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[center search thread?]
[center [i yep. search thread.]]

[center [pic]]

[left @ my empty activity list : so... we meet again.]

[center ]

[i so, a couple of guidelines,]
first, and the most important point: i'm a kaleidoscopic writer. some days, my activity flourishes, and others? it flops. i promise i'm not intentionally making you wait.
second: my threads come with romantic subplots. no ifs, ands or buts about it! i [i love love], and i'm a cornball! romantic legends only, folks! in all seriousness, though, action, drama, lighthearted stuff, all of that's exciting, but romance's something special. can't have one without the other
third: communicate with me! that's pretty much it.

[i talking plots,]
threads with good dramatic turns, fantasy threads, the far fetched, the dark, the gruesome-- threads with conflict. with substance. with [i sizzle.]

to wrap this up, if you'd be open to figuring something out, or even if you've got a thread or idea of your own you feel i'd be interested in/you've been hoping to explore, that's all encouraged! [ message me!] [right [i ]]

[center [i tl;dr: if you want to write, message me! if you've already messaged me, and i never responded? i'm sorry. es eats my dms up like a motherfucker.]]


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