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[center [font "Euphemia" There have been stories for ages about soulmates. They have a bond so strong that not even death can keep them from one another. Each time they're born, they're drawn to each other. Life-time after lifetime they've been able to find each other no matter what it took, no matter the cost...

And each time they die, they're reborn. A new body, a new identity, but the same timeless soul.

What happens when one of them suddenly doesn't remember the other, or how to find them? A hundred life-times of memories, gone, locked away in the brain where they could not access them. How do you convince someone that they were made to be with you, that without each other neither of them are really complete?]]

[font "Euphemia" [+red Rules-]]

[font "Euphemia" [+red -01-] Please, if you play a female character, make her have a backbone. This is not a roleplay for a shy, submissive, character that's too shy to talk to anyone.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red -02-] Make them interesting. Don't make your character flat. Don't be a flower pot.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red -03-] I would prefer art/illustrations for pictures.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red -04-] I want a post at least once every two weeks or so, but if you notify me before hand, and keep me updated, I'm fine with any posting speed. Communication is key. I have a full time job, so I may not be able to respond immediately. I understand having a life outside of stories.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red -05-] Okay. This seems like a romance heavy plot, but I would like to focus more on the story line about the two main characters. If romance happens, then that's great, but it won't be instant. Even if they do remember each other, I'd like there to be some element of realism in this. All that I ask is that you be respectful towards the roleplayer. No homophobia, transphobia, or other hate. I won't tolerate it.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red -06-] I require you be able to post at least 1000 CHARACTERS for this roleplay. I understand writer's block, but please don't be lazy. Please have a decent grasp on the English language.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red -07] This is not first come first served.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red -08-] I would like you to be able to play both genders or non binary characters as well.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red Viewer's discretion is advised-] Mature subject matter is sure to occur. If you are not okay with discussions of drugs, violence, cursing, overdoses, or anything of that nature, then this is not the roleplay for you. That being said, any sex will be taken elsewhere if it is to occur or timeskipped entirely.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red This is a team effort-] I am not going to be the only one responsible for plot twists. If you join me in this, please be willing to contribute.]
[font "Euphemia" [+red A note on pairings-] I can do lesbian pairings, homosexual pairings, or heterosexual pairings. Or even those that don't fall into the gender binary. But do take into account that I very seldom play heterosexual pairings because I feel odd playing them and they tend to die very quickly. I would like you to be open about this as well.]


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[center By being a glutton, huh? She could very well have done far worse. She would have had to do better than that to scare her off. Besides, girls with appetites were cute. Better than one who willingly starved themselves in the name of beauty. Less stress on her head, if she was honest. “By all means, help yourself.” Her tone was even, calm, no different than it had been moments before and smile unwavering. She was still appraising this young woman, and it was very obviously.

Ludo was happy to listen and simply observe for the time being, thanking the maid kindly when she graced them with tea. “Thank you, do enjoy your evening.” Every smile she offered was warm. They were always from a place of pure sincerity. After all, airs were for the disingenuous and unsavoury, and she had no desire to be relegated to either category.

“Linguistics? An interesting field of study. Simply to examine the evolution of languages, their development, similarities and differences by geographical location, and how they have grown in complexity or vice versa over time is very interesting. Not to mention, of value. I hope your pursuits take you far. It’s unfortunate but true that we live in a society that primarily caters to patriarchal ideals, so it’s no surprise to me that you have difficulty. But change is something that comes about, regardless of resistance, so I believe one day, we’ll find that such difficulties will be lessened in future.”

Shifting slightly, Ludo sipped gratefully at the tea, considering her words carefully. “I’ll answer your query about my universal inclinations once we are better acquainted, but I will say for now that I have great respect for the lands under my care.”

Just as she drew another sip, the blonde noted a change in the tone of their conversation. And everything that followed the parting of Soleil’s red lips struck her as very interesting. Especially because all that she mentioned had very little interest for her personally. “Well, you needn’t worry. I have no interest in anyone who is weak willed or cannot offer some intellectual challenge—or at the very least reciprocation. That being said, Soleil,” she began, straightening as she set down her cup.

