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[center [b A hot new MMO RPG has just come out on the new VR. The first of it's kind that allow the user a deeper experience with the game. With a unique catch for the mainstory quest. It's difficult and complex with no real quest markers. Though the real kicker is the entire player base share the main quest leaving only one party to actually beat the game. Icing on the cake? Whoever does so will win a large sum of cash.]]

[center [b The plot? A monster that was supposedly made as the worlds sin in monster form. "Sin" has been around for hundreds.. even thousands of years. This monster goes more commonly as Black Devil. From its scales is beast that comes to life. "Sin Spawn" the devil's shadows. The world covered with beast and scorned by humanity's sin. "Machina" the machines the mankind had that once helped indulged us in our sins has now been banned. In religious pursuits was found "magics" a gift from God for our repenting nature. "If mankind is clean of sin than will they be free of it" so mankind has found a way to combat sin. "Summoners" those strong enough to use the spirits. The "Aeons" to combat the Black Devil. The summoner must go to every temple to gain each and every Aeon to grow that power. So that they may summon the Final Aeon to defeat Sin. Thus taking the life they used for the people. Every 15 years the Black Devil returns and no one is sure why.]]

[center [h3 Roles/Classes]]

In this "our characters will play seven classes and two roles.. The summoner and her guardians You may decide that characters weapon and battle style as well personality. As you level you can pick different skills as you level up. With set stat growths.

[center [h3 Overdrives]]

[center [b When receiving damage you charge overdrive! ]]

Summoner: A gender-neutral role. the summoner will wield summoning and white magic. When the main character meets them. They will have their first summoning. This class is important for finishing the story. Every party requires one at least.
LV: 1
HP: 1=1
ATK: 3=1
DEF: 3=1
SPD: 1=1
INT: 1=1
MP: 1=3
AP: 1=2
LV 1 Skills to choose from.
Heal: Heals 20%HP MP Cost: 10

Ample Strike: Buff's an ally's ATK by 20% for a blow: MP Cost: 20

Mage's Training: Start's off with 50MP

Summoning: You start with a giant flying bird-like Aeon. You may name the beast. You'll see it's power later on.

Swordsman: A physical fighter with great speed and stamina with decent attack defense and health.
LV: 1
HP: 1=3
ATK: 1=1
DEF: 1=1
SPD: 1=2
INT: 3=1
MP: 3=1
AP: 1=3
LV 1 skills to choose from
Multi-Slash: Slashes a foe multiple times for AP 15 AP for 2 slices. 3 slices for 30 and 4 for 60AP and 5 for 120AP.

Quick Blows: Hit the whole enemy party with half power AP Cost: 10

Body Conditioning: Starts off with 50HP

Warrior: An offensive tank class with slow dodging speed high ATK/DEF/HP with extra low magic defensive.

LV: 5
HP: 1=4
ATK: 1=2
DEF: 1=2
SPD: 2=1
INT: 5=1
MP: 10=1
AP: 1=2
LV 1 skills to choose from
Warrior Training: Starts off with 30HP and 15DEF

Grand Slash: 50% More ATK for one blow losing 1/2 SPD for this blow. AP Cost: 20

Back Slash: Take double DMG from a skill to return with a blow. This blow will not hit instantly AP Cost: 15

LV: 3 Skills to choose from

Getting Too Old For This: Deflects one blow as long is isn't magic. AP Cost: 5

Too Easy: Give up half ATK for 50% more SPD. AP Cost: 10

Fire Blade: A joint skill. Blackmage must cast fire on the blade. Doing a normal strike that even if misses or hits. Burns the enemy at the very least. (20%INT) AP Cost: 10 and MP from the mage 10

Ranger: A ranged physical class that can wield guns/crossbows/bow and arrows. This class has the highest stamina with unique piercing skills and utility.
LV: 2
HP: 1=3
ATK: 1=1
DEF: 1=1
SPD: 1=1
INT: 3=1
MP: 5=1
AP: 1=5
LV: 1 skills to choose from

Guard: Doubles DEF for attack AP Cost 15

Power Shot: Uses AP to pierce enemy's SPD or DEF

Special training: Starts off with +20HP and 50AP and 15ATK

Black Mage: A glass cannon wielding elemental damage. Unrivaled in DPS but also the squishest class in the game.
LV: 2 (110SP)
HP: 1=1
ATK: 5=1
DEF: 5=1
SPD: 1=1
INT: 1=3
MP: 1=1.50
AP: 1=1
LV 1 skills to pick from:
Fire: Uses INT to strike fire on a foe some foes are weak and strong to this element MP Cost: 10

