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"I have a question... umm, when these ladies were made they were made for the government right? Is there a way for you two to tap into any old records?" He said, listening to the conversation. He didn't have much else to do, anyway. He stepped forward, picking up the slightly poofed up tom. The felines eyes still staring unblinking at the two females. He could be wrong, for all he knew. It was just a thought.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 17d 4m 25s
Both girls looked confused and considered. “Then why have you awaken us?” Kaga asked her face hold up better then the Hibiki.
Miller again spoke up. “I been on the hunt for any of the shipgirls I could find to help me rebuild and keep as many survivors alive as I can.” He said. “I run a small outpost about three day from here. We are small only about 30 but we live pretty well. I want to find as many of you as I could to help keep my people safe.” Both girls took a second to look at him. “It said that you our new commander so I will do as you say.” Kaga saiid with only Hibiki again only nodding. “Great glad to have you.”
“I only have one request.” Kaga said as he was about to lead the way back out. “And That is l?” He asked. “I wish to find my sister Akashi.”
Miller rubbed his chine or were his chin would be if he was not wearing a helmet. “I can’t make any promises as I been searching for 10 years for just one of you but if I find any hit I promise to Search.”
  Miller / Mended / 17d 21h 12m 25s
Zack looked at the two robots, intrigued. His mask doing well to hide the awed expression. He noted that the suited man spoke to them like people, rather than artificial entities. When he was addressed for confirmation, he nodded. "I was only a kid when it hit, but yeah. This area is a wasteland." He didn't remember a whole lot from before, but he had only been about 5 years old. "I actually wouldn't be here if clean water weren't so damned hard to find."

Jinx finally followed the two humans back into the room with the robotic females. The large tom blinking at them, unable to figure them out. The moved like his person, but they didn't smell organic.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 21d 1h 8m 34s
Pressing a few buttons on this key pad he smiled. "That storms about over and i got transport on the way here now most likely in the next hour." He then looked as the storage area holding the girls clicked and hissed with air. Slowly each door opened to the chamber. Slowly each one eyes opened and looked around. "Careful now you both been asleep for a long time." Miller said to the two of them as each careful climbed out of there bed. The shorter of the two almost fell over and would have in Miller didn't catch her. "Thank you." She said looking up to see the suit then at the other person who was wearing a gas mask. "Um what with the suit?" She asked. "Hibiki, Kaga." Miller said "You have been alsleep for 20 years the world you knew is gone. The war when nuclear before you could be called in to action." Both looked at each other then back at Miller. Then at the other man. Kaga the taller of the to with a dry voice asked "Is this true?"
  Miller / Mended / 25d 13h 32s
Zack nodded, having nothing else to do. He poked around the room. The mystery man still had his gun, and he intended to stick around til he got it back. He didn't find much else, since it seemed to have been more of an underground lab than an abandoned shelter. He piled up the papers by the body of the thing. Were there other labs like this? Probably. He hoped any other experiments were taken care of, rather than left to suffer. Hopefully the documents would he enough to burn the corpse to ashes. Done with his task, and bored after finding nothing useful, he retreated back to where his new acquaintance was working. He peered at the screen, seeing the bar had filled up quite a bit during his slow search. Hey were in no rush, after all. He could still hear the wind howling, but long hole he jumped down seemed to be going between light and dark. The storm had to be almost done passing over them.
Pulling out his handgun again he aimed it at the poor things head. "I'm make it quick then." Taking aim he walked up the creature and took a quick aim before fired two shot into the things head. Both rounds sunk deep into the creature head and within in the blink of a eye it was dead. "Rest in peace." He said tureing around and heading back up stairs. He would she the bunker to blow after her left coving up and hit that his place was ever there. He hated the idea of something like that had ever happened.
Climbing back up the ladder he noticed that the start up was almost done. "Finish what you need down there. We need to start moving every thing out soon so once the sandstorm over I can move out back home." He said once the was at the top. With four pairs of hands it would be a lot quicker then just him to do it but it was still going to be an all day thing. He had most of a warehouse to pack up and move back to his village. The supply would be well worth it gun food and meds were always welcome.
  Miller / Mended / 52d 22h 26m 8s
Zack looked over the papers again. "we should probably kill him. Who knows if his mind is on straight. If we let him out he could attack us." He thought out loud. "They ran out of funds once, but if this got into the wrong hands people will start going missing." he said. Humanitys moral compass had diminished as they tried to survive in the dieing planet. He would not be surprised if the companies that controlled the government would experiment on every citizen if it would enable them to continue on. "we should probably burn it all too, so others don't find it." he said. Jinx padded into the room, staring at the caged creature with large curious eyes. Though the long tail fluffed up and the fur along his spine rose.
Miller just nodded as he walked over to the paper work and started looking over it himself. It was true they had tried to make a cheaper version of the ship and tank girl. "Poor bastered." He finally said. "I can understand why they wanted this but why not start on something smaller." He knew with genetic modifying that some good things could be done but this was to far. "So what do we do with him kill him or are you going to take him with you. I have people as I said that maybe able to fix him."
He felt like he should put the poor thing down. He not eaten or seen the world since it went to hell. He felt it would be better to put it down and save it from any messier that could come form going to the surface.
  Miller / mended / 53d 23h 9m 41s
Zack looked back down at the papers. "It looks like those Androids were costing too much money to make." He took a moment to read the documents more thoroughly. "they were trying to create soldiers that could survive in any terrain," he looked back up at the visor of the guys helmet. "it looks like they quit partway through, though." he showed the red stamp on the top of the file. He found an image of a man on the file, "test subject number 63, Dan Wilde." he turned the light toward the creature again, the man looked nothing like the image. Spines went down his back, and the lower jaw kitted out in an alarming underbite. the man in the picture looked thin and malnourished, which was a trait the creature still had. You could count the ribs on him. He jumped slightly went the eyes rolled, and suddenly mismatched eyes stared at them. One green, the other was brown. It was then he realized that the thing had no eyelids, which made him shiver a bit. "I don't understand a lot of the scientific mumbo jumbo, but it looks like they were trying to create something that could take and deal a lot of damage and require little maintenance. That must include not needing any food or water. .." the creature was clearly weak, but there was a low burning anger on its face. "says here he will hibernation if left in the dark for too long." he pulled out a diagram, showing it to the suited man. "looks like they cut him open and everything. The diagram had detailed descriptions of any altered organs, with a side note on the edge. The scientists who did the experiment had been hoping they could use him to breed with humans to have a constant supply... But they hadn't gotten that far."
Drawing his pistol Miller coved Zack as he moved. He may not trust him but he wasn’t going to let the man die if something attacked them. “I got you cover move in slowly who know what in there.” As he followed, he looked at the door he made sure to stay in a spot so he could shoot without hitting him instead.
As they entered the room he took a good look around to make sure nothing would attack them until final his eye landed on the creature. “What in the world.” He said in stunned shocked. He seen many thing in his time but none that looked like this. “What happen to this thing and how is it alive. This place has been barred for over 30 years.” It looked like someone who wanted to be genetically modified but something had gone horrible wrong. Miller walked around the room searching for anything else.
“What do you think we should do with it. I could kill it or we can keep it in the cage. I have a few people that could look into it maybe they can help it.” He said to Zack.. “But I don’t know this is far about my head. What do those paper say about it.”
  Miller / Mended / 57d 16h 47m 7s
Zack nodded, moving toward the door. It was already cracked open, luckily. It had a key pad, covered in dust. It looked ancient, the number pads were actual buttons. Nowadays there were DNA scanners. He pushed the door open and move the beam of light around. It looked liked this was then end of the line, as there were no other other doors. He could hear heavy breathing, and his light fell on a creature in a cage. It was bound up to the point it couldn't move and scarily thin. Pure white eyes stated at him.

