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Suddenly, they reappeared in the shadow of a small tent. "In here," Will says, pulling Jay inside the tent. "I think this is the elders tent, we should wait here."
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 176d 12h 53m 57s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather smiled and nodded, glad to hear that they were both helping each other that. He felt Will then grab his arm, his eyes turning to Will once again before they were dragged into the shadows. Feather didn't know what to think about it before they both disappeared into the shadows and the feeling of being breathless coming over him.

He waited to appear somewhere, hopefully to where they wanted to be.
  ScorpionTears- / 176d 12h 55m 59s
Will took the flower. "thank you. And if you need help, hide in the shadows. I can send you to safety through them. Just concentrate on any message you must send me through them." Will replies. He steps into the shadow of the tree they are next to, takes old of Jay's arm, and says "Here we go," Before making them both disappear into the shadow.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 176d 13h 17s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather nodded at the plan that he had been told as his forest green eyes stayed on the Wind Tribe. He sighed and he touched his forehead with his finger, a small flower budding out of his finger as if it was grown through the cracks in his finger. He looked over at Will and gave it to him, his fingers being gentle.

[#228B22 "Just in case anything happens, crush the flower in your hands and it'll make a shield around you." ]

Jayfeather said with seriousness in his voice, he could make a full shield out of plants but Will couldn't. He thought it would nice if Will could have a shield just in case something happened and if things got really bad. Jayfeather then nodded, being as ready as ever.
  ScorpionTears- / 176d 13h 4m 10s
Will looked in the direction Jay was pointing, then nodded. "We need to be careful. They don't want strangers in their tribe. We will need to sneak in to speak to one of their elders. That should lead us to their hero." Will says, then approaches Jay. He grabs his arm, then says, "You ready?"
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 176d 13h 11m 49s
[Kodchasan [center [#228B22 "Nothing, just using some seeds to try to help me heal faster." ]

Jayfeather said, seemingly out of breath as he leaned against the tree, looking up on his toes. He could see the Wind Tribe from his spot and he snapped to get Will's attention and pointed over towards the Tribe with his long and pale finger. The only question was how would they get in, would the Wind Tribe just let them in? Or would they put them through like situations to prove that they are the heroes?
  ScorpionTears- / 176d 13h 15m 4s
Will continued walking, but after a few steps realised that Jay had stopped walking. He turned back to him. "What's wrong? He asked.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 176d 13h 22m 38s
[Kodchasan [center [#228B22 "I'm sorry about that..." ]

That's all Jayfeather said as he looked back at Will, a sympathetic frown on his face as his green eyes met Will's. He would make sure that Will was okay mentally later as they neared the Wind Tribe, Jayfeather's feet started to hurt and his side started spiking in pain again. This time he stopped and rested against a tree, going through his satchel for something.

He took out some seeds and poured them in-between the bandages as they tightened around his wound, the plants trying their best to help him.
  ScorpionTears- / 182d 13h 18m 48s
Will thought for a moment, then said, "Probably. They believe in the prophecy. But they wont like me at all. Almost none of the Tribes like the Dark tribe or it's members." Will continued walking in silence for a moment, then said, "I never had much of a family. I've been lonely for my whole life"
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 186d 11h 50m 30s
[Kodchasan [center [#228B22 "Honestly, no." ] Jayfeather finally answered after a minute of thinking as he kept going, flowers and vines on trees growing when he was around them. Jayfeather seemed to be giving off that kind of aura that would liven everything up.

[#228B22 "I was told the Forest tribe was my family and I've never been to another tribe before." ] He said without looking back, the feeling in his chest growing and growing as he got a bit closer to the Wind Tribe. [#228B22 "What do you think they're gonna say about us? Like will they let us in to get the chosen one?
  ScorpionTears- / 186d 12h 25m 9s
"Looks like your excited," Will says. He walks by Jay's side, and he walks in silence. After a while, he asks, "Do you know anyone from the Wind Tribe?"
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 186d 12h 35m 33s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather felt breathless as he did stare out towards the direction the Wind clan was. He put his hand on his chest, he didn't know if Will was lying or not but what also surprised him is that he had a sibling in the first place. Shocking, he thought he came from the Forest tribe and the tribe only.

Without talking, he continued to take steps in that direction as his footsteps slid across the grass, his steps turning into actual strides that were fast with a slight limp to them.
  ScorpionTears- / 186d 12h 53m 50s
Will gathered his things and put them in his pack. "To answer your question, we are going East towards the Air Tribe. To find the next Hero," Said Will. He then noticed Jay was already walking that way. "See? All of the heroes are connected. If they are close enough, they can sense each other. Especially if they are related." Will slung his pack onto his pack, and started towards the forest.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 187d 10h 46m 0s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather just listened and kept his mouth shut still, still having his doubts as per usual. But he did take Will's hand as he stood up, grunting a bit. He scooped up the satchel beside him and flung it over his shoulder, the satchel resting on his side by his sickles.

[#228B22 "W-Where are we going next?" ] Jayfeather asked, still looking around curiously as he took a few steps towards the direction of East.
  ScorpionTears- / 187d 11h 28m 47s
Will didn't look surprised at hearing this. "I can tell your a hero. Your blood was green. Very Dark green. That is the blood of a Forest hero. regular forest blood is light green. If that isn't enough proof, Your shadow is different. I can sense it. You are definitely a hero," Will says. Will holds his hand out to help Jay up. "C'mon, we gotta go soon."
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 187d 11h 37m 1s

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