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[center [h3 Head to Head]]

[center [i A place our Swordsman,Summoner,Warrior,Thief,Blackmage,Knight,Ranger can test their skills out in glorious battle.]]


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[center [h3 A Rematch Huh?]]

[center [b Styles had tried his best to avoid the strike incoming but the thief was too fast. She had plunged her dagger to hit the finishing strike as he saw his HP fall down into zero. He saw his body glowing and a screen in front of his face appeared. Only he could read that hud but it was apparent he was going out like a light.]]

[center [+darkblue A rematch huh? Yeah I'd like that.. Maybe a 1 on 1 when ya level up a bit lassie.]]

[center [b He gave her a grin and like that he had poofed away shattering away into dust in the air.]]

[center [h3 Back To The Warrior]]

[center [b The Warrior had saw blackmage begin his casting knowing he couldn't block he tried to dodge. It was to little avail as the giant fire fist plowed into his body sending him flying back. "90DMG!" read above his head as he gave a light cough. Pushing himself back to his feet he charged the black mage. His striking speed proving to be much more impressive than his evasion. Before he could cleave the Knight into two that same knight had gotten in the way! "5DMG!" this knight hadn't even grabbed Holy Blade hadn't she? He could tell from her beefed up defenses she grabbed a Knight's Training. A garbage build for soloing her attacks would have low accuracy and no bite. In fact she hadn't even attacked! Instead she stood guard! Aelina's shield was raised as she gave Carren a playful wink. Was stuck trying to push at her shield as she shoved back at him.]]

[center [b Frederick had tried his through everything he had to move her aside but she wouldn't budge.]]

[center [+gold Now Carren! Finish this in one more shot! I believe in you complete stranger over the internet who could be secretly a serial killer for I know!]]

[center [b Frederick was caught off by her strange encouragement to her... Ally? Stranger? What was going through this girls head?]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I rolled and you hit your strike Lance. It'll also finish the fight just to let you know.]]
  FH / ShieldHero / 3d 23h 11m 16s
Regardless of the failed logic, Vanessa was relieved that Aelina was going to help. Having her protect Carren changed the entire dynamic of the fight. She and Alabaster could just focus on one opponent, the Pirate. When Alabaster gave her a heads up on what he was about to do, she was glad he had a skill that could do that much damage. Hers served other purposes… [#e3164c “Awesome. If not, I’ll follow up behind you. We got this.”] She smiled back.

His skill was a three-hit combo. Two of them hit, but the third was countered. [#e3164c “No, not again…”] she mumbled as her teammate’s health point dropped. Though it was close, he still had 4 HP. A scratch could finish him.

She ran in to finish what they started. [i ‘Time to follow up.’] However, after that counter, Zack pointed his pistol her way before she could get there. This shot didn’t seem normal. It wasn’t. It bypassed her defense & she lost 50 HP. [#e3164c “Ow! Shit.”] The pain truly caught her off guard. Dang, that hurt. In one go, she was down to 17% health… but she could still beat him. He didn’t expect her to survive. If she made a slightly different build, she wouldn’t have. She couldn’t help but smile. Even with him caught off guard and at death’s door, he still did his best to fight it out. As she stabbed him with the final blow, she said [#e3164c “If we’re crazy, what does that make you for coming this close against both of us? Let’s have a fun rematch sometime.”] Being lvl 5 against two lvl 1 monsters is easy, but against two lvl 1 players… That can end in many different ways.

With the Pirate down, she winced and somehow managed to walk over to Alabaster. Looking over at the other fight, she saw Carren bring the Warrior to around a third of health with his fire magic. [#e3164c “Very nice!] He seemed to be happy about it too.
  Vanessa Marie / Yoruneko / 3d 23h 35m 48s

[Center [Montserrat Carren groaned as he saw players approach. He was not in a good enough mood to be fighting other players, yet still he had readied himself to attack. Before he had a chance to even put one shot in on anyone he saw the pirate aim his pistol towards him and suddenly he was dead.

[+red "Oh come on!]

He exclaimed. It wasn't long before his teammate had brought him back into the fray, as he held his stomach, ever the melodramatic boy he was. He groaned for about a moment before of course recovering.

