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[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather gently smiled as he heard that he would be going along with Will and he just wanted to hug Will but then again Will probably wouldn't like that. [#228B22 "Thank you Will." ] He said instead, not really knowing what else to say but thank you. It was when Will called him one of the prophesized heroes is when he frowned.

[#228B22 "Everybody tells me that I'm the one but I'm not special, all I can do is control plants..." ] He said before he could shut himself up, letting his doubt spill out of his mouth.
  ScorpionTears- / 187d 11h 29m 0s
Will gazed at him for a second, then said, "That's alright. You should probably come with me. Not only so I can make sure the wound doesn't get worse,"He said, gesturing at the bandages,"but because you are one of the prophesized heroes. I can tell." Link stands and begins to pack his things. "C'mon, grab your stuff, we've been here to long. we must find the others."
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 187d 11h 56m 24s
[Kodchasan [center [#228B22 "Yeah, I feel like I just slept for four days." ] Jayfeather groggily said, rubbing his head as his hair stuck up in all different directions. He did look better too, the bags underneath his eyes looking a bit better as it showed his pale skin. He slowly got up, stretching as he clenched his teeth in slight pain.

The question was dropped, where was he going? He had nowhere to go and that showed as he got really emotional about it before hiding his emotions. [#228B22 "Nowhere, I dunno where I'm going." ] He said sadly, looking at the ground in dejection.
  ScorpionTears- / 187d 12h 1m 30s
Will looked over to him. "your awake," He said. "Did you sleep well?" He asked. Then he noticed that his sickle was on his belt. "Nifty trick with the grass. Where are you going after this?"
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 188d 12h 34m 42s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather sighed in his sleep, continuing to rest his body and mind for about a few hours before he got up. He sat up groggily, rubbing his eyes as he looked over at Will. His side hurt a little bit so that was really good, it was way better than his side exploding in pain.

His hand went to his hip to see if one or both his sickles were there because he just wanted to make sure he was armed if he had to protect himself. The sickle that he had dropped had been dragged to him by the grass who was making waves to pass it to him. He smiled as he picked it up and clipped it to his belt right next to the other one.

He yawned and put his hand over his mouth, a tattoo on his right wrist was visible and it looked like a symbol in the form of an M.
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Will sat next to the fire, thinking. Even though he shouldn't have been, he was surprised that Jay was being kind to him. Nobody had ever so much as smiled at him before. Perhaps this was because he was apart of the Dark Tribe, where nobody seemed to be liked by anyone, especially by anyone from different tribes. Perhaps it was just because Will seemed to be a secretive, dark person. But seeing Jay's reaction to Will helping him made Will feel good for once. He turned to the fire, and stared at it for the rest of the night, keeping his senses alert to detect anybody's shadows should they walk by.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 188d 13h 5m 23s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather smiled as he was answered with a name finally. Just to be nice, he looked Will with his smile still, [#228B22 "Hi Will." ] He said before being draped with a blanket and he wrapped it around himself. He soon fell asleep where he was, his back against the grass again.
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Will looked slightly amused at being referred to as 'Mr.'. "Im Will" he said. "you should get some more sleep. I will keep watch." Will walked over to the opposite side of the fire, and grabbed a small fur blanket. He brings it over to Jay, and tosses it to him. "get some sleep."
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 189d 6h 28m 23s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather nodded as the shield around him fell but he still felt exhausted from his journey. He looked around with paranoia still, his eye bags still there. [#228B22 "I just need a little sleep, is that okay... Mr?" ] He asked like he was also asking for Will's name. How stupid was he?

He should've asked for that first like a normal person. But then again, he wasn't normal.
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Around 15 minutes later, Will returned. As he walked into the clearing, he saw the grass shield that had formed around Jay. He approached Jay, and asked"Are you feeling better?"
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 189d 6h 48m 42s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather frowned and hugged himself with his arms, his eyebrows lowered in concern as he heard what Will said. It wasn't the fact that he was from the Dark Tribe but that he was going somewhere and leaving him alone. He didn't feel too good with being alone and pair that with him being hurt, that made it worse. So maybe Jayfeather was depressed and had anxiety, whatever.

It's because he was from the Forest Tribe, they were beings of peace mostly and overtime they had gained anxiety and anxiety attacks. Jayfeather was actually trying his best not to freak out as he was left there, his forest green looking around at the surrounding forestry as grass started to grow around him, making a slight shield.
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"I am from the Dark Tribe," Will responds. He stood, adjusted his black cloak. "I will be back soon. I'm going to make sure they didn't follow you." Will walked toward the shadow of a tree, and said "Wait here" Then he disappeared into the shadow.
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[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Jayfeather felt the liquids going down his throat and he swallowed them, slightly aware of the taste. It was a weird taste but Jayfeather'll survive, honestly again, he's had worse to eat before. He slowly sat up by the fire, staring and looking Will up and down. There was a feeling in his chest that almost tugged him towards Will.

He sighed in embarrassment as he finally let out what had happened. [#228B22 "I was attacked by the Fire Tribe as I was let out to adventure on my own to do this prophecy given by Psytro, I'm from the Forest Tribe if you couldn't tell by the singed flowers." ] Jayfeather smirked, taking one of the burnt flowers out of his sweater and throwing them to the ground where grass overcame the flower.

[#228b22 "What tribe are you from?" ]
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Wil stopped putting pressure on the wound, and scooped a vial out of his pack. He uncapped it and poured it into Jay's mouth, saying "This should help with the pain." After double checking the bandages, he turned to Jay and said "How did this happen?"
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 189d 8h 1m 25s
[Kodchasan [center [pic ]

Jayfeather whimpered in pain and almost cried out if he didn't bite on the sleeve of his sweater. He even twitched in pain, his bodies way of telling Will that it hurt him a lot. It was more than likely already infected but Jayfeather had been through worse even if it did hurt to move.

He soon took his hand away from his face, taking a deep breath. He just shook his head to the question, not wanting to tell Will that he was really embarrassed about being found like this, he was the one person to not get hurt because he was always careful. But this time, he had been lured into a trap which is why he got hurt.
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