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Ken is a young boy whose parents died when he was very young leaving him to be raised by his abusive older brother. His brother would beat and rape ken on the regular and sell him to other men who wanted a little action. Then ken ends up pregnant one day and is beaten to within a inch of his life by his brother and left for dead. Luckily one of the older students _____ finds him and saves his life and takes him in. ____ is also a ex gang member who is on the run from the gang he abandoned. What happens when ____ takes ken on the run with him and the two fall in love with each other with a baby on the way.


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“It’s okay. You don’t need to apologize. I just don’t want you to get hurt again,” Liam responded as he went through his task of moving things to a lower shelf for Ken. Already he planned on buying Ken a step stool or something that was stable enough to use for heights because Liam really, REALLY, didn’t want the other man to get injured.

As he put away the last few cans, he noticed that Ken was prepping two bowls. This put a pep in Liam’s step, and he put away the last can and went to the table. “Thank you! It smells delicious,” he said as he began to dig in. He got maybe three bites in when Ken rushed to the bathroom, not even taking a bite of his food. This caused Liam to frown, sad that Ken was still suffering from morning sickness.

“Do you need anything?” Liam asked as he continued to eat his meal. It was delicious and perhaps one of the better things Liam had eaten in forever. As he finished his food Ken went and laid down on the couch. While Ken rested Liam gathered the leftovers and put them away before cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes. Once everything was in its place did Liam go over to the living room and plopped down on the floor next to Ken, wanting to be there for him.
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Ken sighed as liam set him down and went to rearranging the cabinets. [+red "sorry liam."] He said sheepishly as he went back to fixing the chicken alfrado. Before long the food was done and he set two big bowls of alfrado on the table and sat down waiting for liam to come eat. He suddenly got up and rushed to the down stairs bathroom puking before even taking a bit of food. He sighed before returning to the table. He sighed and pushed his bowl away.watching liam eat the food. He yawned and stood up going to lay down on the couch.
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Liam had finished his exploration of their new home and was on his way to Ken when he saw the other male on a chair. He was about to say something about safety when the chair began to wobble and in a blink of an eye Ken was beginning to fall. Thankfully, Liam was only a few steps away and he rushed those few steps to catch Ken.

A small grunt came from Liam as Ken fell into his arms. The pregnant male was heavier than expected but he didn’t fall to the ground. He was in the safety of Liam’s arms and Liam couldn’t help but take this moment to hug Ken close before steadying him and letting go. “You have to be careful Ken! If I wasn’t here you would have fallen and hurt your back again!” He said gently chastising Ken.

“If you ever need anything from the top shelf please just ask me or wait for me. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Liam had complete intentions of going through the cabinets now to see what needed to be brought down to Ken’s level. He wouldn’t put it pass Ken to ignore his request and try grabbing something from a higher shelf while Liam was at work or something.

Since Liam was useless in the kitchen and just the idea of Ken ignoring him made Liam worry too much he began to open the cabinets. He began rearranging the plates and bowls, bringing them to lower shelf while putting a few of the mugs on the second shelf. He did keep a few mugs on the lower shelf just for Ken. Once those were moved he began to work on the shelf filled with cans, moving the ones that they would most likely used more often.
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[+red "yes I'm sure liam I wont he uncomfortable."] He responded happily as he pulled the ingredients for chicken alfrado out . He smiled until he realized the noodles where in the top cabinet. Frowning he got a chair and carefully climbed up in it grabbing the noodles. He smiled hearing liam return. He turned around grinning holding up the box of noodles as the chair began to wobble under him. [+red "liam help"] he said as he began to fall he felt panic race through him.
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“Are you sure? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable,” he asked as Liam stepped away to the other side of the counter to let Ken go through the fridge and cook. At least one of them could do that task. Liam would need to learn though if he wanted to be of some use to Ken.

“Well that is one good thing. Will you teach me how to cook? I don’t want to leave you to be the only one able to cook. What happens if you get sick and the boys are hungry? I don’t want to be like my mom and just throw fast food at them,” He said. Liam knew that it would be awhile before he would really have to worry about cooking for the boys, but he was planning for their future. He may have not grown the balls yet to officially ask Ken to be with him, but Liam was still making plans to be in Ken’s and the twin’s life. Even if that just means cheering Ken on and helping him from the sidelines.

Liam watched Ken for a few moments as he prepared to cook before moving from his spot to triple check the lock. “I’ll be back! I’m going to go upstairs and use the restroom,” he said to Ken as he went to explore the rest of the apartment as well as go pee.
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Ken smiled at liam as he looked at the stocked fridge. [+red "you dont have to bring the mattress down here I just will sleep on the couch when your at work so I don't have to go up the stairs when your not home."] He said happily as he rummaged through the fridge looking to see what all was in there. He chuckled at Liam's comment about being unable to cook. [+red "lucky for you my brother did at least let me take cooking classes."] He said laughing as he started pulling out ingredients for the meal he wanted right then.
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Liam was grateful that he did spook Ken by hugging him. He didn’t even bat an eye and instead Ken had walked (waddled) to the couch. Liam followed after the other and sat down next to him on the couch. The couch that didn’t smell like mildew or cigarettes and didn’t have springs popping out. Liam was just too giddy.

