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When he woke up his head was killing him, but at least there was a cat. It was a surreal moment as he stared the beautiful tiger striped tabby. His apartment didn’t allow for pets how did- Wait. He propped himself up on one arm and looked around. Oh, right. He was at Kelso’s. So, this was Bee. Anthony lay back down and held out a hand for the cat to sniff before cautiously petting her. Sure, she was already snuggled against him and purring, but it didn’t hurt to be careful. The cat butted her head against his hand and leaned into the pets. “Oh, you pretty thing.” He was smitten already.

A few more minutes of petting Bee passed before he realized that he should probably get out of bed. Anthony got out of bed and recovered his clothes; putting them on as Bee trilled at him and begged for more pets. Once he finished getting dressed, he turned his attention to the cat that was now pawing at him to get his attention and picked her up. Anthony couldn’t ignore such a sweet-tempered kitty. Almost immediately she nuzzled into him and purred again. With the cat’s need for attention sated, he made his way out of the bedroom towards what he assumed was the kitchen from the sounds and smell of cooking food drifting from that direction.

Anthony paused on the threshold and watched Kelso moving about the kitchen for a moment. Considering that he was setting two places at the table, he assumed that he had enjoyed last night. At the very least he wasn’t being kicked out immediately. “Good morning.” He greeted, “sleep well?” After the ‘activity’ they had last night, he certainly hoped he did. There was evidence of what happened in the form of hickies on Kelso’s neck and if his hazy memory served him correctly, he had some himself.

He set Bee down, to much protest on the cat’s part, and took a seat at the table. Truthfully, he was surprised that Kelso had bothered to even make him breakfast. A lot of the time the dates that led to sex generally didn’t extend to the mornings. Anthony, for one, was hopeful that this meant that there was another date in their future. Preferably one where they weren’t so drunk that the events of their evening together were a haze. Maybe they could grab lunch later on? One step at a time. They had to get through breakfast first and then they could discuss later dates.

“How are you feeling? We uh…” He gestured vaguely as he struggled to come up with something that didn’t sound stupid. Alas, he wasn’t the best with words. “We ended up getting pretty drunk and then we were at it for a while after we got here.” Smooth, really. A wonderful way to broach the subject. At least he didn’t say that they fucked for a couple hours after they got here. The longer he was awake the more details he was beginning to remember. He knew that they’d gone for a rather impressive time and that while he looked shy, Kelso did a strip tease for him. Another reason to pursue dates in the future; one of many actually. It had been a long time since he’d met someone whose company he enjoyed.
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When his friend told him that it was time to get out of the apartment, Kelso hadn't taken him seriously. After all, the last few dates he had been on either were crazy or just in it for a quick fuck. Why would this one be any different? In fact, he remembered his response was less than enthused. He had recently reinstalled a dating app - having deleted it after his last failure - at his friend's poking and prodding.

“You just haven't found the right one yet. There are plenty fish in the sea, and Anthony could be the one!”
“Yada, yada, if there were plenty then at least one of these people would have wanted something more than a quick fuck,” Kelso mumbled
“Just try one more time, okay? When is your date with this guy? Tonight, isn't it?”
“Well then you best get going. If it doesn't go well just kill him off in your book.”

He stared at the bright screen of his phone, surveying the string of messages before sighing and pulling on his coat. He didn't want to be that guy - the guy that stood up the other. So he'd try to be early. . He had invited Anthony out to a milkshake bar, his favorite place to drink when he did get out of the house. It was only a few blocks away from his apartment and even though it was cold, most of the buildings blocked the wind chill so the walk wasn't terrible. Kelso owned a car, an old 2007 Honda Accord, but he was saving the gas for city wide drives instead of ten minute walks. Bee, his cat, sprawled herself across the floor right in his path. No doubt she was trying to get an extra treat before he left. “Sorry sweetheart,” he cooed, leaning down to scratch her belly. “Daddy's got a date.” And with that he was stepping over her and out the door.

