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“Hmm it close to my outpost I’m sure I can get you there if you like.” He said pulling out his rifle again and started moving for the back door. He wanted to search a few more building before leaving. “Your welcome to join me until then.”
  Chris / Mended / 17d 21h 43m 3s
"I'm actually trying to get to Richvon Camp. That was the last thing from my father before we told me to run and survive and that is where I'm going." Mckennzie told him as she looked down at the ground finding a knife.
  Angel_love94 / 19d 37m 1s
"okay just keep it quite" He said going back to his own search. He kept digging and found a few more useful thing but nothing he really need. Once he was done he returned to the girl. "Okay I'm done and heading back. I from Camp redcloud. Are you a free roamer or do you have a place to call home?
  Chris / Mended / 25d 14h 5m 11s
"I'm just going to look around some more and find some stuff.. I haven't check over there." She said pointing to the other side of the store. Mckenzie carefully walked watching where she stepped.
  Angel_love94 / 46d 1h 18m 19s
"Sometime the best thing are just out of sight." He smiled as he kept looking. "This area has been know to have the better lot loot then other." That when he looked up at her walk off. "Where you going? Be careful to not make any noise.
  Chris / Mended / 53d 17h 18m 49s
"I'm Mckenzie.. but Kenzie for short.. and sadly there isn't much in here but you can look around." She told him as she stepped over a few things walking over to a clearing in the store.
  Angel_love94 / 53d 23h 33m 9s
"Don't worry nothing of the sort." He said handing over the candy bar. "Names Chris what your?" he asked a he started getting back to searching. He kept his voice low to help keep anyone else for founding them. "Well if you are still hunger I'm looking for some meds and would be willing to trade you food for any that you find in here." He said pulling a bottle out of the rubble
  Chris / mended / 53d 23h 50m 9s
" Just doing what anyone would be doing. Surviving..." Mckennzie said as she got up and brushed off the dirt. " And as long as that candy bar isn't poisoned ill take it. Been trying to find something to eat all day." She told him as he stomach growled just thinking about food.
  Angel_love94 / 55d 2h 22m 58s
"No Im not one of them." He said looking at the girl as she tired to back away. He made no move to follow her. He just bent down to a knee and smiled. "What are doing all the way out here? It quite unsafe to be out here unarmed and alone." He pulled out a candy bar. "Hunger?"
  Chris / Mended / 63d 13h 7m 26s
"Your not one of them are you???" Mckennzie said trying to back up some more ,but paused when she couldn't go no more. She just wanted to make sure he wasn't just acting normal. She studied him for a few minutes taking in how he looked. "Are you military?" She asked not answering his questions.
  Angel_love94 / 67d 26m 36s
Chris would jump as he heard something fall as he drew his weapon close to his shoulder. He braised for the cry of one of the infected to come around the conor but luckily nothing came. Letting out a sigh he quietly moving to see what had made the noise if not one of the infected. Turning the conor he found a girl hiding in the store. Shocked to find someone this far out he kept his weapon ready but asked. “Are you okay?”

He looked around double checking to make sure what no one but him had heard the noise happy that no one did he relaxed his weapon. “What are you doing so far out in an area like this?
  Chris / Mended / 73d 13h 36m 35s
Mckennzie lost everything after the horrific apocalypse took place. She watched her whole entire family and town turn into the infected that now infest the US. She learned to live with what is now given to her and she hated it. Not knowing where or when her next meal, water, or shelter would be terrified her each day and night.

Along the journey she came to close encounters with "The Rabid " what she called the people that were infected. Mckennzie will never forget the day that it happened. She was sitting in a hotel room with her friends on a trip watching the news when the "Breaking New" popped up explained about a laboratory blowing up in her hometown. The same laboratory her parents worked. She got a phone call from her father saying that she couldn't come back home and to run and stay safe. She was so confused till later on that night on the news. Panic set in realizing what was happening. The Lab held a dangerous disease that if in contacted with turned humans rabid.

Mckennzie snapped out of her thoughts when she heard foot steps in the store she been hiding in. She got up not watching where she was stepping and bumped into a shelf sending the shelf to the ground. She paused and hoped that it was anyone infected.
  Angel_love94 / 81d 3h 47m 41s
Chris walked slowly through the destroy city on New york. It was hard as most of the building hand been destroy and had other collapsed or lay in pieces. It was a dangerous between the hunter and the zombie and other thing hiding in the destroy city but it could also be very rewarding as it had some of the most supplies. Most of the store shelves still had food or armor and med. “High risk High reward.” Chirs told himself as she moved slowly trying to keep as quite as he could.

Chris was a tall man in his late twenty with long black hair and full beard. He had at one point tried to keep it shaved but as time went on, he given up. He was a teen when the out brake happened. The one that ended the world. One day the outbreak happened in a small down. It was the first of many attacks. People just killing and eating each other. At first it was just one case then another, another and another soon the whole world had outbreak. The military tried to step in to help with containment but even then, they could not hold back the attack. Now only small hold out remained.

Walking into the remain of what looked like an old convenient store. Taking his time, he cleared the builder before he got to searching. Lucking he found nothing as he let out a heavy sigh of release. Happy he slowly started searching for anything good.
  Chris / Mended / 87d 13h 27m 56s

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