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Liam looked sadly over at Ken. “You aren’t a cry baby. You just lived a very hard life Ken,” he gently informed the other male. Liam didn’t need to know much about Ken to know that the poor man had been put through Hell. He deserved the right to cry and Liam was not going to hold it against Ken. The only thing he was worried about was the stress on the baby because it couldn’t be good. The next doctor visit he would talk to the doctor about it but for now he would obey Ken’s request and leave. “Okay, I’ll just be outside if you need me,” Liam informed Ken as he got up and closed the door behind him.

With Ken getting dressed Liam sat their food on the table and put away some of the extra that he bought. Liam was still worried about his gang finding them but they needed to at least spend a day in the town. Liam needed more money and it was almost time for Ken to get another check up.

Ken came back out and was asking about food. Of course it didn’t take long for the man to find the food and grab it. “I was tired of fast food. I hope you enjoy it. It smelled good when I was in the store,” he said as he sat back and let Ken it. Whatever Ken didn’t eat Liam would eat or even eat the cup of noodles he bought. He wanted Ken and the baby to be fed first. “I saw a Planned Parenthood downtown if you want to get a check up tomorrow,” he began as he began to pull the wad of cash out of his pockets to count it. Once he was done they had enough money for gas, and another night, but Liam wanted more. He wanted to sell his car as well so that his gang can’t use the car to track them. Liam wouldn’t make much off of the car but anything would help him buy a cheap car to get them across the country.
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Ken continued to cry for several more minutes after liam wrapped the towel around him. He slowly began to calm down as he listened to Liam voice. After several more minutes he had stopped crying and was just sitting in the tub with his head on his knees. [+red "liam I'm sorry I'm such a cry baby all the time."] He said looking up at the other male. After a few more minutes he looked at liam again. [+red "liam I'm ok now can you go in the other room so I can get dressed?"] He asked smiling softly as liam left to allow him to get dressed. He quickly dressed himself doing his best to avoid looking at his scars again. Once he was dressed he went back into the other room with liam and sat down on the bed turning the TV on again. [+red "what'd you get to eat?"] He asked as his stomach growled. He hoped off they bed as liam pulled out the chicken and mashed potatoes. He quickly dug into the food enjoying each bite of the food.
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Liam frowned as he opened the door and didn’t see Ken. Looking around he heard the water of the shower going of so his concern was slightly decreased. That was until he heard cries from the bathroom. Something bad was happening. Sitting down the bags on the table he closed the door and locked it so no one came in. Liam then rushed towards the bathroom. “Ken,” he worriedly called out as he pushed his way into the bathroom.

Pulling the curtain open he turned the shower off and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around Ken. All the scars on Ken were rather concerning for Liam and he wished that the male never had to live such a hard life. Ken was such a kind person and never deserved to be torture. “Ken. Ken, you are okay. He isn’t here. It’s just me,” Liam softly said, trying to calm the smaller male down. The stress couldn’t be good for Ken or the baby. Hopefully he calmed down soon.

Sitting down on the ground he leaned over the bathtub and gently ran his hand through Ken’s hair. “Hey I got an onesie for the baby while I was out. It’s adorable. It has Pooh Bear on it. Pooh Bear was my favorite when I was a kid,” he rambled hoping that his voice would help Ken calm down. “I also grabbed some more clothes for you. I think the next city we go to we should get some blankets for the little one.”
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Ken yawned as liam left to go find them some food and probably get them more money to. Ken didn't know how liam kept getting money and he didn't want to know. He watched TV for the first hour liam was gone, before deciding to take a shower while liam wasnt there. Ken was extremely shy about any of his skin showing more then he had to let it due to his clothes;due to the fact that his entire body was riddled with scars from his brother and his brother's friends. He sighed and went into the bathroom turning on the hot water to the shower. Once the water was the right temperature he stripped down and got into the shower. He let out another sigh as the hot water felt nice on his skin. His enjoyment of the shower was short lived as his eyes focused on the multiple bite mark shaped scars on his arms and legs and abdomen. He stood there for a while under the water staring at the scars not realizing he had began to sob loudly. He didn't hear liam return as he sat down in the shower continuing to sob as he had began having a flashback to the last time his brothers friend Jesse had paid for ken for the night. [+red "stop please I'll do what you want Jesse please stop hurting me."] He sobbed as he began shaking along with his sobbing. He never noticed the bathroom door opening or the shower curtain being moved by liam as he sobbed.
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Liam fell silent as Ken fell asleep and thought of what they needed to do for safety. There was a whole lot that Liam had to do and he didn’t know where to start first. As he pulled into the motel parking lot he decided that the first thing he needed to do was get them more money. He had just enough money to pay for the room for the night. Slipping out of the car he went to pay for the room and returned to the car to see Ken. “Good morning sleepy head,” he jokingly said as he grabbed their bags. He needed to do laundry too but he would do that tomorrow with a whole plethora of other things to do.

