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Ailetha stood in awe as she watched Ignis fight the men before her. [i He’s so powerful...why wouldn’t he be? He’s a demigod. His skill level is just beyond everyone here.] She thought and then she smirks softly. She admired Ignis and respected his fighting skills. He was an important asset to this kingdom. There was a reason he was so high up in the ranks. No one can out due him, even though he serves the king Ailetha felt he was above the king. “How humble.” She mutters and keeps watching the ambassador.

As more men attack Ignis Ailetha found herself clenching the railing she was leaning on. She was a bit higher up, looking down at the chaos. She counts each man as they drop to the ground. Ignis was being gentle, it was easy for Ailetha to see that. [i They would all be dead if he used his real strength. There’s no doubt about it.] All of the women in the group were talking about Ignis, they had already fallen so they stood off to the side wondering if anyone could take him down.

“He’s a demigod. No one is going to beat him.” One of the women said. “He’s so strong. Is quite likeable don’t you agree?” Another woman said isn’t he group. Ailetha already could see the playful smiles forming on their lips. “Heh, already swoon by the ambassador? How quick. Is he really that charming to women?” The young elf chuckles to herself.

When Ignis finished she listened to his speech and couldn’t help but feel proud that Ignis had been here to inspire the men to fight as brothers. “Perfect.” She mutters and claps her hands as she walks over to Ignis. “You’re quite astonishing sir Ignis. Your skill is amazing and I know that was just a taste of what you can do. Thank you so much for today. I know my men are fired up and inspired now.” Ailetha bows to him. “Maybe you can stop by again soon. This division will always welcome you.”
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 14d 21h 33m 49s
Ignis watched with admiration as she corrected the mens stances before fighting them... Giving them the best possible chance, however slim that still ends up being. He was again impressed by her speed, skill, her obvious athletic ability, skill with a bow, and her prowess and grace with the sword.

His eyes made their way to her challenger every so often as well, guessing jow long that she'd toy with this one before putting him on the ground. Man by man, each one lost, though a few had yet to fight... And they didn't know they would be fighting Ignis, they probably assumed he was there to spectate. Though at her words some of the men who heard looked up wide eyed and began spreading the word quietly to their comrades.

Ignis nodded as she spoke and took some water to her face. He looked back to the men, looking each man over carefully. He also saw the women in the ranks, he was glad to know they wanted to fight, however he so disdained fighting women in training below his level of skill by massive margins. However one of the women did impress in her skill drill against Letha.

Ignis's eyes narrowed under his mask as one of the men who had yet to fight stepped up into the arena. He was a bit confident, Ignis thought to himself. [b "What gives you such confidence to fight me?"] Ignis asked. The young man replied [i "I know you will not kill me sir."]

Ignis smirked under his mask gesturing for the man to attack. The man charged him efficiently, his thrust was well placed, however the immense speed and skill of the demigod was too much. He caught the practice sword by its dulled blade and shattered it in his hand, as the man stumbled back Ignis dropped down and lifted him by his breast plate. [b "Your strike was quick, well placed, but... When you fight an oponent of much more skill and power, please by all means... More than one man is required."] He let him down gently looking over the men.

His right hand raised and gestured for them to come, he did not specify any one man. He wanted all who were brave enough to attack. And so that they did, waves of men entered the arena, each wave more and more confident as more and more of them flooded in after Ignis, he was anle to avoid thier attacks causing friendly fire quite often. Sometimes he would take up his own dulled sword and cut down a few men, but he allowed all of this to happen for one reason.

