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Ken was still crying when liam hit his brother and pulled him away. When liam said he was taking ken with him he was happy for a moment. He hide behind liam out of his brothers sight clinging to the back of liam's shirt tears still running down his face. [+blue "why do you even want the little slut he's not that great a toy."] His brother said standing back up glaring at liam. [+blue "dont worry little slut big brother will come for you before long."] His brother called as they made it to liam's car and ken got in the passenger seat and locked the door. Once liam got in the car and the where speeding down the road away from the hospital ken relaxed a little bit. [+red "thank you liam."] Ken said in a small voice as he stopped crying. After driving for a while they stopped at a hotel 3 towns away from their home town. He stayed in the car as Liam handled getting them a room as he had forgotten to get his clothes at the hospital and was still in the hospital gown. When Liam got back in the car ken relaxed a little again he was scared his brother was gonna show up to get him at anytime. They pulled around to their room and went inside. He sat down on the floor behind one of the chairs in the room out of habit as liam closed the door.
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Liam was able to distract the nurses and doctors until one of the alarms went off. Almost instantly they ran off to a room which wasn’t Ken’s. Hoping the male made it out Liam nonchalantly made his way out of the clinic. A small grin was playing on his slightly chapped lips. [i ‘We made it!’] he thought, mentally cheering him and Ken on as he made his first steps out of the clinic.

In just a few seconds that joy was instantly replaced with dread and agony. Ken was being pulled away by another male who could only be his brother. Hastening his steps Liam took a moment to contemplate his next steps. He couldn’t leave Ken and the baby with that monster but he did want to be accused of kid napping and assault. He was torn on what to do up until he heard Ken’s pathetic apology.

Rushing to his car he popped the trunk open and grabbed a crow bar. Liam wasn’t one for violence especially against an innocent but that man wasn’t innocent and Liam was willing to show said man what happens when you act like an ass. With the familiar heft of the bar in his hands Liam rapidly approached the man. With practice aim he brought the bar down on the man’s exposed side. “I’ll be taking Ken off your disgusting hands,” he hissed in anger as he caught Ken’s wrist and pulled it from the man’s grasp. “Lets go,” He calmly informed Ken as he began to lead them back. His eyes on the other man the whole time, ready for a fight if he got back up.
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Ken slowly calmed down as Liam promised to get him put of there before his brother arrived. He took the keys and held them behind his back as liam got the nurses to go outside. Without wasting a second ken quickly ran out to the parking lot looking for the car liam had said was his. After a few minutes of looking he found the beat up Honda and unlocked it. He got into the backseat and crawled into the floor board to avoid being seen. His efforts to hide where lost as his brother had pulled up as he got into the vehicle. He looked up hoping it was Liam as he heard the car door open. [+blue I found you little slut lets go."] His brother said angrily dragging him out the car by his hair. Ken just silently cried trying to protect his stomach as he was dragged across the parking lot. He knew better then to call for help as itd only make things worse on him. [+blue "how dare you try to give it away to someone who didn't even pay to use you. Come on we are getting rid of that thing inside you and Jesse is waiting for a night with you when we get home."] His brother said throwing him into the back of the truck right in front of liam. Ken paled as he heard Jesse was waiting to us him that night. Jesse was the roughest and meanest of his brother's friends who would often pay to use ken for the night. Ken had tears running down his face as he saw liam over his brothers shoulder. [+red "I'm sorry!"] He cried loudly apologizing to Liam for being caught by his brother after his efforts to help ken escape.
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Liam let out a sigh of relief when the other male at least gave them a name to go off of. It wasn’t out from behind the bed but it was something Liam could live with. “Who will kill you Ken?” He softly asked. Liam really didn’t want to know because he knew the urge to beat up the attacker would be too great but at the same time he needed to know who they needed to avoid.