“We have some money to buy a few of the essentials. Protective services gave us enough money to last for a month and I should get payed halfway through the month. We just can’t go too crazy on baby items right now. But I think we can get a crib and some bedding for it. We still have the clothes,” he said as he thought of what they needed. Liam had talked to the doctors about what they needed and they gave him a list. They also taught Liam how to hold, change, and bottle feed a baby when Ken was asleep. Liam absolutely hated Jesse for everything he did but without it they wouldn’t be in this good position. “No more hiding.”

Liam’s attention turned towards the stairs and sighed. That was going to suck. “I can bring the mattress down. I know there is a bathroom down here. I saw the door open,” he said as he got up with Ken.

The fridge was, blissfully, full of food. Milk, eggs, fruit and veggies filled the fridge. No more fast food! The only issue was he didn’t know how to cook, at all. “So is it too late to tell you I don’t know how to cook?” He asked as he eyed the food. He wouldn’t even know where to start.
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Ken smiled as he watched the detective leave and was caught off guard by Liam's hug and blushed again. [+red "its ok"] he said as sat down on the couch yawning slightly. He had been tired alot more here lately as his pregnancy progressed. [+red "it wont be long before the boys are here we need to fix the nursery soon. "] he said smiling as he rubbed his belly feeling the boys move in agreement. He smiled looking around the living room. [+red "no more hiding we will have a normal life ."] He said to both liam and his stomach. His face became a little dark as his eyes fell on a small staircase. [+red "dont tell me the bedroom(s) are upstairs."] He said a small frown on his face. He wasnt sure if hed be able to get up and down the stairs while Liam was at work. His thoughts soon changed as his stomach growled letting him know the boys where hungry. [+red "I wonder if they stocked the fridge as well."] He said smiling and slowly standing and waddling to the kitchen.
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Liam nodded when the detective said that everything was covered and his attention turned to Ken. A smile played on his lips, “Soon,” he simply said. He couldn’t wait for the boys to be born. He knew they would cry and wake him up but it would be worth it. Liam always had a soft spot for babies and kids anyways.

Soon enough Ken was dozing off and had lowered himself into Liam’s lap. Without a thought he brought his hand up and ran it through Ken’s hair. Throughout the whole drive Liam alternated to petting Ken’s head or rubbing his swollen belly. A few times he even felt the twins move, or at least he was imagining it. Liam was actually happy for the first time in forever, so he was sad when they pulled up to the apartment complex, so he gently shook Ken to wake him. The blush that crossed the other’s cheeks was adorable, but he kept himself from commenting on it. Instead he slid out of the van and helped Ken out before grabbing their bags.

He trailed after the detective and Ken into the apartment that was actually furnished. Liam hadn’t expected that all and he was unreasonably giddy about it. His home life was less than stellar, there was no couches or beds, since it took up money so having a couch just made Liam unbearably happy. Liam was even going to hazard a guess that the bedroom had a bed that didn’t smell and covered in stains.

Dropping the bags off at the door he closed the door and walked around a little. “Thank you,” he softly said when he was told that the nursery room was left unfurnished. Taking the keys from the detective Liam locked the door behind the detective and then turned to Ken. A large smile on his face. “We have a place! No more shitty food and shady motels. We have somewhere to go,” He excitedly said as he pulled Ken into a hug.

After a few seconds he realized what he had just done and pulled away. “Sorry,” he nervously said, worried that he spooked Ken.
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[+purple "And that covers everything you need to know boys."] Said the detective sitting back in his seat. Ken nodded looking at liam before leaning back himself with a hand on his large baby bump. [+red "not much longer boys and itll be safe for you."] Ken muttered to his stomach slowly drifting off to sleep as they road in the van for what seemed like hours. He yawned waking up to liam shaking him gently. He blushed slightly when he realized his head was in Liam's lap. He sat up yawning looking around as the got out of the van. He liked the look of this neighborhood and the apartment building. He smiled as liam helped him to follow the detective to there first floor apartment that was eady for him to get to. When the door was opened he was surprised to see the place already furnished for them. [+purple "the only room we didn't furnish is the nursery figured yall would want to do that one yourselves."] The detective said handing them each a set of keys and phone before leaving them to settle into their new home.
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Liam was anxious about this move. The cops had set them up with a decent apartment that was acceptable for high school dropouts. The neighborhood wasn’t bad either and was safe due to its proximity to the local police station. Not many people wanted to do illegal things when they were that close to the cops. They were even set up with another car, a little bit beat up, but reliable. All in all the deal they received was rather amazing and Liam was happy that they were going to be okay.

As for the last two months Liam was just happy that they were leaving the hospital. His back was absolutely killing him from sleeping in the hospital chairs and he was tired of the sterile smell of the hospital. In those two months Liam had alternated between caring for Ken and studying to get his GED. He didn’t test for another month but he was ready to take it now since there wasn’t much for him to do.

