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“Shortly before the war broke out the army and navy released a special time of new weapon. Each had it own tpye to help deal with the ever growing threat.” He explained walking into the vault. It was a long hallway with door on ether side of them. Each would lead to a cargo area with different type of equipment and tool.
“I was a kid when they came out the world first Android. Each based off a tank or warship from the 1940. Don’t aske me why they picked that I have no idea. Anyway they look like normal human but can care firepower equally to the tank or warship they are basic on.” He got mor and more excited as he talked about its “all female and all Beautiful women.”
Comeing to the last door he open it to a room width just two dark pods that looked like there were ripped out of a sifi movie. A terminal next to each.
“Don’t worry no one really know about them anymore. Most are dead or have given up looking for them as most were being hiddenly stored befornthe war turned this place to hell. I went through a lot of work to find even just these ones. You see I run a small village out in the cannibal valley just on the edge away from all the crazy people in the major city. We are a mix race group about 20 strong and growing. I want them to help me guard the place and it people. Plus hot baby’s are never bad to have around.
  Miller / Mended / 2d 1h 36m 55s
The man turned his head, closing a dusty crate as he did. He had found an old little used pair of gloves and traded them with his current well used ones. He wasn't real big on money, but having a little bit in case he had to bribe somene was never bad. "What are you after?" He asked, wary. He didn't fancy being thown n jail if they went to one of the big cities. In all truth, though, he could really use the rad away. He traveled through some dangerous places just to avoid a lot of the more used roads. He found more items he could salvage, as nobody had traveled there in a long time. As well as less chances of being surprised by anyone. The machinery needed to safely travel was typically heavy and left deep footprints, though the newer models were easier to handle, but they moved more according to brainwaves more than most people strength level. This guy looked like he had an older model. Was he hired to find something for someone?
Getting back to work Miller found out that the two little drones had finished. “Good work you two now shut down.” Both robots made a sound as both crawled back onto his armor and attracted themselves into their homes. After that he kept work on the computer and pressed a few more keys until finally he said. “Figures cross this works.” Hitting enter he waited for a few second then the sound of gear spinning and unlocking could be heard. “FUCK YEA.” he cheered.

Suddenly he looked at the cat that had just jumped on the key board. “What the?” He been so busy that he forgot about the cat and the man with it. “Hmm well If you are willing you work, I would be willing to split the loot with you 85 15. THat a better offer then you get with larger scaled teams. Ill even throw in some Rad away to help with that the rad you soaked up.” He offered petting the cat a few times. “I can carry everting back by myself and you can't the packages I'm here to find.”
  Miller / Mended / 4d 8h 17m 59s
"Right..." because he was not nessisarily comfortable with being around a stranger with a gun, either. He just took comfort that he didn't have a bullet between his eyes yet. That, and the man gave him something to help him breathe. He placed the mask on, instantly feeling the burning in his lungs lighten. He remained there for a moment, though he lowered his hands. Once his eyes adjusted, he began to poke about the room. He eyed his gun attached to the suit. There was no way he would be able to detach it. While he tried to peer at what the guy was working on inconspiuously, the cat seemed to jave taken an interest in the suited man.

Jinx slowly walked up to the stranger, tail in the air. He leaped up onto an old shelf about the mans eye level and peered down at the object the man was handling. Deciding he liked the man, he jumped down onto the object, and sat on it. His orange eyes looked up at the suited man and stared at him expectantly. A low purr rumbling in his throat as the tail twitched back and forth lazily.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 3d 16h 2m 42s
The young man landed on his back with a dull thud. Ow. He groaned, both from landing and the fact he was sure his shoulder was bleeding- his clothes were not that thick and Jinx had long and sharp claws. He began to get up, eyes searching for the gun that had clattered a small distance away upon his landing. Just as he saw it, a bright light filled his vision. He blinked and looked for the source, but the darkness was too thick for him to make out the figure. The mechanical voice that followed made him swallow hard. Was the military out this far? His map had told him this land was dead- but that didn't mean nothing valuable was out here.

Damn, and all he wanted was to find some free drinkable water. He rose his hands, glancing up. The hole he came down was darkened as the dust storm blew above. Occasionally dirt would be busted down the open hole in the ground, but nothing terrible. As a scavenger, he wouldn't last long if the military got a hold on him. They were not kind to thieves, and the gun he carried held the governments logo on the barrel. That would give him away in a heartbeat, best not to draw attention to it. "Don't shoot- there's a storm above. It was open so I thought it was abandoned..." he slowly stood. He expected this guy was armed, he would be stupid to be this far out otherwise. His makeshift mask had fallen away to reveal a dirty pale face with brown eyes. He was of average height no more than 5'6" tall. He was lean, but well muscled due to his life outside the current ruling government. He was too proud to live in the slums that made the majority of the population and instead roamed and scavenged for what he needed to survive. He looked to be in his mid to late 20, so he would have been very young when the nukes hit.

While he seemed genuinely worried about staying alive- though being shot would certainly be less painful than suffocating in that storm, a large feline calmly licked his paw at the young man's feet. It appeared to not have a care in the world. Orange eyes closed as the paw ran over to remove dust on his head. The fanboy was mostly white and grey, though his nose and mouth looked like it had been dipped in orange. It twisted its head to clean its shoulder, showing the crunched looking jaw it sported. It didn't look like it was a scar, and the cat seemed to not be bothered by the deformity as it cleaned itself.
Miller slower and carefully searched the area with his helmet light and pistol to make sure no surprises could happen. Power had gone out in the bunker ages ago so he couldn’t turn on any of the light even if he wanted to. It took him the better part of an hour just to clear the first few rooms witched like no more than a few office rooms and what seemed to me the main door into the bunker.

