, but the dog..well he knew it was a wolf actually had come up to look at him. He leaned down slightly, offering his palm for the 'dog' to smell before interacting with it at all. Seeing the own though, he could only raise an eyebrow as he looked at her. Why was she so familiar..her eyes certainly were the most familiar thing about her. "..have we met?"He wondered aloud somewhat quietly, of course how could he really know aside from that question, the first time they met she looked..well completely more furry and without these perfectly human features.
He really didn't know how best to describe this feeling, sure his senses weren't the worst in the world, but there was a definite air about with the way she looked at him, she seemed to be figuring she knew him at least.
  Keita Takeru / Willofiam / 80d 18h 18m 40s
Luna closed the shop as the final customers left. She was happy about that. She turned the lights off and said goodnight to all of the animals there. She called for the mascot of the store as she put his leash on. She had everything finished up for the sore for the night. She was so happy the following day was Sunday. The one day she was closed for the week. She opened the door and walked out before turning around and locking it.

She looked and saw someone who looked familiar looking at the pups in the window. He smelt familiar as well. If her tail was out it would have been wagging. The wolf in her knew. The other wolf looked between the human and his handler. He walked over to the man that seemed to catch his handlers eyes.

Luna tried her best to stop and was soon standing beside her old friend wondering if he would recognize her.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 80d 19h 19m 13s
Keita ran his own business as well, often selling alchemical reagents to various people or potions all on their own. He was looking for his own reasons, needing ingredients himself that he couldn't exactly find on his own. He was there late and had filled his backpack, it was already dark and the building was shutting down for the night. Just a quick cut through the forest and he could get home quickly enough though.
Walking by the closing stores he noticed a few animals in the window of one store, all winding down for the night. It was a very curious thing indeed sometimes, people could buy these animals as pets, but they were afraid of the animals counter parts, the much larger, bipedal, talking counter parts. There were wars fought, constant disputes, you hardly ever heard anything good about anthros. He assumed it was exactly the same though the other way around, he was sure anthros hardly heard anything good about humans.
It really did all boil down to which side you were on, but he just saw them as other people. In fact, he could recall as a child being friends with one such person, he wondered what happened to her as he looked at the animals sleeping in the now closed pet store.
  Keita Takeru / Willofiam / 80d 19h 37m 21s
Luna took a deep breath as her smokey blue eyes scanned the customers in her store. It was close to closing time and there were still so many people. She had let her employees go home early for the night, figuring that no one would come in. That was well over an hour ago and she was almost regretting it. She had finished high school and from that time started up a pet supply store. She dealt with the usual customers that shouldn't own a pet as well as the people that were very good with animals.

She looked over at the large black 'dog' that was sleeping in a corner and smiled. How she ever convinced him that going to work with her was a good thing she will never know.

She rang out some customers and began answering more questions than what she had time for. She often closed the store late. After answering questions she went to double check on the cats and dogs that were in their pens. All of them from shelters trying to get adopted.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 80d 20h 18m 1s

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