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Long ago, in a world unlike ours, 8 gods came down to the barren, wasteland surface of their world, and decided to fix it. Combining their power, they created a world unlike any other. There were beautiful forests, glimmering oceans and lakes, large mountains and volcanos, and much more. It was the perfect world. Then, each of them created their own people, so that they could inhabit the world. Pyroy, the God of Fire, created the Flame Tribe, who had rein over the volcanos. Hydrie, the Goddess of Water, created the Wave Tribe, who had rein over the ponds and lakes. Grainis, the Goddess of the Forest, created the Grass Tribe, who had rein over the forests and plants. Lytris, the Goddess of Light, created the Light tribe, who had rein over the daytime. Dartris, The God of the Dark, created Dark Tribe, who had rein over the night. Grönt, the God of the Earth, created the Rock Tribe, who had rein over the mountains. Airis, The Goddess of the Air and Storms, created the Wind Tribe, who had rein over the clouds and winds. Finally, Psytro, the God of the Mind and Will, created the Psychic Tribe, who had rein over the mind. Together, they made a beautiful world of peace.
But one day, Dartris became jealous of Lytris, because his people could only come out at night, and couldn't enjoy the light of day. So, he commanded his tribe to take over their peaceful world. This started the Elemental War.
The Elemental war ended in loss for the Dark, but Lytris saw that Dartris had forced the Dark Tribe to fight. So, instead of destroying them, gave them mercy and sent them back to their caves, where they were never aloud to leave again. But, Psytro made a prophecy soon after, that predicted when the second Elemental War would start. the Prophecy says:

Soon, Someday, a war will start,
with each of the tribes, they shall all part,
but from each of these tribes, a hero must rise,
to protect their tribe from its own demise.

The eight heroes will all come together,
Some friends, some foes,
One a traitor, begone with woe.

Each of the eight must find a weapon of power,
That matches themselves, to fight the evil endower,
During the war, two heroes will be killed by the others, but not on purpose,
Water to Fire, Dark to Light, that's who will fall and who will cause it.

The rest will be trapped, though one will not be,
The hero who isn't will choose what's to be,
Save those that they love, their friends who are trapped,
Or save the world, and the rest of the people who are counting on them.

Now, years later, the prophecy is coming true. some of the tribes are in chaos, and the peace is starting to break.
One more thing: within each element, there are subtypes:
Fire: Lava, Heat, Flame------Taken
Water: Waves, Life -------Taken
Forest: Plants, Animals, Healer----Taken
Light: Sun, Light
Dark: Shadow, Night---Taken
Earth: Ground, Rock
Air/Storms: Air, Storms, Wind---Taken
Mind: Psychic , Mind Readers, Profits

Private Message Character Applications to me.

Character Application :

Character Name:
Character Gender:
Sub type:
Personality traits:
Back Story:

Tribes men Application:
Character Name:

Evil Army:
Character Name:

Evil Leader-Taken
Character Name:


Taken Characters:

Dark Type Hero:
Character Name: Will Lincoln
Character Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Small Dagger, Bow
Element: Dark
Sub type: Shadow
Personality traits: Quiet, shy, Dark, Smart, Quick Witted
Back Story: After leaving the Dark Tribe, He traveled the forests, never staying in the same spot. He avoids people, but is secretly lonely. He understands most of the prophecy, and will do anything to make it come true. He is a survivor, and knows how to make dangerous poisons that he will put on his arrows and dagger to kill enemies. Is also extremely loyal.

Forest Hero:
Name: Slain.Wings-
Character Name: Jayfeather Hunter
Character Gender:
Weapon(s): Sickles
Element: Forest
Sub type: Plants
Personality traits: Responsible, Anti-socal, Caring but mean towards self
Back Story: To be discovered

Air/Storm Hero
Name: Slain.Wings-
Character Name: Jay Hunter
Character Gender: Female
Weapon(s): scythe
Element: Air/Storm
Sub type: Storm
Personality traits: Aggressive, mean, rude but loyal
Back Story: To Be Discovered but is Jayfeather's sister.

Name: ObtuseWolf
Character Name: Shay
Character Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Kunai knifes and a Dagger.
Element: Fire
Sub type: Flame
Personality traits: Talkative, observative, sly, good at deceit and lying, and reserved about himself.
Back Story: Im working on it TwT

Character Name: Versaia Acquidia
Character Gender: Female
Weapon(s): Twin daggers
Element: Water
Sub type: life
Personality traits: Kind, well meaning, ambiverted, kinda weird
Back Story: TBD


