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Jayfeather was surprised by Liz hugging him and he tried to hug her back but she just let go and went away, his forest green eyes staring at her as she went. He broke away from Bylss, following behind his sister. They had the same class.
  AngelStrike- / 1y 133d 2h 46m 13s
She Hugged her Brother "I'm sorry." she then let go and went to her class, afraid of how her brother would react. "I really hope he doesn't tease me again..."
  Liz / CharaDreemurr201X / 1y 138d 20h 58m 39s
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And then without another word, Blyss took a step in and hugged Jayfeather, her head on her chest as her eyes turned to Liz. She waved with one hand to her chest. She then let go of Jayfeather as she frowned at his sleeves, looking back up at Jayfeather's face. [#9400D3 "Jayfeather? Are you okay? What are you hiding?" ] She said with a frown.

She looked over at Liz, expecting an answer from her.
  -ViperStrike- / 1y 142d 14h 51m 44s
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Jayfeather smiled at the sight of his friend, tugging on the bottom of his forest green sweater. He had been cutting again because of the mental and physical abuse and he refused to let even his sister know. And not to mention since he was magic, he had forest green coloured blood instead of the normal red.

He thought of it as just another reason for his friends to be creeped out by him and leave so he hid it. He also didn't mean to be so mean to Liz, he was just always stressed and his parents were always punching, kicking and yelling at him. He just hugged Blyss, knowing that Leo would show up to take care of his sister as he always did because he was her friend too.
  AngelStrike- / 1y 142d 14h 58m 10s
Liz Looked Like a Valley girl, but in Truth she was a Complete Geek. She Loved Everything anime, Science and History. She didn't have any friends though. She was As lonely as a Person could Be. All She had was Her Books and Her Brother, Who wasn't very nice to her in the first place, because he Called Her Names Like Geek Or Dork. And She Agreed, She Just didn't like the way He Used them
  Liz / CharaDreemurr201X / 1y 142d 15h 27m 37s
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Blyss was a best friend of Jayfeather and she hated the rumours going around about him and it was honestly really all sick to her. She skipped down the hallway to where she knew Jayfeather was at this time before school, his locker that was filled with green herbs. She stopped beside him, poking his side.

She had grey hair that was black at the roots, clear glasses adorning her face along with her lightly tanned lips and skin. She wore a hoodie, wearing black tight leggings on and some sneakers. She was a sprinter for the school and she showed it, the wings on the back of her hoodie holding their team name underneath the hood.
  -ViperStrike- / 1y 144d 17h 29m 30s
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There were rumours that the two siblings were being abused at home and they were even more rumours that they were rejects and freaks. Jayfeather was the one that was teased because he was so quiet and by the look of his 6'3 frame, you'd thought he would play football. Instead, he grew herbs and flowers so most of the school called him "The Herb Sissy" because they thought he was even trans at some point.

He wore forest green coloured everything except his torn black jeans, wearing a forest green sweater and shoes as his black hair covered his eyes. He was at his locker, his sister right beside him but soon she left to go hang out with her fake friends, leaving him there.
  AngelStrike- / 1y 144d 17h 47m 26s

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