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"I was just walking around when I heard the pan drop. When I went to see what happened I saw him on the floor. Its been maybe, ten minutes since I found him like this." Jun carefully set the jacket on the back of the chair and looked at Chopper. "When I felt how much he was burning up I put a cold cloth on his forehead. At that point I was going to go get you but then Usopp showed up."

"He has come to me the last few days saying something felt off," Chopper muttered to himself.


"Nothing." He began to examine the unconscious chef. "We need to keep his temperature down though. Help me undress him."

"I," Jun paled, "You want me to what?"

Chopper shook his head, "I need you to remove his shirt and tie. I'll worry about the pants and shoes."

"O-okay." Jun bit her lip as she removed Sanji's tie followed by his shirt. She did her best not to move him too much a she didn't know where the pain was radiating from. When she was done at looked at Chopper, "Now what?"

"Well," Chopper looked at Sanji, "We need to bring his temperature down as quickly as possible so we need to put him in a cold bath." Once Jun has stepped aside, he wrapped Sanji in a blanket then picked him up. "Follow me." Without waiting for a response he made his way to the bathhouse, and once there placed the cook in the empty bath. "Run cold water, and keep his head above the water. I'll be back."

"What? But Chopper..." Jun didn't get to protest before the doctor was gone. However she did as instructed and turned in the cold water. Once it was going, she sat down and placed Sanji's had in her lap. [I I wish I knew what was going on with you. Why are you sick? Would you answer if I asked?]


"Oi! Chopper! Whats going on?" Zoro emerged from the boys room with a big yawn and stretching. "Usopp was freaking out when he came to get you."

"Sanji is sick. Jun found him collapsed in the kitchen," Chopper replied as he rushed into sick bay.

[i Sick? Eyebrows never gets sick.] Zoro rubbed the back of his neck as he followed the doctor, "And where is Jun?"

"Bathhouse." Chopper began going through his herbal stores to find the specific herbs he was looking for.

Zoro looked around the room and saw Sanji's discarded clothing, "She with Eyebrows?"

"Yes. He's in a cold bath to bring his temperature down. I have her keeping his head above the water." Once her found what he was looking for, Chopper placed the small bottle in his pocket and left the room. " Sorry Zoro, I have to get back."
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Usopp saw Sanji on the floor and frantically nodded before rushing back down to the mens room to go wake up Chopper. "Chopper! Get up! It's an emergency!" Usopp shook the reindeer awake.

"Huh? Usopp what's wrong?"

"It's Sanji he's collapsed!"

Chopper instantly woke up and got out of his bed. "Where is he?"

"The kitchen."

Chopper nodded before heading immediately to the kitchen. When he got there he saw Jun sitting with Sanji. "Jun, do you know what happened?" He asked curiously as he walked over to Sanji and saw he was trembling slightly and his face was red from the fever. "We need to get him to the sick bay immediately. Usopp ask Nami or Robin if they can cook the meals today please."

"What why me?!"

"Because Jun is going to help me with Sanji so she can't go ask them. Go." He carefully lifted Sanji up and looked at Jun. "Please follow me." He carried Sanji down to the sick bay and laid him on the bed before taking off Sanji's jacket and checking everything. "Jun, tell me what you know." Chopper asked calmly.
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Jun had been having trouble sleeping since she was attacked. Each time she fell deep enough into sleep, it was only a short while before a nightmare of being dragged off to Jako would wake her up. She'd spend her days training with Zoro off and on until he would force her to take a break. And when she couldn't sleep, she'd wander around the ship.

Such was the case this particular morning. She was walking by the kitchen when she heard a pan crashing to the floor. [i Is Luffy looking for food again?] When she opened the door, she saw Sanji, lying on the floor. "Sanji?!" Though her immediate concern was the man on the floor, she turned the stove off first.

"Hey," she knelt down, and brushed hair from his face. The moment she did, the tips of her fingers could feel the searing heat from his skin. [i He's burning up.] She could see that he was in pain based on his expression but didn't see any injuries. She knew she needed to go get Chopper but couldn't bring herself to leave him alone.

