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[b She] was an Actress.
An Actress who when behind a camera, was simply perfection. A real gift, she had in portraying characters that writers had written with their heart.
[b She] seemed to have it all. Money. Fame. Fans, but behind the camera behind closed doors, the Actress was miserable. Having been divorced twice already at the age of 28, sleeping around to get where she was, being a drunk. Fame and Fortune, wasn't everything.

[b He] was an Actor.
An Actor whose background was British and excelled in the British Arts. Shakespeare on stage was his starting point, however the handsome English man who was tall and ever so rug-ed became known as the new Actor portraying James Bond.
[b He] was a world wide sensation and everyone knew his name.

[b They] both signed on to film a movie in Africa.
Truth be told, [b He] refused at the beginning due to word in ear that even though she was a siren and America's sweetheart, her life was an utter mess and had no control of it. He wanted a professional to play his love interested. An Actress great on screen and off screen.

[b They] did not get along.

The longer they were together, the more they started to grow on one another.

What happens next?
Entirely up to you.

[b She] - played by me.
[b He] - played by you.

PM me if interested.


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Thank you for the story.

Really appreciate it.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 266d 14h 15m 5s
Emily craved him.
Trace was an addiction, an addiction better than the cocaine she had just snorted.
He was bad but having him was just so damn good and her body showed it from all of his touches.
Her body would shudder.
Her knees would go weak.
The heat inbetween her legs would get so hot that she would get wet, exactly showing how horny Trace made her feel.

Pressing hard against the wall, breasts pushed up hard against, Trace only pressed up harder where she could feel his hardness against her ass.
Her mouth open, Emily moaned softly and bit her lower lip - trying ever so hard to turn around and simply push him away and say no.

She couldnt.
She wanted this.

[i "I want you. I want you in this house every night that we have. All I know is that I can't stop thinking about you or looking for you. I need you like I need oxygen, and I won't take you playing victim anymore. Let's start listening to each other. You know I know how to make you tick."]
[b "Deal, we will listen to each other. Listen to me now...make me scream. But make it quick, people will be looking for you..."] Emily spoke, breathing heavily from the feeling of Traces hand sliding up her dress - causing a gasp in her throat.

In reality, she should of just turned around and pushed him out the door for playing such a game.
Playing with her emotions and her affection, but .... she would of done the same thing.
Perhaps she taught Trace well.

All she wanted was to have fun during these 3 months, right?
It wasn't like she waanted a life long companion.

How on earth could she find that in Trace Anderws, when he was already married?

The two agreed to begin to listen to each other, an action that should of been done from the very beginning.

[b "We can do this ...3 ways. 1. You make me scream out your name now.. 2...We go downstairs and have a good time, get drunk... or 3 ...You kick everyone out, right now ..and i'll scream your name louder, louder than today.."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 338d 18h 13m 29s
She looked so fucking good with her breasts and stomach pressed up against the wall. Trace felt the heat pounding between them as well as his heartbeat. He leaned his lips closer to her, so she smelled the whiskey on his breath as always. He was still wearing the evergreen cologne from before. Trace was just waiting to hear what she would say. His breaths were coming more labored as his crotch was finally pressed up against the person he really wanted it to be. He didn't care about the plastic Barbie down there. Trace wanted [i her.] He wanted Emily Winthorpe.

Trace kept his large hand on her upper thigh, tracing small patterns on it as he stayed just behind her. The door was closed, so he knew no one would hear them. Especially with the music downstairs. But, even then, he didn't really care if anyone did at this point.

[i "Tell me what you want me to do..and I'll do it. Trace, please tell me what you want from me....I dont know what to do. I'm so confused.."] Her words sounded desperate when she spoke. He didn't know what the hell he was doing either. He was confused off his ass. Trace just knew he wanted her. It was overwhelming every sense in his body. He was turning into a bumbling fool but a lust driven one at that.

Leaning in, Trace started to whisper until he heard her next words. [i "I dont want that. I really dont...."] He knew she wanted him to act. Pressing his crotch harder against her from behind, he claimed her earlobe again and spoke hotly against her. [b "I want you. I want you in this house every night that we have. All I know is that I can't stop thinking about you or looking for you. I need you like I need oxygen, and I won't take you playing victim anymore. Let's start listening to each other. You know I know how to make you tick."] His hand went further up her thigh, slipping under her dress.
  Trace Andrews / bubbles12 / 339d 19h 16m 14s
The inkling of the fake ass woman and Trace was right.
Standing there after speaking a smart ass comment about the guest, Emily nodded, knowing full well with what she thought deep down was completely right and utterly true.

