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[Kodchasan [center Feather hissed and his hand went to his left hip, yanking his sickles off his belt loop. He only held one in his right hand as he brought out a potion from his satchel with his left hand and he held it tightly, clear liquid sloshing inside of the clear bottle. He ran after Will, his tall but thin frame way too easy to see.


Jay put the hood of her cloak over her head and she ran out behind Jayfeather, her scythe in her right hand. When she could, she swept the staff part of the scythe underneath people's legs, knocking them over. You couldn't really tell that it was Jay because she moved so fast.
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Will turned to Jayfeather. "Yeah, but first we need to find a shadow." Will looked around the tent, but there wasn't one that they could use. "We will need to go outside the tent; maybe there will be a bigger one out there." Will opened the tent and shot out, his dagger in hand.
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[Kodchasan [center Jay was stopped from saying the name out loud when Will interrupted her and her eyebrows came down in annoyance. She stood up, yanking a startled Feather up with her. She took a few steps towards the entrance of the flap before Feather pulled her back and towards Will. She was silent, her mind thinking of an escape plan.


Feather hissed and brought Jay over to Will, looking the other boy into the face. [#228B22 "Can you teleport us out?" ] He asked urgently as he held onto Jay's hand, the Wind Hero putting her hand towards the entrance. She caused a wall of wind to appear in the entrance so it would blast the Tribes Men back.
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"Who do you know then?" Will asks. "We are searching for the heroes, and so far it's just us." Will stood and walked over to the entrance of the tent. "Someone is coming up behind the tent. I can sense their shadows. The tribesmen must know we are here."

The Elder turned towards Will. "They did not know you were here. If you are caught, you will be imprisoned for trespassing. If they catch Jay with you, they will likely execute you for treason. You must leave, Now!" The elder says. Suddenly, the sound of a horn comes from outside the tent, followed by "We found the Intruders!" The elder looks at the three Heroes; "Go, Now!" She says.
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[Kodchasan [center Feather was silently in awe, his eyes wide as he stared at his sister who sat in front of him, staring back at him. Her eyes seemed to bother him a lot because he flinched and looked down at his lap, his head tilted down.


Jay's intense purple eyes turned to Will as she tilted her head with a kind of look that was hard to read. She smiled and nodded, white, sharp teeth being exposed as she smiled. She was pale and clear of freckles but there were silver marks underneath her eyes and all over her neck. It was the sign of being a part of the Wind Tribe.
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"This is Jay," Says the Elder. "She is a hero, like you two. She is also your sister, Jayfeather." She motioned for Jay to join the three of them.

"Hello," Will responded. "I am Will. Do you know any of the other heroes?"
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[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather's jaw slightly dropped at the fact that the elder said that this female had the same last name as him. He put his hand eagerly in his lap, his forest green eyes stuck on the entrance of the tent. His hands were close to his sickles too, you never knew when one could be hostile but grass and flowers were already growing all around Feather, meaning he was excited.


Jay took a deep breath before stepping into the tent, her combat boots the first thing coming out from the flap as she stepped inside. She was way smaller than her brother but she had this dangerous aura around her. She looked down at Feather and Will and smirked, a giant scythe in a sheath on her back.

She had huge wings coming from her back but they weren't attached to her, more like coming out of the cloak she was wearing. They were just to show respect for now but they could fly and protect people and they were made of wind too. She sighed, purple eyes and hair coming out from the hood of the cloak.

She was thin and small but that didn't mean she wasn't strong, she had a lot of speed to her as well. She had a hunting knife in her belt loop too, the blade being curved and made of silver.

[#9400D3 "Hello." ]

[pic ]
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The elder looked at him for a moment then gave a small smile. "Well then. She is already here, actually. Just outside the tent. Jay Hunter, please enter," The elder says, accenting the word Hunter.
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[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather hesitated for several moments as he was asked if he was the Forest Tribe Hero. He still doubted that he was the true hero but he shook his head anyway, not looking too sure of himself as his left hand was on his injured side. It had begun to start hurting again and he clenched his teeth behind his teeth, he'd deal with it later.

In fact, he just ignored it.
[#228B22 "We're looking for the Wind Tribe Hero actually." ]
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Will saw Jay glance at him, and gave a small shrug.

The elder stepped inside the tent, and sat facing Jay and Will. "Jayfeather, you are the hero of the Forest tribe, are you not?" She asks.
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[Kodchasan [center Feather looked surprised when his name was said and he looked up at the woman, his head slightly tilted. [#228B22 "Yes, my name is Jayfeather." ] He said, slightly looking over at Will because he was confused. He didn't expect it to start off this way, he looked up again at the woman, his sickles gently resting on the ground with his satchel.
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The elder looked momentarily surprised, but quickly fixed her expression. "I expected you to come. Heroes, I presume?" She looked toward Jay. "Are you Jayfeather?" She asks.
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[Kodchasan [center Feather nodded and sat down cross-leggedly, staring at the entrance as he heard the sound of footsteps get closer and closer. He bowed his head slightly, waiting for the flap to open and for someone to scream in fear but instead, when the flap opened, there was just a middle-aged woman standing there. She was still an elder but she was one of the young elders.
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"Hopefully, who the hero is." Will says. He looks out of the tent entrance, then quickly pulls back in. "I think they are coming. Sit cross-legged and bow your head when the enter." Will sits next to Jay, cross-legged.
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[Kodchasan [center Feather felt his feet hit the ground as he landed, instantly looking around just to see Will beside him. He stood straight again before being pulled into a tent, almost letting out a screech of surprise before stopping himself from doing so. He nodded and they waited inside of the tent.

[#228B22 "What do you think the elders are gonna tell us?" ]
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