Mage Training: Starts off with 30+MP

Magic Block: Double magic DEF against a blow. MP Cost: 15

Knight: A true tank through in through. Boasting the highest defense and HP. With great magic defense to boot. This class however seriously lacks in the DPS area.
LV: 1
HP: 1=4
ATK: 2=1
DEF: 1=3
SPD: 3=1
INT: 1=2
AP: 1=2
Skill You Have No Matter What
Protective Block: Guards an ally AP Cost: 10

Skills to Choose From LV 1:
Holy Shield: Guards the party with a shield connected to the guardian AP Cost: 15 per turn

Holy Blade: Your blow can't miss AP Cost: 5

Knight Training: Starts off with 50HP and 15DEF/INT

Thief: The fastest class there is, wielding skills such as pickpocket the thief is also a versatile assassin not to be taken lightly.

LV: 1
HP 1=2
ATK: 1=1
DEF: 2=1
SPD: 1=3
AP: 1=3

LV 1 Skills to choose from
Pickpocket: Can spend AP to steal 5 AP for 1/6 chance 10 for 2/6 20 for 3/6 40AP for 4/6 and 80AP for 5/6 and 160AP for 100% chance.

Dash Strike: Can get past guardian type foes. As well gains 50%SPD for those blow. AP Cost: 10

Untouchable?: Dodges one skill when it's a kill strike with an auto counter. AP Cost: 30

Thief Training: 50+AP and 15+SPD

[center [h3 Party Status]]

Fair warning the party may split up into certain story parts. Also if you have more than 3 members-only 3 can be on the front. Takes a turn to swap out for an ally. If you are defeated it'll switch to an ally. Game over only happens when all of you are defeated. The max your party will have is 7 members. 5-7 Also you can save when needed and go backward when needed.

[center [h3 Requirements to Join]]

[center [b Fast Paced, when I say it's fully operational. Which no it is not yet. Moreover, when it is ready I expect multiple posts a day. Unless I am sick or busy. I want nice writers and quick people. Unless you get busy then I understand. I also want a PM saying Adventure with your skelly. Your skelly will be as here.]]

[center [h3 Skelly]]


[center [b The beginning of this journey will start with the main character. Then the legendary guardian.]]

[center [h3 Current Party]]

[center [h3 Rin]]

[center [pic,h_823,q_70,strp/fez____blue_sorceress_by_orcaleon_d2s4m7m-pre.jpg]]

LV: 1
Class: Summoner
(30)HP: 30
(0)ATK: 0
(0)DEF: 0
(15)SPD: 15
(20)INT: 20
(20)MP: 60
(10)AP: 20
Overdrive: 0/100

Heal: Heals 20%HP MP Cost: 10


Grand Summoning: Summon a beast that appears with 100 more Overdrive.



Name: Fenrir
LV: 1
HP: 500
ATK: 120
DEF: 80
SPD: 80
INT: 120
Overdrive: Spirit Fangs: Attack whole enemy party. Or one foe twice,
Soul Essence 0/200

Weapon: Holy Staff: Allows the user to cast heal once per battle.

[center [h3 Jae]]

[center [pic]]

Class: Knight
EXP: 90/100
(20)HP: 80
(20)ATK: 10 (15)
(30)DEF: 90
(0)SPD: 0
(20)INT: 40
(0)MP: 0
(10)AP: 20
Overdrive: 0/100


Red Vengence: When using protective block. Can lower DEF to 0. Whatever DMG is taken is sent right back at the enemy bypassing SPD/DEF


LV: 1: Protective Block: Guards an ally AP Cost: 10

LV: 1: Holy Blade: Your strike can't miss AP Cost: 5

Weapon: Knight's Blade: ATK: 5

[center [h3 Kevin McGraff]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 1
Class: Gladiator
EXP: 90/100
(0)HP: 50/40
(35)ATK: 35
(20)DEF: 20
(40)SPD: 80
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(5)AP: 15/9
Overdrive: 86/100


Mega Slash: Gain 50%+ATK


Skill: Body Conditioning: +50 HP

Weapon: Ice Blade: Deal an additional 5INT in Ice elemental damage.
Gald: 25

[center [h3 Vanessa]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 2
Class: Thief
EXP: 0/110
(30)HP 60
(35)ATK: 35
(0)DEF: 0
(25)SPD: 90
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(20)AP: 110
Overdrive: 0/100


Speed Demon: Roll a die to decide how many blows you'll throw! The least being 2, the most being a grand total of 6 blows! Can target multiple foes or all on one foe.


