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When he was gone he looked back at Jackson and smiled. "What are you looking at?" She said with a laugh. "Come on, breakfast time."
  Ally / d1gn17y / 1h 20m 42s
Jackson watched her all wrapped in the sheet and gorgeous. He knew the guy bringing everything is was wondering how he got so lucky.
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 2h 16m 15s
"As soon as we have breakfast, we will head down to swim." Ally kissed him and as soon as she pulled back their breakfast arrived. She wrapped the sheets around her and went to the door, letting them in to place the breakfast on a table.
  Ally / d1gn17y / 4h 53m 23s
Jackson nodded, “I’d like that, I need to swim for awhile.”
  Jackson / Polkadotrocker / 4h 57m 48s
Ally smiled and looked up at him. "It's our vacation babe. We can do whatever you want to do. We can certainly go swimming. With the weather being so nice most people will be out on the beach. I bet the hotel pool will be quiet."
  Ally / d1gn17y / 5h 4m 39s
Jackson held her, “Can we swim today? I swam in rehab.”
  Jackson / Polkadotrocker / 5h 5m 50s
Ally sighed and joined her hand with his. "I know you are baby." She said, not knowing what she could say to him to calm them.
  Ally / d1gn17y / 5h 24m 20s
“I love you more, but Ally...I’m worried.” He said his hand finding her bump.
  Jackson / Polkadotrocker / 5h 25m 25s
Ally smiled and nodded her head, satisfied with the choice he had made before she rang down to reception to ask for breakfast to be brought up to their room. She sighed happily, falling back into his arms and lay her head on his chest. "I love you."
  Ally / d1gn17y / 7h 51m 24s
“We should have breakfast up here on the balcony and watch the water, too many people down there.” Jackson said. He was a private person and even though he was a musician, he wasn’t social.
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 16h 42m 14s

Ally smiled, glad to hear that he was able to get a decent night sleep. “Perfect because I am starving. Shall we have something brought up here or shal we go down to the beach for breakfast?”
  Ally / d1gn17y / 16h 56m 14s
Jackson nodded, “I did, and now I’m ready for breakfast with my beautiful wife.”

  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 17h 2m 7s
Ally wasn’t sure how well Jackson would have slept after their passionate night together but she hoped he did. She woke up the to most serene of sounds and the feel of Jackson kissing her forehead. She looked up at him and smiled towards him. “Did you manage to get any sleep?”
  Ally / d1gn17y / 17h 8m 4s
The next morning Jackson woke up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. It took him a moment to remember where he was and why but then he saw Ally and kissed her forehead gently.
  Jackson / polkadotrocker / 17h 11m 49s
Ally smiled and moved round to straddle him as they kissed. “Now let’s see if I can’t help you get a little bit of sleep tonight.” She raised her eyebrow suggestively and started to kiss him once more, pulling his shirt over his head.
  Ally / d1gn17y / 17h 13m 6s

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