It was all to make her jealous.
The closeness of the two. The woman backing up against Trace, grinding her ass against his crotch as they both danced to the music was all for show.
All to get a rise out of Emily but she didnt take the bait, she could of made a scene and if it wasnt for them getting on a level of emotion earlier in the day, she would have. All she was now just hurt by his actions and upset at the fact all those memories came flooding back.

"I knew it..."

Yes, she was being a hypocrite.
Yes, all of her words would have an impact on him and he had every right to snap back at her and she was prepared for it, but there was nothing.
Trace held is ground.
Did not speak ill of her even though Emily was pretty sure he was thinking of it.

He was always on her mind.
Even when she slept
The last thing she thought about and the first thing she thought of. No man had ever has this effect.
"You dont need to be worried about me. I just...dont feel like in a partying mood.." she replied, going to the bed and began to make it.
A made bed was always nice the moment one decided to crash for the night.

A messy bed was the devils doing.

It was while straightening up that she spoke words on her leaving the Villa in the morning.
Tonight she would pack her things and leave when Trace was asleep.
It was the right thing to do.
Or was it?

Before Emily knew it, Trace approached her in such a way, he held himself like a man.
A man who spun her around and pressed her against the bare wall - stomach and breasts tight against as he positioned himself behind her.
Feeling his warmth.
Smelling his whiskey sweet breath against her face as he lent in close - lips tugging at her earlobe that made the girl weak in the knees and a slow close of her eyes the moment his hand..a single hand traced her inner thigh.

"Tell me what you want me to do..and I'll do it. Trace, please tell me what you want from me....I dont know what to do. I'm so confused.." she whispered.
The door closed.
The music loud downstairs where no one can hear screams of pleasure.

"I dont want that. I really dont...."
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 339d 19h 52m 23s
Trace finally saw her when she came out from the bathroom. There was white powder around her nose. Of course, she was using cocaine again. Emily had no sign of makeup anymore. Was she giving up? This wasn't like her. She [i started] this. Emily was beckoning him to one up her. He even begun to worry about her with her silence and absence at the party he was holding. Emily never gave up a good party. Only this time she did. He didn't know what to do or say until she pushed his buttons for the millionth time that night.

[i "Why are you in here? The blonde isnt fun enough for you?"] Her words were unkind, ruthless even. Didn't she want him to go chasing after her? Wasn't this her game? Trace clenched his jaw, shaking his head. [b "So you did see that. Actually, I was worried about you. I know you never say no to a party, so I thought you'd enjoy. The blonde was just to make you jealous."] Trace knew full well that she would do the same to him. He just thought of it first.

Then, she spoke words that he never thought he would hear. [i "I'm tired of this Trace. Trying to up one another. Play these games. I'm exhausted..."] She was [i exhausted?] How the hell did she earn that right? Trace was starting to breath in and out heavier, clenching then unclenching his fists. She was still beautiful without the makeup. Why was that in his mind when he was supposed to be so angry at her? She was playing the games. She started the games. Hell, he was exhausted too, but he was also intoxicated by her.

[i "I cannot go 3months of this. Constantly fighting with you. Trying to be better than you. I like you..alot more than I should and I dont know why. All you wish to do is hurt me..."] He scoffed again. She couldn't do this with [i him?] He wasn't the difficult one. Well, not all the time. He knew Emily wished to hurt him just as much. Trace was just fuming. She made him so fucking mad, but she knew how to do it in more ways than one. There was something about her that was turning him on right now. She wasn't dressed up in any makeup, just naturally standing there.

As she shrugged, Trace just bit his lip. She wasn't going to just act like he didn't mean anything to her. He would show her that she was wrong to do that. He would show her she was still on his mind and that he should be on hers.

[i "You win. I'll pack and go back to the hotel first thing in the morning. I cannot stand by and watch you with other women. I cant. Go..have a good time. I'll be fine here.."]

He didn't want other women, and she knew that full well. He would make sure she knew that. Trace didn't say anything a moment. He was just breathing heavily in and out. His eyes traced over her, every curve, every bit of skin showing. He couldn't handle her. He couldn't fucking stand her. But he needed her.

