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"Considering the only guys I know that aren't total trash are the ones on this ship," Cassia fell back onto the bed, "I think I'll pass on that part."

"You don't even have a crush," Nami frowned.

"Uh," Cassia frowned, "Nope. Probably best not to get too attached anyway in case things don't work out and we end up leaving."

"Okay but did you crush on anyone, you know, before you got here?"

"Once," Cassia fiddled with her bracelet, "a long time ago. It was concealed by loyalty and I paid the price for it. She did too, in the end." After an unable silence fell upon the room she sat up and turned to Nyremme. "What about you? Anyone from your kingdom worth mentioning?"

"Wait," Robin looked at Cassia, "You don't mean..."

"Later. It's Nyremme's turn," Cassia smiled.
  Cassia / Embrea / 13d 23h 38m 10s
"Just white nail polish is fine for me. Easy to match it with outfits." Nyremme smiled but then tried to keep a straight face for the masks.

"Also during these spa days, girls will gossip and talk about boys and such." Nami grinned.

Robin chuckled softly. "Why not have a little fun and go all out?"

  Nyremme / PotatoPirate / 15d 7h 52m 28s
[i I wonder why.] Cassia felt her face get heavy as the mask was applied but she didn't complain. "How long does this need to stay on exactly?"

"About 15-20 minutes give or take. Don't worry." Once Nami was done applying the mask to Cassia, she moved on to Nyremme. "Now, what are your favorite colors? It will help us decide which nail polish to use."

"Blue," Cassia replied.

  Cassia / Embrea / 15d 7h 56m 3s
Nyremme got nervous at the sight of the mask but did as she was told. "Okay." She tied her hair back in a messy high ponytail. [i How embarrassing I can't even make a ponytail look nice...] She thought to herself with a sigh.

"After we finish up with the masks we'll do hair and nails next. It's been awhile since I've gotten to style someone's hair other than my own! Robin doesn't let me do her hair very often." Nami grinned with a light chuckle.
  Nyremme / PotatoPirate / 15d 8h 3m 38s
"I get the feeling I've missed out on things that are considered the norm for women." Of course, Cassia wasn't wrong and she was going to get first hand experience on what is was like to be pampered for once. She was almost glad that she had decided to have her hair pulled back today when she was the container in Nami's hands. "What is that?"

"This," Nami unscrewed the lid, "Is a dead sea mud mask."

"A," Jun blinked, "what?"

"Just close your eyes and don't move." As soon as Jun did as instructed, Nami began applying the mask to her face. "Nyremme, go ahead and put your hair up. This stuff is great for skin but its a pain to get out of hair."
  Cassia / Embrea / 15d 8h 29m 25s
Nyremme giggled. "This is pretty exciting."

Nami and Robin started getting everything prepared and Nyremme took a seat on the bed. "So what do girls even do during spa days?" She asked curiously.

Robin smiled. "Usually they'll do facials, give each other massages, do their nails and hair, anything 'girly' that you can think of." She smiled softly at the younger girl.

Nami grinned. "There's also hot rock massages which are really nice!"
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 15d 8h 38m 50s
"Thank y out." Cassia took a sip of the smoothie and once again relished in the sweetness of it. Before she had a chance to finish, Nami dragged her and Nyremme downstairs with Robin following closely behind. "Where are we going?"

"To our room," Nami said, "It's more private and we won't have to deal with Luffy."

"Right," Cassia rolled her eyes.

"First," Nami sat the two women on the bed, "facials. Since you tell are, well, inexperienced in pampering yourselves, Robin and I will take charge."

"Somehow I get there feeling this isn't just some random spa day."
  Cassia / Embrea / 15d 11h 44m 57s
Sanji chuckled before taking Nyremme's glass. "I'll bring you out your smoothie Miss Cassia." He gave a slight bow before heading back to the kitchen. He put Nyremme's dish in the sink before seeing Cassia's smoothie and grabbing it. He brought it back out to Cassia with a smile. "Let me know if you girls need anything else. Otherwise enjoy your spa day."

Nyremme grinned. "Thanks Sanji."
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 18d 13h 16m 21s
"I get that but doing too much at once could damage your body." Cassia wondered if maybe she was worrying a little too much. Even if she was, it wasn't something she could help, considering the situation. "So, what exactly does a spa day entail?"

