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Will sat still while the tribesman checked him over. He looked over at Jay and saw that she was not enjoying the tribesman checking her. Though Will cooperated with them and let them check him, when they tried to give him new clothing and take his old clothes, he started to resist. "No. I will keep my cloak." He said. When they again tried to take his cloak, he pulled hi dagger on them. "No." He said.
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[Kodchasan [center Jay squeaked as she was dragged onto a cot made of sheets of grass, the Tribesmen placing Will on a cot next to hers as they examined both of them. The Tribesmen got underneath of Jay's clothing and tore them off, putting some more light clothes on her as they began to make pastes out of herbs to rub them on her bright purple bruises.

She shuddered as the cold paste was rubbed on her legs and back, and even her neck but the silver marks on her neck didn't wash away. She was using all of her self-control not to swing at them for touching her as she was very picky with who she let touch her and be her friends. If she thought of someone as unworthy, she usually cut off their head. But A) her weapon was still back at her Tribe and B) She knew she was going to be overwhelmed.

and C) She'd rather have someone she could trust around her instead of people who she barely knew.
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"I understand," Will said. He could relate to why Jay didn't want to talk about his past. He didn't like his either. He followed the others into the hut. Will hadn't been hurt much, except for the potion that had blinded him. But, thanks to Jay, he was able to see again.
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[Kodchasan [center Jay looked down at the ground upon being asked about her backstory and she just shook her head, obviously not wanting to speak about it. She remembered things about her and Jayfeather's past that her brother did not know about. She was a very secretive person as well, as if she was a question mark wrapped in mystery.

[#9400D3 "I don't want to talk about it." ] She finally said, her mood obviously changed from her boisterous and usual annoyed self to a sad and shy one. She looked up once in a while before the whole group stopped, watching over the shoulders of the Tribesmen as they put Jayfeather in a small pond in the center of the Tribe, letting him float.

Several of the Tribesmen turned to Will and Jay and they approached them, asking them if they were okay. Jay sighed and wanted to disappear at that point but she was going to be honest, [#9400D3 "I've just got a few bruises." ] She said, letting the Tribesmen pull the two along into a huge hut nearby.
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Will looked at her, and said "He will be ok." He walked at her side, following the forest men into their home. "So, what's your story?" Will asks as they walk.
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[Kodchasan [center Jay looked over at Jayfeather too as he was carried away and she sighed, she didn't want to be here. She, speaking for herself, was a very suspect of everything, she didn't trust anyone even if she was surrounded by Forest Tribesmen who were known for being peaceful. She sighed and looked back at Will and managed a smile.

[#9400D3 "Your welcome." ] She answered, standing up with Will as she watched the tribesmen take Jayfeather somewhere. She began to follow behind everybody, looking back at Will. [#9400D3 "C'mon, I wanna see what they are going to do." ] She said, a hint of worry in her voice.
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Will sat still and let her wash out his eyes. When she had finished, he turned to her and thanked her, since his sight was finally coming back. He stood and followed the tribesmen who were carrying Jayfeather. Though he wanted to leave immediately to find the next hero, he knew that Jayfeather would have to rest.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 180d 6h 23m 27s
[Kodchasan [center [#9400D3 "I think we're at the Forest Tribe." ] Jay said as she bent over Will, sitting on her knees in front of him as she examined his eyes. She didn't really know much about potions, mostly because that was a Forest Tribe thing mostly cos they make potions with herbs. She sighed and watched as the Forest Tribesmen rushed forwards to help Jayfeather as he was swaying. Again, he used too much energy.

Jay snapped at the Tribesmen as they passed, snarling as she grabbed one by the neck of their cloak and pulled the man close. [#9400D3 "Do you have water?" ] She growled without being polite either, only smirking when the man gulped and handed her a little potion full of clear blue water. She turned back to Will, gently tilting his head back.