“I will be very open with you regarding my personal strengths, as well as my faults. My expectations are always fair. And with that having been explained, I will take your challenge into consideration.” Politely, she rose, buttoning the blazer she must have at some point undone at a more comfortable point.

At her full height she looked, her soulful eyes brilliant as the light caught them. “Until then, I do hope we shall keep in touch. Perhaps next time we shall take tea at my home instead. I hope you would oblige me should I send for you.” And with that, she offered a gracious yet refined bow, forearm tucked beneath herself, knee bent, before straightening again to offer her the charming smile she had first greeted her with upon her arrival.

“I will say, though, you’ve certainly captured my interest. I hope that the next we meet you’ll regale me with more about your linguistic pursuits.”

But in the meantime, this seemed like time spent enough with one another. Not to mention, there was much to be done back at the shrine, and as much as she loved her company, it was just a little more fun this way. After all, what good was the chase if it only went in one direction?]
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The offered sweets had been something that had been offered before, but this time, Soleil had a harder time finding any hints of bribery or malice behind the gift. "I love chocolate," she mused quietly as she took a piece from the box between her thumb and index finger. "Though you must forgive me as chocolate is a weakness of mine, and if I tell my mother that I've managed to turn you away by being a glutton, she'll have my head for certain." Soleil would do her best to listen to Ludo and hear what he- they- had to offer her. She breathed out a soft laugh through her nose at the thought of someone running away because they were disgusted by how much chocolate she could put away. The idea of grossing out a suitor had crossed her mind more than once, but she could never find the heart to turn them away in a way that didn't play to her strengths.

Soleil crossed her ankles and leaned back against the cushions of the sofa. This meeting between them thus far was going far better than she could have hoped, and it differed from the routine that she was used to. The blonde didn't give her the creeps, and they were fairly easy to speak and listen to. There was no unnecessary compliments about her appearance even though she had been fully prepared for such. She would have to give this suitor props that he seemed far more genuine than the last several. Soleil needed no compliments as she was confident in her appearance, and while not vain, she knew she was beautiful. Whereas most women claimed they were nothing to look at, the dark haired woman was the opposite. She hadn't spent time on her appearance for this occasion to not think highly of herself.

Her attention was immediately drawn as Ludo spoke about history being one of their passions. "History indeed. It is a fascinating subject. I have traveled some in my life before my parents and I settled in this country, and have amassed a small hoard of artifacts that perhaps might be of interest to you to see before you leave later on. Not now, of course, as I do enjoy our conversation.." As surprised as she was by Ludo's answer, she was glad that it was something more intelligent than just chasing skirts and hunting for sport or discussions about politics that bored her to tears. Perhaps if they didn't work out as a couple, then they could be friends at the very least. "You mentioned you live on shrine land. Does that make you a theist?" It did seem a bit odd her parents would send a theist when neither of them were religious themselves, but perhaps they were truly desperate to see their daughter live a happy, comfortable life.

The maid returned with a tray in tow. One small, porcelain cup was placed in front of each woman and filled with a steaming amber colored liquid that smelled faintly of mint. Without prompting, she dropped three sugar cubes into Soleil's cup. Unsure of how Ludo took theirs, the older woman gave an expectant smile to the blonde as if asking how she should prepare her tea. When all was settled once more, Soleil thanked the maid and allowed the woman to do as she pleased for the rest of the evening before turning her attention back to this person who was far more interesting than she could have hoped. She took a sip of the warm drink as she mulled over the question and how to answer it.

"Like you, I do have a love of history. Many of the books in this study are books of that nature. I've a great interest in many things as I find myself a curious person, but I would have to say my first love has always been language and how it works." She had lofty ambitions about being a linguist, but that required proper education and training- neither of which would be offered to a woman. All of what she knew had been self taught from reading the few that chose to study that particular science. "I'm afraid I could go on for days about my theories and questions on the matter, and I've no desire to bore you with incessant, unnecessary discussions about a topic that few seem to care about." Not that she was implying Ludo was amongst those, but they were not here to discuss linguistic theories; they were there to talk about themselves and see how compatible they were with one another. "I hope someday to be published, but I am a bit insecure about it as the men who run the department seem none too keen on publishing authors they know to be women." Soleil knew they were just frightened by someone who might have the potential to be better than they were, but that thought did naught to soothe her insecurities.