Liam glanced over his shoulder as he heard so light shuffling. The doctors and nurses were leaving and he felt some of the tension leave his body. Ken thankfully left his hiding place and came out into the open. “Not if I can help it,” Liam replied when Ken asked him if he was going to send the male back. Eyeing all the bandages Liam was not happy with what he saw. He didn’t know how but somehow someway he was going to figure out a way for all three of them to live until Ken could find better arrangements.

“Do-“ Liam began when the doctors and nurses came into the room and interrupted him. They even went as far as to box Ken in from hiding. “You guys are scaring him,” he angrily hissed but was ignored. Instead the doctors informed Ken that his brother was coming and Ken ran. Liam’s heart dropped as he saw the reaction. The Who had to be Ken’s brother and was probably the once that beat him.

Ken was rapidly returned to the room and wasn’t in the best of states. Liam got up and went over to the male. “Hey, hey it’s okay. Deep breaths. I’ll get you out of here before your brother gets here. Okay?” He whispered to Ken while he tried to formulate a plan. The best he could think of was distracting the nurses and letting Ken sneak out to the car. “I’m going to need you to trust me. I’m going to distract the nurses and you need to be extra sneaky and get to the parking lot. My car is the beat up Honda in the back, it’s an ugly chipped white. Lay low for a little bit and I’ll come out. We can get out of town and find a motel and make a plan from there. Okay?” Liam asked very softly while the nurses and doctors talked to each other near the door. Liam reached in his pockets and pulled out his car keys before slipping them to Ken. “Give me a couple minutes to distract them,” he added.

Turning away from Ken he approached the nurses and doctors. “May I speak to you outside?” He asked, his voice filled with anger. “His brother isn’t the one he should go to,” Liam added, voice cranking up a notch.

“Sir, you’ll scare the patient,” a nurse said trying to get Liam to quiet down, who only got louder. Eventually the medical professionals broke down and went outside to talk to Liam giving Ken a chance to slip out.
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Ken looked at the other Male who Introduced himself as liam. When he was asked if he would come out from behind the bed he shook his head no but was relieved to hear his baby was ok. [+red "Im ken, please don't make me go home he'll kill us if you do."] He said tears running down his face. all the people in the room was scaring him. He wasnt used to alot of people outside of school that didn't want to hurt him. Eventually the doctors and nurses left the room leaving just him and Liam. He slowly climbed out from behind the bed. He pulled at the sleeves of his hospital gown trying to hid his arms. Between the bandages on his arms and neck one could see multiple scars some of which appeared to be bit marks, and some of them still had fresh scabs on them.[+red "are you gonna make me go home like everyone else dose?"] He asked in a shakey voice as he finally stopped crying. A doctor and nurse came in to check on him and the baby. When he seen the new people he started crying again and tried to go back behind the bed only to find his path blocked by the nurse. When he couldn't get behind the bed he quickly hid behind Liam tears once again streaming down his face. [+green "can you help us here we really need to check on him and the baby. Also we have contacted his older brother who said he will be here shortly."] The doctor told liam and when ken heard his brother had been called he started having a panic attack and trying to run out the door to escape before his brother arrived. He made it out the door and partially down the hall before he tripped and face planted on the cold tile floor. He was quickly taken back to the room after he fell where he began to hyperventilate out of fear and panic.
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Liam kept looking in the rear view mirror to check on the other male. He was worried about the other especially since he wasn’t waking up. When he did wake up he begged Liam not to hurt him. “I-I’m not going to hurt you. I’m taking you to the doctors,” he tried to tell the male but he passed back out. Liam really didn’t want to know what type of life this guy lived before to have to beg not to be hurt and Liam really didn’t want to know because it would piss him off.

Pulling into the parking lot he rushed his passenger into the hospital and almost instantly the medical staff swarmed him. For a split second Liam contemplated leaving the guy here but couldn’t find it in his heart to so instead he loitered in the waiting room.

Soon enough a doctor came by, angry that Liam didn’t tell them that the male was pregnant. To be honest Liam hadn’t even noticed. “I don’t know him. I just saw him beat up in an alley,” he quietly responded. “Are they okay?” Liam added. The doctor eventually said they were able to save the baby and left Liam.

