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Kane chuckled, "You are crazy but I love you... I know we didn't plan any of this but I've known since the moment I met you that I wanted to be with you and now my career is just starting, we're together... engaged, Having a baby, its so surreal but also like life threw everything at us at once and I'm praying we can handle it all." He pulled her hand to his lips and kissed the back of it.

It was a week later when they were finally moving into their new house. Movers quickly moved and unloaded their things and they needed to go and buy some furniture but Kane had been in and out of the studio all week and had barely had any sleep or even been home. He walked in as the movers walked out and plopped down on his old couch that they had moved from the apartment. He was exhausted and it showed.

They still hadn't figured out a way to tell his mother and her parents that they would be having a baby in a few short months... or that they were getting married. Kane had made time to order her ring.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 138d 12h 42m 49s
Alexandria couldn't believe that she had just told Kane that she was pregnant. She just blurted it out, she had so many things saved on Pinterest, cute ways to tell the soon to be daddy. But it seemed like the right time, he had just asked her to marry him for crying out loud. [b "Size six."] she said softly.

She grinned when he pulled her to his arms. [b "I love you so much."] she nodded when he questioned if she was really having his baby. [b "I'm pregnant babe. I'm really having our baby."]

She squealed when he spun her around, but soon she was back on her on two feet. [b "You're happy with this though?"] she asked softly. She couldn't even think straight when he started talking about the band, and their parents finding out... It's kind of surreal. It's all happening sooo fast."] she said. [b "The tour, I start school soon, we're moving... and now we added a baby to the mix."]

[b "I'm actually really excited, I mean. We're having a baby, and it's something that we've always talked about, but now I have another reason to decorate."]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 152d 15h 29m 6s
Kane smiled when he heard her say that she wanted him to pick out her engagement ring. "At least tell me your size darlin'." He said with a smirk and then she began to talk, she seemed upset and flustered. Then he heard it and he felt like his heart dropped into his stomach... there was talk about a tour and he was working on his album and they were moving... and having a baby?

He kissed her without a word and smiled into the kiss, he loved her and she was carrying his child. "Best birthday present ever." He said smirking. "Your... really having our baby?" he asked hoping that she was being serious. He couldn't wait. He picked her up gently spinning her around before dropping to his knees and kissing her flat stomach over and over.

"Wait until the band finds out, and my mom.. oh God your mom is going to go insane... their first grand kid... " He said shaking his head, he was more excited than he even thought he would be when this time came. "I'll admit at the house I was thinking which one would be the kids' rooms. "
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Alexandria nodded. [b "With me still working at the bar and going to school, there might be days where I'm to tired to drive out to the big house."] she said [b "I definitly think we should keep the apartment..."] She just grinned when Kane mentioned getting another dog. [b "We could look into it.. But didn't Martha say something about a tour? I won't be able to travel with you all the time, but what would we do with them when I could?"]

She looke up when Kane mentioned them getting married. [b "Kane..."] she said softly. She just grinned when he rubbed on her finger. [b "I love you so much."] she said. [b "I want to marry you... But I want you to pick out my ring."]

She sighed softly when all the thoughts poured into her mind. She didn't want to do it like this. [b "So the other night when you were performing at Wild Horse... I got really light headed and I threw up."] she muttered. [b "I had been feeling really shitty the last few days, and Rae asked me if I was pregnant... I was like there is no fucking way... But..."] she said.

[b "Kane, I'm pregnant.."]
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"Yeah, its only 20 minutes out, and its our own house, we are never going to move but if either one of us has late nights we can come here and crash, use it as storage for the instruments. Its going to take us a couple days to move... maybe we can even get Rambo a brother... another dog to protect you in that big fancy house." he said smirking. "If only the bullies from high school could see us now... how many people made fun of us because I was black and you deserved better... Alex... I... I wanted to talk to you about getting married... we were engaged once before.. and I want to do it right this time... would you want to marry me?" He asked nervously. Kane was never nervous unless it came ot Alexandria and then he was a blubbering mess on wheels.

He toyed with her ring finger and said, "I don't know your ring size and I want you to wear something your proud of and actually like... so if you want to marry me... we can shop for an engagement ring for you and you can pick out what you like."
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Alexandria just laughed as Kane told the owner that she got whatever she wanted. [b "I'm not spoiled or anything, I promise."] she said with a smirk. She listened as Kane and the owner talked numbers with the Jeep, this was Kane's department, so she just stayed toward the back.

