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Zoro noticed that Luffy had tensed up at the mention of his brother. He'd been there when Ace died, so hearing that Ace was alive must have sent a thousand thoughts through the rubber man's mind. It was only when Luffy stopped walking completely did his attention fully land on his friend. "Luffy?"

"Ace is dead," Luffy muttered. When he looked back up, the anger was apparent in his eyes, backed by sadness as well. "I'll kick anyone's ass for trying to impersonate him!"

Nami sighed, "Right, plans are changing a little. Everyone is still on track with what they need to get but Luffy, Zoro and I will go find this Ace impostor and deal with them."

"Anything you say Nami-swaaaan," Sanji swooned. However, like the other members of the crew, he was concerned about the situation. Was Ace really back from the dead? If not, who would be dumb enough to try and impersonate him? But most of all, he was worried about Luffy.

Zoro grabbed one of the men that had mentioned Ace and pulled him over to the group. "Where did you say you saw Ace?"

"J-just over there," the man pointed to the pub, "He was there not too long ago."

"Then thats where we start," Nami replied. "Zoro, let him go." As soon as the man was released, they made their way to the pub. Just before going inside, something caught her eye. A familiar green bag and black hair hidden under a hat. "Over there," she whispered to Luffy and Zoro.
  Zoro / Embrea / 108d 2h 10m 23s
The brunette's eye twitched for the seventh time since walking into this bar. She adjusted her hat and backpack then heard another whisper.

"Is that Portgas D Ace? It fits the description. But I thought Firefist Ace had died."

Alyce looked down and tried to ignore the whispers but slowly they got louder and louder and she could feel their eyes staring down at her. After a few more minutes she couldn't take it anymore. She swung her bag over her shoulder before slamming her hands down on the table while standing up before heading out of the bar and towards town. "Can't there be just one damn place that doesn't think I'm Ace?! Just one goddamn place?!"


As the crew worked on docking the ship Nami was one of the first to hop off. But the first words she heard caught her interest.

"D-Didn't you hear?! The Infamous Firefist Ace is on the island! They saw Ace at the bar not to long ago!"

"You've got to be kidding me? I thought he was executed?!"
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 109d 7h 6m 27s

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