[+red "I know it's not an SAO situation but that shit still hurts you ass."]

He yelled at the pirate, adding in a few curse words towards the man. Looking at the Knight he chuckled as she spoke before shrugging at her words.

[+red "Seems like it huh?"]

He smirked at the girl.

[+red "I trust you'll know what to do for you. I'll do my part now."]

He brought back his fist, grinning. To anyone unaware of the type of magic the boy used this would seem odd. He launched his fist forward as a ball of fire formed in front of Frederic, slowly morphing into the shape of a burning fist as it slammed directly into the man, dealing a heavy blow to him. Carren pulled his fist back and cheered a little holding up a high-five to the knight and grinning.

[+red "Lit."]
  Black Mage-Carren / MyBoy / 5d 16h 36m 31s
[center [h3 Last Stand]]

[center [+darkblue Yeah good thing.]]

[center [b Styles had chuckled a bit as the opponents in front of him had talked about forming a new strategy against the two. Though he had actually laughed when the thief had given him a wink talking about the prize.]]

[center [+darkblue I'd wink back but with the patch I'm sure it'd just been seen as blinking.]]

[center [b He couldn't help but chuckle a bit at that cheesy little joke. Just cause they were going for a player kill couldn't mean they couldn't have fun with it.]]

[center [b After Styles had KO'd the mage he laughed a bit at the thieves reaction. Before the warrior could come and finish attack the Swordsman a rather cutesy knight had entered the fray. The thief had thanked her as she turned around and smiled.]]

[center [+gold No problem hun! I mean Knights and Thieves get along like two peas in a pod right? Oh wait no I don't think it actually works that way... Oh well! Oh guard the Black Mage? Roggeerrr~]]

[center [b She gave a goofy salute as she stood beside Carren offering him a smile. She noticed his red hair and tilted her head a bit.]]

[center [+gold You look more like a red mage! Do I got the right guy?!]]

[center [b Styles was a little nervous Knights were a rare class to be selected. They weren't great alone but in a party? They were a god send and a lot of players trying to grind levels early on would struggle choosing a class like Knight. Frederick hadn't seemed hardly phased as he placed his blade over his shoulder.]]

[center [+darkred Hmm..]]

[center [b "Yikes this guy is taking this fight way too seriously. Than again a lot was riding on it huh? Why would a guy like him want that cash anyway? Oh whatever! We all got our reasons" as Styles found himself distracted the swordsman and thief had managed to separate Styles from Frederick among all the fighting.]]

[center [b Taking heavy hits from the both of them he only barely managed to counter the Swordsman and take him down to 4HP. Styles held his stomach was he hurting? Not as much as he should be but yeah it seemed he was in a bit of pain? What a strange function but it was labeled an intense experience wasn't it? Wasn't like he was really hurt. He had managed to get some distance between them and think about his skill list.]]

[center [b The Swordsman looks low on HP but... "That thief hasn't taken a single hit and thieves are faster than swordsman. Being level 1? That Swordsman probably through everything into that Multi Cut AP wise. Most Swordsman choose body conditioning as the guides online recommend so that off meta choose really shocked me. Think Styles before they close that distance! Piercing shot it can bypass their DEF or SPD if I fire more AP than they have SPD or DEF. That Thief is gonna have a lot of Speed. If I can take her out? Even if the Swordsman beats me maybe I can give Freddy a chance? She'll be tough to hit."]]

[center [b He drew his pistol thinking "how much SPD does she have? What if I get lucky and dodge the swordsman's strike? I should save some AP. I'll put... 100AP into the shot in case she has like 99SPD or some shit."]]

[center [b Drawing his pistol he charged a shot as a number of 100AP appeared over his gun. Firing at the Thief it negated her speed for the piercing shot.]]

[center [b 50DMG!]]

[center [b Yes! Wait... She was still.. Standing?! She looked hurt maybe even on her last legs but... A thief he grabbed that much HP?]]

[center [+darkblue Your both crazy I swear. Well... I softened them up Freddy. Good luck]]

[center [b With that he took a stance to buy as much time as possible he knew no way he was gonna luck out and dodge both these speedsters. Still he'd give it his best shot.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b I rolled the Thief finishes the Pirate off. Unless you wanted to Pickpocket but I doubt that. So that's good!]]