Finally, he moved. He walked towards her with a purpose. Trace was in front of her in no time, and he didn't waste. His hand went to her chin to pull her into a hard, passionate and hungry kiss. She needed to be taught a lesson. He could hear the loud, sensual music below as he took one lustful look at her before turning her around and pushing her up against the wall, his body pressed up against her from behind. Possessively tugging at her earlobe, Trace spoke hotly against her, hand trailing up her thigh. [b "You know you don't want that..."]
  Trace Andrews / bubbles12 / 339d 20h 32m 10s
Emily got more into the feelings that she wanted.
Trace was everything she swore to stay away from but each and every time she found herself falling under his masculine spell and unable to stay away.
The party was an idea that seemed right at the time. Who didnt love to party? Mingle with other people high up in the food chain and perhaps get headhunter for another part or a collab?

However, it was standing on those stairs that Emily realised that this party was only a party to make one feel better.
To make one have fun and try to forget one another with god knows what. It was obvious that the two enjoyed playing games with one another however it was Emily who started it.
Trace was just trying to finish it.

Game well played.

Standing in the bathroom, looking at her reflection in the mirror knowing full well the bedroom was not secure and locked up, that her ears stood up a little more upon hearing the music get louder from downstairs.
A make up wipe, soon Emily removed the clown paint from her face, undid her hair and took the shoes off from her feet - kicking them to the side.

Leaning down with a note rolled up - she did a line.
A line that made her feel warm and shudder with excitement.
Straightening up - nose rubbed she sighed.

A sigh came again the moment she heard Traces voice came from her bedroom.
A voice asking if she was alright.

What did he care?

Stepping from the sink, Emily wandered out looking plain, uncared for and stood in the bedroom where Trace stood.
"Why are you in here? The blonde isnt fun enough for you?" She spoke.

Rubbing her nose once more, she sighed. Knowing her words were still unkind.
"I'm tired of this Trace. Trying to up one another. Play these games. I'm exhausted..." she spoke softly, no longer mad or angry..just trying to be calm. "I cannot go 3months of this. Constantly fighting with you. Trying to be better than you. I like you..alot more than I should and I dont know why. All you wish to do is hurt me..."

Running fingers through her long hair, Emily looked down for a moment before looking back at Trace with a shrug of her shoulders.
"You win. I'll pack and go back to the hotel first thing in the morning. I cannot stand by and watch you with other women. I cant. Go..have a good time. I'll be fine here.."
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 339d 21h 13m 8s
Trace didn’t notice her coming down the stairs. He was too busy bumping up against someone he didn’t really care about. It was supposed to make her jealous. She was supposed to be mad and pout that lip and yell words tailored to him like she always did. This is what they did. She would do something to make him mad then he would one up her. They always ended up together in some hot tryst in the end. Trace still didn’t see her. Surely, she would hear the music. She could hear the people talking and the glasses clinking. Not to mention that there were people splashing around in the pool.

[i Where are you...] As it got later, he removed himself from the plastic woman he was dancing against and threw more alcohol down. He was growing a bit tipsy, and he didn’t want himself drunk tonight. Trace couldn’t forget what she did to him the last time he was drunk. Yes, she made him mad in the pool. She treated him like someone to sleep with during the three month stay. Maybe he was, but it infuriated him more than it should.

Trace strode over and turned up the sound on the stereo. Several drunk partygoers cheered, but he didn’t do it for them. He was trying to wake up Sleeping Beauty from her nap. He was trying to entice her with the party like steak on a stick.

Why wasn’t she showing up? Trace found himself wondering about her. What if she was hurt? What if she’d done something to herself? When he didn’t see her in the crowds or in the pool, he set off for her room. Trace was actually starting to think that this wasn’t a good idea. Her door was slammed shut, and Trace didn’t think to knock. He just opened the doorknob and rushed in. When he didn’t see her at first, it only heightened his sense. [b “Emily!? Are you alright?”]
  Trace Andrews / bubbles12 / 339d 21h 49m 18s
Perhaps the way she acted was not the appropriate manner.
There came a time where Emily shut it all out and remembering it all broke her in half, but when Trace asked, she spoke her truth.
Let it all out, pouring her heart and told him about her passed when it was not even his business.
However with caring for him the way she did, having all that affection and desperatly wanting - perhaps falling for him that was the feeling she was experiencing. It was when it was all over that she realised what she had said, letting Trace have all the cards in the deck that she turned into a defender.
Someone who acted like she wasnt broken for it all coming back.

