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[+purple "Hurting him? Haha I haven't even began to hurt him yet pretty boy.] Jesse hissed at Liam pinching Ken's stomach hard causing ken to welp in pain. Ken whimpered as Jesse held onto him tightly. He didn't understand why liam wasnt helping him yet. That was until he saw the doctor as well and figured liam was stalling for the cops. [+red "Jesse let me go please."] He begged pulling at the arm around his neck. Sirens could be heard in the distance and Jesse began to cuss. [+purple "welp my pretty little toy I must be going but not without leaving you something to remember me by."] Jesse hissed in his ear and ken felt something cold and metal hit him in the back three times. He yelled in pain as a loud cracking noise was heard just before jesse dropped him to the ground. [+red L-l-liam."] He gasped out before he passed out from the pain in his back.
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They couldn’t catch a break. That was all Liam could think about as Ken’s brother’s friend banged on the door. How the hell did he even find them? Liam really didn’t know what to do to get them to safety. Between the gang he use to run with and Ken’s brother there was nowhere that felt safe and there was only so far he could drive. His car wasn’t the best at all. The only thing he could think that may give them some semblance of safety was his actually ratting out his gang to the cops. There were plenty of things Liam could say that would lock up a huge chunk of them for years but that would leave Liam as a snitch. Then there was Ken’s brother and his friends. This asshole’s actions right now worked in their favor but they had to survive this to get to the cops first. Thankfully, the man decided to lose it in front of a shit ton of people.

“Okay,” he calmly said as he took Ken’s hand and they began to flee the clinic. It didn’t last long. The moment they were in the parking lot Ken was wrenched away from him and in the grasp of his brother’s vile friend. “Let him go,” he hissed at the man, eyes narrowed as he looked at the two.

Out of the corner of his eyes he could see the doctor at the emergency exit holding up 3 fingers. If Liam had to guess that meant that the cops would be there in three minutes which meant he needed to stall this asshole. “You are hurting Ken. Let him go,” Liam said as he tried to buy time and save Ken.
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Ken whimpered as he got dressed as his brothers shouting got louder.[+red "liam get me out of here please."] He begged as he hide behind liam when the door knob shook from someone trying to open it. [+blue " open up I can hear you crying in there baby brother it's time to come home."] His brother called jerking at the door. He bit his lip trying not to cry as he hide behind liam. [+green "Sir you need to leave now."] The voice of security arguing with his brother calmed ken slightly. [+red "liam let's go."] He begged pulling at Liams arm. He wrapped his arms protectively around his baby bump remembering the pain of the last beating his brother gave him. He began crying again as he thought about it. He soon heard his brother's voice fading down the hall with the security guards. He quickly followed liam when they made a run for the emergency exit. He breathed a sigh of relief as they came out into the parking lot. Before they made it to the car ken left a arm wrap around his neck. [+purple "well well if it isn't my little toy."] Ken began to cry as he realized Jesse had grabbed him. [+purple "what's this your with child I bet its mine."] Jesse hissed into Ken's ear stroking the younger males baby bump.
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“Thank you Ken,” Liam gently said as Ken came up from under the table. Liam kept close to Ken as he got back on the table and the doctor went to work. When the doctor asked them to go to the ultrasound room to find the gender of the baby. Liam was absolutely looking forward to this part.

Following Ken to the room he took a seat right next to Ken. Liam kept his hand on Ken the whole time as he watched the monitor. “Twins,” Liam parroted in shock. One baby was doable but two? How the hell was he going to get the money for the two babies? Liam was already having a hard time coming up with money for one. But it really didn’t matter. Liam would make it work.

Liam’s eyes snapped away from the monitor to the doctor. “Boys? We are...” Liam fell silent for a moment before remedying his words. “You are having boys Ken.”

His excitement was soon soured when he heard commotion and a very known voice. Liam only had to hear the fucker once to remember his voice. “Someone needs to get him out of here. It isn’t safe for Ken,” Liam hissed to the doctor and nurse. There was an emergency exit down the hall but he didn’t know if Ken’s brother had set a group up outside it.