[center [b Also Black Mage I rolled for your fire to hit! It hits for normally 75DMG but as Frederick is a Warrior? It hits for 90DMG!]]
  Zack Styles / ShieldHero / 5d 18h 57s
Alabaster was fully prepared to take a blow from the warrior, he didn't have the time to process that their Mage had been K.O'ed. Gritting his teeth and ensuring his feet were firmly planted he thought to himself [i No time to dodge], then just as quickly as the attack came, it was blocked by a young knight. [b "Too close."] His words almost a sigh. Now that the Swordsman had a moments respite, his attention turned to the thief who had taken control of the battle, he knew that look before from playing with experienced gamers in his last MMO, the look of someone who had already seen the battles outcome.

The order of priority shifted once again to Alabaster, whom was now side by side with. [b "Rochelle, I'm going to use an ability, I'f i'm lucky it should ill him, if not, well, I guess we'll just have to see."] He gave a wry smile out of the corner of his mouth and dashed forward activating his Multi-slash. His blade paralleled the ground on approach before dragging it through the pirate in an upward swing and then once more with a diagonal slash, this was it, the kill shot, however the smile quickly faded as the Pirated managed to evade and counter his third strike with a two hit combo of his own. [b "Gah!"] Alabaster let out a cry as the first hit made contact, a devastating blow, so much so he barely had time to block the second. Glancing at his HUD he watched as his HP dropped to Four points. [i Tch, this isnt good] He mumbled too himself before calling out to the party. [b "I, uh, might be in trouble. Haha"] Feigning a smile while still hunched over, holding the wound.
  Alabaster LauRiel / EbonWings / 5d 22h 41m 22s
Rochelle laughed at the Pirate's reaction to being stabbed, [#e3164c "Good thing this is a game then."] Alabaster was right behind her to follow up with his own attack. Sadly it didn't go as planned. That Warrior didn't hesitate in his decision to block.

[#e3164c "Yeah, you're right. He's definitely no pushover. Looks like we need to tweak our strategy,"] she replied to her Swordsman. After hearing the opponent's dialogue, Rochelle added, [#e3164c "Yeah Freddy, quit being so serious & play nice. We all want that prize."] She topped it off with a wink at the Pirate. Although he was too much for the two of them, their Black Mage should be able to take the big guy. Hopefully they could keep their opponents attention so he could get a shot or two in.

Just like that, the Pirate used a skill that KO'd Carren. [#e3164c "Well, that wasn't supposed to happen..."] she grumbled. Freddy also activated a skill. Just as he was about to attack Alabaster, a bubbly Knight showed up & blocked the attack for him. [#e3164c "Nice."] She then used a scan item that revealed their opponents stats. Taking a second to check it out & the Knight's name, Rochelle said, [#e3164c "Thanks, Aelina. Can you help guard our Black Mage?"]

After saying that, Rochelle shifted a few steps to position herself further behind the Pirate. Continuing their boost of momentum, she used an item to bring back Carren, Full Revive (Quickverse). She then ran towards him, slid by and slashed him behind his legs. This put her in front and on the same side of him as Alabaster. Good thing that Knight showed up. Somehow, that entire change of pace managed to help them split up their foes so that Aelina & Carren could focus on the Warrior while she and Alabaster focused on the pirate. Checking the name of the Pirate really quick, Rochelle smirked. [#e3164c "Hey Zack, we still owe you for our friend here."]
  Rochelle Marie / Yoruneko / 7d 12h 57m 12s
[center [youtube]]

[center [h3 Zack's Turn!]]

[center [b Styles had grinned as the Thief placed her dagger into him before creating some distance between him and her. Holding his stomach he winced lightly.]]

[center [+darkblue Damn this is pretty realistic huh? Though I think it if was for real I'd be in a lot of trouble huh?]]

[center [b Zack had commented as he saw his health points begin to drop by 30. As Frederick blocked the young swordsman standing his ground and looking to Zack with a bit of a scowl.]]

[center [+darkblue Hey Freddy it's just a game come on! You don't gotta take it so seriously! Than again I want the cash prize just as bad myself.]]

