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[size14 [font "Times" [B [u Set in a high-fantasy setting, preferably specifically D&D, but I'm super duper flexible with that ♥]]

You, the runaway son of a late lord and his yet-living lady had been adventuring to keep yourself away from a cruel home. During then, you had caught the attention, friendship, and later more of one of your fellow travelers that you had gone with. He, like you, a noble running from home, he even far adrift than you; a dark elf mage. You had grown close. But, alas, at the death of the matriarch/patriarch of the estate, and your sibling's disappearance from the responsibility, you- the firstborn- are called back to manage your estate and those who live and rely on your estate for a livelihood.

[left [pic]] Unable to leave, until you can get your affairs under control, searching for your sibling and managing the trade of the estate's goods, your thoughts often drift to those you are without. Your friends, and your close companions. Being adventurers, some visit, many are absent for whatever reason.

What happens, in the dead of a stormy night, when a knock comes to the door, and you are awoken by a servant for a bedraggled wanderer requesting to stay the night? You insist on seeing the individual. Why are they so familiar?

The nobleman's motivations for leaving and coming back can be changed to suit you! This is just the idea I had off the top of my head.

[center [u M/M plotline. I [i may] be convinced otherwise if you desperately insist, but I would need persuasion.]]

[B [u A Little About What I'm Looking For]]

[right [pic]] + Real life comes before RP. I am fully aware of the world beyond ES. So long as I know you're coming back, feel free to take your time as inspiration, or free time, waxes and wanes.

+ I respect quality over quantity. I tend towards longer posts, a little waxing poetic where the inspiration hits, but things fluctuate. You don't need to feel pressured to keep up with me. So long as it's a few paragraphs long, not a one-liner, then I'm fully pleased!

+ That said, if I haven't given you enough, or you have an idea for more that requires me add or subtract or change something, please do talk to me! I'll do the same. A story is constantly evolving, there will be spouts of chat and discussion, I'm an effusive person.

+ You don't need to keep the story hidden from me if you don't want! As much as I like slap upside the head surprise, communication on a collaboration is welcome and helpful! Especially for bigger, overarching goals or story elements, less so every minute moment. Keeps things heading in a direction away from stagnation.

+ Romance is not required, but it is encouraged. However, I can live easily without it, and without it being the center of attention. There are many different kinds of elements we can infuse into our world.

[center [+purple Send a PM with interest, or questions!


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The wind howled around him, and pelted his back with rain and cold. Even with his vision as sharp as it was, the sheer amount of water in the air made it difficult. It ran into his eyes and he could taste what of himself it brought with him. The rain hurt his body, pouring just enough water down his skin to make it itch and crawl on him. He could feel the thing inside his coat crawl and mewl for the same reasons, fat belly skin trembling with a chill and he clutched it to him protectively, as if that movement would promise-- himself included-- that they were almost there.

He could not travel as the creature he was because of the things he carried with him. But they were all he had. And so he endured and pushed forwards up the long avenue towards the house. He had been there once. And he would remember it as foreign, but familiar to an extent. It housed currently what he needed. Symbolizing within its wall what he had left beyond what he carried with himself. There was nowhere else to go.

The statues in the darkness looked away from him, eyes turned towards the skies with unblinking, unfeeling eyes full of water whereas his ached with every flash of lightning. It was close and deafening, ceasing the rain for just a moment until the wind would howl in his ears and push cold, biting air into what felt like the very cockles of his head.

His path was dotted as it had been for hours with curses in Undercommon. Its mixture of languages hot against the air and rising in windswept curls from his lips.

After what seemed like an eternity, endless and trudging-- a numb span of hours he was sure, but filled only with the movement of his feet, the ache that was slowly but surely crawling up from his feet and ankles and legs to his hips, and how the things in his arms moved, and how the pain of the wind in his ears deafened his senses. It was almost a shock when the lip of the steps came up into his gaze.

Only brief glances up to be sure he was going in the right direction had been cast. And so when the steps came at him suddenly he paused for a moment in genuine surprise before looking up at the dark house.
He approached the door and knocked, grasping with cold deadened fingers at the knocker and prayed that someone would hear him.

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The knock on the door shook Liseth from where she had fallen asleep in her chair by the fire in the servant's quarters. She was the last one up, and had apparently dropped the needlework repair she had been working on to the floor. Drat.

She looked at the butler who had fallen asleep before her who she had planned on rousing when she herself went to bed. They exchanged glances, Mervin as bemused as she.

But there had been a knock. She could still hear the wind pushing against the walls of the house, and it howling in the chimney near her. What silly creature could be out at this hour?

And so, with her shawl pulled tighter around herself she took a candle and hurried to the door on slippered feet.

The creature that was greeted at the door when it was opened was in fact for a moment not greeted at all. Liseth's eyes had to move farther up than they had before looking at anything living before her eyes. Standing tall, hulking under a shroud of cloak with the glimmer of burgundy eyes underneath it like low embers in the back of a grated stove. It looked humanoid, but it was dark under the cloaks draped over the head and shoulders, but the rest fell into motion and mass that she wasn't sure she could make sense of at whatever time it was in the morning. The only thought that crossed her mind was well, if that's what he looked like, perhaps he should sit down.

"[B I wish to take shelter for the night,]" he rasped, shifting slightly on the porch.

Liseth's mouth was fallen open, she knew, but she took a moment to gather herself and cleared her throat. They had a relatively friendly policy at the estate, but in this case she wanted to use the excuse of permission.

"[+maroon I'll just go get the master, shall I?]" she asked, well, informed the creature with a nod. "[+maroon Why don't you- come step out of the rain, we're letting it all in like this.]" Liseth said, stepping aside a bit meekly, feeling like she was breaking some protective barrier over the house by letting it in but perhaps best to be kind to something so large.

"[+maroon Mervin, would you go get him, please?]"

And so a further knock would be delivered to the lord's bedroom upstairs.
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