The milkshake bar wasn't crowded, but there were a few people there drinking their problems away. Kelso ordered himself an Irish Cream milkshake, and was glad that he didn't have to wait long for Anthony to get there. He laughed, commenting that they were both early. Initial impressions: at least he wasn't catfished - Anthony was as cute as he had looked on his profile. Criminal worthy looks. If this date didn't work out, at least he'd have a fair profile to work with in his book.

They sat down in one of the booths, the tables old pinball machines repurposed. He slid in and got a closer look, noticing the scars littering his body. “It's hard not to ask…” he murmured, gazing at the scars, even coming across the ones on Anthony's wrists. His date got the hint, but asked if Kelso really wanted to learn about that on the first date.

He didn't.

They talked and laughed for a little bit longer until Kelso, a bit slurred, recommended they go back to his apartment. Anthony ordered them an uber while Kelso paid for the drinks. It didn't take long for them to reach the apartment, Kelso fumbling with his key as he struggled to open the door. Joking around with Anthony as he finally managed to open the door, “Well, I hope you're not a murderer, because now you know where I live.” At least he was only tipsy, because hearing Anthony say he didn't have to worry gave him a tingly feeling.

After that, it was a bit of a blur, but Kelso remembered bits and pieces. Bee greeting them at the door, making out while the TV blared in the background, stumbling into the bedroom. Remembers being impressed by Anthony's size.

He remembers he took his agonizingly sweet time taking off his clothes while Anthony got on the bed.

And now, he was awake, it early the next morning. He was being spooned by a completely naked Anthony and his head hurt something else. Had it been good?

Kelso decided Anthony wouldn't still be there unless it was good. He carefully pried himself out of his date’s arms and dressed for the day. When he opened the door, Bee beelined for the bed and hopped up to sprawl next to Anthony. Kelso started making a simple breakfast, some toast and eggs. He moved papers and manuscripts off the dining table so that when it was done they'd have somewhere to eat. He grabbed a couple glasses and filled them with some good ol’ OJ - non-pulped of course.

Wait, was he being meticulous for no reason? What if Anthony didn't even want breakfast? Well...Bee wouldn't turn down the eggs, he supposed.
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Given what he did as a hobby, making a dating profile probably wasn’t in his best interest. Anthony, however, didn’t care. If he ended up being caught because he was lonely and gay, so be it. It wasn’t as if he were under the illusion that he wouldn’t be caught eventually. After all, in this day and age it was nearly impossible to get away with murder. As it was, he was amazed that he’d gotten away with as many deaths as he had. Sure, the first kill had been an accident and pardoned in court when the situation was properly investigated, but it had set him on the path that he was currently on.

When he was fifteen, he had killed his father in an act of self-defense. His father had been an abusive man that had made his life a living hell ever since his mother left them when he was nine. It had been a slow burn, but he had eventually taken so much that he finally snapped and retaliated by shoving his father away from him. The momentum from the shove caused the man to fall back and strike his head against a nearby counter in just the right spot to kill him instantly. Numb with shock Anthony had only been able to stare at the body in horror until the police inevitably burst in after a domestic dispute call. He was taken into custody and from there it was all interviews, blame, and, eventually, pity. The pity was the worst of it. After everything was cleared up, he was sent to live with a relative where he had a better life and eventually went on to pursue a veterinary degree.