There was SOO MUCH paperwork. [b "I never want to buy a car again. I have a headache."] she muttered. She looked at Kane as she hopped up in the driverseat and grinned. [b "Baby, I'm a big girl. I can handle this, I promise.."]

She parked the Jeep beside his truck one she was back at the apartment complex. She noticed he was on the phone and was curious when she got out of the jeep. [b "Who was that?"] she asked. Her eyes grew huge when Kane said it was the realtor. [b 'They accepted our offer?!!"] she squaled. [b "Are you serious!? OH MY GOSH."] she said. She giggled when she felt Kane pull her closer to him. [b "I can't beleive we're moving.. Do you think we should keep the apartement for when we want to stay in the city?"]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 168d 10h 31m 59s
Kane smiled and looked to the owner of the car lot and said, "Hey mickey... what kind of deal can you make me on the jeep, my girlfriend wants it, she gets it." He nodded, Two hours a a lot of paperwork later, Alexandria had her very own Jeep. "Don't drive too fast darlin' and make sure you buckle your seat belt, I'll meet you at home." Kane drove slow so she could follow him, she wasn't used to driving around Nashville just yet.

At their apartment he got out of the truck and his phone rang, it was the realtor.... their offer had been accepted. "Monday?" He asked and then nodded, "Thank you ma'am." He looked to Alexandria getting out of the jeep and smiled, "So... that was the realtor... we pick up the keys to the house monday and sign the final paperwork, the owners accepted our offer...we're moving baby." He kissed her hard, his hands finding her waist and pulling her against him. "I love you and I can't believe I turn 22 tomorrow... and that I get to call you my girlfriend and live with you and have the best job."
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Alexandria grinned as Kane said he had indeed told the realtor to put in an offer. [b "I want it so damn bad."] she said. [b "This would be the PERFECT house for us right now Kane. I mean, we could grow with this house. Not to mention the outdoor space. Think of all the parties and things we could have. Rambo will LOVE the backyard!!"]

After lunched, she nodded when he said he was taking her to the dealership where he bought his own truck. [b "I would LOVE a truck, buttt I'm pretty sure I can just borrow yours.... What about a Jeep? Smaller than a truck, but still four wheel drive when it snows and stuff like that."] she said. [b "And it will have more room in the backseat than a car. Incase ya wanted to fool around and what not."] she said with a wink. [b "I'm so content with life right now babe."]

She practically jumped out of the truck when they were at the dealership. [b "That one."] she said pointing to a blacked out Jeep. [b "Kane that's the jeep I want. Pleaseeee."] she said.
[ jeep]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 168d 10h 49m 48s
Kane nodded, "I asked her to put in the offer, I offered their asking price, I don't want to lose this house." He said holding her hand as they walked towards his big white truck. "Where do you want to eat?" he asked before she asked if she could drive the truck. He nodded handing her the keys. He helped her into the driver's seat before getting into the passenger's side himself. "I'll eat whatever your in the mood for as long as its not sushi." Kane couldn't stand sushi, he really wasn't a seafood fan either.

After lunch, some fans asked for pictures with him as they were leaving and Kane ended up driving again. "I'm taking you to where I bought my truck, they treated me well and worked with me and now that we can afford a new car for you, I know they will do well by us." he said driving. It was right in the middle of town and there were new cars lined up down the block. "Anything you want darlin'." He said kissing her as he helped her out of the truck. "Even if you want a truck." He knew she loved his truck.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 168d 12h 8m 10s
Alexandria was smitten when they pulled through the gate of the house. [b "Kane."] she mumbled. [b "This is going to be our home..."] She grinned as she looked around before she hopped down out of the truck. [b "It doesn't need to really be fixed up, but there is so much that we could do that would really make it our own. This is perfect for us right now, Kane."] she said. [b "Just look at everything. I love it so much. It said online that it had five bedroom and five bedrooms. I could turn one of the bedrooms into a study/office so I could have a set place to do my homework and projects for school."]

They were at the house looking around at everything for about an hour and a half. When they were finished, she was absolutely starving. [b "Can we go eat before we go car shopping?"] she asked as they walked out the front door of the house. [b "Did you tell her to put the offer in orrr?"]