LV: 1: Pickpocket: Can spend AP to steal 5 AP for 1/6 chance 10 for 2/6 20 for 3/6 40AP for 4/6 and 80AP for 5/6 and 160AP for 100% chance.

LV: 1: Thief Training: 50+AP and 15+SPD

LV: 2
Tinkers: If Pickpocket is used on a machine type enemy even a boss instantly slain.

Weapon: Fire Dagger: Deal an additional 5INT in Fire elemental damage.


Items: Prince Charming: Improves selling and buying items by 10%. Also increases charisma toward NPC's by 20%


[center [h3 M4g1k4rp]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 2
Class: Spell Monk
EXP: 0/110
LV: 2 (110SP)
(15) HP: 15
(0) ATK: 0
(0) DEF: 0
(25) SPD: 25
(40) INT: 120
(25) MP: 67.5
(5) AP: 5
Overdrive: 0/100

Magic Cannon: Magic either gains 50% more power or speed. Up to the caster


LV: 1: Fire: Uses INT to strike fire on a foe some foes are weak and strong to this element MP Cost: 10

LV: 1: Mage Training: Starts off with 30+MP

Weapon: Black Monk Wraps: Grants 5ATK points with a 100% accuracy rate for physical attacks.

[center [h3 R1M3H34RT]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 2
Class: Ranger
EXP: 30/110
(15)HP: 65/40
(20)ATK: 35
(30)DEF: 30
(35)SPD: 35 (40)
INT: 0
MP: 0
(10)AP: 100/94
Overdrives: 0/100


Gundrive: Pierce either 50%DEF or SPD in one shot!


LV: 1: Special training: Starts off with +20HP and 50AP and 15ATK

Weapon: Automatic Rifle: +5SPD
Gald: 25

[center [h3 Arthur]]

[center [pic]]

LV: 5
Class: Warrior
EXP: 25/146
(26)HP: 134/84
(30)ATK: 60
(20)DEF: 55
(40)SPD: 20 (25)
(0)INT: 0
(0)MP: 0
(30)AP: 60
Overdrive: 12/100


Dragon Fang: Hit the entire enemy party with a physical attack. OR Hit at one foe twice.


LV: 1: Warrior Training: Starts off with 30HP and 15DEF

LV: 3: Fire Blade: A joint skill. Blackmage must cast fire on the blade. Doing a normal strike that even if misses or hits. Burns the enemy at the very least. (20%INT) AP Cost: 10 and MP from the mage 10

Weapon: Bushido Greatsword: SPD: 5

Note: Speed from gear does not get doubled when attacking.


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Roleplay Responses

R1M3H34RT, who had found nothing at the weapons vendor that he could either use or afford, turned his attention to the woman who he recognized as the one who knocked him over just a couple of minutes ago. To answer her he shook his head and waved his hand dismissively, before giving her a thumbs-up. As to an introduction he opened his lore page for her to read. It was then he remembered why this person's username looked so familiar. R1M3H34RT could swear he'd played another game with someone with the exact same username a year or so ago. He also distinctly remembered that person being a man, and not a woman. He pointed to M4G1K4RP with a slight tilt of his head, wondering if it was the same person.
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 149d 9h 39m 1s
[center [h3 Nun, Besaid Island, After Ceremony]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Nun was jolted back to his senses when R1M3H34RT put their hand on his shoulder. Getting a hold of himself, Nun smiled gently. [#A2C4CF "Sorry, my compatriot. That display was so mesmerizing and enchanting that I lost myself. The arcane is so mystifying."] Turning to follow his companion, he stopped in his tracks when the Summoner approached him. [#A2C4CF "Salutations, lady Summoner. Congratulations on obtaining your summon. I was wondering if you would be-"] [i Kevin? Could that be...] [#A2C4CF "Rin, my companion of whom we have known each other for several moons? If it is you, then I would be beside myself with honor if you would allow myself, and my compatriot here, to join you on your quest to defeat the vile beast! I have seen it with my own two eyes, seen it's destructive power. It is not one to be trifled with. It will be a long, taxing journey fraught with many perils as we work to defeat the scourge of this land, and I would be remiss if I couldn't assist you in some way."] Bowing to lady Rin, he smiled to himself when no one could see his face. [i Hopefully this is Rin. Otherwise, this is going to be awkward...]]]