"Ludo, I have been told very little about you, but I know for certain you've heard what people- especially my parents- have to say about myself. I will be blunt as time is valuable, and I've no desire to sugarcoat the truth." Once more her gaze returned to Ludo's and she offered a reserved smile. "I'm not going to ease your fears of what you've heard. It is true that I am unwilling to marry someone who is not at least on par with me intellectually. I have turned down many suitors, especially men who seek a shy, demure partner to have their children as that is not who I am. I am glad you've shown you're more interesting than wet paper, but I wouldn't feel right if I did not issue you the same challenge I've issued each of my previous suitors."

Soleil leaned forward and placed her half empty tea cup back on the coffee table and pulled at the thin chain that rested just above her breast. On the end dangled an old key. "If within the month you can bring me the key that matches this one from the cat that also calls this villa its home, then I will agree to marry you. You have the same amount of time as the previous suitors, but I shall give you a hint of sorts: the cat does not do well to being chased, and she will attack if you invade her space without permission." Even though it was fun to watch people get attacked and clawed by the feral cat as they attempted to grab her, even she grew tired of the games.
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[center Upon invitation, Ludo did just that and settled into the comfortable seat across from Soleil, one leg crossing casually over the other. In fact, she seemed perfectly content to let Soleil get her words out as she very carefully removed her gloves. The sweets that’d come along for the ride were soon deposited on a platter between them, and then they were alone once more.

“Thank you for having me. I was unsure if you were a fan of sweets, but I figured they certainly couldn’t hurt. Tea has a way of balancing the palate when paired with them. I also assure you, I’m not worried in the least.” Not for the lack of supervision or otherwise.

She was interesting upon first impression to say the least—this [i Soleil]. “History. I enjoy history. And I do read quite a bit, actually, among other things. What are you passionate about?”

For Ludo, it was serving a purpose. Aiding the sick, exorcising spirits as needed, kicking ass if necessary, and teaching. Not to mention, preserving tradition. She had given herself over so much to her passions, because it seemed far more than just that. Purpose. That was a far better descriptor.

She had to wonder if Soleil felt she had a purpose. Of course, that might simply be too heavy for tea time conversation, but she truthfully wanted to know. She exuded the sort of confidence of one who was particularly sure of herself. Or was that stubbornness? It could be difficult to discern sometimes. Ludo was doing her best to read her.

“I’m usure what you might have been told about me, but I spend my days primarily on shrine land. I’m out and about otherwise, but I lead a rather disciplined lifestyle outside of time allotted for leisure. How do you spend your days?”

For just a moment, she wondered if perhaps there was the expectation that she would compliment or fawn over this woman? Come to think of it, suitors really were fully prepared to kiss ass, typically, whereas Ludo was not.

Offering Soleil a kind smile, she rested her jaw in the ‘L’ of her thumb and forefinger. This would most certainly be interesting, but who knew how things would turn out in the end? After all, this was a two way street. She was going to have to put in some work, too. Ludo knew her worth, and it was the only reason she was sitting there in that moment.]
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Soleil had always been a free spirit. Not even her parents had been able to tame the girl. Being a woman of the the time, many in society placed a heavy burdened emphasis on being married and continuing the family line. She, herself, had never been interested in settling down with a man half as smart as she was- delegated to raising his babies and unable to live out her own life. She was an odd girl who sought out pleasure from reading, and a great many people had asked for her hand only to be turned away and humiliated.

It had been the last straw for Soleil on her eighteenth birthday, when her parents told her that she was to wed the Grand Chancellor, and that they had made all the preparations without telling her because they knew that she would refuse. Despite the leader's grand sum of money in promise that he would take good care of their daughter, she was not interested in the slightest. To say the leader of their coven intimidated her was the least of her concerns. It was at this point that she demanded to live outside of her parent's control. Soleil was content to be a spinster her whole life if it meant that she was free to pursue her own passions. That wasn't to say that she had no romantic interests, but she knew more than anyone that they would humiliate her parents even further. She issued her deal to any potential suitors that if they could get the key from around the cat's neck, then she would marry them. The black cat that roamed about the outside of her villa was a feral cat, and so the chances of anyone catching it were slim. Knowing that she meant herself in feline form, her parents agreed to play by her rules if she humored them with their choices- which she agreed to if only to cease their worry about her.

