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Alyce was a bit surprised at the news as well but smiled none the less before nodding. "Thank you. I'll be sure to bring him back since I doubt he'd find the way on his own with his sense of direction." She teased with a chuckle.

When he mentioned leaving on the next island she nodded. "Sure. I'll keep training until then to get my leg back to how it used to be."

Sanji glanced at Zoro then back at Alyce. [i If they come back and he still hasn't confessed I'm going to kick his ass...] He thought to himself.
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 43d 9h 13m 24s
Luffy burst into the kitchen with a grin and say down beside Alyce. "You can have Zoro but only for a little while. I need him to become King of the Pirates!"

Usopp spit out his water at Luffy's sudden announcement of Alyce getting Zoro. He wondered if the captain knew how it came out. "Luffy that's uh," he wiped the drink from his mouth, "What are you talking about?"

"Zoro's going to help Alyce out for a while so he won't be around."

"Ah, so that's," Usopp went quiet when Zoro sat down next to him.

"Not another word," Zoro said calmly. He looked over to Alyce, "We'll leave at the next island. That gives you some time to work on your leg."
  Zoro / Embrea / 43d 9h 19m 38s
Alyce's body felt a little sore from training so late at night. When she woke up she stretched a bit before heading towards the kitchen for breakfast.

When she entered she noticed Luffy wasn't there yet. "That's... surprising..."

Sanji heard the familiar voice and turned with a smile. "Ah, Morning Alyce. I saw that the food I set aside for you was gone. So either I have to kick someones ass or I'm glad you ate."

Alyce chuckled. "Yeah I ate it. Sorry about that. I guess all that running yesterday really wore me out."


"Ah, yeah I pissed off a b--... actually ah, don't worry about it." She chuckled. "Just showing my leg a little tough love is all."
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 43d 9h 43m 18s
The following morning, Zoro waited until Luffy was awake before pulling him aside. Of course it was while he was on his way to eat, so the captain was a little less than happy. "Luffy, I need to talk to you."

"What is it? Can it wait until after breakfast? I'm starving," Luffy said as he kept looking over Zoro's shoulder towards the kitchen.

"It could but," Zoro grabbed the back off Luffy's shirt as soon as he started to bolt, "Now would be better."

"Huh? Okay?"

"I want to help Alyce collect bounties to help pay for her grandmother's medicine. She can only collect so much on her own."

"So you want to leave?"

"Just for a little bit." Zoro finally let Luffy go, and looked at his captain, waiting for an answer.

"Hm," Luffy's face scrunched up as he eyed his friend then nodded, "Okay. Just come back alive and soon." He grinned and patted the swordsman on the shoulder before making his way into the kitchen.

[i Well that was,] Zoro looked towards the kitchen, [i easy. Now I just need to tell Alyce.]
  Zoro / Embrea / 43d 10h 13m 37s
"I don't know but I heard someone talking so I came to see if you'd finally went crazy and were talking to yourself. But then I saw you and Alyce so I waited to see if you'd actually get the nerve to tell her." He sighed softly. "You're right, helping her is good. But yelling at her and calling her dense... That's pretty assholish if you ask me. Not really a way to treat a woman that you have feelings for." He gave a slight wave before turning to head back down to the men's quarters. "Try to not be a brute when you eventually tell her. Thousands of years from now."
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 43d 11h 1m 22s
"Okay so I panicked," Zoro admitted. He really didn't want to admit that Sanji was right too but, well, he would never say it out loud at least. "What do you mean being an ass? I told her I'd help her. How does that make me an ass?!" He finally turned around to look at Sanji and noticed his oddly disheveled appearance. "What are you doing up anyway Eyebrows?"
  Zoro / Embrea / 43d 11h 16m 54s
"O-Oh right... I guess I heard you wrong..." Alyce murmured softly before thinking. [i Why do I feel so down about this...] She shook her head then nodded. "Sure, I'll go get some practice in..." She stood up and headed for the crows nest before turning around and giving a small smile. "Thanks."

Sanji had woken up and when he headed to the top deck he caught the tail end of what Zoro had said. He watched the rest of the exchange between the two before Alyce walked away. He sighed. "You suck at this. If someone as dense as you can tell you have feelings for her you need to be able to make her see that too. Being an ass isn't going to help."
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 43d 11h 23m 17s
"Huh? I said you're my friend so just accept the help." Zoro let our an internal sigh of relief when she asked what he said. [I Do she didn't catch it?] In hopes to change the topic he gestured to the crows nest. "You can use the weights if you want to strengthen your leg back up. I'll be down here if you want to talk."
  Zoro / Embrea / 43d 11h 32m 54s
When Zoro started yelling back at her she was about to give it right back to him until she heard him say the words 'I like you'. Her eyes widened as she looked up at him. "W-What did you say?" She wanted to make sure she heard him correctly before she embarrassed herself any further from misunderstanding.
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 43d 11h 40m 32s
"You really think I'm offering to help you out if pity?! You're a friend. You need help. I'm offering to help you because I like you. So just accept it and stop complaining!" The words hadn't even registered with Zoro when they first came out. It actually took several minutes before what he said sunk in. [I Maybe she won't catch it?]
  Zoro / Embrea / 43d 11h 48m 42s
Alyce puffed out her cheeks. "Dense?! How am I dense?! Why do you have to be so rude about everything!" When he said he would talk to Luffy she sighed and felt guilt run through her body. [i Would Luffy really be okay with this...] She sighed softly.
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 43d 11h 53m 35s
"You think I'm doing this out of pity?" Zoro clicked his tongue, "You really are dense." He listened to her concern about the crew, and, though it was valid, he knew they could handle themselves. That's what they trained two years for, to get stronger. "They can handle themselves. Now so making excuses. I'll talk to Luffy about it in the morning."
  Zoro / Embrea / 43d 11h 55m 43s
Alyce frowned. "Look Grumps, you don't need to feel obligated to help me anymore... If you're doing this out of pity I don't want it." [i What am I saying? Why am I saying it like this... What is wrong with my emotions...] "Besides, what if something happens if you were gone, and someone gets hurt but you could have been there to help... You all have been so kind I can't take advantage of your kindness by splitting up the crew."
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 43d 12h 9m 20s
"It's not up to you if i go or not." Zoro brushed off her refusal of his offer and crossed his arms. "You'll be able to take on higher bounties if I help you. Which means more money to help your grandmother." He stood up after that and walked away, doing another patrol around the ship. When he returned, he just stared down at her. [I Take the help stubborn woman.]
  Zoro / Embrea / 43d 12h 31m 49s
Alyce's eyes widened at the offer as she looked up at him. "I-I can't do that... You're an important part of this crew. Zoro I can't let you do that. I'm sorry. I have a lot on my chest... I shouldn't have blurted that out." She frowned and looked down. [i With him by my side... I could easily get the money for her medicine especially with his strength...] She quickly shook her head of the idea. [i I can't use someone like that. That's not right...]
  Alyce N. Porter (Nan) / PotatoPirate / 43d 12h 48m 10s

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