Once they got comfortable in their room Ken’s stomach growled. “That’s my cue to find you something to eat. I’ll be back,” he softly said as he left.

Liam hopped into the car and drove a little way before pulling over in an alley in downtown. Liam made a few rounds around a parking garage before finding a good level with no security cameras. Once he got to the top floor he found a car with a purse waiting. Looking around he quickly broke into the car and stole the cash from the wallet before slipping out. He did this a few more times before walking through the busy down town streets and puck pocketing people.

When he had enough money he stopped in front of a goodwill and grabbed some more clothes for Ken and himself, even grabbing an infant onesie for the baby. It was a cute little Pooh Bear one that Liam had fallen in love with. With clothes Liam went to a grocery store and picked up some food. Chicken, some mash potatoes, a case of water and some saltine crackers and cup of noodles found its way into the basket as well as some pre natal vitamins. It cost a pretty penny but Liam had enough to pay for it. With everything bought he returned to the room an hour and a half later.

“Sorry Ken. We needed more money. I brought some food and clothes,” he softly called as he went into the room.
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[+red "ok liam itd be nice to have some relief from this morning sickness and yes I can hold out for five towns."] He said smiling leaning back against the passenger seat dozing off to sleep as liam drove. He woke up several hours later to liam being in a hotel office getting them a room. He smiled when liam got back in the car to get him and there stuff. He placed a hand on his stomach as it growled. [+red "I guess the baby wants to eat."] He said smiling as he followed liam up to there room. Once inside the room he laid down on one of the beds as his stomach growled again. He yawned and turned on the TV in the room and made himself comfortable while liam went outside to order them something to eat.
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Ken’s pleading caused an ache in Liam’s heart. He just really wanted Ken and the baby to be safe. They didn’t deserve to suffer because of his mistake. But Ken didn’t want Liam to leave and honestly Liam didn’t want to leave. These last few weeks Liam had started to really like Ken. If he was going to be honest Liam was starting to catch some feelings for the other male. He didn’t fully want to admit it but it was happening. Ken also had him wrapped around his little finger as well. “Okay. I will do everything in my power to stay with you,” Liam gently said.

There was a moment of silence before Ken was begging him to pull over. Liam responded instantly and pulled over just in time for Ken to throw up outside. Liam watched over the male with great concern. When Ken returned to the car Liam gently patted Ken’s thigh. “It’s okay,” he softly said. Liam wanted to research more on morning sickness but had no access to the internet. Maybe in a few town they could go to a library and investigate more or take Ken to a free clinic. “We will look into what would help with the morning sickness. Okay?” He said as he pulled back onto the road. “Do you think you can make it through a few towns? Five max? I want to put as much distance between us and the last town,” he asked Ken. Liam also needed to figure out a way to sell the car and get a new one. He didn’t want them following him because of the car. Which was going to lead to a headache but it wasn’t one that he was going to inform Ken about. Ken just needed to worry about himself and Liam would do everything else.
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Ken yawned sitting back in the seat as liam drove. He smiled looking at his baby bump as he listened to liam. He suddenlysta straight up staring at liam. [+red "No you cant leave us behind somewhere liam. Promise you. Eont do that plz"] ken begged crying as he heard liam say he could find a safe place for Ken and the baby then disapper. [+red "I don't care if they come after us again I want to stay with you. We can find somewhere they wont find the three of us."] He said starting to panic a little as liam drove them out of the city they had been in. He sat in the passenger seat staring at liam waiting for him to respond. After a few minutes he turned pale. [+red "liam pull over."] He said and once liam did so he jumped out the car puking into a nearby Bush. His morning sickness was becoming rather concerning it was happening so often anymore.[+red "I'm sorry I'm so sick all the time anymore liam."] He said as he returned to the car getting back in.
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Liam continued to hold onto Ken and comfort him. He didn’t want to inform Ken that Liam was going to be shot so he remained silent. Instead he just held onto the man. He tightened his grasp on Ken when the cops tried to pull him away. Ken held onto him as well and Liam looked up at the cop. A scowl was on his face as he stared down the cop. “He has some issues,” he calmly said as he ran a hand through Ken’s hair to calm the man. Liam didn’t want to go into the abuse that Ken had gone through. He also didn’t bother correcting them that they weren’t dating.

