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*Continues to run* Well meet me somewhere if you Survive. Saay the And of 31st street
  Liz / OpalTheHopeful1456 / 1y 78d 23h 30m 47s
"I don't... But I have to try!" He told her, running as quickly as he could as he mustered all of his energy into a sprint. "Let's go!"
  Allan Core "Stalk" / MordorTenebris / 1y 78d 23h 36m 25s
She Was In Shock "What The Hell are you Doing!? You're Going to Get yourself Killed! How do you know She Isn't Infected?!
  Liz / MLTheVampireKing / 1y 86d 7h 11m 0s
Allan agreed with a nod, running back in her direction. "No! Don't leave me... Please!" The girl in the dumpster pleaded as she struggled to get out of the dumpster to to an injury on her leg and the way she was put in.

Allan listened at the moaning, wailing noises getting dangerously close. He turned around to see the girl dragging her leg along with her, trying to move quickly. She cried, begging them to help her. Even she knew the hoard would catch her before she made it out of the alley, and even if she made it she'd be killed in he chase.

Allan looked back and forth between the young woman and Liz. "Run, Liz! Run!" He shouted across to her as he sprinted the short distance back to the girl, draping her over his shoulder.
  Allan Core "Stalk" / MordorTenebris / 1y 89d 18h 47m 18s
Liz Showed up,Hearing the guys Yell "Oh, You Came to save your Boyfriend?" Then Laughed Hystarically Liz Bolted towards them, Kicking one of them in the Face Hitting one in the dick with her Nunchucks and then throwing the girl into the dumpster "C-c-come on. It's dangerous here." She said Blushing
  Liz / OpalTheHopeful16 / 1y 91d 14h 45m 53s
Allan heard her scream, and wanted so badly to respond. Out of fear that his captors would panic and fire was still in the back of his head as the hoard's drew nearer.

The men got scrambled out of the dumpster, wiping trash and rotted food off their clothes. The girl then stood, looking at Allan's machete thoroughly. She stooped down to pick it up as the two men approached Allan.

He slipped to his right left, tripping the girl, who dropped the machete. He thought fast, grabbing the girl and putting the knife to her throat as he dragged himself and her to their feet.

He backed up until he was near the window of the building at the back of the alley, the two men not daring to take a step. "C'mon, Liz," Allan muttered under his breath.
  Allan Core "Stalk" / MordorTenebris / 1y 91d 11h 37m 59s
Liz Skidded down the Street, Nunchucks in Hand, Looking for Allan "Allan!!! Allan Are you Alright?!?"
  Liz / OpalTheHopeful16 / 1y 92d 3h 51m 6s
Allan sprinted hurriedly down the littered streets, the smell of rotting corpses filling his senses. He was attempting to follow a map in which his friend had given him, but his pace quickened and became erratic every time he heard the wail of a zombie hoard not far off from him.

he looked at the map frantically, his sprint not ceasing until he realized he'd have to turn around and retrace his steps. He stopped dead in his tracks, hardly daring to look behind himself. He pulled out his machete and looked disparagingly at the broken tip and chipped blade.

He was already late to their destination, and he hoped that ____ would notice before it was too late, for the zombies had already covered the distance in which he would have to cover to make it there himself.

He knew that venturing farther off would lower his chances of ____ finding him, but he wasn't going to take any chances with the zombie hoard of runners that quickly gained ground on him.

He turned away from the zombies to break out into another full sprint. He was suddenly stopped by the voice of a small girl, teenage from the sounds of it, screaming out in fear as he passed an alleyway. Allan stopped abruptly, once again looking back where the hoard pursued him, finding he had some time to spare.

He slowly entered the alleyway, creeping around a dumpster in which the girl had been hiding behind. Her face was buried in her hands as she cried, though something seemed a bit off.

Allan offered her his hand before realizing what he'd gotten himself into.

the dumpster flew open as two men with pistols aimed directly at him. "What cha got, eh, Buddy? Food? weapons?" The one on the left side asked, obviously desperate for anything he could get his hands on.

"Hey, we can work this out, Guys. Just put the guns down," Allan told them, careful about how he worded things. He dropped his machete, puting his hands up. "I hope ____ gets here soon," Allan thought to himself, thinking about the soon arriving hoard that would kill them all.
  Allan Core "Stalk" / MordorTenebris / 1y 92d 18h 26m 25s

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