Laying on the bed - turning pages with her fingers trying ever so hard to forget that there...on the expensive mattress and Egyptian cotton sheets that she cried softly.
Wiping tears away from her face and slowly - shifting her body under the sheets, it was with the water running from the next room that slowly she fell asleep.
Little did she know the upcoming party that Trace had planned.

Walking up to the thumping of the music, Emily fluttered her eyes open and looked straight ahead, trying to come too and figure out what it was that was happening.
Music played.
Glasses clinked.
People spoke loudly as if they didnt know that Emily was in the same house.

That was right.
They didnt know.

Slowly getting up - Emily wandered to the door and opened it up just a quick snap and listened in.
A party.
A damn good one. A party she needed to attend obviously.

Trace really wanted to annoy her. She didnt blame him considering the way she treated him in the pool earlier.
However, closing the door, it was with a quick shower that made her skin smell of sweet vanilla and musk that she got out - dried down - got dressed in a tight leopard print dress that was short, thin spaghetti straps with thigh high boot heels upon her dainty feet.
Hair up in a messy bun - make up upon her face, it was not long until she sprayed perfume and made her way to the party.
Hand upon the railing, slowly she made her way down the stairs only to stop halfway as her eyes wandered the people they fell onto Trace who was getting all close - hot and grinding against a woman who was plastic.
A phat ass.
Big tits.

Perhaps that was the type of woman he wanted.

Seeing them made her stop dead in her tracks.
Seeing them made her blood boil and clench her jaw and make a face of hurt.

Breathing heavily, Emily looked away - wiped her face and wanted to run.
However, all she did was turn around and wandered back up the stairs and back into her room with a slam of the door.

"Asshole..." she muttered to herself and shifted into the ensuite bathroom and opened up a drawer.
Inside - she pulled out her magic powder and cut lines.

One could not go to that party sober
Especially seeing the man she wanted - giving attention to another woman.
She was jealous and ever so angry.

Emily obviously wasnt the type of woman he longed for.
All she was ..was a hole to fill. Now it was obvious.

Payback right?

It hurt.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 339d 22h 50m 54s
Emily’s response was sassy as always. [i Where did that come from?] Trace was actually trying to be nice to her for once. He was trying to understand what she’d been through, but she just responded back like her usual vile little self that the pervert ended up in jail but for tax evasion. If he were here, he would have made sure to sue the man and make him pay for what he truly was. Trace wasn’t sure what he did because she didn’t say much. It was normally her doing the talking, but they seemed to switch roles.

With one kiss softly to his lips, she just pulled back. It was like she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. [i Of course, she just wants what I can offer below the belt.] he considered, beginning to hate himself for ever falling into bed with her. Trace knew to trust his gut. The second he saw her, he had doubted her and her acting skills. He should’ve trusted himself..

Emily didn’t stop there. She went on a tangent about selling him some secret about her that she hadn’t told anyone before. Emily was right. He’d researched some about her, seeing the rumors about men and drugs that he knew were true. No one knew about her past in sexual abuse. Emily now acted like she was telling him something about her for him to return. It just made him more angry... [i “A loss of a wife is nothing compared to that.”] Trace just glared at her form as she moved his arms away from her.

[i “Thanks for the fuck.”]

Oh, how much he wanted to shut her up at that comment. Now, she has to run off and play victim like she always does. He could never win with her. She confused him as all hell and pushed his buttons like no one else. Trace just watched her leave, wanting the last laugh.

[i Fine Emily, run away again like you always do.]

Trace pulled himself out of the water, drying himself off with a towel and throwing it in the hamper angrily. He took a quick shower to clean off and then pulled on a nice button up and pants with shined shoes. Slicking back his hair, Trace felt good. Then he went to calling everyone he knew. He sent them the Villa address and waited for them to arrive, setting out all the alcohol in the expansive cabinets and made sure to call up some of his pretty former actresses.