[#9400D3 "I'm gonna wash your eyes out, be still." ] She growled, uncorking the potion and pouring the water into Will's eyes, hoping she didn't have to yell at people to get them to help Will.
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Will suddenly sat up, fully awake. "where are we?" He asks, looking around. "Where is everyone?" Stands up, but falls back over. "I can't see," He says. It feels strange for him, because usually he can see fine in the dark, but now everything looks black to him. 'Must have been something in that potion that Jayfeather used', He thinks, sitting back down. "When will this potion wear off?" He asks.
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[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather didn't bother to watch Will get covered over but he did hear what Will had told him. He peered over the cart, watching as Jay was subdued to her knees. He cursed underneath his breath, going back into his herbal satchel. He set his sickle on his belt again, this time pulling out a whole packet of seeds. He lobbed it over the cart, the seed settling underneath everybody's feet.

He grabbed both his sickles and ran towards the group, vines and all kinds of roots erupting out of the ground and rooting everybody to the ground. Jayfeather hissed and slid underneath everybody, using his sickles to cut at the roots that were growing around Jay. He grabbed her by her arms just like Will and dragged her back to the cart, panting heavily in exhaustion.

He looked down at her face and pulled off her hood, noticing that she was okay and just shaken up. He sighed as she got up, the two looking over at Will.

[#9400D3 "Who's carrying hi-" ]
[#228B22 "NOT IT!" ]
[#9400D3 "Damn it." ]


Jay hissed as she buried her feet into the ground and wrapped her arms around the cocoon, lifting up with the muscles she had as she began to run after Jayfeather who was running towards his tribe once again. It felt like forever but they made it there at least, her legs hurting as she put down Will, the vines uncovering his body.

She looked over and saw as Jayfeather had his hand over his nose, forest green blood escaping his nose. She knew what was happening, he had just used too much power. But not too much to where he could go into a seizure, more like sleep for a few days instead.
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Just before the plants fully covered Will, he said to Jayfeather, "Help your sister... make sure... she doesn't kill... anyone...we don't want...the Wind be" Will was then fully covered.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 180d 8h 14m 41s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather hissed at the sight of burns all on Will's body. Jayfeather pressed his thumb against his own forehead, dragging out a little sphere of forest green energy. He had his eyes closed as he put a hand on Will's shoulder, laying the sphere on Will before opening his eyes again.

[#228B22 "Take a deep breath, okay? I'm going to cocoon you in plants that should keep light away and protect you, you can breathe too because of course, they generate oxygen." ]

Jayfeather explained with a worried look on his face as he watched vines and all kinds of huge leafy plants begin to cover over Will.


Jay hissed as she kept her spot, kneeling on her feet as she turned to the nearest tribesman and slashed wildly, cutting his head off and the top half of his chest into mincemeat. She whipped her long scythe around, taking a step to swing with a huge range. The only weakness to her weapon as that you could easily grapple onto it using a hook or a rope or even a chain to stop the arch of the blade.
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Will was only half conscious when Jayfeather dragged him behind the cart. "It hurts," He mumbled. Since he was apart of the Dark Tribe, too much exposure to light would usually give him small burns, and would hurt. The fire from the mens torches had burned Will so bad that he was in extreme pain. He rubbed his eyes, trying to see what was going on, but was still blinded from the potion.
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[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather lifted up his head to see Will get overrun with Tribesmen and he growled and took an extra two strides to get to Will to help him. He growled as he threw the potion towards the Tribesmen, the glass shattering in mid-air as it splashed all over the torches and men, dousing them with a sweet smelling liquid. It was like a dizzying, almost like flashbang type of effect, it would blind people.

Jayfeather smirked and kicked out the men's legs before grabbing Will by his arms, dragging him to the nearest cover, which was a large wooden cart. He shook Will, trying to get the effect off of him.


Jay hissed as she was busy taking out people by knocking them out and she quickly found herself surrounded as well. She finally showed the silver blade of her scythe, slashing in a circle around her as she circled around to stare at everybody. [#9400D3 "Don't make me do this!" ] She yelled out, hesitating only because it was her own tribe. She knew these people.
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Will ducked and dodged the tribesmen, trying to get to the forest edge. The tribesmen must have realized what he was goin to do, because they began to bring torches out to fight him with, and prevent hi from finding a shadow. Will wasn't surprised, being as it wasn't hard to tell he was part of the Dark Tribe. He had almost made it to the forest when three tribesmen caught up to him, and began swinging their torches at him. Though he was quick and sneaky, he wasn't very strong, and as more tribesmen caught up to him, he was overwhelmed.
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