[b "Cease!"] His voice thundered throughout the Barracks. All of the men halted, all looking up to Ignis. [b "Can anyone tell me why I did this?"] He asked now in a hushed soft tone, his teachers tone. The men shook their heads looking to eachother, and mumbling. [b "Were you not all much more confident to fight next to your brother? Was it not that which gave you the courage to fight me? Was it not that that if we were in a true battle perhaps I could've been vanquished..."] He paused for a quick moment looking over the sweating faces of the men around him. [b "You will be the finest soldiers in the kings army, if only you fight as one... Unity is strength, it is what binds us. What makes us strong, do you think I could have won a war on my own?"] He paused once more, the men murmuring a bit to one another. [b "Nay, I could not have one a war on my own. Perhaps I could've fought but I will have died long ago without the help of soldiers as yourselves, and Generals such as General Ailetha. We are all important we all have our roles, you must play that role to the best of your ability. And if you do, we will all be better for it."]
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Ailetha bows and smiles. “Yes sir Ignis. That would be great.” She wanted to see Ignis on the field so she was looking forward to it. Ailetha personality changed to a more serious and confident type. She introduced herself to the men and walked up and down the row of men. “I am general Ailetha. Today we are just going to see what everyone here has to offer. We have ambassador Ignis here watching as well so don’t disappoint.” She smirks and walks back in front of her men. She noticed a few women in the group which made her feel a bit happy.

The beautiful blonde elf ties her hair up into a high ponytail. The girl picks up her sword and points it at a man. “Let’s go. Get a sword.” She ordered. Quickly he listened but he wasn’t as confident as she would like. He stood his stance holding his sword with a bit of fear in his eyes. Ailetha corrected his stance and showed him exactly how to hold the sword. “There. Now let us begin.” The mock battles took about an hour, Ailthea quickly took down most of the men. She wanted to let Ignis join her so she ended her last battle with her bow and arrow.

With ease she flips around, runs with amazing speed, show off her defense and offense skills. She picked up her bow and instantly let an arrow fly missing the man she was fighting against but hitting a target right in the middle. Most the men stared in awe and that’s He. Ailetha knee she gained some respect from them. “Take a break.” She ordered and walked over to Ignis. “The field is all yours when they return.” She said softly. She catches her breath and pours some water on her face.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 14d 23h 41m 31s
Ignis quite embarrassed for a moment, feels his embarrassment subside aa she giggles. Her little laugh gave him a new breathe, he was deathly confident in battle... But in this he was far from it. The way his offer came off may not have sounded the way he wanted it, though he gained the right outcome at her words.

His eyes searched her form once more as she gave shot an offer back, sayong if he really wanted her... All he had to do was ask, but... It wasn't just that easy, she was making her way towards the men. It was too late for him to answer now, he would have to answer later... However he belived to know how he felt, and he hoped she'd know too by that time.

His eyes searched the men, making eye contact with some of the lesser skilled men he remembered from the mock battle. He also locked eyes with the most promising of the recruits, looking over to Letha. [b "General, I will veiw your fight, and give pointers to the men... But after you've had your fun I ask that you'd do the same for me. I like to lead by example."] He spoke facing Letha, loud enough for the men to hear, knowing now they will not only face their general... But the kings emissary as well.
  Ignis Heros / TheJediRevan / 15d 4h 52m 37s
When Ignis answered her question she was also a bit shocked by his reply. [i What an offer. The ambassador wants to spend more time with a simple being like me. I’ve never heard of him spending any time with anyone besides the king and of course the Fire God.] She thought. Before she could answer Ignis backed away from his statement a bit. Ailetha saw a new side of him that she was sure no one really has. [i How interesting. Cute even. He must be blushing under that mask.] Just by the tone of his voice she could tell all of these things.

With a small giggle she pushes her blonde hair from her face and smiles at the ambassador. “Well just so you know I would gladly give you the opportunity.” Her eyes never left his mask. “So if you change your mind let me know sir Ignis.” She has stopped walking awhile go but she starts back on her way towards the battle field. There were many thoughts running through her head. She wanted to know more about the famous demigod Ignis.

“I’m going to do a bit of training with the men. If you like you can join in or watch. I’m sure you have a lot of good tips for them. You’re probably more skilled with sword than I am as well.” Ailetha was great with a sword but she was even better with her bow and arrow. Her plan was to show off a bit for the men, she didn’t want them thinking they could walk all over her so she needed show them exactly what she could do.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 15d 13h 2m 34s
Ignis smiled as he shook her raised hand with a firm but gentle grip. [b "A pleasure General Ailetha."] He then followed her through the doors of the armory, her explanation for it was fine, he knew what it was but a guide narrating what the follower is seeing must always be appreciated. He had noticed her brisk pace, keeping up with all ease as he was much taller than she standing about 6'4" he also however couldn't help but slide his eyes a bit lower, noticing her legs, their tone and shape, quite fit... As a general must be of course. Her hips how they folded down from her torso, and up along her back and shoulders. Quite beautiful indeed, he added to himself once more, he knew he felt attraction and lust... But it was forbidden of course.