Liam tried to peek in on the male a few times but the nurses kept kicking him out of the hall. It was only when the doctors rushed the room that Liam was able to skip in with them. The first thing he noticed was the other male was hiding behind a bed and was most likely stressed out and the people weren’t helping. Pushing his way to the front Liam carefully approached the male while shooting the medical staff away. “Hi there. My name’s Liam. I brought you here and you are safe. Both you and the baby,” he calmly said. “Can you come out from behind the bed? The doctors and nurses are worried about you,” Liam added in the softest voice possible. Hoping to coax the male out.
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Ken moaned from the back seat of the car as he slowly came to. He opened his eyes realizing he was in a vehicle with another Male and started crying in fear as he thought it was another of the people his brother had sold him to. [+red " please don't hurt me."] He whimpered before passing back out. [+green " what happened to him?"] Asked the doctor at the clinic when ken was brought in. The nurses took ken and began working on him and running the standard test. After a while the doctor came to speak with the other Male that had brought ken in. [+green "Why didn't you inform us that he is pregnant."] Demanded the doctor angrily as they had barely saved the baby. Ken came to hours later looking around. Scared by the fact that he didn't know where he was he began to cry and hide behind the bed in the clinic room. He wrapped his arms around his stomach wondering if the baby was ok as he hide crying not wanting to be sent home to his brother.
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Liam only had a few hours to leave before his gang realized that he had left. When they figured out what happened Liam would become a dead man. His once family didn’t take too kindly to people leaving them especially people like Liam who was on the top of the food chain. The unassuming male joined the gang when he was 11, having met Julio, the leader, while picking up drugs for his bearer. Julio treated Liam like he was his older brother and helped Liam get food and basic necessities to live in his run-down home. The price had been simple. Liam would peddle drugs for Julio in return. For a handful of years Liam did this until he started to climb the ranks and he was in a good spot now. The biggest issue, however, was he couldn’t stomach the violence any longer. He couldn’t spend the rest of his days looking behind his shoulder, ready to be shot because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The straw that broke the camel’s back for Liam was when he got to the safe house and they were torturing some poor guy. His only crime being that he had been in the wrong place. The guy was killed and dumped in a river and Liam had enough.

With his betrayal of one of their codes, to never leave the family, he needed to get out and fast. Grabbing everything from his locker he shoved it in a bag and hurried out of the school. All he had left was a run downed car and another bag filled with clothes but he would make it work once he got far enough. Rushing to his car he passed one of the alley’s he was too familiar with and peeked into it to make sure no one from the gang was in there. None of the usual occupants were in there but there was a bloodied body there. Said person begging his brother not to hurt him anymore.

Liam gnawed at his bottom lip for a moment, contemplating his options. Julio always told him that he was too caring to be in a gang and yet again he would be right. Putting the bag on the other shoulder he went to the other person and checked on him only to notice that he was passed out. Running a hand through his dark brown hair Liam spent half a second thinking about what to do next before saying fuck it and going and grabbing his car. A few minutes later he pulled back up and carefully deposited the male in the back seat. His intentions were to take the male to a clinic that was on the outskirts of town.
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[+red "stop please."] Ken begged and cried as his brother punched him in his stomach once again. The beating had been going on for the better part of a hour ever since he'd told his brother that he is pregnant.[+blue "you filthy little slut how dare you grow a womb and carry a child. "] His brother screamed kicking him as he fell to the ground. He wrapped his arms around his stomach protecting it the best he could as the beating continued. It was becoming hard to stay awake as the beating neared its end. His brother picked him up by his hair getting in his face.[+blue "if you live don't come home til you abort that thing."] His brother snapped throwing him to the ground and walking away leaving him for dead in the alley behind his school. He lay there in a puddle of his own blood crying and praying the baby was ok as he heard someone approaching him. [+red "please don't hurt me anymore brother."] He whimpered and then passed out.
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