As he blasted the music, Trace didn’t bother asking Emily if she minded a party. He wanted one, so there was enough reason in itself. He didn’t have to ask little miss bitch about it. He was already drinking whiskey. Trace eyed the women as they entered, some wearing skimpy outfits. [i Perfect...] When everyone was in and conversing, he went to an old flame before his wife and he were married. He met her at his remake of Tombstone, and she played his love interest. She’d always been all over him, but he never let her win until now.

Walking up behind the blonde bombshell with huge boobs and a shapely ass, he began grinding against her from behind. He wanted Emily to see it and be jealous. He wanted her to realize what she was missing. [i Get your ass down here Winthorpe.]
  Trace Andrews / bubbles12 / 339d 23h 23m 24s
Emily knew what Trace as speaking of when he spoke a sentence mentioning the word "wife".
Unlucky for him, she wasn't his wife and perhaps would never be, but that was another conversation for another time - way into the future if they had one.

Growing up, Emily's life was full of lights and full of men that came and went through their house.
Her Mother, Vivianne was indeed a beautiful young woman and could dance like a leaf in wind, she was smart, articulate but when it came to the heart ad her choice in men, she was awful.
Her last conquest was a man named Steve.
Well to do, had money, came from a decent family but behind closed doors - not only did he hurt Vivianne - her daughter was the one that drove him wild.
A teenager in her own right, things were done that she wasn't even ready for.
By a certain age, she was made into a "woman" - and although she knew it was wrong, she simply could not pull away as Steve had too much control.
It was their in her mind that she chose to become someone different a for a while, she wouldn't be Emily - whose mother chose wrong men, was alcohol depended, whose man was disgusting.

Drugs were introduced by her own self.
To forget the past tat haunted her.
The men, well, to make her feel somewhat loved and wanted as again, the past never gave her a single solid bit of it.

Why she decided to tell Trace all of this, was something she did not know.

[i "Were would this pervert be now? You could squash him like a bug if you wanted. That is strength to me.”] Trace spoke as he watched Emily again, once more took a large swig of the drink - her ears listening intently.
[b "Where all criminals go when they do something really bad to young girls, but it wasn't for that. Tax evasion. Can you believe it?..."] she replied, slinking herself back into the water, resting up against the side of the pool where she stood infront of Trace.

His whole demeanour changed.

He went from - desperately wanting the girl who now, he couldn't step away back enough.
Guess he got what he wanted - sex and an answer to his question.

There were many questions she wanted to ask him, but deep down inside, it was truly none of her business.
Knowing of his wife and if he was happy was none of her business, so she did not ask - instead, she lent in and kissed his lips softly only to feel his hands upon her waist but the hunger they just had was gone.
It seemed to feel, he was not sure.

[i “I told you once. This is our secret. No one knows about this, or you know what I will do. We need each other, so we should have each other.”]

Pulling back, Emily stared at Trace and raised an eyebrow at his words.
Again, he mentioned on this being a secret.
Again, he mentioned on him ruining her life and career if she spilt the beans and their sexcapades.

[b "I have just told you something of my past that no one, knows. I just gave you the upper hand..."] she spoke, keeping her eyes on him. [b "You know about the drugs, the constant sex with men. You now know about my past that if it gets out in the open, can make people pity me. If any of this comes out, I will be in the one with the ruined career that I have worked so hard for. A loss of a wife, is nothing compared to that."]

Turning to the side, Emily moved Trace's arm up and off from her body before slowly wandering through the water, to the stairs a second time.
One foot in front of the other slowly, hand upon the railing that glistening from the sun, she stepped out of the pool.

[b "Thanks for the fuck..."]

Snatching the towel from the sun baking chair, annoyed - Emily dried herself off as she headed towards the entry back into the Villa and made her way inside.
Towel in the hamper to get washed, slowly the sun was going down - putting an end to the day.

Up the stairs, Emily found herself on top of the bed, lying on her stomach - naked and started to read the recent magazine of gossip, turning the pages, aware at the fact that now ....Trace had more ammo than she did.
He had more power than her now.

And Emily, willingly handed it all to him.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 340d 31m 2s
When he’d said that he wished she were his wife, he didn’t mean that she, Emily Winthorpe, would become Emily Andrews. He meant that he wished she were Lydia, his already wife. Trace wanted this to be completely moral, but it wasn’t. Emily led him down the rabbit hole of sinfulness, and he followed all the way. Maybe you could say one time was to drink and drugs, but they’d followed it up with a tryst in the pool. He was completely sober then. Her screams were intoxicating though, and the way she moaned as he entered her... [i Get a grip Trace.] But it wasn’t possible. In this game of car and mouse, Trace had fallen in the mouse trap for now.

