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Jun considered the request, "I don't see weren't not."

Chopper looked between the two then at the open door. He got up and closed it, excluding the rest of the crew from the ensuing conversation. "Jun, what I'm about to say is not only because I'm your doctor but also because in your friend. You need to talk to [I someone] about what's keeping you awake. I know you've been sleeping when you're watching over Sanji so, maybe you should talk to him."

Jun reached over and see the empty cup on Chopper's desk. "Ever time I fall asleep, I wake up in my dreams with a chain around my neck, hands tied behind my back and walking the rope. There is a crowd, watching, unaware of the danger I'm in. I misstep and I fall. I can't catch the rope and my neck snaps."

"Jun," Chopper frowns," When did this start."

"When Sanji and I were attacked." Jun's hand goes to her throat, as if feeling the chain there. "Jako won't stop until he gets me back and when he does, I'm as good as dead."

"I'll do some research and see if there is something I can give you for nightmares. Until then, as you aren't in good health yourself, I want you to take a break from training and, is prefer if you didn't accompany Sanji outside."

"That's," Jun paused, "Excuse me." She got up and grabbed her mug before leaving the room. [I What else could go wrong today?]


Chopper looked at Sanji, "You said your heart wasn't racing from Nami kissing you. If that's the case, then what caused it?"


It had been about a week since Jun had admitted to what had been keeping her awake. Chopper had found something to give her to suppress her nightmares. But what worried him now was how emotionally distant she had become towards Sanji, the one person she found solace in. "Sanji," Chopper brought another antibiotic dose out to the chef, "Have you talked to Jun lately? Has she tried talking to you?"
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“That’s not why my hearts racing...” Sanji muttered before listening to Chopper’s instructions. “Alright.” He turned to look at Jun with a smile. Would it be alright if I ask you to accompany me on the deck every once and awhile?”
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"You should have woken me. Chopper would have wanted to know sooner." Jun took a sip of her coffee and finally convinced herself to look at him. "Depending on the poison, it may not have gotten the chance. I've been training a lot so it could have been burned out of my system." She began to rub the side of the mug and sighed, ready to say something before the door opened again.

Chopper walked in the rest of the crew in your, though they stayed outside. "Looks like that cure worked." After Jun moved, he began checking Sanji's vitals. "You still have a fever but it's gone down significantly. Your heart rate is a bit high as well, which is worrying."

"That's my fault," Nami admitted, "I kissed him when I realized he was actually awake."

"Ah, okay." Once he finished the exam he smiled, "I'm going to keep you here for a few more days until those marks fully fade and I'm sure your fever won't return. If you want to go outside, made sure you have someone with you."
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Sanji felt lips on his and months ago he would have been ecstatic if this happened. But at that moment it just made him feel sick. When she finally pulled away he saw Jun and his heart sank from the look on her face. When she took a seat beside him he gave a small smile. "I had woken up earlier but you were asleep. I figured it would be best to let you rest." When she spoke up he nodded. "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I'm just glad it's not effecting you."
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"Why would she..." Nami paused, "How many times have you woken up?" It took another moment to process that she was, in fact, having a conversation with a conscious Sanji. "Wait, you're awake? You're actually awake!" In her excitement, she moved on impulse and kissed Sanji.

Jun had returned just seconds after Nami kissed Sanji. She felt her heart stop and it took a moment before she managed to get any words out. "You're awake." Her joy was dulled by what she witnessed but she still managed a small smile.

"Oh! Jun, isn't it great?! He woke up shortly after you left," Nami exclaimed after pulling away from the cook.

"Yeah its," Jun fell silent and stared at her coffee.

"I'll go get Chopper." Nami got up and slipped by Jun to go find the ship's doctor.

Out of habit, Jun took the empty seat by Sanji's bedside. "We still don't know what happened but," she didn't look up, "I think it was from that encounter we had with one of Jako's men."
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Sanji sighed softly. He knew Nami had the right of it. But the moments he did wake he liked seeing her. He liked knowing she was there by his side. Even if she was asleep. "I just, I feel better when I wake up if I see her next to me. It let's me know shes okay... and not suffering the same thing."
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Nami watching the door close then looked at Sanji when she heard him speak. "No, and she wont talk to anyone about it. The only time she seems to get any sleep is when she's watching over you. Which she shouldn't be doing if she hasn't been sleeping. What if something happened to you while she was asleep? What if you got worse?"