"I think this was some illegal lab." He called, moving the light to see the full body. It sort of looked like a Man, but terribly mutated. He moved the light around, seeing a desk with paper scattered. He was tempted to kill the poor thing, until he remembered Mr. Suit had his gun. He rummaged around the desk, looking for any notes. From what he found, they had been trying to create an Organic weapon, a cheaper version of the Androids. One of the files had a faded red stamp that read FAILED.
With a light ding noise Miller finished his work in reprogramming the girls missions fields. "All done. Now to start the start up process. Slowly a bar stated to fill. It was slow and he wasn't surprised as they been asleep. Just then he heard the voice from below. "What do you mean?" He asked. "I only know that this is a storage bunker."
He climbed down the latter shortly after. Looking around the room he looked confused. "What in the world?" He asked what up to the console. "I have no idea. I been in a lot of old bunker but none like this. Lets keep looking around we got ten before my girls are ready so we search for nine minutes or so.
  Mended / 58d 21h 24m 16s
Zack nodded, "thanks," he muttered. He had no intention of shooting the man in the back. He wasn't even sure if a bullet would make it thru the man's suit. He took off the large, worn backpack he wore and rummaged thru it. Finding a light, he clicked it on. It was a rather old fashioned one, but it still worked. He shine the light down the dark hole, seeing the ladder was worse for wear. He stuck the light in one of the packs side pockets. He slowly and carefully climbed down. Once down, he reached behind to slip the light from the pocket to look around. It appeared to be a control room, with a door to the left. "hey, Guy!" he never got a name, "I don't think this is a normal shelter!" he looked around at the dark computer screens. Not wanting to set anything off he rummaged thru a filing cabinet next to the desk. There was some information about the Androids above. It looked like they were used as sentrys before they were shut off. He looked around some more, keeping a hold of the files. He didn't know if the man already knew the information, but if they were acting as guards that ment there might be something very valuable down here.
"Yes by default yes. They would mostly have it set up before the launch thought but since the war came first most of them were never set up. Back then the world was still making sure that the AI didn't go nuts. Form what I found out they did by making them more human by uploading memory into them growing up side by side with there makers." He stop typing and turned to the boy.
"Each has it own personality but been made to grow and learn on it own. To have it own wishes want and family. Don't ask how the did that I don't know. They didn't want AI that went nuts so they made them a human as they could." Miller only shrugged.
"You're probley right I'm not the only one that know about them and I heard rommer of a few being found and being used by groups in the bigger empire." It took him a few second to understand who them were. "Don't worry it was the Army and the Navy that made them not them." He looked over at the lock. "Hmm it doesn't say anything about it on the list or that it should be there. Here let me open it." Walked over Miller smashed the lock under his heavy boot shattering the lock. "Feel free to take a look around I still need to finish reprograming. Don't pick up any weapons I'm trusting you not to shot me in the back." With that he went back to work
  Miller / Mended / 60d 22h 12m 17s
Zack looked over as the man spoke. He couldn't see anything thru the dirt and dust voating the pod. They had really sat here for a long time. "Wouldn't there be some default for the government to be able to shut them down or something? You can't be the only guy that knows about them. Their before my time, but I don't trust anything that THEY made." He said, there was often cameras or something to spy on people with. If it was only rumor or true, he was not entirely certain. He may be reckless enough to risk traveling thru dead land, but he could be just as paranoid. He looked around the room, his eyes having finally adjusted to the dark. "Hey, theres a trap door. Your intel tell you what might be down there." He questioned, walking over to it and studying the rusted lock. He just might be able to break it, but he was sure the suited man could do that with much more ease.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 61d 20h 28s

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