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Upon hearing Jay speak, Will turned his attention to him. "your awake," He said. "Do you feel pain when I do this?" Will asked, applying pressure to several spots around the wound. While he did this, he realised that Jay was covering his face. "Why are you hiding your face?" he asked.
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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

It seemed like food is what Jayfeather needed because a bit after he was fed, he shifted around and opened his green eyes again. It took him a few moments to understand what was going on and he sighed in relief and tried not to move, letting Will do whatever he needed to him.

[#228B22 "T-Thank you..." ]

He mumbled, putting his right hand over his face since his left hand was covered in blood. He didn't like this one bit, being cared for. It made him feel weak but he was sure that he needed it unless he would die. If it wasn't for Will, he was sure he'd actually be dead at this point.

Of course, it was weird for someone to get out of unconsciousness so quickly but with his powers, it was something in his bloodstream that made him wake up earlier than most unless it was a really hard hit to the head or some kind of drug that knocked him out.
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Will pulled Jayfeather over to his campfire, and, seeing how thin he looked, started to make a broth over the fire. While it was cooking, he say Jayfeather's satchel, and started to look through it. after spotting a few herbs that he recognized, he took a few and added them to the stew. 'This should help him. They have medicinal properties' He thought as he stirred the Stew. When it was finished, he spoon-fed it to Jayfeather, since he was unconscious. Then he took a small jar of medicinal cream, and applied it to Jay's wound to keep it from getting infected.
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Jayfeather opened his mouth but nothing came out but a gasp that seemed desperate for air. He felt his sweater being pulled up and bandages and pressure being put on his side and his eyesight became blurry. He did lift up his wrist though, a bracelet with his name engraved in it.

Jayfeather Hunter.

Such a name sounds so weird together but it was his name and he couldn't change it. His wrist fell as he soon passed out, his eyes closing as his chest rose once in a while, breathing in his sleep. His stomach looked caved in too from how much he hasn't eaten in a while and his eyes had black bags underneath them.

The grass seemed to magnetize towards him, the grass coming forth and rubbing against Jayfeather's body, mostly because it's all they could do without his powers. He could make them grow if he was awake and energized. He also had a satchel that had fallen beside him, all kinds of herbs and seeds in there.
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Will Turned to see Jayfeather laying on the ground. At first, Will was slightly puzzled, then he grabbed his Pack and rushed over to him. He slid his dagger back into his belt, and pulled bandages from his bag. he wrapped them tightly around the wound, and applied pressure. As Will gazed into Jayfeather's eyes with own his deep, black eyes, he found what he was looking for: one of the heroes. "Are you okay?" he asked as he worked to stop the bleeding. "Who are you?"
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Jayfeather breathed heavily as he stumbled around the forest, gasping in pain every once in a while. Exhaustion, starvation and the pain ate away at him like vultures picking at a piece of dead meat. He was looking for someone to help him and he didn't want to die here in the forest as he kept his right hand on the left side of his body.

He held a large, gleaming sickle in his left hand, blood escaping between his right hand before he saw smoke. Where there is smoke, there is fire. And most of the time where there's fire, there are people. Jayfeather stumbled towards it, his forest green eyes looking around cautiously, you never knew when someone was gonna burst out of nowhere.

He remembered leaving the Forest tribe, speaking as he was the most trained person in there for the prophecy so they sent him out on his own. But behold, Jayfeather didn't think he was the one who was destined for this and this was proof of it, if he was a hero then why was he hurt?

He ended up breaking out of some bushes and seeing Will. He gasped and reached out for him, dropping his sickle as he saw the knife and he whimpered, his other sickle hanging from the loop of his torn black pants. Jayfeather also wore a forest green sweater adorned with flowers as well that tells everybody he's from the Forest tribe.

It was a few seconds before Jayfeather dropped to the ground, his eyes staring up at the night sky as he let go of his side, blood leaking from a slash on his side and onto the grass. What was weird was that his blood was a darker green too which was odd but it still had the same feeling as blood.
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Deep in the forest, Will sat next to his campfire. He knew he was one of the 8 in the Great Prophecy, and was looking for the other 7. He had stopped to rest, though, and cook some food. After eating, he continued to poke at the fire, sensing that someone was nearby. 'They are probably trying to sneak up on me', he thought. He could sense their shadow, which is how he knew they were there. He had made a fire for the soul purpose of creating a shadow on anyone that would sneak up on him, though he himself didn't much like light. He slipped his dagger into his hand, and waited for the person to approach him.
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The RP will start when there are at least 3 characters. the rest will be "Found' later on.
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