[center [h3 M4G1K4RP, Besaid Island, After Summoning Ceremony]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" M4G1K4RP couldn't hide the smile on her face as she watched the ceremony, and her summoner friend get even stronger. Patting her gently on her back in a congratulatory manner, she watched as her friend went to go and speak with someone. [#7ef26d "2 million USD for beating some creature? Count me in!"] Looking around after responding to her party of friends, M4G1K4RP remembered the figure she had accidentally bowled over, and went on a quest of her own to apologize for knocking him over. Spotting the figure as the crowd dispersed, she followed after them in a skipping manner. With her SPD as high as it was for a Black Mage, she caught him just before the vendor. [#7ef26d "Hello there, I'm Magikarp, and I'm sorry for knocking you over. A guy gave me a rough shove into you, but I was in such a rush I didn't think I would have time to apologize. So, I would like to say I am deeply sorry, Mister..?"] She paused, and made a hand motion towards the figure, hoping he would introduce himself, if they were in fact a he.]]
  M4g1k4rp / GuardianAngel / 151d 14h 32m 25s
Having gotten a much better view of the summoning ceremony and given his attention to it, it was no surprise that he was unable to dodge the woman swiftly barreling her way through the crowd. The sudden jerk forward was jarring but his decent SPD stat allowed him to at least catch his fall before getting a mouthful of dirt. [i That name... it looked familiar, but I didn't get a good enough look.] He thought to himself as he picked himself up off the ground. He wondered where he might have recognized it from. This however did not stop him from lifting his outstretched arm, hand palm up in the universal sign of "What the hell are you doing?" often used by disgruntled drivers.

Looking back to the ceremony, his eyes were suddenly assaulted by a fantastic show of dancing lights. He put his hand up over where his eyes would be like a visor so he might be able to make out what was going on inside. When the light show calmed itself and he could see again, he noticed that the summoner had completed whatever it was she was trying to do successfully. He raised his hands to start clapping, but had always felt awkward starting an applause, so he looked around to see if anyone else was going to do so. This was when he noticed two things. Firstly he noticed the young woman yelling about new weapons which R1M3H34RT decided he should check out before leaving. The second was Nun, beside him, who was practically vibrating from how excited he looked. It was far and away from what he had come to expect of Nun, given his already-clear dedication to the role he was playing.

R1M3H34RT put his hand on Nun's shoulder to get his attention and then motioned with his other thumb, first to himself and then to the weapon's vendor. He started making his way over to the vendor after this.
  Phytocanis324 / 151d 23h 27m 55s
[center [h3 Merchants Stock]]

[center [b It appeared the Merchant had no armor only weapons were for sale. No items healing items either however the Inn in town was free to sleep at! An Inn restores HP/MP/AP to full!]]

[center [h3 Swordsman Goods]]

Iron Blade: +5ATK/SPD Cost: 100 Gald

Steel Sword: 8+ATK/SPD Cost: 150 Gald

Refined Longsword: +10ATK/SPD: Cost: 225

Morph Stone: Cost 500Gald.

[center [b It appears the only weapons available are for swordsman. Except for these rare Morph stones it seemed that anyone could wield one. The weapon could only change forms once but it offered a cross class skill/spell.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+pink Come and get your weapons! Weapons right here!]]

[center [b The female gave a playful wink toward Jae hoping maybe the young knight would buy something from her.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b Morph Stones are weapons that can transform. These Morph stones offer cross class skills/spells of other classes that are LV 1. They normally call cost double AP. If it's a spell it uses your INT OR ATK halved is INT for the spell. Double the spell cost but from AP instead. Some skills keep the cost but turn to one shot.]]

[center [b Such as Knight's Holy Blade skill it will still cost 5AP but turns to a one shot skill. Unlike a knight can only be used once. If a mage learns a physical skill half their INT is the ATK and SPD of that skill. PM me if you wanna see your version of that cross class skill. If your interested in any LV 1 skills that aren't in your class.]]

[center [b On another note the morph stone can be another LV 1 skill from your OWN class with the exact same effects. The Morph stone can't turn into a weapon that gave straight passive stat buff from another class. So now grabbing things like Ranger's Training from another class. Although for an example?]]

[center [b Knight could grab Fire it would be called . White Flame it'd cost 20AP and since the Knight has 1=2INT he can use his own INT to cast the spell but it's AP cost is fairly high for his AP growth. Normally the spell is 10MP so it is rather costly.]]
  ShieldHero / 152d 7h 37m 15s
Jae had gotten bored waiting and decided to look around. Some things looked useful and debated if it was worth purchasing it. Perhaps later, his main focus was trying to level up. Having gotten a message he read through it, it was from their summoner, Rin as what she’s called. Money, how much did we want it?

Well if Jae’s player was honest, it was tempting, and would love to win it. Though the focus Jae’s player had was more on the interesting quest, and wanted to play to defeat that. Course money was always a plus. And it beats just waiting around. Jae responded back.