Jun went to the girls room to get a change of clothes then headed towards the bathhouse. She made sure the shower water was cold, just enough to shock her system awake. Once she was done and dressed, she headed towards the kitchen to make some coffee. [i Do I want him to get better so badly that I let him invade my dreams?]
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Sanji listened to her words and a frown came to his lips as he gently brushed his thumb over the top of her hand. "Jun..." He didn't want to wake her since she looked like she hadn't gotten rest in quite some time. Her skin was pale, her cheeks red. [i Have you cried because of me?] He pondered as he laid back slightly still holding her hand in his. A small sigh escaped his lips as he tried to fall back asleep and rest. [i Please hurry Chopper...]


Sanji had stirred from his sleep once more when he heard the door shut when he looked to his side he saw the familiar orange hair but it didn't belong to who he had hoped. "She hasn't been sleeping has she?" He asked softly.
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"How can I smile when you're dying?" Jun hadn't realized that she had actually responded to a conscious Sanji as she was mostly asleep. She hadn't planned to, but this was the only place her nightmares were silent. "Please," a tear fell down her cheek, "don't die." To her, this moment was simply, a dream.


"You should have come to get me instead," Nami said while looking at Robin.

"There's nothing wrong with having Jun watch him," Robin sighed.

"She's barely functioning with the amount of sleep she's been getting."

"She'll be fine."

"It's not her I'm worried about." Nami crossed her arms, "What if she falls asleep and something happens?"

"Are you really worried that something will happen or are you jealous that she's the one by his side and not you?"

Nami scoffed a bit at the question but didn't answer. Instead, she turned on her heal and made her way towards sick bay. Once there, she noticed that Jun was fast asleep. "Jun," she shook the other redhead awake, "Why don't you go back to our room and nap?"

"Huh? I'll be okay. I'll go take a brisk shower and get some coffee." Jun looked at Sanji and noticed that her hand was up near his face. [i Thats strange. Maybe I moved in my sleep?] She gave a sad smile before looking at Nami, "I'll be back in a bit. If anything changes let Chopper know right away."
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Chopper frowned and placed his hoof on her arm. "I'll find a cure. I just need a bit more time." He quietly left the room and smiled back at her. "I'll go do a bit of research if anything changes just shout okay?" He went to close the door but looked back once again. "I gave him the strongest antidote I could with the ingredients I have but it'll only slow the poison for now."

A few hours had passed since Chopper gave Sanji the antidote and his eyes fluttered open only to see a sad woman sitting beside him. He weakly lifted his hand and placed it over hers. "Jun... a beautiful woman like you deserves to smile." He smiled softly before weakly bringing her hand to his lips.
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Since Sanji had fallen ill, Jun has barely slept. She'd been having problems prior due to nightmares about being forced to return to Jako, but she didn't tell anyone. Instead, she offered to take over on watching Sanji so Chopper, out whoever else was watching him, could rest. That seemed to be the only time she was able to get a bit of sleep. [I He's not getting better.]

She wouldn't admit it, but she felt responsible for his illness, whatever it was. He was fine until a few days after their encounter with one of Jako's men. [I Sanji, please get better.] She sat on deck, blankly staring out at the sea when she heard Robin's voice, drawing her from her thoughts. "Huh? Uhm, okay." With a sad smile she returned to the sick bay and took her seat at Sanji's bedside.

"Chopper, did you find out what was wrong?"

"He was poisoned," Chopper replied.

Jun froze, the moment she heard the word poison, she knew it was her fault. "I see."
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Sanji's breathing grew a bit more ragged in the following days. Chopper tried different medicines for fevers and pains but nothing seemed to help. His fever wasn't going down and it only made the crew worry more.

Nami and Robin didn't complain when they were asked to make the meals because they just wanted Sanji to get better.

Chopper sighed softly after another failure with the medicine. [i I need to find the cure now... I won't let him die.] Chopper looked at Sanji and sighed softly once more. "I'm going to need a blood sample to test... These symptoms are the symptoms of a severe cold... but nothing is working... I need to figure out what is happening inside..." He muttered softly before getting a small needle. He pricked Sanji's arm before taking the sample then bandaging it.

He ran the sample through multiple tests until finally he found it. "Poison..." He opened the door to the sick bay and frowned. "Robin!"

Robin rushed down to the sick bay and looked at Chopper for orders. "Yes?"

"I need every book from the library with information on poisons."

Robin's eyes widened but she nodded. "I can slow it's effects with the ingredients I have on board... but this poison isn't one I'm familiar with... I'll need something stronger..." Chopper quickly got to work on creating the strongest antidote he could with what he had. After he finished making the antidote he carefully poured it into Sanji's mouth before sighing and hearing the door open.

"Chopper would you like me to get Jun to watch over him so you can look over the books?"