"Uhm." After a few minutes she got up and grabbed a dish cloth, then ran it under cold water. Wringing it dry, she returned and placed it on Sanji's forehead. "Its okay. You'll be okay."

"Hey Sanji whats for," Usopp walked in and froze, "breakfast? Whats going on?"

"Go get Chopper." Jun watched Usopp hesitate, "Now!"
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A few days had passed since the incident and each day that had passed Sanji felt something strange within him. He checked in with Chopper daily to check on his wounds and everything seemed normal.

Sanji pushed the thought to the back of his head. "I need to make some breakfast." When he sat up he felt like his head was about to explode. He sat still for a moment then stood up before shaking his head. "Headrush..." He murmured before getting dressed and heading towards the kitchen to start making breakfast.

As he took each step his feet felt heavier and heavier as well as his arms. It felt like gravity was increasing tenfold. [i The hell is up with this feeling...] He wondered but pushed through and walked into the kitchen.

He got the ingredients that he needed before a flash of pain shot across his head and chest. "Ack..." He leaned over the counter holding his head for a moment before trying to push through the pain. But as he went to continue making breakfast another flash of pain shot through his body causing him to collapse on the kitchen floor dropping the pan. His forehead was burning like a fire as his hands gently trembled but were ice cold.
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Jun smiled, "I feel fine, thanks for asking and something to eat world be great." When she saw the bandages on his neck peeking out from his shirt collar and the one on his cheek, she frowned. "What about you?"

Nami looked between the two and smiled, "So you finally remember him?"

"Yeah. But, can we not talk about it? How it happened was," Jun sighed, "painful."

"Of course." Nami wanted to ask what happened but if Jun didn't want to take about it, she wouldn't ask.

When Jun sat down, she closed her eyes, bandaged hand rubbing her temple. [I Why can't Jako just let me go? I don't care if he's lost money since I left. If things kept going the way they were, I'd probably be on my deathbed soon. And what about Sanji? He's and banged up because of me.] When she opened her eyes again, she watched Sanji for a bit, [I It's like it doesn't even bother him.]

"So," Zoro crossed his arms, "You want to tell us what happened earlier? Eyebrows has been quiet about it but you're both in rough shape."

Jun sucked in a sharp breath, not really sure if she should answer. After a few minutes she sighed. "You've read the paper, Jako is still searching for me. I had a run in with one of his men earlier. Thorny ivy can do some damage."

"See," Usopp turned to Nami, "I told you we should have checked out what the cloud was."

"Shh" Nami whispered.

"I imagine before he acted, he let Jako know where I was. Which means they know I'm with you and he'll start sending stronger men." Jun's eyes flicked to Zoro, "We're upping training tomorrow."

"Your arm," Zoro pointed out.

"Damn my arm! Do you see what happened to Sanji? I don't want to end up in another situation where someone else has to protect me."
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Sanji had been cleaning the dishes from dinner when he heard the small voice. "Oh, you're awake. Are you hungry? I can heat up dinner for you." He smiled charmingly before turning completely to face her. "Also how are you feeling?"
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"Free." Jun repeated the word, hoping it would life the weight from her shoulders, but it didn't. [I I'll only be free when he lets me go.] She let our a sigh and rested her head on his shoulder. "Sorry if I use you as a pillow. You're warm and I'm tired." At this point she didn't even care that he still wasn't wearing a shirt, it wasn't like I mattered anyway. After a few minutes, she was sound asleep.

Later that night when Jun woke up, she was alone. She looked down at her bandaged hand arm and sighed. [I So that really did happen.] When she looked out the window, she noticed it was dark and wondered it she'd missed dinner. After getting up she made her way to the kitchen. "Oh, uh, hi."
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Sanji sighed softly when he saw the tears rolling down her cheeks. He gently ran his fingers through her hair before carefully sitting her up so she could lean against him. "Jun, I swear to you. You're free... I won't ever let you go back to that life. And neither will the others. You're one of us now."
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Chopper looked at the two and smiled as he cleaned up, then left the room. [I She's in good hands. I'll let Robin and Franky know everything is okay.]