Keeping a tight grip on Ken while He explained to the cop what happened but beat around the bush on what happened. If Liam was to snitch on them then his death would be a hundred percent worse. Snitches would get tortured. Once the cops left Liam quickly got up and started to pack and they were off driving somewhere. Anywhere but here.

He was holding onto the steering wheel tightly as they drove. “Most likely,” he quietly replied as he stared down the road. “I’m sorry that I dragged you into this Ken. I can find you somewhere to live if you want and disappear,” he added. Liam could find a safe spot for Ken to live where the gang wouldn’t hurt him. Liam would probably just return to the gang so they don’t hunt Ken down either. Ken didn’t deserve this at all.
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Ken whimpered clinging to liam as cops filled the room. He slowly calmed down as liam held him speaking reassuring words. [+red "liam I was so scared I thought they was going to kill you."] Ken whimpered as the cops tried speaking to them only to be ignored. Ken screamed in fear as he felt someone try to pull him away from liam. The cop who had tried pulling him away instantly let go of ken. Ken clung to Liam even tighter after the cop had tried pulling him away and was crying again. [+yellow "Sir plz tell us what happened here. Is your boyfriend hurt is the why he screamed when I touched him?"] Asked the cop who had tried pulling ken away from liam. Ken listened as liam explained to the cops what had happened clinging to liam the whole time. After a bit the police left without running either of theres names. After the police left ken watched as liam quickly what few belongings they had and rushed ken to the car so they could get as far away from his former gang as possible. [+red "liam are they going to come after us again?"] He asked as he got in the car and places a hand on his baby bump.
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Liam’s stomach dropped as he heard how they found him. He thought that they were far enough away that the gang wouldn’t be able to find him. Instead of dwelling on it, however, his attention rapidly turned to Ken who was cowering behind him and began to bolt out from behind him. “Let him go,” he snarled as he spun around to face Marcus, his dark eyes filled with rage. Liam knew what Ken was trying to do and it angered Liam that anyone would stop a pregnant male from throwing up in a toilet. A small part of Liam was happy Ken threw up on Marcus because the bastard deserved it.

Thankfully nothing happened to Ken except him soon getting pulled away from him and the gun was turned at him. “Please don’t hurt Ken and the baby,” he quietly begged. He didn’t care what happened to him as long as the other two got to live. They didn’t deserve to suffer because Liam decided to join a gang many years ago. Good thing he never promised Ken that he would stay. Bracing for impact the shot never came and sirens soon filled the room. His ex-family rapidly filtered out of the room leaving only a threat.

Liam dropped down and wrapped himself around Ken, shushing the pregnant male. “It’s okay. We’re okay,” he softly repeated as the cops rushed through the open door. Liam ignored them as the asked questions and instead reassured Ken. He knew that eventually the cops would get fed up and pull them a part but right now Liam’s only care in the world was Ken and the baby.
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[+green "we have been looking high and low for ya and this hotel manger just happened to recognize you from the picture we showed him so we got your room number."] The strange male said still glaring at ken. Ken whimpered and tears began falling from his eyes and he felt sick to his stomach again. He hoped they wouldn't shoot him but made a break for the bathroom to puke yet again. As he was almost to the bathroom he felt a strong hand grab his arm and pick him up off the ground. As he was picked up he vomited all over the Male that had grabbed him shoes. [+red "liam help me."] He whimpered as the Male he had puked on grip tightened nearly breaking his arm. [+green "put the kid down for now Marcus he obviously was trying to avoid puking in the floor."] The Male from before said as ken scrambled to his behind liam again. [+green "alright liam you know what's got to happen now that we found you I'm sorry but both of you have to pay for your choice."] The Male said pointing the gun straight at liam as ken was pulled away by the other Male. [+red "no Liam help liam."] Ken cried as it appeared liam would be shot. Right as the other Male was fixing to shoot sirens could be heard outside from where the lady in the room next door had called them hearing the commotion. The bigger male dropped ken onto the ground running out the room and down the street. [+green "next time we find you you wont be so lucky."] The other Male called following his partner as ken crawled over to liam crying in fear. He clung to liam trying to calm down as cops could be seen coming towards the room.
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Canada could work. They did have free healthcare but Liam didn’t have a passport and he doubted Ken had one too but Liam
would figure something out. That, however, was for another day because if he thought on it any longer his head would hurt. “We can look into going up into Canada. The health care would be greatly appreciated since I don’t know how we would afford the little one being born. I really don’t understand how health care is so damn expensive here,” Liam said, grumbling a little bit at that. One of the days they had stopped at a public library and Liam did some research. Birth was an expensive venture and he didn’t even know how they would afford it. Liam had even considered going as far as to join the military and marry Ken just for the medical benefits but he didn’t want to leave Ken.

