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[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather nodded with a smile as he hung his head low, a flower crown on his head. They were coloured with gold, white and lime green flowers, obviously a sign of importance in the Tribe. [#228B22 "I'm sorry my people are really... Close I guess? They get really close to you and don't really listen to what you say. They just do what they think best unless me or my mother is there." ]

He sighed and pinched his nose, rolling his eyes in annoyance. His sickles were back at his side as he kept his hands on the ground. Eventually, three women brought them food, twirling and giggling as they looked over all three heroes. They placed the bowls at the ground, a spoon being in the soup. He was very thin still but he seemed to be physically better since laying in that pool.


Jay looked down at her soup and picked it up, gently setting it in her lap as she stared down at it. She sighed and began to eat, looking around with her violet eyes before it turned to Will. [#9400D3 "So, what do you think of us? Like Jayfeather and I?" ] She asked, wanting to hear about what Will thought of his teammates already.
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Will sits down next to them, ready to eat. He saw that Jayfeather seemed relived. "Enjoy the rest; your gonna need it," He says.
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[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather nodded and looked back at the two before walking in, a few kids playing around along with women with bowls of soup of vegetables. He sighed in relief, this was his home and he totally missed it. He sat down on the floor somewhere and crossed his legs, Jay following what he did.
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Will followed the two towards the tent. "We must eat quickly, so we can continue our journey," He says. Then he thinks of something else. "Jayfeather, will your tribe provide us with food and supplies to bring? Jay needs a new weapon too; she lost hers back at the wind tribe."
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[Kodchasan [center Despite being soaked in water, Jayfeather stood up as if he wasn't bothered by it in the first place. He shivered a bit but that was because it was slightly windy, hugging himself and his wet sweater as he took steps towards his friends. He seemed okay, the bandages around his hip gone and replaced with a wicked scar.


Jay mustered a smile at her brother, tilting her head towards where she could smell food coming from. She took a step towards the tent before Jayfeather began to lead them on.
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"Ok, food it is," Will said. he hadn't realised how hungry he was until Jay had said something. Just as he was about to go with her to find some food, he noticed Jayfeather was awake. "Wait, Jay. Your brother is up," He said. He waited for Jayfeather to get up to join them.
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[Kodchasan [center Jay wasn't watching the woman and Jayfeather at tall, instead, she was looking around for the other tribesmen but they seemed to be somewhere else. She sighed and pulled her hunting knife out from the belt loop of her pants she had recovered, sliding the blade up her sleeve just in case anything happened. [#9400D3 "Maybe we should look for some food after this." ]

She said, her stomach rumbling and she was sure that Will was also hungry as well.


[#00FF00 "Illias, jusidth cliquys." ]

The woman said, smiling as Jayfeather took a deep breath and took her hand off of the male's chest, letting the hero sit up as he was covered in water. There was a flower crown on his head too, the flowers being a gold, white and green.
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Will looked over at the woman. After watching a moment, he replied, "I think she may be using a spell to help heal Jayfeather. Let's go find out." He walked over to the woman, and, not wanting to interrupt her, watched her do her spell. He tried to memorize what she was saying, just in case he would need it later.
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[Kodchasan [center Jay nodded as Will stepped outside and she continued to look for clothes, seeing what looked to be her combat robes with silver markings on them. She smirked and slipped back on the dirty clothes before following after Will, being right behind him once again.

[#9400D3 "What are they doing to him?" ]

She asked, stopping in her tracks at the sight of the pond underneath the tree.


The woman was kneeled in the water, bowing over Jayfeather as she put her hands on his chest, slowly pushing him deeper into the water whilst chanting something.
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"Ok then," Will says, not believing it was just the bruises. "Let's go find your brother. We can check how long it will take for him to heal. Maybe we will have enough time to find the next hero before he wakes up." Will walks towards the entrance of the tent, and leaves.
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[Kodchasan [center [#9400D3 "It's just the bruises." ] Jay quickly said, looking over at Will, the silver markings on her face and neck glowing silver a bit. She sighed, looking around for some real clothing, she wanted to leave and badly at this point.
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Will turned to Jay, and said, "You alright?" He watched the woman walk out, and saw the look on Jay's face when she looked at her. He was starting to grow a bit concerned. "Why did you flinch?" Will asks.
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[Kodchasan [center Jay stared at the woman for a long time before she looked over at Will as he walked to her. She slowly stood up, her back covered in the green paste as she had barely anything on. She grabbed her cloak and wrapped it around herself, flinching as the woman was still staring at her.


[#00FF00 "Yes, yes you may. I need to tend to my son anyways." ] The woman said before slowly turning around and walking out with the rest of the Tribesmen and leaving Jay and Will alone.
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"Thank you," Will said to the woman. He grabbed his cloak and put it on. He stood and walked over to Jay, getting in the Tribesmans way. He grabbed her hand and helped her up, much to the tribesmans dismay. "He turned to the Woman who had just entered. "Sorry, but my friend is not comfortable like this. Can we be left alone?"
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[Kodchasan [center [#00FF00 [b "STOP!" ]]

A woman's voice boomed through the hut and everybody bowed and darted away from the two, leaving the cloak at Will's cot. A tall woman stood in front of the doorway, staring at the two with lime green eyes as she wore a black cloak laced with green thread. [#00FF00 "My apologies for that, two of you may continue the healing of the girl." ] She said, two tribesmen coming back to Jay.


Jay still looked highly uncomfortable as she sat there, looking over at Will with her eyes showing rage and the uncomfortable seeing. The Forest Tribe was a little too friendly in her opinion.
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