[b Reply Message Inbox]

[b [+green Sure, I’ll come. Meet you there in a bit.]]

[b Message Sent]

Jae had walked to the entrance, to meet their summoner.
  Jae / Sina13 / 152d 8h 14m 10s
[center [h3 Journey Onward]]

[center [b The old man had given the summoner a slight bow as well as smiling at the Merchant before making his way in the tavern. The NPC Rin was speaking to also smiled and bowed grateful she was kind toward her.]]

[center [b Rin had gained a new summoning! Named it as well! It's stats were as shown.]]

LV: 1
HP: 500
ATK: 120
DEF: 80
SPD: 80
INT: 120
Overdrive: Spirit Fangs: Attack whole enemy party. Or one foe twice,
Soul Essence 0/200

[center [b He was a powerful beast in raw stats but lacking in the skills department. Maybe she'd find a way to change that later on? As well as a new strange stat shown as "Soul Essence"]]

[center [b She had messaged her dear friend Arthur and it wasn't long before he had messaged her back.]]

[center [b "Let me guess.. Black Mage? No Ranger? I chose the Warrior! Oh wait I'm already at Drevin actually! Trying to help this Merchant guy help he needs safe passage but will only accept help if it's two adventurers. So I'll probably see you there huh? You know I almost chose Knight... Close too but I always play Tanks. So I tried a more bruiser tank instead. Tell me if you see Kevin or.. "Nun" he really gets into these games. You wouldn't think so talking to the guy in person huh? Course I guess the same could be said about you... :P well see ya than!]]
  ShieldHero / 152d 8h 30m 52s
During the ceremony, Rin's full attention was on the summoning stone, meaning she did not notice the large crowd forming, or the announcement. Gingerly, she kneeled down next to the small grey coloured stone, placing her hand on it.[#14f5f3 "I look forward to working with you, Fenrir." ] She smiled as the stone and herself became engulfed in a blue light. Amongst the bright light Rin saw a faint outline of her new ally, but only an outline as the bright light began to dissipate. After what seemed like a flashy light show, the grey stone had shrunk in to a gem size and turned an[#07b1e4 ocean blue colour. ] Rin, still smiling to herself, picked up the gem and placed it in one of the pouches attached to her belt.

Looking up after she put away the stone, she finally noticed the billboard. For a gamer, she wasn't very observant of her surroundings. [#fa5ca9 Wow.. That's a lot of money just for completing. I wonder why the creator has decided to place a large sum of money on the line. Having people in a rush to complete the game doesn't seem like it would be in the game creators best interest. Hm. Odd. Then again maybe It is an advertisement ploy to get more people to get the game? Still having a summoner as a party requirement in order to defeat the boss is an unusual game strategy. Logically that means more people would pick the summoner class? But since I've logged I don't think I have met another yet. ] Rin tended to easily get lost in her own train of thought, enjoying analysing the logistics, trends and graphic in a game. However she broke from her train of thought when an NPC began speaking to her.

Rin looked at the NPC with a warm smile on her face. [#14f5f3 "I guess my guardians are the strong knight and majestic spell caster who helped me on my quest to gain a summoning stone. And my friends , when I find them. ] Rin spoke with a kind and enthusiastic voice towards the NPC. Rin believed in games, even if they were only acting through preordained coded actions, NPCs could be a great ally or a powerful enemy. [#14f5f3 "Drevin..I guess that's where ill be heading very soon! The sooner the black beast is defeated the better for everyone right?" ]Rin continued her conversation with the NPC before getting an alter that she had received a message. [#14f5f3 "I shall take my leave then. Goodbye miss." ] Rin said her farewell to the NPC, before walking back towards her party's spell caster.

As she did she looked at the messenger. [#fa5ca9 The message was sent by someone with the username Arthur. Of course it is, why does it not surprise me. He used his name as well didn't he ? ]Rin chucked amusing herself as she read through the message she had been sent.

-[#d20aeb Oh no you found me ! XD Im currently in the village on the island of Besaid. But ill be heading off to the temple at Drevin soon. Meet me there ? An NPC gave me some information on what is needed to defeat the black beast. Usually I would take my time in one area of a game, but its a lot of money and I'm sure you're pumped about it. I have a few things to talk to you about but it can wait until we see each other. [b Ps. What class did you choose ? Bet you cant guess mine. ] ] -

After sending her message, she decided to send a message to the party's group message board.