Emily returned herself almost tantalizingly to the same spot she was when he initiated the sex. His eyes roamed over her body as she leaned backward to the sun, tanning her already golden body. He was going to challenge her. Trace Andrews would not be the man she controlled with a certain look of her eye. No, he wanted her to explain more then that to him. He wanted her to open up. In a way, he would have more of the power. She knew about his wife, and he knew she liked it best when no feelings were involved. She was happy with one night stands and no one to come home too. Or was he so sure about that?

Trace stood in the pool a moment more, his strong, muscular chest in the sun before walking to place both hands on the edge of the pool where her legs were dangling in. He didn’t expect what she said next. Running a hand through his dark hair with his wet hand, Trace looked up at her with something new. Was it pity? [b “Damn, I had no idea you were sexually assaulted. No child, hell, no one deserves that. You aren’t worthless. Look at you now. You’re the highest paid actress of 2018, and you can basically tell anyone what you want, and they will scramble to get it. Were would this pervert be now? You could squash him like a bug if you wanted. That is strength to me.”]

Trace didn’t really know why he said that, but she needed to hear it. Yes, he wasn’t her biggest fan. Initially he copped her bad attitude up to a spoiled rich girl upbringing that just wanted to wreck homes and ruin lives. If this was all true, he was wrong. Of course, he still had some doubts, and he would research more later. He wouldn’t put it below Emily to fabricate the story to make him respect her or something. In the meantime, he gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Trace leaned heavily into the edge of the pool on his arms that rested on either side of her legs. But it was in deep brought, not lust. She was right. She must have done some research to know his wife was a successful businesswoman in her own right and that they hardy saw each other. Deep down, he did have doubt. Was he just married to her to keep the press happy? Was [i he, Trace Andrews,] happy?

Then, she began sinking into the water in front of him, and he made room for her. His hands framed her in against the edge, but he wasn’t pressed against her. There was some distance. Then, she spoke what she wanted from him.

[i “Dont you ever doubt the wanting I have for you. I think it’s list, honestly, I haven’t ever felt this feeling before.”] She was right. It was lust and a hell of a lot of it. In the same way, she was right again. He had never felt the need for someone like he did for her. Trace was in short of words intoxicated by her.

Then, she was touching him again. Her hands went to his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him. His eyes went to hers a moment before finally running his hands from the edge of the pool to her sides. [b “I told you once. This is our secret. No one knows about this, or you know what I will do. We need each other, so we should have each other.”]
  Trace Andrews / bubbles12 / 340d 8h 18m 41s
The screams of Trace hitting the right spot - filled the backyard of the villa.
Groans of him releasing himself inside her was loud just the same.

As it was all over, Emily did not want it to be over.
A woman could have multiple orgasms and still want more and in this case, she still wanted Trace to be inside her - showing her the greatest pleasure she had ever known.
It was the best sex she ever had.

How was that even possible?

Many men had shared her affection and her bed, but nothing ever felt as good as this.
Perhaps it was the thrill of him being married. A forbidden affair, steamy hate towards one another but that was another thing, Emily did not hate him.

Wandering out of the Villa, straight through the opening of the fresh bi fold doors that were pushed to the sides, Emily walked out - naked, glistening wet from the water of the pool with a bottle of expensive wine in the palm of her hand.
Bringing it up with a bend of her elbow, she wrapped her full pouty lips that were red raw from all the kissed around the opening of the bottle and took one large swig, a large swig of the drink before asking Trace a question, solid as gold.

It was a question that was forward, but it needed to be said.
Passing the bottle of wine over to Trace who remained silent, Emily kept her eyes on the most incredible, handsome looking man she had ever seen before slowly, sitting down on the edge of the pool - legs dangling in the water.

[i “You know what I really want? I want you to be my wife. I want this to be right, but it isn’t.”]

Emily raised her eyebrow softly up.
Trace spoke on wanting her to be his wife and for all this to be right and it took her by surprise.
Surprise on how she felt the same in such a short amount of time.