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"Hmm. We will have to test your powers then. we can do that later though. Right now we need to find the rest of the heroes, then we can confront the Evil that is trying to destroy our land." Will walked with the group out into the forest. "Have any of you heard of the prophecy that foretells the heroes battle? I mean, You probably know it exists, because you are here, but does any of you know what it says?" Will asks.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 1y 50d 8h 12m 24s
Versaia waved to the two siblings, smiling extra brightly for Jay as she shook her head. "No, I don't remember anything except for last week. However, I have found that I can breathe underwater and can speak to water animals, like Ken!" She petted the snake, showing that he was the Ken she was talking about.
  Versaia Acquidia / DragonBard / 1y 50d 8h 18m 27s
"Yes, like that," Will says. "I should introduce you to my companions; Jayfeather and Jay. They are brother and sister, Jayfeather of the forest tribe, Jay of the wind tribe." He thought for a moment, then said, "Do you know the location o any of the other heroes? Also, you should demonstrate to us your powers, so we know what we are working with."
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 1y 50d 8h 22m 14s
"Oh?" She removed some of the bandage on her left arm, showing light blue blood and dark blue scabs, "Like this?"
  Versaia Acquidia / DragonBard / 1y 50d 10h 6m 53s
"well, we can test if you are a hero easily. The ones born to be a hero bear blood that is coloured Differently from the others, usually. Mine is black, for I am apart of the dark tribe. Your's should be a light blue colour. Usually only elders and other heroes can see the colour difference though," Will says.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 1y 50d 10h 22m 49s
"Well, I'm not sure...I don't remember anything that happened before last week...I had found out about the legend a few days ago, and it sounded so familiar..." She sighed as her sea krait seemed to be trying to comfort her.
  Versaia Acquidia / DragonBard / 1y 50d 10h 48m 31s
Will was slightly surprised at her sudden appearance, but didn't show it. "Yes, we are the heroes. I assume you are too?" Will asks. "We were about to leave to find the rest of the heroes. You just made our job easier."
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 1y 51d 14h 30m 7s
A thin, pale female soon sat by them, a banded sea krait wrapped around her shoulders. She had clear blue eyes and long sea green hair, an obvious sign she was from the water tribe, as well as her light clothing, "You are the heroes of legend, yes? I've been looking for you!"
  Versaia Acquidia / -KushalaDaora- / 1y 52d 7h 45m 1s
Will didn't respond to her answer on why she didn't eat. He didn't believe her, but didn't want to press it. He waited for her to pick a weapon, then asked, "Do you guys need anything else? If not, it's time to go."
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 1y 52d 13h 8m 44s
[Kodchasan [center [#9400D3 "I don't really require much food." ] Jay said quickly, again acting very suspicious. She had her hair over her right shoulder as Jayfeather nodded and walked them over to a nearby weapon rack. Jay turned her back to Will as she searched for a weapon, sighing as she grabbed a longsword.

[#9400D3 "This will have to work until I get a scythe again." ]
  ScorpionTears- / 1y 52d 13h 14m 9s
"Why didn't you eat? You need to keep your strength," Will says to Jay. He stands up with Jayfeather. "So you can get Jay a new weapon?" He asks.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 1y 53d 12h 36m 23s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather was the last one to finish, mostly because Jay only ate about barely enough to keep her alive. His green eyes turned to Will and he shrugged, he wasn't too sure about this quest in the first place. He sighed underneath his breath, standing up as he brushed himself off a bit. [#228B22 "First, we gotta get supplies and Jay a weapon." ] He said.


Jay had barely ate and she stared down at the barely touched bowl and she sighed, standing up with Jayfeather.
  ScorpionTears- / 1y 53d 12h 39m 16s
Will was surprised at this, though tried not to show it. "Thank you," He said. He wasn't used to being complemented. He continued to eat, thinking about what Jay had told him. After he finished, he waited for the other two to finish eating. "Which hero should we locate next?" He asks them.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 1y 53d 13h 2m 48s
[Kodchasan [center Jayfeather and Jay looked at each other, Jayfeather having a huge smile on his face while Jay had a slight one. Jayfeather looked back over at Will, looking the other male up and down one last time as he picked up the spoon in his soup, putting in it his mouth and leaving the rest of the talking up to Jay.

He looked peaceful eating the soup, maybe because it reminded him of a simpler time where things weren't as bad as this. Just a lot of pressure was on his shoulders.


Jay smiled at Will but it was a slight smile, the corner of her lips curled upwards. [#9400D3 "An excellent leader." ] She simply said, tilting her head up. [#9400D3 "Strong and bold like me with the same charisma as Jayfeather." ] She said, looking at her brother as he looked like he was surprised about the charisma thing.
  ScorpionTears- / 1y 53d 13h 14m 33s
"I think you are both powerful," Will replies. He thinks for a second, then says, "You are both smart and strong, but Jay, you seem to rely more on strength, and the opposite is true about Jayfeather." Will eats in silence for a minute, then curiosity gets the better of him. "What do you two think of me?" He asks.
  TheHeroOfTime21 / 1y 60d 14h 28m 11s

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