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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/KQjKR43.jpg]]

[center Fairy tales are real.]
[center That’s right. Fairy tales are [i real.]]
[center As children we are taught about these tales, parents hoping that we might learn some important moral lesson from the stories told; hoping they would shape their children into good human beings; teaching them that good prevailed over evil was supposed to be good for them, right?]
[center Wrong.]
[center It fulfilled many children with a false sense of hope, a false ideal and a false expectation of the world. Most were left disappointed as they grew older and learned of the harsh realities of the world. If they had been taught about the true nature of these fairy tales, the true endings, they might have been able to cope better.]
[center Fairy tales are real.]
[center Not only are fairy tales real, but they are destined to repeat themselves.]
[center The characters we have grown to love and cherish live amongst us and their lives are far from that of a happy ending.]

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[center As the title suggests, I’m looking for some twisted fairy tales. I essentially need characters from fairy tales that come with their own twisted story. The stories that had been told for decades, or centuries in some cases, have been warped so that their tale is far from the truth. The realities are [i much] darker.]
[center If you are interested in exploring a specific fairy tale character and give their story a little bit of spice, please fill in the skeleton below. Please feel free to ‘gender-bend’ any character you wish to and put your own twist on things.]

[center [pic http://worldartsme.com/images/line-dividers-clipart-1.jpg]]

[center [b Pic Link:]]
[center [b Fairy tale character:]]
[center [b Real life name:]]
[center [b Age:]]
[center [b Gender:]]
[center [b Twist:] [i Tell me a little something about the spin you are going to put on your character but don't give it all away. Save some of your dark secrets and sordid tales for the development of the story.]]


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