[b "That was ...honest of you..."] she replied, leaning back in the position she was in when Trace showed up and sat behind her.
Hands behind - basking in the sunshine, smiling - happy that she had her man ... well, somewhat had him.

It was with a single moment of silent and more swigs of wine that finally, the silence was broke by a long speech by the Actor who wanted to know things.
The truth of it all and it made Emily sit up straight, a little uncomfortable but if he wanted to know, then so be it.

[i "....but you need to be honest with me. Why? Why do you fill your bed with pointless men and drugs and alcohol? Why are you this way? You can’t always be bitchy. There’s more to this.. us when we’re inside each other. We get along."]
[b "I didn't have ..a kind upbringing. My mother was a show girl in Vegas who ...had many admirers. One, who became serious with my Mother....seemed to enjoy my company rather than her. To endure all of it, I ...had to become someone else in my head. Did the drugs to forget. Slept with feel some self of worth, like I wasn't trash."] she spoke, slowly moving her long legs in the water.

[i "I know I’m married. But in all honesty, I don’t know if I’m happy with her either. We hardly see each other once every couple of months. And hell, I never felt for her the lust I feel for you. Tell me what that means.”]
[b "You both have jobs that keep you away from one another. It's natural to feel..some sort of doubt..."] Emily replied, slowly sinking into the water once more, in front of Trace, keeping her eyes upon him. [b "but don't you ever doubt, the wanting I have for you. I think its lust, honestly, I have never felt this feeling before and ... it hasn't been that many men in my bed either, despite what they say..."]

Emily smiled as she placed both hands upon Trace's broad shoulders and lent in - kissing his lips for a short moment before pulling away.
[b "What do you think it means? You need I need you.. ..."]
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 340d 9h 23m 33s
The pool was just as intoxicating as the bed as water sloshed around them in their frenzied heat. They’d wanted each other so badly that they couldn’t wait any longer. She begged for him, and he obliged. It would have been any mans dream really. They were living together in a million dollar Villa in exotic Africa, banging each other when they felt they wanted and eating food and drink prepared for them. But Trace was used to it. Well, he was used to all of it except a certain woman named Emily Winthorpe. She should have been Lydia Andrews, his wife. He should be enjoying and pleasuring his wife like this, not the one woman who set out to destroy everything in his life without remorse. But then there was a power game between them, possibly bringing him to her ever more. They both had power and connections and money and heads on top of their shoulders. Blackmail wouldn’t be hard, but they both felt this. They both felt the lust at least, and Trace let himself fall weak to her.

[i Maybe weak was supposed to feel this good.]

Trace was still so confused. Why was he doing this and feeling this way? Emily was supposed to be the one actress he hated and disrespected the most, but he let her reputation fall all over him like sickly, sweet honey. He still hadn’t called his wife. Would he ever? Those questions needed answering, but he’d waiting until after their most recent love making session in the pool.

As she kissed him, Trace felt his heart racing and chest still heaving from the exertion. Just like that, she let him go as if she trapped him in some spell he was finally waking from except he wasn’t waking. Emily has a hold on him that he never saw coming, but he had just the same on her. She may have acted like a bitch on steroids, but there was a reason behind it that Trace wanted to get to.

A naked Emily walked out of the pool, drinking expensive wine straight from the bottle as she sensually asked him what he wanted. [i Damnit Emily, I’m still figuring it out.] Running a hand through his dark hair, Trace thought a moment albeit hard after their sex and her naked body prancing around before him. They had three months. His wife wasn’t around. They were alone, and there was no one to stop him except himself.

His body was still dripping wet as she stood in front of him, taunting him to say what she wanted him to say. Trace took a few more moments to think, not looking at her yet. Closing his large hand around the wine, he brought it to his lips for a long sip before bringing his eyes to latch onto hers in their deep pools to his soul. [b “You know what I really want? I want you to be my wife. I want this to be right, but it isn’t.”] He paused again and took another long sip of wine, needing it to continue speaking.