She walked over to the driver side of the truck and grinned at him. [b "Can I drive?"] she asked as she held her hand out for the truck keys. [b "Please?"]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 168d 12h 15m 1s
Kane smiled, starting the truck and kissed her, "It looks good on you and it was a little chilly this morning, lets look at the house and then get some lunch and then we can go look at cars for you and hopefully get you one. I don't want you to argue, money isn't an issue." Kane himself never thought he would say those words but here he was telling the love of his life that money wasn't an issue and they were trying to buy a house and a car on the same day. It was surreal, two kids from Georgia, finally making it in Tennessee.

It was about 20 minutes in traffic before he pulled up to the gate and the realtor buzzed him in, "Wow." He said seeing the house up close for the first time. "This is it... this is our house... I have a gut feeling." He said softly. In his mind he pictured Rambo running through the yard and a couple of kids in a few years... this would be their home.

He got out of the truck helping her out and kissing her before going to greet the realtor and getting the tour of the house. It was amazing.
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Alexandria looked at Kane and simply grinned. She couldn't wait till they moved so she could have full reign over the look and design. [b "I love you babe, hope you have a good day at the studio!"]

Four hours later, she was waiting for Kane. She ran out of the door as soon as he called her. [b "Coming out right now babe."] she said. She made Rambo was good to go before though. [b "I'm starving."] she said when she opened the door to the truck. She hopped inside and simply grinned when she heard him ask about the sweatshirt. [b "Maybeee. I got called when I got out of the shower, and it's comfy soooo."]

Little did Kane know, she had talked Eddie into shutting down Wild Horse at ten so she could have a surprise birthday for Kane tomorrow. His entire band and their wives and girlfriends were coming, she even had a few people coming in from Georgia, and then his manager and tour manager. Basically his entire team, and Taylor, a guy he wrote with. She was really excited about it. All the people from Wild Horse were coming too, Rae had helped her plan it.
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 168d 12h 48m 30s
Kane modded, “We can afford it. We can look at that house later and look at cars plus I’ll need some kind of lunch and we have to get Rambo’s dog food from petco.” He said smiling. “I love you.”

Soon he was in the studio going over tracks with a new producer. Everyone loved Kane Brown right now. “We have to schedule the video shoot for Thunder In The Rain around my girlfriends schedule. I won’t do the video with anyone else.” He said seriously and his manager, Ray, nodded. “I respect that.”

Soon Kane was pulling into his parking spot, “baby you ready? I’m outside.” He muttered into his phone. He was excited to look at that house with her. He had been thinking about asking her to marry him more and more, it was weighing on his mind. Seeing her he smiled and asked, “are you hungry? We should get some lunch.” Kane was always in the mood for food. He picked her hand up and brought it to his lips kissing the back of it like he always did, “is that my sweatshirt?” He asked smiling. Tomorrow was his birthday and he was less than excited.
  Kane 6.0 / polkadotrocker / 168d 15h 55m 43s
Alex looked at the first house again and nodded. [b "This house is perfect... Can we afford it though?"] she asked. Kane had told her a million times not to worry about the money side of things, but she couldn't help it. Things were great with them right now, but she had been putting money into a savings account that Kane didn't even know about... for a rainy day.

[b "I don't mind it, Kane. I think it's you who hates being gone. But school starts soon, so I'll be busy."] she said [b "It has an unfinished basement, you could probably put a studio down there?"] she questioned. [b "That would totally work."]

She looked up at Kane from the couch, she was watching The Vampire Diaries again. [b "I don't have any plans today. You can take the truck... We could go look at cars after you get back?"] she asked [b "I'll need one before I start school anyway. I have to go get my parking pass soon."]

[b "I'm gonna call the realtor and see if we can go look at that house today as well. We need more room baby, Rambo needs a yard and I want that pool and hot tub."] she explained [b "Have fun baby!"]
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Kane smiled, “I like this first house with the pool.” He said looking through the pictures with her again. “Are you sure? I really want to move with you baby and have a yard for Rambo.”

Kane was worried that they wouldn’t be able to reach an agreement on which house that they liked the best. “Yeah that means more time in the studio...I know you hate me being gone all of the time. Maybe when we buy the house I can have a studio put in so I can work from home. Does that sound like something that would work?” He asked hopeful as he ate his food, and took a sip of his coke slushee.

The next day Kane had to be in the studio in the morning but would be home in the afternoon. “Are you feeling better honey?” Kane asked as he drank his coffee before grabbing his keys and heading towards his truck. “We need to look at cars for you too babe.” He knew she loved driving his truck but he needed it from time to time. “I’ll just leave my keys with you have have Ryan pick me up babe.” He said smiling and kissing her temple.
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