-[#2ffa00 Hey Jae, m4gik4rp how much do you guys want to win the money? I know where we need to go next in order to be closer to winning the 2 million so I will be heading there as soon as I can. It's up to you guys if you want to hang around here or come with, but I really want to win. If you are coming with me then meet me by the main entrance to the village? :) ]

With that she closed the menu and began to walk towards the main entrance, but stopped when she noticed a somewhat familiar username walk past her. She stopped and turned before saying. [#07b1e4 "Kevin? Is that you ? " ]
  Rin (summoner) / rinkokoro / 152d 13h 34m 44s
[center [font "Times New Roman" [h3 Nun, Besaid Island Village]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Nun wiped his blade off on the turtle thing, before sheathing it. Turning towards the village, he nodded towards his companion who handled himself well in that last fight. By the gate, Nun's eyes were drawn to a masked figure standing by the entrance, a blade radiating with a strange energy in the figure's hand. [i That blade looks serious. Gotta watch out for that one.] As he got a notification that he got mail, red text and a voice announced the competition. [i $2,000,000 USD? For beating a video game? Shit... Well, I've got a new goal now...] Watching his companion start pointing enthusiastically at absolutely nothing, Nun followed him when the NPC thief struck his mark and was intercepted by a kindly old man. Before Nun could even react, and draw his blade. [i What even could that SPD stat on that figure...] Keeping close to R1M3H34RT, he sighed inwardly as he remembered he had completely forgotten about Rin. [i Damn. I wonder where she is?] This thought occupied him as he approached the center of the village, not paying too much attention to his surroundings. At least, until he saw the Summoner standing in the summoning circle. All of the lights, and the energy took his breath away, as he felt himself growing excited, though he didn't know why.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [h3 M4G1K4RP, Besaid Island Village]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" M4G1K4RP was smiling gently to herself as she browsed the village. Having already made a party with a Summoner named Rin, and a Knight named Jae, she was feeling pretty confidant about herself and her party's ability to fight. [#7ef26d "Hmm... I wonder what goodies this vendor has... I should have a few minutes before the summoning- Oh crap, it's beginning!"]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Quickly turning on her heels as she saw a new status symbol appear beside Rin's name, she dashed towards the village center as fast as her legs and the crowd would take her. Spotting a figure with a large ice sword on their back, and a figure beside them with a firearm, she noted them as persons of interest to investigate after all of this. Her focus was so intent on the heavily armored and armed guy she didn't notice the NPC coming out from around their stall to join in the festivities. Narrowly dodging them and making a bit of a commotion behind the two, she weaved her way through the crowd. A player shoved her as she was about to pass the two very interesting people, causing her to lose her balance and collide with the gunman, assuming there was a guy under all of that armor. The impact caused both of their names to appear above their heads, though M4G1K4RP didn't catch the figures before righting herself and becoming more acrobatic. With a running start, and the help of a particularly sturdy looking pole, she leapt clear of the crowd to land in a rolling crouch, before springing to her feet. [i Damn that SPD and training really helps! I could never do that out of game.] Walking up just outside the summoning circle, M4G1K4RP watched her Summoner friend, joy and awe visibly wresting for control of her expression.]]
  M4g1k4rp / GuardianAngel / 153d 5h 16m 27s
Having finished off the giant turtle, R1M3H34RT took his rifle and slung it once again onto his shoulder. His experience gain was noted, and his newly collected pocket change made for the start to what he hoped would be able to get him some better equipment, eventually. He looked to Nun and gave him a thumbs up before heading back to the village. Just as they were arriving he heard and read the major player announcement. 2 million U.S. dollars? That kind of money would keep him set for years if he didn't just blow it all on snacks and more games. Which he wouldn't do, he thought as he lied to himself.

He looked to Nun and pointed enthusiastically to the text before them, then motioned to the two of them. He went on to read that they needed a summoner and remembered that one was going to be doing a ritual in the center of town soon. He waved Nun on to follow him while he went and got a better view.
  R1M3H34RT / Phytocanis324 / 153d 14h 45m 6s
[center [h3 The Ceremony]]

[center [b Nun and his party had came just in time to see such a spectacle. The Summoner after her rather difficult tutorial was able to cast her first summoning. To gain a summoning one must pray and train at a temple the first was always the easiest to obtain. Later on each summoning would require more and more difficult trials.]]

[center [b The NPC's the "People of the Land" had all gathered to watch. Hoping that one day this girl could be their savior. To bring about a time of peace and to destroy the Black Beast. The elders were crying tears of joys as the children cheered her on. Here in the world of Fyuria Summoners were loved and respected by most of society. Little had Rin known the class would only show up to select players by pure chance it wasn't an option for all. It was the rarest class and now every party would be needing one to put a stop to this massive beast plaguing the land.]]