[center [b Zack uses Safe Shooting!]]

[center [b Safe Shooting: Allows the user to fire behind an ally. ]]

[center [b (Being a passive skill that is toggled on and off it doesn't consumed Zack's action. Only Activated Skills/Basic Attacks/One Shot skills consume a turn.]]

[center [b Zack had quickly pulled pulled his pistol aiming it at the Black Mage. Shooting off a bullet ripping through the black mage. ]]

[center [b Zack deals 50DMG! KO'ing the Black Mage!]]

[center [b Zack's ATK is revealed at 50!]]

[center [h3 Frederick's Turn!]]

[center [b Frederick use's a physical skills!]]

[center [b Too Easy: The Warrior gives up 50% ATK power to attack at 50% more SPD! AP Cost: 10]]

[center [h3 Newcomer]]

[center [b ]]

[center [b A newcomer enters the battles! ]]

[center [pic]]

Class: Knight
LV: 1
(20)HP: 130/125
(10)ATK: 5
(20)DEF: 75
(0)SPD: 0
(20)INT: 55
(0)MP: 0
(30)AP: 60/50
Overdrive: 0/100

Red Vengence
When using protective block. Can lower DEF to 0. Whatever DMG is taken is sent right back at the enemy as head-on DMG.

Protective Block: Guards an ally AP Cost: 10

Knight Training: Starts off with 50HP and 15DEF/INT

[center [b Aelina uses Protective Block: Guards an ally AP Cost: 10]]

[center [b Aelina blocks the attack with her shield taking 5DMG!]]

[center [+gold It's not fair picking on low levels like that! NotThatI'mAnyHigherMyselfButHey.]]

[center [b She had spoken that last sentence rather quickly and with a strange high energy as she pursed her lips into a smile.]]

[center [b ]]

[center [h3 Aelina's Turn]]

[center [b Aelina uses an item! Scan!]]

[center [b Enemy's full stats have been revealed!]]

[center [+yellow I was hoping to save that since my friend gave me that... Awe well! He'll understand!]]

[center [h3 Further Tips]]

[center [b It is the thief's turn than the swordsman's! This is a good time to use an item to bring back the Black Mage!]]

[center [b Battle Formations: A party can only have 3 members into a single battle at once. ]]

[center [b It consumes one's turn to switch into a member in reserve. Being KO'd you are instantly taken into the reserves and free to choose who enters the front. A party is not defeated into the front and reserves are all taken out.]]

[center [b This time try a Black Mage on the front with accompanied by a knight. This may prove more frugal results!]]

[center [h3 Info Gained]]

Name: Zack Styles
LV: 6
Status: Currently Behind Frederick.
(36)HP: 133/103
(40)ATK: 50
(0)DEF: 0
(36)SPD: 36
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(38)AP: 159
Magic Reload: Can Charge a shot to have 50% more ATK and SPD next shot.

LV 1 Piercing Accuracy: If you spend more AP than they have DEF when blocking or than what they have in Speed. Than your full attack points can hit their total HP. SS

LV 2 Safe Shooting: You can fire from behind an ally. In addition instant counter attacks are reduced to a chance instead. As well regular counter attacks can't be used to oppose the archers wrath. A archer skill that has SS at the end means it can be used behind an ally. WSS means Without Safe Shooting required.

LV 4 Piercing Shot: The quick draw skilled at aiming for weak points can bypass 50% of their DEF. AP Cost: 10 and 15 with SS

Name: Frederick Everheart
Class Warrior
LV: 5
EXP: 28/146
(31)HP: 154/139
(25)ATK: 50
(20)DEF: 55
(40)SPD: 20
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(30)AP: 60/50
Overdrive: 4/100

Overdrives: Dragon Fang: Hit the enemy party with a basic ATK. OR Attack at one foe twice.

LV: 1: Warrior Training: Starts off with 30HP and 15DEF

LV: 3: Too Easy: Give up half ATK for 50% more SPD. AP Cost: 10
  Zack Styles / Knight- / 6d 19h 44m 23s
Alabaster was only a few paces behind his Rouge companion when she launched her attack at the Brigand, leaving him with one option, and that was to charge the warrior,hoping to throw him off guard and prevent the opportunity for them to surround his partner. Drawing his blade during the dash, the swordsman hoped to catch his prey off guard and end the fight relatively quickly.