“Security should be coming anytime now. We can call the cops too,” the doctor said.

It was Liam’s turn to get skittish. “No cops. Ken’s brother will lie to them and then hurt Ken more,” He hissed as he turned to Ken. “Get dress and then we are going to try and sneak out of security doesn’t succeed.
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Ken whimpered as liam took the nurses place his eyes where wide in fear as he listened to liam speak and was slowly beginning to calm down. He blushed slightly when liam had called him sweetheart [+red "o-o-ok Liam."] He stuttered slowly coming out from under the table clinging to liam's shirt. He looked at the doctor as she spoke and slowly nodded. [+red "liam keeps us safe."] He responded to the doctor firmly. He climbed back on the table slowly and the doctor finished the first parts of the check up. [+green "ok ken liam follow me to the ultrasound room and we will see what the baby's gender is."] The doctor said in a low voice as not to startle ken again. He walked behind liam as they followed the doctor to another room and he climbed into the chair in that room. He watched the screen smiling wanting to see his baby. Ken's face dropped into a look of shock as he started at the screen seeing two babies. [+red "i-i-is that t-t-tw-twins?] He stuttered looking at the doctor waiting for a answer. [+green "yes ken you are having healthy twin boys.] The doctor said as a loud commotion was heard in the hall and ken hide hearing his brothers voice.[+blue "Where is he I know he is here!!!!!!!"] He began to cry hearing what his brother said bout knowing he was there.
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Liam watched the exchange was hawk like eyes. He watched every touch and every look the doctor and nurse gave. When they saw the scars their faces morphed into horror. Liam wanted to sigh. He had enclosed the details he knew about the abuse but they either didn’t read the information or didn’t really realize the extent of the damage. The doctor was starting to herd Liam out of the room to talk about the scars and he knew it. Only when Ken cried out his name did he push past the smaller woman and rush to Ken’s side.

He gently pushed the nurse to the side and took her space instead. “Hey, Ken. It’s okay I’m right here,” he said softly as he reached out to touch Ken. Liam made no effort to pull Ken out though, just leaving a reassuring touch.

“Wha-what?” The nurse sputtered confused with everything that just happened.

“If you read the notes I clearly put down that Ken had been abused. Not by me but by his brother,” he softly hissed in annoyance before turning back to Ken and cooing gently, “It’s okay. They aren’t going to take me out of the room or try to again. Can you come out sweetheart? They still need to check in the baby.”

“We are sorry Ken. We didn’t expect such a reaction. I just wanted to make sure you and the baby are safe. We see that now,” the doctor apologetically said hoping Ken would come out.
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He stayed close to Liam as the doctor spoke to him asking to do his check up. [+red "o-o-ok."] He stuttered as he gave permission for the doctor to do his check up. He slowly walked over to the check up table when told to. He sat on the table looking at liam nervously as the doctor got some information on him. He wiggled slightly as he laid back on the table when the doctor started the check up. Shortly into the check up the doctor asked liam out into the hall.vhe started to panic slightly when he noticed the nurse staring at his scars. His breathing was steadily increasing speed as he frantically looked around for liam. He didn't understand why he didn't see liam anywhere in the room or see the doctor at that point. [+red "liam!"] He called standing up only to hide under the table when the nurse tried to make him sit back down. [+red liam help me!"] He cried as the nurse tried to pull him out from under the table.
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Liam closed his eyes the moment Ken told him to. He only opened them when Ken quietly asked him to tie the back. “Of course,” he softly responded as he moved over to Ken and carefully tied the back of the gown. He made an effort not to look at the scars but they were so numerous that he couldn’t help but have his eyes fall on them. Anger boiled in his stomach but he forced his face to remain neutral. He couldn’t help but want to beat the living shit out of Ken’s brother and his brother’s friends. Too bad he couldn’t do that. So instead he silently fined. “Good to go,” Liam informed Ken as he dropped his hands.