[center [h3 Message's incoming]]

[center [b For Rin: Arthur had messaged his friend looking for a user of that name. Her and he were very similar in games he'd figure she too would use her real name for her character if it wasn't already taken. He had decided to message. "Rin is that you? I wonder where your at... Well don't worry! If you see Kevin let him know I said hi! His usernames Nun by the way I'm about to message him. If this isn't my Rin than.. Whoops my bad!]]

[center [b To Nun: Hey man just shot Rin a message well.. Hopefully it's our Rin. The usernames Rin.. Wonder if she did the same thing I had. I know her and I do that but maybe she took a new approach this time who knows? I mean I did change my last name for once. xD That aside man it seems we need a summoner! If you find one let me know! I'll be looking too! Oh.. And make sure it's a cute girl! A party can only have seven so save me a slot? Pretty please? Q^Q]]

[center [b PS to Nun: It all went well! Don't worry about me!! Careful is legit my middle name after all! I mean who's more careful than I am? :P]]

[center [h3 Surroundings]]

[center [b Nun can see the summoning take place he can also see a stand where a traveling merchant stood. A young woman with a nice smile on her face. She seemed to be selling weapons of all kinds.]]

[center [b There could be heard a shriek as an NPC thief stole a woman's pouch before he could get far however he was stopped by an old man. With no icon showing if he was a person of the land. Or an adventurer he grabbed the mans wrist with a gentle smile and knocked him over gently kicking the knife away. His voice was smooth and gentle like a rushing river.]]

[center [+teal Now young one that is no proper stance to be holding. That being said from your expression does not strike me as a man with murderous intent why do such a thing?]]

[center What do you know?!]

[center [+teal I know things have been hard around here before these adventurers started clearing the beast. I also know the people here are very kind and gentle. That and they make lovely tea! Haha!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He gave a small chuckle helping the lad raise to his feet. As the man started to tear up gripping his fist. He had looked like a respectable islander just as the rest. The old man had patted the lads shoulder and gave a smile.]]

[center [+teal It's the summoner festival let us all enjoy this glorious day of Fyuria.]]

[center [b The people cheered Rin on and as one eager woman holding her child asked. ]]

[center Who will be your guardians lady summoner? To help you gather the spirits needed? Will you be going to Drevin next? That's not too far here from boat. Drevin is the nearest temple to pray at...]

[center [h3 Choices]]

[center [b What will each member do? Keep in mind there is no rush to Drevin and there is much to be explored in Besaid Island. Maybe even ask about going to see other places at the port?]]
  ShieldHero / 153d 15h 18m 31s
Midnight of a Friday night and a slim figured female impatiently tapped her index finger on her desk, watching the download percentage take forever to increase. [#fa5ca9 ..97..98..99 ] She began counting the numbers in her head in hopes that it would speed up the waiting time. On her was box torn open with a brand new VR headset and gear sprawled out across the rest of the bed. [b Buzz. Buzz. ] She reached over to check her phone, finding out her friend had picked up his gear and would be logging on soon. [#fa5ca9 What was the point in paying extra to get the gear before its release when the game takes forever to load! ] She thought as she began to type out a reply to the text, when she was interrupted by the log awaited notification that the game had finished downloading!

Rin excitedly put her phone down and rushed back over to the gear, setting it up and connecting it to the game. [#fa5ca9 First thing is to decide what class I want to be. I don't have the hand eye coordination or reflexes so lets go with a summoner. Next is abilities. Healer would be the best way to gain EXP without having to be directly involved in combat. Plus it would be a lot easier to join a party as a healer as every party needs one. Game name? Lets just go with Rin for ease. ]In reality Rin was not very smart, she was not stupid either. Just average. However when coupled with her ability to cause trouble where ever she went, Rin was dismissed as nothing more than a delinquent; by her peers and teachers. But when it came down to games Rin knew what she was talking about.

Once her decisions were made she spawned in the centre of a village. [#fa5ca9 Wow.. The graphics are incredible. ] At first it was hard for her to work out the menus and control, but after a couple of hours playing it she had a party and had completed her first quest! However there was still no sign of her friends. Having completed he first quest she gained a summoning stone which she excitedly brought to the centre of the village. In the centre of the village, where she has spawned, there were carving on the ground. She placed the sea coloured stone on the floor and lightly she touched her staff against it to begin the summoning process.
  Rin (summoner) / rinkokoro / 153d 16h 2m 21s
Jae had wandered through the game getting use to it, and almost reaching level 2. He had met some people along the way, as they helped each other with various little things. Eventually, he was able to meet some people who were looking to form a new party, and he was invited in, the role of the knight. He waited at the gate for his new teammates, his holy blade by his side. Several people were gathered around, some seeming like friends, others strangers.

