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*She Stares Down at Her Leg, A Rotten tooth still Embedded into her Ankle* How Long Have i Been Out?!
  Liz / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 105d 2h 32m 34s
She pointed to her ankle. "I think one bit ya" she kept her sword ready
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 105d 2h 34m 43s
She Woke Up "Ooow My Head... chíѕσlté? Why Do you Have your Sword out? and What even Happened?
  Liz / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 105d 3h 9m 5s
She grabbed her sword, watching Liz at a distance. "Please don't make me have to kill you" she said
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 105d 3h 13m 15s
"No... it isn't Just that... Some Days i Contemplate Feeding Myself To Zombies... Just to End My Suffering... I Fucking Hate My Depression... I Just want to Die....." She Stopped, Listening, Then Pushed you Out Of the way as a Zombie Jumped Out of the Shrubs, Biting Down On Liz's Ankle "Ngh!" She Shot it in the Head, Then Fell Over, But Not turning.
  Liz / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 105d 3h 32m 57s
She looked nervous. "Can you think of a nickname, if your name hurts so much?"
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 105d 3h 37m 35s
"Thanks..." Se Sighed, Filled with Grief and Depression
  Liz / MaggieTheTreeQueen / 105d 3h 47m 51s
She chuckled. [I "no worries, Liz, i won't say that"]
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 105d 3h 51m 33s
"Elizabeth Tabitha Meyers." She said, Embarrassed "Jeez i Sound Like my Parents when i say my whole name."
  Liz / OpalTheHopeful16 / 112d 12m 7s
"Liz? What's your full name?" she asked, sort of curious
"I'm Liz" She said, Carrying her thing to Chisolté's Base
  Liz / OpalTheHopeful16 / 112d 5h 41m 56s
She looked to her. "Chisolté. I live here. In grabbing from the stores before taking it to my place" she said as she walked forward.
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 112d 5h 46m 55s
She Started to Follow her "So what's your name? and where are you from?" She Asked
  Liz / CharaDreemurr201X / 114d 14h 33m 46s
"hurry up" she called, grabbing her wagon. She started walking, heading towards a store
  chíѕσlté αrmαgєddσn / Bloody_Eve / 114d 14h 36m 18s
"O-okay! T-thank you so much! You Won't regret it. promise." She ran back to grab her things
  Liz / CharaDreemurr201X / 114d 15h 39m 7s

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