There was a knock on the door and Liam was instantly behind him. Reaching behind him he gently patted Ken and waited for him to move before getting up. It didn’t take long because he instantly was greeted with the sound of Ken vomiting. He was so concerned that he didn’t really look through the peep hole and opened the door. Instantly his stomach dropped as he looked at the men before him.

“How?” He softly asked his hands raising as a gun was pointed at him. Liam only had a knife on him and knew if he pulled it on them that they would shoot with no questions asked. Ken, of course, had perfect timing and came out only to hide behind Liam. Carefully, he lowered a hand and laid it on Ken while trying to cover the male as much as possible from sight. “I know Julio would protect us but we would have had other struggles if we stayed. Like the threat of prison hanging over my head or the potential of dying during a turf war. I wanted to be alive for the baby,” Liam said. They didn’t need to know that the baby wasn’t his and that he hadn’t left because of a baby. If they knew that they would kill Ken in a heartbeat.

“They are from the gang I use to run with before we ran,” he softly added to give Ken some background knowledge before turning his attention back to the other men. “How did you find us?”
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Over the past few weeks ken had slowly got out of some of the things his brother had beaten into him like not being aloud on the furniture or to watch TV. He was still very skittish with everyone except Liam at this point. He smiled as he sat in the hotel room and looked over at liam as he asked if they should find a place to settle down where he could start seeing a doctor for the baby. [+red "I hear Canada has free healthcare for pregnant people."] He said smiling placing a hand on his barely noticeable baby bump. He had became quit attached to Liam over the past few weeks and wanted to stay by liam no matter where it was at. [+red "liam promise you'll never leave us behind please."] He said to the other Male while smiling. He jumped and hide behind liam on instinct as someone knocked on the door. He calmed down some assuming it was the pizza guy with the pizza liam had ordered them not that long ago. He hurried to the bathroom as liam answered the door having a round of morning sickness that had been becoming more frequent lately. He finished puking into the toilet and stood up brushing his teeth with the tooth brush loam had gotten him. When he finished that he put the toothbrush down walking out the bathroom. [+red "liam what kinda pizza did you order again?"] He asked looking up only to become scared and hid behind liam as he saw two strange men glaring at liam. [+green "really liam this is why you left so you could have a nice little family life."] One of the men snarled pointing to Ken's small baby bump. [+green "you didn't have to leave because of that you know Julio would have welcomed your boyfriend and child with open arms and protected them for life yall wouldn't be having to struggle like you are if you had stayed."] The same man from earlier said glaring at ken like he wanted to hurt him. [+red "liam who are these people I'm scared."] He said hiding his face in the back of liam's shirt as he clung to liam for dear life.
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Liam was grateful that the man didn’t fight him on taking Ken. Retreating to the car Liam spent the majority of the car ride trying to figure out what was next. Ken needed regular check ups and stability. All of which Liam couldn’t give. They also needed to get far away but he didn’t know where to stop. His thoughts came to a halt as he found a motel to rest for the night.

Once he paid for the room he went back and gather Ken and his own bag. Going through his bag he grabbed a change of clothes. “Here. We will get you some clothes tomorrow.” He softly said as he began to lock up the room.
[center ~]

It had been a few weeks since they went on the run and they had driven across the country. Liam had done some illegal things to get them money and he wasn’t proud of it at all but they needed money. Ken needed clothes and food and Liam needed money for gas and motels. What extra money he had Liam was saving for the baby. The little one would need a lot of stuff and they weren’t even prepared to raise a child.

Stifling a yawn he looked over at Ken. “We should think about finding a town to stay in so that we can get you and the baby some stability. I was thinking somewhere big so that we can blend in and I can find a stable enough job. I don’t want you and the baby to not receive enough care,” he softly said. He really wanted the best for the other male. These last few weeks had brought them closer together and Liam was finding that he really cared about what happened to Ken. He wanted Ken to be happy.
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