A message on the board appeared, and there a voice spoke. A beast has to be defeated, and a contest taking place. It was intriguing but soon panned over Jae’s head. The quest itself seemed more exciting and exhilarating. But it wasn’t no surprise how a prize that big can drive others to comepleting the quest. Jae stood and waited for his new party to show.

[+green “Interesting...”]
  Jae / Sina13 / 153d 19h 54m 0s
[center [h3 Special Report]]

[center [b Nun and his party had reached the village! There the summoner was with her new party a powerful caster and a Knight. The Summoner and the Knight were almost level 2 and the caster had managed to get level 2. The summoner had gone through her first trial and was ready to perform a summoning!]]

[center [b Before the ceremony could begin there was a digital board that appeared in the center of town. Accompanied by a voice message.]]

[center [+red So I hope you adventurers are enjoying your experience in Black Beast Online. I'm here to give you launch news you may have noticed your LORE cards. Every one of you shares a main campaign to stop the beast that plagues this land. You may have noticed a limit in party changes. You are allowed to change parties more than three times. However there is a contest being released whoever defeats this monster first? Will win two million US dollars and may if they wish can even come work for the development team behind this fantastical journey. Those who change party three times cannot compete in said contest. Feel free to play however you wish... Oh yeah there is one more thing. You'll be needing a summoner to stop this beast. Why is that? Well it's best to ask a summoner directly I believe. Good luck intrepid adventurers I wish you luck on your journey.]]

[center [b Like that the message had ended and was left on the message board to be reviewed whenever a player would need it.]]
  ShieldHero / 155d 18m 5s
[center [font "Times New Roman" Nun blinked on the way back, surprised at all of the notifications that popped up. [i Friend invite accepted. Party invite accepted... New Party Leader huh? Nice... New mail from Arthur too? I'm feeling pretty popular.] Finally making it off of the beach, Nun wrote up a response, simply following behind R1M3H34RT. [#A2C4CF "Arthur, my friend, do be careful. Seriously. I know how you like defeating champions. If that Blade Enemy shows up again, flee. Also, how did that duel go? I'm supposing you won, so congratulations."] Sending the message he heard a disturbance from up ahead. Closing out of his menus, he stepped around R1M3H34RT who was preparing his rifle.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Making their way to the village gate, Nun and R1m3H34RT found themselves facing down a field boss. [i An overgrown, spike shelled snapping turtle that seemed to have fire in it's veins? Very interesting design for a boss...] Charging forward and drawing his Ice Blade, he slashed the thing across the face, before the rattle of automatic weapons fire stitched the creature's side. Firing in controlled three round bursts, R1M3H34RT made his presence known, keeping his distance. As the beast prepared to strike, Nun found the beast's strike faster than he could track, causing pain to lance up his side. [i Sure Strike? Such a passive exists? Dammit.] Nun and R1M3H34RT danced with the beast for a while, trading blows, until the beast finally slowed, it's body leaking blood from several frozen slashes, and several 7.62mm rounds. The beast let out a hateful cry as R1M3H34RT put a bullet through it's right eye, detonating the thing's eyes from the pressure shock wave of the bullet striking brain matter. [#A2C4CF "Fancy moves, R1M3H34RT. I can tell now that you are experienced with such strange weaponry. I am most grateful to have you on my side."] [+gold 30 EXP!] [i So close...] [+green +25 Gald!]]]
  GuardianAngel / 155d 6h 46m 50s
[center [h3 Traveling To The Village]]

[center [b The party had begun to head back into town it was about a miles hike give or take. Nun receives a message! From Arthur! "Hey I couldn't tell that was magic she was some weird like... I don't know sci fi punk girl okay! Besides I've tanked most things so far... I'll try and be careful.. I guess"]]

[center [b As the two almost made it to town it seemed very quite no bandits and strangely no fiends. Well that was until they were near the gates it seemed there was a beast upset by the local parties hunting. All of it's prey was missing and it was chasing a few NPC's before it looked to Nun and his companion. Giving a roar it decided to charge the two of them!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Giving a roar the shelled monster sluggishly approached the two adventurers.]]

[center [h3 Turn Order!]]

[center [b Nun!]]

[center [b R1M3H34RT]]

[center [b Shelled Fiend!]]

Shelled Fiend
Type: Boss
LV: 2
HP: ???
ATK: ?
DEF: ??
SPD: ?
INT: ?
MP: ?
AP: ?
  ShieldHero / 156d 7h 31m 2s

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