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A place to cleanse the soul. A venting place I guess.

People have a lot of problems and sometimes it just takes for them to write down how they feel.

It's called Bad Vibes Forever cos it's just gonna be bad vibes here from the venting and that's okay-

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[center When you think of someone who truly cherishes life, you think of my grandma. She knew everything. She knew how to sew, how to crochet, how play the piano, guitar...she knew how to bake a cake. Not just any cake, a barbie cake, a piano cake, a truck cake...she even knew how to make her own roses out of frosting. She was a fantastic painter and drawer...her calligraphy was outstanding....She knew how to garden and would even mow her own lawn. My grandma wasn't an ordinary lady. She was on the news for saving coupons. She was someone that everyone knew and everyone cherished. Someone that made the most out of life.]

[center I remember when we would tell her to bring dessert and she'd bring that damn mini chocolate cake from KFC. She'd always lecture us about going to church. Back then, I thought I'd have so many more times to go to church with her. I don't. Her disease, Alzheimer, consumed her. It is a disease I would not wish on anyone. I watched my grandmother slip from her precious and extraordinary life to immobile and stuck in a chair. Her angel hair spaghetti and meatballs turning into a baby food. She couldn't stand, she couldn't walk. She couldn't even speak. She'd look at me with such anger. I didn't blame her. She didn't know who I was. She didn't get to seem me marry that wonderful piano boy she loved so much. She didn't get to see me graduate even though I didn't get all A's like she wanted.]

[center In her last days, she didn't move. She didn't eat. She didn't drink. I knew it was coming but I...I couldn't. She was already gone but was I ready for her to be really gone? That didn't matter. My grandmother suffered in a way that no person should suffer. Her memories evaporated. Heaven was calling her. As much as it hurts, I'm so glad she is at rest. I know she'll be watching me.]

[center I wish I had learned more. I wish I would've taken in everything she tried to teach me. Please, for the life of you, spend what you can with someone. I never truly understood the phrase, "Spend time with those you love before it's too late" until now. I can guarantee you will regret it. I know I wish I could turn back the clock.]
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