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Bounty Hunter - is a private citizen with the authority to capture fugitives for a monetary reward given by law enforcement organizations. They function as a universal means of law enforcement. However, they themselves are still subject to the law, and can become wanted criminals when they step outside its boundaries.

While the galactic organization issues bounties on wanted criminals throughout the solar systems, individual planets, in particular like Earth, may have their own personal police force to release and pay for bounties.
[hr ]Bounties
There are three types of bounties out there:
1. ALIVE that means still alive and kicking.
2. DEAD as in you know a being no longer with us.
3. Alive OR Dead it can be either or, just so long as the job gets done.

Although while conditions may vary they generally fall somewhere along these three lines.

|| Rules
Post when you like there are no mandatory posts.
400 characters MINIMUM. Preferably quality over quantity.
Wait for 2 people to post before you do again.
Obviously don’t god-mod. Your not unbeatable you have weaknesses too!
You can attack role-players characters, however the damage if hit or miss is up to the person being attacked.
[hr ]Qualification:

There are no clear qualifications for someone to be a Hunter, save for a desire to become one with that most bounty hunters join the game by registering with Star Bound.

Star Bound is a universal recognized Bounty company. They provide bounty hunters with descriptions of wanted criminals and rumors regarding possible last seen locations.

Although Bounty Hunters are given an issued an official hunters license; Star Bound Hunters are also issued a unique star shape tattoo embedded with code onto the back of their necks. This process is painless and relatively quick. It also severs to identify a Bounty Hunters body should thing go wrong.

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Bounty hunters are paid for only successful captures of wanted fugitives issued by Star Bound, thus many bounty hunters have low-annual incomes and are forced to live frugally in order to survive. However there are many how overcome this by catching the big fish, successfully of course.

|| Skeleton
Puppeteer: Username
Puppet: Characters First; Last Name
Gender/ Identity:
Planet of Origin: where you come from.
Occupation: What do you do for a living? Gaxaly Police? Bounty Hunter? Taxi driver? Interstellar Smuggler? ECT-
Bio: Optional [center [pic https://i.imgur.com/elHQdkQ.gif]]
|| Wanted
Dead or Alive: [b Please Note:] Dead [i is given people permission to kill your character]. Alive [i is denying people permission to kill your character].
Last seen: ]

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Puppeteer: hextheblackcat
Puppet: Paprika Noon
Aliases: Spice
Gender/ Identity: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth the blue planet
Occupation: Starbound Bounty Hunter
Bio: N/A

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