However it soon made itself apparent that the warrior was not a stranger to combat, knowing his own disadvantage he opted to block the strike resulting in only the tip of the blade scratching him, no where near deep enough to hinder his abilities. [i "Hey!"] Alabaster yelled back to his Rouge companion, [i "This one isn't going down easy, so watch your back!"] His eyes shifted back to the warrior before him, twirling his blade once before griping the rest of handle with his second hand and spreading his feet for a defensive stance.
  Alabaster LauRiel / EbonWings / 8d 16h 22m 31s
Rochelle was leisurely walking down a road with her party. While keeping an eye out for a town, two other players up ahead were walking in their direction. As their classes became clear, so did their intentions. Instead of continuing along, the warrior and pirate stopped in the middle of the street. With a stable fighting stance ready, they seemed to have onely one intention.

Before either could attempt their first attack, Rochelle wanted to catch them off guard. She zigzagged her sprint to close the distance without indicating her target. Before he could properly dodge, she lunged at the pirate with her dagger. After successfully stabbing the pirate. She twisted the blade & pulled it out of his mid abdomen in a quick motion before rotating off to the side as another party member approached.
  Rochelle Marie / Yoruneko / 10d 2h 18m 57s
[center [h3 Scenario]]

[center [b For this Scenario your team will be given one full revive! ]]

[center [b Items normally take up your turn but more rare "Quick Use" version of items can be used without taking your turn. These items are very expensive and very rare. Most Quick Use versions will be normally weaker than the version before it.]]

[center [b You will be given two more items but these are not quick uses. You will be given 2 full Restores. Full Restore: Restores an allies HP/MP/AP to full! ]]

[center [h3 Set Up]]

[center [b Your party is traveling down the main road in search of a town. However on the way you are confronted with two player characters who have no intention of talking,trading or chatting. PVP Fanatics that want to take whatever gald you didn't have placed into a bank. If not for the gald the EXP they'll gain for giving you an EXP penalty. ]]

[center [pic]]

Enemy Info:
Name: Frederick Everheart
Class: Warrior
LV: 5
HP: ???
ATK: ??
DEF: ??
SPD: ??
INT: ?
MP: ?
AP: ??

Skills: Unknown

[center [pic]]

Name: Zack Styles
LV: 6
HP: ???
ATK: ??
DEF: ?
SPD: ??
INT: ?
MP: ?
AP: ???

Skills Unknown

[center [h3 Class Tips]]

[center [b Warriors have a low SPD growth of 2=1 but have a passive that when they attack have double the speed. Making their speed more average on the offensive (1=1) and very slow on the defensive forcing them to block for defense more times than not. ]]

[center [b Pirates are a non selectable class that happens upon chance playing Black Beast. This isn't to mistake them for a league or cut above the rest. They are a highbreed between Ranger and Swordsman. Not quite as powerul in close range as a swordsman while not being as skill as a ranger in ranged combat either. A jack of both trades instead.]]

[center [h3 Gathering Information]]

[center [b As you fight and trade blows you will gain more information on that enemy's stats. ]]

[center [b ]]

[center [h3 Turn Order]]

[center [b Your thief has the highest SPD! ]]

[center [h3 Info Gained]]

[center [b Because your thief is striking first you know the enemies both have below her SPD. Meaning their speed is anywhere from 0 to 74.]]

[center [b Though since it's a tutorial I'll let you know right here that the Swordsman will strike after the thief. Meaning he too is faster than these foes. Making their speed anywhere from 0-47SPD

[center [pic]]

Enemy Info:
Name: Frederick Everheart
Class: Warrior
LV: 5
HP: ???
ATK: ??
DEF: ??
SPD: 0-47
INT: ?
MP: ?
AP: ??

Skills: Unknown

[center [pic]]

Name: Zack Styles
LV: 6
HP: ???
ATK: ??
DEF: ?
SPD: 0-47
INT: ?
MP: ?
AP: ???
  Arthur / Knight- / 11d 19h 55m 50s

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