"Well," Nami went into detail about what would happen. "But we can sit out here a little longer. Just until we finish our smoothies."

"Oh, I think I left mine in the kitchen. Let me just..."

"Sanji," Nami looked at the chef, "Could you go get Cassia's smoothie?"

"I can do it myself."
  Cassia / Embrea / 19d 14h 16m 37s
Nyremme smiled and nodded. "Miss Cassia, you need to remember I've never had to do anything myself before I ran. I had training in etiquette and mannerisms. Not in protecting myself or fighting. So this isn't training I'm used to but I'm glad I have to opportunity I need to be able to protect myself if the time comes when I can't rely on you all." She finished off the smoothie rather fast before taking a seat. "So did I hear a mini spa day?" She grinned. "I've never had friends that were girls, so I've never gotten to have a girl's spa day. This is exciting!"
  Nyremme / PotatoPirate / 19d 14h 35m 38s
"Alright," Cassia nodded, "I guess I'll join you." She didn't really want to but she also knew that Sanji had a point. A relaxing spa day was needed. When Nyremme joined them, her expression mimicked that of the chef. "He's training you too hard. At this rate you won't be able to move." Her gaze flickered to the crows nest, "I'm going to have a word with him."

"Oh no you don't," Nami said as a scrambled to her feet, grabbing hold of Cassia. "You are going to relax. If Nyremme says she's fine then we won't worry about it. If it makes you feel better, we can even ask Chopper to check her over."

"But...." Cassia let out a defeated sigh then took a seat next to Nyremme. "Are you sure you're okay?"
  Cassia / Embrea / 20d 10h 46m 12s
Sanji chuckled and shook his head. "I think they both could use a relaxing spa day." He set down the two smoothies for Robin and Nami and was about to head up to the crows nest when he saw Nyremme coming back down to the main deck out of breath. "Nyremme are you alright?"

Nyremme looked up and gave a slight nod. "Y-Yes, I just need a moment..."

Sanji frowned before walking over to her and handing her the smoothie. "Here, this will cool you off and get you back some of that energy."
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 20d 12h 36m 13s
"Ah, no, I'll stay here." Cassia smiled as he left then put her bracelet back on. After taking a sip of the smoothie, she went back to writing. [I Should I include your favorite recipe Kara? Its only a snack but I known how much you loved it.] She flipped to another tab, a little further back in the book, to write down the snack recipe.

"Sweet potato cinnamon bites," she says the name allowed as she wrote it, then laughed. "I never understood why you liked them so much." Before even writing down the recipe she closed the book with the pen marking her spot. [I Maybe going outside got a bit isn't so bad.]

"Hey Cassia, why don't you sit out here with us for a while," Nami asked.

"I guess I could but," Cassia ran her fingers through her hair, "I was working on something."

"You don't mind if we borrow her for a bit, do you Sanji? I'm going to kidnap Nyremme from Zoro too and we'll have a mini spa day between us girls."


"There's really isn't," Zoro said as he took a step back, "Your body just isn't used to it. We'll stop here for today. It's still early but if we keep going Chopper will probably get mad." He then held his hand out to her, "Come on, I'll help you down to the main deck."

  Cassia / Embrea / 20d 16h 19m 23s
After a bit more training Nyremme's legs began to shake before she fell to her knees. "S-Sorry... Goodness... I didn't realize there was so much to blocking and dodging..."


Sanji finished making the smoothie and handed one to Cassia before reaching into his pocket and handing her back her gift. "I kept it safe as you asked." He chuckled softly.

He smiled before heading towards the door. "I'm going to go bring Nami, Robin and Nyremme their smoothies if you'd like to come with me. If not I'll be right back."
  Sanji / PotatoPirate / 20d 21h 25m 16s
"If you keep pushing yourself you'll pass out," Zoro warned. However, if she wanted to keep going, he wasn't going to stop. As they continued, he would adjust her frame from time to time.


"Could I have it back when you're done? It was a gift from Lady Kara." Cassia couldn't remember the last time her name left her lips. It was like breathing life back into a ghost and it sent chills down her spine. [I I'm not forgetting you.]
  Cassia / Embrea / 20d 22h 11m 18s

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