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"Whatever you say," Zoro chuckled a little. He raised a brow at her comment on him being a little less grumpy. "That's my personality," he pointed out as he led her to one of the chairs to sit down. He wasn't going to admit that maybe she had a point about him not being as moody. "I'm fine. What about you? How do your leg feel?"
  Zoro / Embrea / 52d 18h 22m 58s
Alyce made a yeep sound when Zoro caught her since he caught her by surprise. "To be fair, I'm not walking. I'm hopping. I'm still not using my leg." She grinned before wrapping her arms around his neck to steady herself once more. She looked down at her leg and carefully lifted it before looking back up at Zoro and nodded. "If you don't mind." She released her arms from around his neck and gently leaned against him as he helped her to the Library. "You seem much less grumpy today Grumps. You feeling alright?"
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 52d 18h 31m 12s
[I She's talking to herself?] Zoro continued to watch Alyce and smiled a little at the excitement in her voice about possibly being in the log book. He watched her stumble again and this time moved to catch her. "Chopper is going to lose his mind if he sees you walking around." He waited until she was steadied before he spoke again. "Library?"
  Zoro / Embrea / 52d 18h 55m 7s
Alyce carefully leaned against the wall and hopped her way towards the library. "I wonder what other books they have since I finished reading their log book." She murmured before she stumbled slightly but caught herself before she fell. "Hmm... y'know... I wonder... if I'll be in the logbook entries now since I'm staying with them." She chuckled softly. "To be in the straw hats Logbook... that's pretty awesome."
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 52d 19h 1m 8s
Zoro had woken up late, more like he just didn't want to get up, until he found himself rolling out if bed onto the floor. He cursed a but before getting up and getting dressed. [I I wonder who helped Alyce this morning.] Normally he was already waiting by her door when she got up, but, not today. As he was leaving his room, he noticed Alyce looking around followed by her grinning.

[I What are you up to?] He decided to not make his presence known until she tried leaving the room.
  Zoro / Embrea / 53d 3h 32m 48s
A few days had passed since Alyce had fallen overboard and she was staying off her leg the best she could.

She yawned as she sat up in the bed and carefully moved her leg to the ground. Both Nami and Robin were already awake so she had to carefully maneuver herself around the room without the use of one of her legs. She got herself dressed and leaned against the wall as she hopped on one leg towards the door.

She peeked outside and saw the coast was clear and grinned. "Just a few more days then I can hopefully get this cast off and get back to how things were before..." She murmured. [i Although, Grumpy has been acting weird lately.]
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 53d 3h 48m 45s
"Yeah, good luck with that," Zoro replied as he watched Sanji take Alyce away. He looked at Robin after hearing her comment and scowled. "Well she obviously can't do anything herself." He looked at the door that led below deck and contemplated following for a moment until he noticed how Robin was looking at him. "I don't like her," he defended before grumpily making his way back to the crows nest.

[I Of course your don't,] Robin thought with a smile.
  Zoro / Embrea / 53d 3h 59m 46s
Alyce didn't have the energy to spit fire back at Zoro but she gently leaned her head against Sanji. "When my leg... is healed... I'll kick your ass... for being so grumpy... Grumps..." She gave a small smile before feeling herself getting lifted up.

"Sanji carry her down to the sick bay. I just want to check her to make sure." Chopper instructed.

Sanji nodded. "Alright."

After the two left Robin noticed the tint on Zoro's cheeks and chuckled softly. "Are you sure you're just following the buddy system? Your cheeks say otherwise." Robin teased with a chuckle.
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 53d 4h 4m 33s
"Next time? They won't be a next time. You're staying where I can see you," Zoro replied harshly. Though he was glad she was okay, he was annoyed that the situation happened at all.

"Zoro, that's a little mean, don't you think," Nami asked.


"I'm sure he's just concerned for her safety," Robin reasoned, "He's been by her side this whole time. It would make sense that he's developed a desire to protect her."

Zoro looked away, a faint time tint on his cheeks, "Have not. I'm just following Chopper's buddy system instructions until she can be on her own again."
  Zoro / Embrea / 53d 4h 15m 46s
After a few more chest compressions Alyce coughed up water and Sanji turned her head so she wouldn't swallow the water again.

"Alyce!" Luffy cheered and Chopper sighed with relief.