"Pale huh?" Jun turned her head slightly to look at Sanji, a faint smile on her face. "When I was little, after I was sold, I always wished someone would save me. It never happened of course. Not in the ten years I was with Jako." She put her hand back back down to her side and closed her eyes again. "I never imagined that I'd have to run away before finding someone who cared enough to protect me."

A tear broke free and streamed down her face. "My own father turned his back when they took me away. He didn't fight for me. He just," her voice cracked, "he let them take me as if I was nothing."
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Sanji watched as Chopper fixed her up and then listened to his orders and nodded. "Regardless if you think you're alright you should still rest. You went really pale back on the top deck." When she asked for him to stay with her he nodded as he took a seat beside the bed. "Yes of course. I'll stay as long as you need me to. Until I have to go start preparing dinner." He chuckled.
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Chopper gathered a few supplies before making his way over to Jun. "There cuts aren't deep so she won't need stitches but there are quite a lot of them." He rolled Jun's sleeve to so he could get a better idea of what he was working with. The wounds spiraled up the arm but stopped just below the elbow. "She'll be fine. With returning memories comes the emotions contained in them. That mixed with the fleeting adrenaline from your encounter, it was probably too much for her."

He finished wrapping up Jun's arm and adjusted her sleeve to cover the bandage. "But until I know for sure, I want her to rest."

"I'm okay," Jun muttered.

"Doctor's orders."

Jun pouted, "Fine." She brought her unbandaged hand to her forehead and let out a deep breath. "Hey Sanji, could you stay with me for a while?"
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Sanji was about to speak when he heard the door open and saw Chopper. "One of her boss's men came after her to take her back. I stopped him from taking her but we both got a little banged up. She took care of my wounds but I don't know much about wounds or anything like that. Chopper could you take a look at her? She also got dizzy after she remembered me."
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Jun didn't object when Sanji picked her up and carried her below deck. She was still dizzy so, not have to move in her own made it a little less nauseating. "Why can't he just let me go?" She knew Sanji couldn't answer that because he'd never met Jako. She'd known Jako for ten years and even she didn't know why he wouldn't let her go. Other than him owning her of course.

Once she was down on the bed she closed her eyes, the spinning slowly stopping. "No one has ever fought for me before."


Chopper am returned to the Sunny with Robin and Franky a short while later. He was confused at first, to see some of his medical supplies on deck. Then he spotted Sanji's discarded, bloodied shirt and a few bloody rags. "I'll stop down to sick bay to see if he's there."

"We'll clean up," Robin said with a nod as the reindeer disappeared below deck. "Do you think it has anything to do with that dust cloud?"

Franky disposed of the bloody rags and shrugged, "Maybe."

"But," Robin looked at the shirt, "He wouldn't get in a fight for no reason."


When Chopper reached the sick bay, he was surprised to see Jun in the bed, not Sanji. "What happened?"
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Sanji saw the wound she had received from the encounter with the man earlier. "Jun hey, don't push yourself. Come on, let's get you to the sick bay. I don't know enough to patch you up but Chopper should be back soon." He adjusted himself and picked her up bridal style. "I promise no matter how many times they try to take you. I won't let them."
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Jun nodded a little, "Mhm, every last memory. But now I feel even worse for avoiding you." She looked up and saw the time in his cheeks which caused her open to flush. Then she caught a glimpse of the blue in his eyes, the sun hitting them just right. The memory of right after she hit her head flashed in her mind and she scrambled away. [I I said that to him?! Am I insane?! What about Nami? He likes Nami doesn't he? Why is he blushing then?]

During her panic and inner monologue, she held her head. With her memories returning the way they did, she was still dizzy. Of course, the full damage from the attach was now visible as her bell sleeve had fallen down to her elbow. "I think I'm going to be sick."
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