“It will be interesting. Even back with my mom I really didn’t have stability. I couch surfed a lot because I kept getting kick out,” Liam softly said, excited about have some stability but anxious about the threat that was Jesse. He didn’t really know stability at home. His bearer just so happened to be a crack head that wanted nothing to do with Liam because “he looked like his father”. So having a place with Ken and the founds was something he looked forward to despite the danger.

Liam followed after Ken and the detective, listening to what they said. He had heard this before but it was a good reminder. Liam’s experience in construction work was minimum but he was willing to do it especially for Ken and the boys. It was also his first legal job.

Sliding into the van next to Ken he nodded. “And I start tomorrow morning. A patrol will be by every hour and we will both have phones for emergencies,” he said citing the brief he had to sit through.
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Ken smiled listening to liam talk to the baby that was kicking him. It made him happy knowing liam cared about the boys as much as he did. He watched liam happily as he drifted off to sleep.

It had been two months since the incident with Jesse had happened and ken was finally healed enough to leave the hospital. Even tho he was leaving the hospital he was still required to where a back brace and go to therapy and be on bed rest other wise. Ken smiled at his baby bump which had gotten much bigger over the time he was in the hospital. Ken yawned signing all his discharge papers before being put in a wheelchair and taken down to where liam and a couple detectives were waiting for him. He smiled at liam as he was helped into the van and the wheel chair was put in the back . [+red "liam I wonder what it'll be like having our own home and no more running."] He said smiling as he rubbed his baby bump. [+purple " Alright you two I am the only person who will know your location. Now Liam we have placed you at a job doing construction work with Thompson construction, And Ken your cover is your Liam's heavily pregnant boyfriend who fractured his back in a car wreck understand."]said the detective that had got in the van with them. Ken nodded looking to see if liam was ok with this.
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Liam let out a soft cheer when he heard Ken after to make one of the boys middle name Liam. He hadn’t been that serious about tossing his hand in there but he was serious about it the same time. If Ken had brushed it off Liam would have been okay with it. But with Ken allowing it he couldn’t help but be happy. Maybe he would find a way to wiggle in Salas in there as well. Brayden Liam Salas-Light or Brayden Liam Light-Salas? Liam dismissed those thoughts quickly because he was getting way ahead of himself. He cared for Ken and wanted to be with him but that last part was the key; they needed to be together. Maybe once they left the hospital Liam would grow a pair and ask Ken out on an actual date. Maybe.

Liam’s thoughts came to a screeching halt when Ken asked him to teach him self defense. Liam wished he could say Jesse wouldn’t come back but things happen. So while he didn’t want to teach Ken something as nasty as fighting he would do it. “Of course, I’ll teach you,” he softly replied. He didn’t want to but he would.

Thankfully Ken distracted him from his thoughts as he took his hand and rested it on his bump. A large smile spread across his face as he felt the movement underneath the skin. It was weird but precious. “The little one is practicing it’s own fighting skills. Be nice to your mama,” Liam said to the kicking baby.
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Ken smiled chuckling as liam suggested liam for a middle name. [+red "hmm Brayden liam light I like the sound of that now kayden just needs a middle name.] He said smiling talking with liam about baby names was a good distraction from his pain and the nightmare he had. Ken was truly grateful liam had saved him that day all those weeks ago. [+red "hey liam when my back gets better and I have the boys will you teach me to fight so I can help protect the boys if jesse ever finds us."] He asked hoping liam wouldn't get mad at the idea. He wanted to be able to protect himself and the boys and if he was honest with himself he wanted to protect liam to. Sighing he bit his lip as the pain in his back flared up. He didn't want liam to worry anymore then he already had. He didn't focus on the pain long as his eyes light up feeling one of the boys kicking fir the first time. [+red "liam one of them is kicking. Look feel."] He said happily placing Liam's hand on his baby bump smiling like a idiot.
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Liam smiled at Ken as he slowly calmed down and offered up Brayden as a name instead. He had to keep himself from laughing a little because he use to make fun of kids named Brayden but now that there were two little tots coming along he couldn’t help but like the name. He liked how the two names worked well together. Which was just stinking ironic. Liam thought it was absolutely hilarious but he accepted it.

“Brayden works. I’m drawing the line at Jayden though,” he jokingly said as he brought down his hand from Jace’s face and to their clapped hands, covering Ken’s. “Brayden and Kayden,” Liam said, testing the names. “Brayden and Kayden Light... I like it. It flows well together. How about middle names?” He asked trying to distract Jace from his dreams. Liam wasn’t worried by any means about Jesse hurting him. Liam could fight back. His fear was Jesse hurting Ken and the twins . Liam had tried to protect the other male and failed and he was worried that it would happen again. These worries, however, he refused to share with Ken.

He thought about a few names. “Myles? Thomas? Scott? Liam?” He suggested with a shit eating grin on his face with the last suggestion. Liam would work in as a middle name for sure.
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