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*She Stares Down at Her Leg, A Rotten tooth still Embedded into her Ankle* How Long Have i Been Out?!
  Liz / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 197d 23h 54m 57s
She pointed to her ankle. "I think one bit ya" she kept her sword ready
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 197d 23h 57m 6s
She Woke Up "Ooow My Head... chíѕσlté? Why Do you Have your Sword out? and What even Happened?
  Liz / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 198d 31m 28s
She grabbed her sword, watching Liz at a distance. "Please don't make me have to kill you" she said
"No... it isn't Just that... Some Days i Contemplate Feeding Myself To Zombies... Just to End My Suffering... I Fucking Hate My Depression... I Just want to Die....." She Stopped, Listening, Then Pushed you Out Of the way as a Zombie Jumped Out of the Shrubs, Biting Down On Liz's Ankle "Ngh!" She Shot it in the Head, Then Fell Over, But Not turning.
  Liz / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 198d 55m 20s
She looked nervous. "Can you think of a nickname, if your name hurts so much?"
"Thanks..." Se Sighed, Filled with Grief and Depression
  Liz / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 198d 1h 10m 14s
She chuckled. [I "no worries, Liz, i won't say that"]
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 198d 1h 13m 56s
"Elizabeth Tabitha Meyers." She said, Embarrassed "Jeez i Sound Like my Parents when i say my whole name."
  Liz / OpalTheHopeful16 / 204d 21h 34m 30s
"Liz? What's your full name?" she asked, sort of curious
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 204d 21h 41m 36s
"I'm Liz" She said, Carrying her thing to Chisolté's Base
  Liz / OpalTheHopeful16 / 205d 3h 4m 19s
She looked to her. "Chisolté. I live here. In grabbing from the stores before taking it to my place" she said as she walked forward.
She Started to Follow her "So what's your name? and where are you from?" She Asked
  Liz / CharaDreemurr201X / 207d 11h 56m 9s
"hurry up" she called, grabbing her wagon. She started walking, heading towards a store
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 207d 11h 58m 41s
"O-okay! T-thank you so much! You Won't regret it. promise." She ran back to grab her things
  Liz / CharaDreemurr201X / 207d 13h 1m 30s

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