A few moments later the doctor came in and Ken was behind him. “Ken, darling, you need to come out for the doctor,” he gently informed Ken as he carefully pull Ken out from behind him. Ken needed to be checked out.

“Ken,” the doctor gently cooed as she took a seat near the computer and the nurse stood near her. “I’m Dr. Thompson. I would really like to check up on the little one. From the information I have you haven’t had as many check ups as you should do will you let me do this one?” She gently asked. She was worried about Ken’s behavior but she had a feeling that something bad had happened in his past for him to get to this point. At least it seemed like the other male was trusted and use to dealing with these freak outs.
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[+red "ok close your eyes please."] He said holding the gown the lady had told him put on. When liam's eyes where closed he quickly changed into the gown trying to tie it in the back to the best of his ability only to fail. [+red "c...c...can you tie the back liam?"] He stuttered nervously. He hated being exposed and his scars being seen expectly by liam. He had noticed liam would get rather upset when he seen his scars and Ken didn't want that at all. He wiggled impatiently as liam tied the back of the gown shut. He hoped liam hadn't seen any of the scars on his back. Not long after he changed into the gown a nurse walked back into the room with the doctor. Ken hide behind liam slightly one hand on his baby bump.
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Liam carefully filled out the paperwork that was handed to him and only asked a few questions before handing over the paperwork. Soon enough they were sitting down and Liam continuously soothed Ken to the best of his abilities. He knew that Jen rather be anywhere but here but they also had to worry about the baby. Liam wanted to see a healthy baby come out of these struggles.

The wait, thankfully, wasn’t nearly as painful as Liam was expecting it to be. After an hour and a half Ken’s name was called and Liam got up with Ken. Liam sent a small smile to Ken when Ken asked him if everything is going to be okay Liam didn’t know fir sure and Ken always had a way of asking the hard questions but Liam was hoping that all would be well. “I think so,” he said trying not to really answer a question he had no true answer to.

Guiding Ken to the room he sat down in one of the small chairs in the corner. “The nurse will be with you shortly. If you could change into the gown it will be appreciated,” the lady leading them said before closing the door. Liam looked up over at the paper thin gown laying on the bed. “I can leave the room or close my eyes as you change,” Liam offered knowing that Ken was hesitant about changing in front of him or even being exposed at all.
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Ken looked at the lady at the front desk when she spoke to him directly asking if he preferred a Male or female doctor. [+red "f-f-female please."] He stuttered nervously looking around at the other people in the clinic. When liam was done with the paperwork he followed him and sat down in one of the chairs. He sighed looking around at the other expecting parents and put his hand on his small baby bump. After waiting a hour and a half ken looked up as a nurse called his name. He stood up with liam and followed the nurse to the exam room and sat on the bed nervously. [+red "liam everything is gonna be ok right ?"] He asked forcing a smile as the doctor walked into the room.
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Liam shrugged slightly when Ken said he could have slept longer. “I couldn’t sleep much longer,” he honestly responded. He didn’t add that he couldn’t sleep because his mind wouldn’t shut up. It kept going through horrible possibilities and outcomes of them running. There was a lot of things on his mind with a lot of things bothering him. Too many things to be exact.

Forcing those invasive thoughts to go to a screeching halt he brushed his teeth and changed into the only pair of clean clothes he had. Grabbing another bag he started to toss their dirty clothing in it. He figured they could go to a laundry mat between the doctors and the library visit.

With what clothing he could find in the bag he turned to Ken who was coming out of the bathroom after another bout of throwing up. “I can’t wait,” he said as they left the hotel room. Liam tossed the clothes in the trunk where the laundry detergent was hidden before climbing into the car.

Once they were at the clinic Liam carefully navigated the crowd. There weren’t that many people at the clinic but there was just enough to cause a headache. Moving up to the counter he was greeted by an obviously harried receptionist. “Good morning,” Liam said to the woman who looked up at him.