“Seems we run into a bit of a problem.” He said looking at the massive door the prevented him from going any farther. Without power the door couldn’t be unlocked and it looked too thick to use explosives. Luckily he had planned around this. Dropping his heavy bag, he started pulling out tool and what looked like an old car batter. “Rim, Ram start working on the coding we are going to need to get past any security wall I run into.” Suddenly two small spider looking robot detached themselves form his power suit and moved to a data pad.

Each was about the size of a fist with eight arms and a data link under them the hack any kind system. They were his own invitation after he learn long ago, he needs more hand to help bypass most door or computer. As Rim and Ram got work so did, he using the batter her hooked into the computer next to the door that was most likely to have open and closed the door. All in all it took another two hour before he was able to get everting he needed set up. Luckily was able to find a manifest of everything that was stored in the bunk.

As he read throw it he let out a loud woop. “Yes, finally after all this time I got you.” He cheered. As he kept going, his smile got bigger. Not one but two had been placed in the bunker. “Hot dam the lady has gifted me today. Just a he was about to open the door a crashing noise cause him to draw his pistol and aim it at the hallway he had come from. “What was that? No one should be out this far. Did the Empire find me? No they to busy to hunt me down United city no to far out. That just leave bandits. Quietly and quickly he moved to the door. Looking down the hall way he noticed some on the floor acting quick he yelled.

“Don't move if you value your life.” He called out. The specker in his helmet made him sound deeper and staticky. He kept himself in the shadow so the man couldn’t see him. “Stand up really slowly and leave your gun on the ground. He kept his gun trained on the man head. He found it odd that someone would be this deep without a suit. “Why are you here how did you find this place. I don’t want trouble but try anything funny and we will have some.”
  Miller / Mended / 7d 4h 10m 15s
Footsteps shuffled along the dusty ground, little puffs of dry dirt being kicked up with each step. The figure, covered in layers of fabrics from head to toe, walked along the dead land. His skin tingled, and he knew the radiation was too high for him or his companion to be in safely. They would be fine, though. They had traveled through worse lands. He adjusted the backpack a bit, then pulled out the map he had just recently found. He was trying to find water, and on the other side of this bit of dead land was the nearest labled river. Hopefully it wasn't dried up. He reached up with his spare hand to tighten the makeshift mask over his face. The wind had picked up, blowing the dry dirt up into his face. He grunted in slight annoyance. Some rain would be nice. The wind picked up more, and he felt a weight shift on his back. The large disable tom he kept around riding on top of the backpack. The ground was far too hot for the felines delicate paws. A disgruntled hiss escaped, causing the young man to peer over his shoulder. "Whats up, Jinx?" The second the question escaped, he saw what was up. Behind them, a dust storm was approching.

Without a seconds thought he reached up and grabbed the large cat be the scruff with one hand. The other occupied by the assult rifle he had recently stole. "Shit!" He took off, running at full speed. A part of him knew he would not be able to outrun the storm. But he wasn't just going to stand there and let it happen. He and Jink would die for certain. He panted heavily, debating on sheding the gun and backpack to speed the process up. Before he could make a decision, he noticed a spot in the ground was open up ahead. This was lucky, and he bee lined it. He didn't care what sort of dangers might be there, the storm was definatly deadly. He leaped in, not considering how deep this shelter might be in his desperation to escape the storm. Long claws dug into his shoulder as Jinx clung to the man desprate to hang on as they fell.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 7d 13h 8m 12s
Heavy breathing and footsteps were all Miller could hear as he walked thrown the walked throw the dust land. A quick look at he data pad told him he was still on course to his target. Swiping the page, he checked the radiation levels higher then he would like but still well below what his battle suit could take. “Shouldn’t be too much longer.” He said as he kept going. Miller was a man in his early 40 but one looked like he was at last in mid 30.

He was wearing a battle suit that made him look a few inches taller than his normal 6.2 feet. It made him look a character out of a video game. This suit was a few Generations outdated and had been replaced as the suit didn’t offer much speed as it too heavy to move fast in. However, it didn’t every Miller need so he didn’t care much. It stopped bullet and kept the Radiation out from killing him so to him that was what matter. Plus, most battle suit were rare since the nukes dropped and kill most the plant populations.

This had caused a whole lot more issue and left many people and species struggling to survive in a destroy world. He had been 17 at the time of the bombs going on and had been lucky to find Shelter. He spent many years learn how to survive in the hellish and unforgiving world before setting off on his own.

A sudden beeping form his data pad pulled him from his memories. “Seem I have arrived.” He said looking down at his feet. Kneeling down he pulled a spade form his pack and began to dig. It took him almost an hour before he found what he was looking for. Then another hour to uncover it enough to expose the door to the underground shelter “Jack pot.” Grabbing the two of the doors handle he heaved it open. Luckily the hinges hand rushed to much and the door easily opened.

Once inside he found pure darkness turning his helmet light on he looked around It seemed like the area had been left untouched for year. “I hope I can finally find it.” He said smiling. Pulling out his pistol he started moving forward.
  Chris / Mended / 8d 3h 18m 58s

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