She'd received word earlier that week about her parents' choice for a suitor being sent today, and the girl wondered what type of imbecile they'd chosen this time. Her midnight colored locks were worn in a elegant, but simple braided crown that left the rest of her hair to fall straight around her slender shoulders. She wore a gown in a shade of violet that cinched in at her small waist without the need off a corset. It made her feel a bit silly to be so dressed up for this meeting, as she knew she was likely to turn them down if they could not meet her challenge, but she supposed she could play along. It was getting exhausting to have to keep face, though.

The doorbell rang over the sound of the record that played in the tea room, and Soleil swallowed nervously- thankful that the maid had scurried off to collect the guest. "The mistress is already in the tea room," the woman beamed up at the blonde as she led them toward the study where Soleil was already seated on one of the ornate armchairs that faced the open doorway.

"Mistress Soleil, this is Ludovica. I will leave the two of you to be acquainted while I grab the tea." Once more, she scurried off toward the kitchen. It wasn't customary to leave a suitor alone with the one they were attempting to woo, but everyone was well aware that Soleil was a master at crushing a man's spirit and hopes of gaining her favor.

Striking eyes the color of seaglass took in the tall form of her new companion. They were certainly attractive, and perhaps her parents had caught on that she was not interested in hunky beefcakes or older men. Though, one pretty face was not enough for her to lose her conviction. A gentle smile pulled at the corners of her red painted lips. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Please make yourself comfortable. I hope it isn't too uncomfortable for you that we'll be alone for tea. I know it isn't the custom, but I assure you I need no babysitter, and the door will be open the whole while. Do you read or have any passions?" She twisted a loose strand of hair around her index finger as she looked up from her seat at her much taller companion.
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[center Such an interesting development in the week. Here, Ludo had figured it would be just another run of the mill grind, but as fate would have it, her days might just have just a touch more excitement going forward. Well, contingent upon how this afternoon went. As she carefully arranged her attire for the day, Ludo inspected herself from head to toe—from her meticulously arranged cheveux to neatly dimpled tie, to gleaming dress shoes.

Not bad... not bad at all. Arranging her pocket square, she turned to fetch a wrist watch and expertly clasped It on her way for the door. There was no telling whether or not this meet and greet would actually go well, but she would fulfil the wishes of her parents. No harm in taking the time to meet this ‘Soleil’.

On the other hand, she [i had] heard that this woman was being difficult in the way of actually settling down, so who knew. Sighing deeply, she strode out into the courtyard and took in a nice lungful of the sweet, fragrant notes of late summer. Breeze rustled through the trees and ruffled her hair. Well, so much for that.

She’d be making the trip to meet her for tea, and being that she was the suitor, it only made sense that she would go to her. From what she understood, she would arrive at the abode and they’d discuss the details of a potential match, but Ludo knew for a fact this wasn’t something you decided in one day.

Really, this was more like the initial screening. If they made it beyond this stage, maybe there was hope. It meant getting to know one another better for certain, and if all played out well, then there would be wedding plans to kick off. Potentially. Perhaps.

Maybe she was forgetting that this also meant she’d have to like this Soleil as well. Parents wishes or no, she wasn’t going to forcibly pursue someone who wasn’t of interest to her, so only time would tell.

Despite the offer to be driven, she took it upon herself to make the drive, and upon arriving, she did so toting flowers and sweets. Mainly as a courtesy and not so much as some weak ass parlour trick designed to subtly gain brownie points. It was simply polite. And when she had rolled up to the door of her prospective tea date, she very carefully pressed the bell and waited patiently for an answer.

What would she think of her upon first impression? What did she even look like? How was her disposition? Was this going to be a particularly rough afternoon? A million questions played through her mind, but on the exterior she was calm, collected, completely at ease. ]
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