[b “Here’s the thing. I wasn’t supposed to want to fuck you everytime I look at you. I was supposed to despise you, but, frankly Emily, I don’t. I don’t hate you, no matter how much I want to. But you need to be honest with me. Why? Why do you fill your bed with pointless men and drugs and alcohol? Why are you this way? You can’t always be bitchy. There’s more to this.. us when we’re inside each other. We get along. I know I’m married. But in all honesty, I don’t know if I’m happy with her either. We hardly see each other once every couple of months. And hell, I never felt for her the lust I feel for you. Tell me what that means.”]
  Trace Andrews / bubbles12 / 340d 17h 52m 43s
Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.
Anyone who is observant, who discovers the person they have always dreamed of, knows that sexual energy comes into play before sex even takes place. The greatest pleasure isn't sex, but the passion with which it is practiced. When the passion is intense, then sex joins in to complete the dance, but it is never the principal aim.

It was all over.

It was passionate and intense and it was everything that she imagined when it came to fucking the married Bond Actor in the pool.
When it was all done, Emily turned around and lent back against the wall of the swimming hole and wrapped her legs around Trace's waist, a different position than what was earlier as he was screwing the Actress from behind.

Questions were raised by him speaking on what it was they were to do now and honestly, Emily kept her eyes on the man that drove her crazy with wanting affection and pure annoyance.
She didn't say anything.
Kept quiet for a moment before shrugging her shoulders as her breasts jiggled somewhat in the water with her movement.

[b "I do not know. All I know is ...that what this is, I don't want it to stop, but we both know it will in 3 months time..."] she muttered, listening to Trace speak on being with her, he felt things... good things, feelings that she had.

Tonight, the Master Suite would be theirs.
Emily had claimed it as Trace backed off and let her win, it being her prize, however now, she wanted to share it with him and with Trace speaking on them sharing it together that night, made her happy.

During their tryst in the water, Trace mentioned that tonight, together they would be in the room and Emily, was all for it.
She didnt want to be alone.

Did anyone?

Leaning in - kissing his mouth gently, it was while their lips were connected that slowly, Emily pushed Trace away from her body and let him go, only to begin to swim towards the other side of the pool.
Her hand grabbed the bottle of wine that rested on the edge and she continued to paddle towards the steps.

Up each one she made and it wasn't long until she was up and out of the water, baring naked with water dripping from her skin - that caused a nice sheen in the sun.

[b "What is it, that you want, Trace?.."] she spoke - drinking the wine from the bottle as she wandered around the pool, only to stand infront of him, looking down upon his gorgeous face.

Emily begun to hate his wife more and more.

She knew that after the 3 months, this would be over.

Perhaps, she should refrain from getting attached.

Another broken heart would happen.
  Emily Winthorpe-- / MeisjeKelly / 1y 138d 1h 6m 11s
He wasn't used to something this strong before. It was like she hit him like a freight train. Emily had him feeling things he never thought he would. He went from thinking he hated her to not stopping thinking [i about] her. Emily's tongue snaked out and licked around his mouth, and Trace felt that familiar sexual growl of desire inside. He watched as Emily stood, running his hands down from her sides as she shook her ass and pushed down her bottoms. It was so [i easy.] She was just begging for him, and he intended to fulfill her wishes, no matter what that meant for him in the future.

As Emily pulled his head into her, Trace obliged and hotly licked over her, tasting her a bit before she pulled him away. This was on her terms too, quite obviously. It was almost as if she knew that he would be unfaithful and with her especially. Emily was a great judge of character or she had a superpower to see that with the way they met. It was inevitable though. They had such a strong magnetic attraction to each other that they couldn't just get rid of each other. Why not fall into it if it was inevitably going to happen?

Emily was quickly slithering into the water and removing her bikini top to which Trace ran his hands over her body as if examining and analyzing what he would do to her. Then she said the words that had him rushing to remove his clothes. [#13b611 "Youll ruin me?... not if I ruin you first. Get naked...get in this pool and fuck me..."] Trace could feel some kind of primal, animal desire all through his body. It was rushing to his manhood, and he was already beginning to grow just at the sight of her before him. Trace already had his shirt off, so he unbuckled his jeans, pushing them down with his boxers to reveal how turned on he was becoming. Trace threw his shoes off quite literally, not caring where they landed.

He then lowered his tall and fit body into the pool, chasing after her like she was holding a line with a steak on it. But in this case she was his prize. [b "If you say so..."] Trace spoke hotly, closing the distance between them rather quickly. They were alone on this paradise of a Villa and in this expansive pool. And they were naked. And they were both horny. There was only one solution to this situation, no matter how sinful it would be.
  Trace Andrews / bubbles12 / 1y 139d 1h 33m 45s

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