“How can I help you?” She asked.

Liam shifted slightly to show Ken who was hiding. “I was hoping you guys had a walk in available for a prenatal appointment?” He asked.

The woman looked down at her computer screen. “We have two available doctors but it will be an hour to an hour and a half before they are available. Do you prefer male or female, sweetheart,” she kindly asked, directing the last part to Ken while sliding a clipboard to Liam.
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He yawned rolling over to look at liam as he was shook. [+red "I'm up I'm up."] He said sitting up on the bed yawning as he stretched. He looked at liam again not surprised to see him already dressed. [+red "you know you could have slept a little later liam."] He said glancing at the clock as he searched for something Simi clean to where to the appointment. As he was looking he remembered liam said he had gotten new clothes for him yesterday. He found the clothes and went to the bathroom to get dressed. Once he was dressed and brushed his teeth after having thrown up he left the bathroom. [+red "well let's go find out what this little one is."] He said chuckling as he patted his baby bump. He walked out to the car smiling as he got in. He watched liam get in and start the car. After about twenty minutes of driving they pulled into the clinic. Ken gulped shaking his head as he noticed all the people before getting out of the car hiding slightly behind liam as they walked inside.
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“I’ll eat after you eat. I want you and the baby to have first pick,” He said as he leaned against the chair. When Ken was done with the dinner, he took the leftovers and ate some of it. Liam wasn’t really that hungry especially with what happened earlier in the day still weighing on his mind, but he knew he had to. “A cute pain in the ass is what the little one is gonna be. I can’t wait to meet them though,” Liam said with a smile. A baby and being on the run was going to be an absolute nightmare but Liam really couldn’t wait to meet the baby. The baby may not be his, but he still cared about the little one and Ken.

Once he finished eating, he put away some of the leftovers in the small fridge in the room. “Of course, I’m not going to make you go alone,” Liam replied. He knew that Ken wasn’t fond of going out alone and Liam wasn’t going to make him. Liam was also afraid of Ken being alone. Anything could happen from the pregnant man slipping and falling to Ken’s brother finding him. A lot of these were nightmares that Liam had at night.

Sitting down is his own bed Liam leaned back and watched some od the cartoons before Ken rushed off and threw up. Liam’s attention went over to Ken and before he could ask Ken told him not to worry. “I’m sure they will have an answer,” Liam calmly replied as he got up and secured the room. Once they were barricaded in Liam climbed back to bed and fell into a restless sleep.

[center ~]

Liam was up before the sun had risen. He couldn’t sleep at all, so he hopped into the shower and changed. When it became an appropriate time Liam carefully woke Ken up. “Hey, Ken, wake up. We need to go to the doctors early to get you an appointment.”
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Ken looked up from the food at liam when he realized the other Male wasnt eating. [+red "liam you need to eat to."] He said tilting his head to the side . He yawned as he became full and sat back down on the bed listening to liam talk. [+red "A check up would be nice. Maybe we could find out what this one is gonna be finally."] He said smiling placing a hand on his small baby bump. He laid back on one of the beds sighing as he stared at the ceiling. He wanted to make sure the baby was alright, but he still had a major fear of going out in public around other people besides Liam.

[+red "Liam you'll be with me Tomorrow right you wont make me go alone?"] He asked rolling over onto his side looking at the other Male. After liam responded he sat up on the bed scooting himself back up against the head board and pillows to watch TV. He turned the TV on as liam stw watching some cartoon that was on. His content relaxation watching cartoons didn't last long. He hoped up and hurried to the bathroom throwing up yet another meal.

He looked at liam as he returned from throwing up knowing the other Male was rather concerned. [+red " Dont worry liam I'm sure the doctor will tell us how to help my morning sickness Tomorrow.] He said laying back down turning the TV off. He stared at the ceiling until he drifted off to sleep.
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