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Just keep searching, searching, searching. What do we do? We search, search.

[center I'll go home.]

I don't think I need to say anything about what this is for. Kinda painfully obvious at this point. Oof.

Bad puns aside.

I'm looking for something. Something fun. Something layered. Something that will take my mind on a journey as my fingertips fly over the keyboard.

Perhaps I can find it with a little help.

I'm open to most genres. I do tend to favor some more than others. Some I know I won't do are zombie based one unless the zombies play a very minor role. I've been coming up with quite a bit of sci-fy based plot concepts and characters which is something I didn't do much of before. Could be fun.

I'm a strong writer in terms of skill. I usually put out at least 1500-2000 characters per post but I can do more. It's all a matter of how much I have to work with.

I prefer illustrated/anime/digital art for images. Using real images just makes me feel weird.

I only do MxM or MxF pairings. I prefer to play male characters since I suck worse than a vacuum with a cork shoved in hose at playing females. Which is weird because I'm a girl.

I do enjoy a good fandom based plot. I actually have a few ideas based around some movies and shows I've seen that I kinda have some semblance of an concept for. It's basic at best but if this seems at all interesting, maybe it can be built upon.

I have several other idea/characters that are currently being built so there's some possibility for greatness there as well.

If interested and this hasn't scared anyone off yet, send me a PM.

Thanks for visiting!


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