The color was very slowly coming back to her face. Sanji helped her sit up and she leaned against him. "W-What happened?" She coughed softly.

"Alyce dear, you gave us quite the scare. You fell off the figurehead."

Alyce looked around and smiled softly. "Thanks for not letting me die." She whispered softly. "I'll... be more careful... next time." She muttered between coughs.
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 53d 4h 31m 59s
"Shut up Eyebrows," Zoro replied as he looked at Alyce.

"Now isn't the time," Chopper scolded. "Sanji's right, she needs CPR." He looked at Sanji and have him a nod, signaling that it was okay to start chest compressions.

"What the hell was she doing in the figurehead anyway," Zoro asked.

"I was letting her sit there," Luffy relied with a shrug, "She was fine until she stood up."

Zoro was about to yell at Luffy for leaving her alone but fell silent as he looked back at her. She still want breathing, but it didn't look like Sanji was giving up. He could hear the cook muttering a count up to 30 before switching to giving her air. His eye twitched a little, but he didn't move.

"Come in Alyce," Sanji muttered before starting chest compressions again.
  Zoro / Embrea / 53d 4h 40m 32s
Alyce had lost consciousness under the water she felt the darkness surround her as she sank further down, the cast causing her to sink faster. She felt for a moment like something was bringing her back to the surface.

Sanji waited as they pulled the two back up to the ship. When he saw the familiar dark hair a smile appeared on his face until he saw how her head hung, "Alyce!"

When Chopper explained Sanji's heart skipped a beat. "I can give her cpr."
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 53d 4h 58m 25s
Zoro had been up in the crows nest lifting weights as Luffy had offered to help Alyce today. Even over the sound of his weights clinking to, he thought he'd heard a splash. He was about to disregard it until he heard a collective "Alyce" shout. Immediately his expression hardened and he set the weights down. When he looked out the window he saw Chopper and Luffy pacing around by the Sunny's figurehead, panicking. "Out, what's going on?"

"Alyce fell off the figurehead," Chopper replied before going back to panicking.

Zoro huffed before quickly leaving the crows and diving into the water after Alyce. It took a few seconds before he found her, unconscious and sinking. He mentally cursed as he swam towards her and wrapped an arm around her waist. [I Hang in there Alyce,] he thought as he returned to the surface and a rope waiting to pull them back to the ship.

"Is she alive," Usopp asked, concerned.

"Barely," Chopper replied as he checked her pulse, "She swallowed too much water. We need to get it out of her lungs to give her a chance."
  Zoro / Embrea / 53d 5h 4m 41s
"Hey I'm not happy about it either Grumps!" Alyce huffed before folding her arms over her chest and leaning back. [i Heal quicker stupid leg...]


A few weeks had passed with Alyce following the buddy system as best she could. Zoro was usually the one carrying her around not for the lack of Sanji trying, he would just always be there first. But today Luffy was the one helping her out.

"Is this okay?"

Alyce nodded. "Yeah, the view is beautiful here."

Luffy grinned. "This is my spot, but you can sit here for a bit."

Alyce chuckled. "Thanks, I'll make sure to take in the view."


Alyce turned around and saw the small reindeer. "Oh, yeah Chopper?"

"I need to check your leg again."

Alyce nodded with a slight sigh. "Luffy can you help me down?"

Luffy nodded.

Alyce went to stand up but her knee locked up causing her to lose her balance. She went to grab something but realized that Luffy had gotten off the lion's head to help her down. She felt herself falling backwards and it almost felt like she was floating. But then after a moment she finally realized what was happening. She went to scream but felt the water surround her. [i O-Oh no, what do I do. I can't kick my leg to swim, and Chopper and Luffy can't swim? Will they get someone?! Will they leave me here?]

  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 53d 5h 37m 59s
"And you're the one comparing her to a sack of flour and potatoes. You're both in the wrong," Nami scolded.

Zoro ignored them and carried Alyce to the lawn chair. Rather than dropping her, he crouched down so she could slide off, then promptly sat down against the wall, facing her. "Don't move."

"Hm," Robin lowered her book and glanced at Zoro, then at Alyce. "I take it Chopper said something about her leg?"

"Yeah. It was infected. She's not allowed to use it for a while to avoid irritation." Zoro crossed his arms over his chest, "Chopper ordered her to follow the [i buddy system] until she is fully recovered."
  Zoro / Embrea / 59d 2h 20m 18s

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