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*Kisses back, teleporting them to his bed*

Oh Okay... I Know what to do~ You~. *Kisses Him Passionately*
  Bete Noire (Betty) / BeteNoire / 13d 6h 11m 47s
*chuckles* Well I technically captured you. I'd say it's time you make some decisions...
*is Super nervous* W-what do you want to do? *Looks at him*
  Bete Noire (Betty) / BeteNoire / 13d 6h 14m 58s
*smiles* Its okay. *winks* you don't have to [i say] anything
*Blushes* W-would you... *Is thinking* How do i tell him I want him? Wait... i forgot he can hear me... *Blushes*
  Bete Noire (Betty) / BeteNoire / 13d 6h 18m 49s
*Smiles* Don't worry Betty, I'm still here. And for you, I always will be
O-okay... I... I'm Bete Noire... But you can Just call me betty. *Is Blushing*
  Bete Noire (Betty) / BeteNoire / 13d 6h 31m 57s
*smiles and nods* I love you, I'll never run okay?
*Blushesand looks at him* Promise not run in fear?
  Bete Noire (Betty) / BeteNoire / 13d 6h 36m 26s
*breaks away, placing a gentle hand on her cheek* It matters to me. I need to know what your name is if we're going to do [i this]
*Kisses back* It... it doesn't matter... *Is ashamed now of what she's done.*
  Bete Noire (Betty) / TheBlackBeast / 13d 22h 17m 54s
*gently kisses her* [i never asked what your name was]
Heh... Y-Yeah... I'd... Enjoy that Actually... *Blushes because this is the first ti anyone has shown interest in her*
  Bete Noire (Betty) / TheBlackBeast / 13d 23h 54m 13s
*Approaches her, somewhat nervously* Can I... kiss you again?

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