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Toby finally uncovered his face, his cheeks stained with warm wet tears as he tried his best to calm down. He looked up at Allen, taking deep breaths as he finally calmed down, taking in the sight of the other male. He shook his head to clear his mind when he was asked if he was injured and he just shrugged. He was still full of adrenaline and he wasn't sure if he hurt anything or not.

He slowly sat up and used the wall to help him get up, placing his right foot underneath him before flinching in pain. [#0000FF "I think I did something to my foot but I'll be okay." ] He said, a bit of uncertainty in his voice. He could try to walk and he took a few steps forwards, just limping. He was sure he would be okay now and he didn't really need to get looked at.

Or that's what he thought.

He sighed, looking over at Allen, his brownish-red eyes staring into the other male's eyes. [#0000FF "My name is Toby." ] He simply said, leaning on his left foot as he extended his hand out in a handshake. He had a smile despite what was happening, his pale skin obviously visible in the slight darkness where they were.
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Allen watched as the chaos ensued throughout the court yard it was probably one of the most messed up things he had laid eyes on. Though he was strangely captivated by it, so much so he hadn't released others making there way inside. This also accounted for the male that was barely shorter then him by an inch. Allen found he others ones crying a bit annoying then again that's where Allen and others never saw eye to eye. The idea of fear crying and losing all hope was not Allen's cup of tea.

Allen sighed looking at the male shaking his head. This kid was in such a flamboyant outfit it was amazing the creatures didn't just swoop up his bright yellow track suit.

[#07f293 "Can we not.. I mean I get the idea of fear but crying.. can we not.."] Allen was in a sense a bit insensitive to others then again he really just couldn't stand the sound of crying. Allen stood up running a had through his white hair looking around the hall way to see others who had also made it in. From the looks of it the hallway reminded Allen of a battle field. Some injured an others looked as if they were in the first stages of denial while others seem to be struggling with deeper turmoils.

[#07f293 "Well this sucks.."] Allen sighed heavily he really didn't want to be the baby sitter let alone the one that held everyone and thing together. Yup not it. Allen cracked his neck a bit yes he too was afraid but weirdly enough more then that he was interested in what was happening and why. Allen looked around once more and then back out the window as the creatures all seemed to be leaving and another roar of some sort ripped through the sky. Apparently what ever it was was enough for the other creatures to flee the scene. To which those who were in danger were no longer and there fore had time to run into the buildings.

Allen watched as crowds of people who had made it made their way into the school buildings. Then those who were as one would put it "strong willed" took lead.

[b "Ok everyone we need those who can stand help the wounded to the nurses room and others who aren't helping can go and gather food supplies."] Some male had spoken and everyone happily followed and so began the weird survival mode. Allen sighed again looking at he yellow track suit.

[#07f293 "Are you injured?"]
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Toby Liak was one of the students that were attending the school when all Hell broke loose. He was in the courtyard of the school, standing about in the middle of everything when he felt the earth shake and rumble, threatening to take Toby's balance. He was then distracted as his bag fell off his shoulder before noticing a strange light illuminating down on him.

He looked up at the light, this woozy feeling going through his body as he fell to the ground, passing out moments afterwards.

[pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/dc6ffba5bd1ff236b4caa5990e8788ae/tumblr_p9752087mw1xuuxzoo2_500.png ]

Toby woke up soon to the sound of screaming nearby and even screeching and it awakened him from the daze he was also put into. He slowly pushed himself back up, his white hair dangling in the way of his eyesight as he stumbled towards the nearest building, panic settling into his mind and body as he yanked at the door and slipping in.

His hands shook as he slid down the door, staring and crying at himself from the terror he had just seen. Through his crying and panic, he had not realized that someone else was next to him, looking outside through the window. Toby was one of the younger students, his height barely reaching 5'5.

He was also a very aesthetically pleasing dresser, his tight yellow dyed jeans matching with his yellow hoodie. He wore horns underneath his white hair, his white hair covering the band that held the horns. His skin was a caramel colour and he had brown freckles all over his body as well.
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Allen had found himself in a very interesting situation, shit had hit the fan was an understatement. It had happen in the morning, then again the morning was like any other. Allen was on his way to class after getting his shot of caffeine from the local coffee spot. Normal stuff that was until the first bell rang on campus. As soon as the bell sounded the grounds started to shake and well the whole campus thought earth quake naturally. That was the first outbreak of confusion and panic that had set in throughout the campus. The second one on the other hand came in the form of a weird light over the school. The light at first wasn't brighter then the sun but slowly increased and blared different colors. Allen felt his head become cloudy and mass hysteria broke out across the campus. Not before long Allen found his body and his head aching and next thing he knew everything went black.

Allen came to the sky was dark and it seemed like hours had passed.
[#07f293 "Shit my head..."] Allen winced and she got up off the floor while looking around. it had seemed like Allen wasn't the only person that had passed out during the event tons of others were just waking up as well and even more seemed very confused.

"What is going on..."

Allen glanced over to see yet another person come to but what had caught his attention more was the way the sky rippled before a loud screeching ripped through the sky.

[#07f293 "What...."] Allen paused as he had a strong sense to run for the building, so strong that he was already running before he even thought of running. Allen pulled open the door and ran inside before looking out the windows on the door only to see the most horrific sight. Students and people running and creatures flying down from the sky ripping people off the grounds.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/DWNpTy4.png]]

Allen couldn't really explain what he was seeing other then the impossible. It was utterly impossible and not probable. The thing was a manta ray but not.. human but no.... Allen watched as the creatures were swarming the people on the grounds. What the hell was happening. Allen turned from the horrific sight of students and people before ripped from the ground only to be hurled to their death. Strangely enough he felt extremely sick and yet somewhere deep down felt like this was just the beginning of an unfortunate end.
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