Chopper nodded. "Yes, please have an ear here so we can hear if there's any changes immediately.

Robin nodded before rushing off once again. Once she found Jun she frowned softly. "Jun, Chopper needs you to look over Sanji."
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"I was just walking around when I heard the pan drop. When I went to see what happened I saw him on the floor. Its been maybe, ten minutes since I found him like this." Jun carefully set the jacket on the back of the chair and looked at Chopper. "When I felt how much he was burning up I put a cold cloth on his forehead. At that point I was going to go get you but then Usopp showed up."

"He has come to me the last few days saying something felt off," Chopper muttered to himself.


"Nothing." He began to examine the unconscious chef. "We need to keep his temperature down though. Help me undress him."

"I," Jun paled, "You want me to what?"

Chopper shook his head, "I need you to remove his shirt and tie. I'll worry about the pants and shoes."

"O-okay." Jun bit her lip as she removed Sanji's tie followed by his shirt. She did her best not to move him too much a she didn't know where the pain was radiating from. When she was done at looked at Chopper, "Now what?"

"Well," Chopper looked at Sanji, "We need to bring his temperature down as quickly as possible so we need to put him in a cold bath." Once Jun has stepped aside, he wrapped Sanji in a blanket then picked him up. "Follow me." Without waiting for a response he made his way to the bathhouse, and once there placed the cook in the empty bath. "Run cold water, and keep his head above the water. I'll be back."

"What? But Chopper..." Jun didn't get to protest before the doctor was gone. However she did as instructed and turned in the cold water. Once it was going, she sat down and placed Sanji's had in her lap. [I I wish I knew what was going on with you. Why are you sick? Would you answer if I asked?]


"Oi! Chopper! Whats going on?" Zoro emerged from the boys room with a big yawn and stretching. "Usopp was freaking out when he came to get you."

"Sanji is sick. Jun found him collapsed in the kitchen," Chopper replied as he rushed into sick bay.

[i Sick? Eyebrows never gets sick.] Zoro rubbed the back of his neck as he followed the doctor, "And where is Jun?"

"Bathhouse." Chopper began going through his herbal stores to find the specific herbs he was looking for.

Zoro looked around the room and saw Sanji's discarded clothing, "She with Eyebrows?"

"Yes. He's in a cold bath to bring his temperature down. I have her keeping his head above the water." Once her found what he was looking for, Chopper placed the small bottle in his pocket and left the room. " Sorry Zoro, I have to get back."
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Usopp saw Sanji on the floor and frantically nodded before rushing back down to the mens room to go wake up Chopper. "Chopper! Get up! It's an emergency!" Usopp shook the reindeer awake.

"Huh? Usopp what's wrong?"

"It's Sanji he's collapsed!"

Chopper instantly woke up and got out of his bed. "Where is he?"

"The kitchen."

Chopper nodded before heading immediately to the kitchen. When he got there he saw Jun sitting with Sanji. "Jun, do you know what happened?" He asked curiously as he walked over to Sanji and saw he was trembling slightly and his face was red from the fever. "We need to get him to the sick bay immediately. Usopp ask Nami or Robin if they can cook the meals today please."

"What why me?!"

"Because Jun is going to help me with Sanji so she can't go ask them. Go." He carefully lifted Sanji up and looked at Jun. "Please follow me." He carried Sanji down to the sick bay and laid him on the bed before taking off Sanji's jacket and checking everything. "Jun, tell me what you know." Chopper asked calmly.
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Jun had been having trouble sleeping since she was attacked. Each time she fell deep enough into sleep, it was only a short while before a nightmare of being dragged off to Jako would wake her up. She'd spend her days training with Zoro off and on until he would force her to take a break. And when she couldn't sleep, she'd wander around the ship.

Such was the case this particular morning. She was walking by the kitchen when she heard a pan crashing to the floor. [i Is Luffy looking for food again?] When she opened the door, she saw Sanji, lying on the floor. "Sanji?!" Though her immediate concern was the man on the floor, she turned the stove off first.

"Hey," she knelt down, and brushed hair from his face. The moment she did, the tips of her fingers could feel the searing heat from his skin. [i He's burning up.] She could see that he was in pain based on his expression but didn't see any injuries. She knew she needed to go get Chopper but couldn't bring herself to leave him alone.

"Uhm." After a few minutes she got up and grabbed a dish cloth, then ran it under cold water. Wringing it dry, she returned and placed it on Sanji's forehead. "Its okay. You'll be okay."

"Hey Sanji whats for," Usopp walked in and froze, "breakfast? Whats going on?"

"Go get Chopper." Jun watched Usopp hesitate, "Now!"
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