Somehow, he managed this all while occasionally killing men that reminded him of his father. The first real murder he had committed had been one of opportunity. He had seen some news on the man on social media, but no action was being taken. Instead he was pardoned to much uproar from people whom he considered to be of sound opinion. It had angered him, but really what could he do? The question answered itself when he was presented with an opportunity. In a big city it was rare to have areas that didn’t have cameras everywhere; even public parks had cameras. Hiking trails, now those usually didn’t have cameras. About once a week he liked to go out to a trail and go for an early morning run to clear his head and destress. Never in a million years did he expect to run into the man that had been so reviled. In the heat of the moment he hadn’t realized what he was doing until he was looking down at the unnaturally still man beneath him. Adrenaline was coursing through him and the reality of what he had done was dawning on him, but he remained oddly calm as he stared at the man he had just killed. Thankfully nobody was around to watch him drag him off the trail into a ravine half a mile off the trail. With the rains that followed the next few days, the evidence of what had happened was washed away. Yes, the man was reported missing, but it took them a few months to find him. By that time the trail had gone cold and Anthony was planning his next victim.

His rule was that they had to be human garbage; truly irredeemable men that reminded him of his father. Sure, there were awful women out there, but they were harder to get alone. Less cocky. Anthony was very meticulous about how he went about planning the kills- nothing recorded digitally and no pictures. Still, the human factor made everything unpredictable. He couldn’t count how many times he had nearly been caught. There were so many times when he had almost been caught in the act; hell, one time his victim had gotten away from him for a brief time. It only went to show how bafflingly bad the police force was in the city.

With all of this in consideration he still decided to make a dating profile on a website that the giant internet corporation had recently announced. It repurposed one of their failed platforms and guaranteed matches. He was rather skeptical but figured that it would probably yield better results than Grindr. Besides, he’d just graduated and was starting his internship at the vet clinic down the street from his apartment. If there was any time to start dating, it was now.

He set up his profile with a couple pictures of himself, careful to avoid showing too many of his scars. It had been ten years and he’d come to accept them through time and therapy his aunt and uncle had invested in but putting pictures of them up on the internet like that was tasteless in his opinion. Besides that, it was easier to explain them in person- particularly the ones at his wrists. He kept his interests vague but was certain to mention that he loved animals and worked with them for a living. After setting his interest to males, he was ready to go.

The first couple of dates were all right. The guys were nice enough, but he didn’t feel like pursuing them further than a quick fuck. The next one was a complete dud and had him taking a break from the app for a little while. Once he picked it up again and started perusing potential matches, he happened across Kelso.

There weren’t any pictures of himself in his profile , just pictures of his cat, some books, and an Instagram style photo of fish and chips. After reading his profile through again, Anthony decided to chat him up. They hit it off immediately. It was a couple of days of chatting about themselves before Kelso was comfortable enough to send him a picture of himself, but he didn’t mind. It was worth the wait; he was cute. A couple more days passed before they set up a time for a date at a place that Kelso recommended; a milkshake [i bar].

Unusual, but it sounded fun.

The day of their date arrived, and he got there early- just in case. Turned out that he wasn’t the only one that thought of coming early; neither of them wanted to make the other wait and had decided to show up early. After a bit of a laugh they snagged a booth and spent some time talking and sipping at the alcoholic shakes they’d ordered. The topic of his scars came up, but after he explained that they were connected to his childhood, Kelso agreed that it was a conversation for another time and didn’t push the subject. Anthony was grateful for it. After all, he’d seen him eyeing his wrists during their conversation.

Eventually the two were buzzed enough that they ended up on the same side of the booth subsequently decided to head back to Kelso’s apartment together. Sure, he’d gotten there on his bike, but he wasn’t about to drive a motorcycle drunk. Instead they got an uber together. Once they got there and Kelso was unlocking the door, there was a moment where Anthony internally panicked at an offhanded joke that his date made about him being a killer. In his tipsy state he almost hadn’t realized that it was a joke. Thankfully he played it off and they entered the apartment together. The cat from the pictures, Bee, was eagerly awaiting them and time was set aside for introductions. The next destination was the bedroom without much pretense aside from making sure that Bee didn’t follow them into the room to interrupt them.

They were both drunk, but they still had a great time enjoying each other’s “company” for the next couple of hours. Afterwards they chatted and cuddled until they fell asleep.
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