She requested his assistance, and he so gladly took up a few items for her, passing them down without complaint. He was not one to abuse his obvious power, he was certainly not obligated in any way to retrieve her items... However it was the gentlemanly thing to do, and he was of no doubt a gentlemen. It was a little known fact certainly as he had little opportunity to show it, but when he did he so took that chance. His eyes returning to her as she began away, her form being taken in once more as she walked ahead of him.

The question she raised was one never asked before... Perhaps because he had almost always fought next to men on the battlefield and few women, and even so they were focused on the battle at hand... And at this moment, He was in fact at hand. [b "Well, no one ever asked. I would gladly show you should you give me fair opportunity."] He spoke having seen her smirk, it threw him over the edge. He was giving into the lusts, should he be doing this? Is this the right move? Was he making a mistake? Would she refuse his obvious offer? Perhaps not take it as an offer at all? Questions raced through his mind, he had never made such a bold statement before. [b "I'm sorry general... I don't know..."] He was obviously embarrassed at his words, allowing his more carnal side to come out... It was so rare. He was always so good about keeping himself in check.
  Ignis Heros / TheJediRevan / 15d 13h 27m 24s
Once in the room Ailetha looked at Ignis to speak but he spoke before her. “My name? Oh I’m sorry I did t introduce myself sooner.” Now she was a bit embarrassed due to being rude to the ambassador. “My name is Ailetha. I also go by Letha.” The young elf offered her hand to Ignis to shake. [i Maybe I should of just bowed.] She thought.

After their late introduction she walks through the armory room. “Here we keep most of the combat training gear.” Her long hair followed after her body due to her swift walking. Her legs were nicely toned but also thick with muscle. Once she found sword that would suit her she takes it, she also grabs some arrows for her bow. “Do you mind getting something for me?” She asked. She wasn’t the tallest so she needed a few things on the higher shelves that she couldn’t reach. Ailetha points to a few items for Ignis to grab. “Thank you again for helping me.” She adds before leading them out of the room.

As they walked back she looked at Ignis. “Not trying to be rude but may I ask why you constantly have a mask on? I don’t think anyone knows what you look like. You also keep your body covered so it’s really hard to imagine who I’m speaking to. I understand if you want to stay that way but I was just really curious sir Ignis.” Her playfully side was slowly coming out but she knew better and she needed to keep it in check. The smirk on her face was just so hard for her to hide at the moment.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 15d 13h 53m 28s
Ignis smiled in return under his mask as she had given him a small smile. Her attire no doubt sparked his interest in her appearance, which he was sure was shared by plenty of men... Not so confident as to tell her. However... No no, thinking like that is liable to get him killed, or demoted, struck down from his place by the god's.

As she spoke in surprise he was quite excited, he did so love to help people when they least expected him too... However after having seen him in battle and at the kings side that may be hard to believe. At the kings side he is like unto a wall, an immovable force should anyone threaten the king or his family, to get to them they must get through Ignis. He is very stoic during these times, as to say to those who come in a threat is no real threat at all.

He was uplifted even more as a genuine smile appeared over her face. He couldn't help but smile in return, her attire certainly sparked his interests, as she turned and asked him to follow her to the armory. His eyes strayed from the path and down her form, he caught himself in the act of looking her over, and averted his eyes to the path forward. He saw her glancing back at him and hoped she didn't see his little viewing, through his masks visor.

As they entered the room, he turned his Violet eyes holding to hers, his eyes so often blaze a fiery red, or orange during battle when he is most commonly seen. But when he is calm they fall into a purple violet color, indicating he trusts his surroundings, and those in it. His mask however rarely came off outside of his private solar, which he rarely made his way to for his weeks sleep. He slept one night in the week, and that is sufficient for his needs.

[b "Madame general, might I ask your name? It is not often I am granted the privilege to assist such a well know officer as yourself."] He did not speak in a tone of flattery, but rather sincere respect, and honor. His voice still soft, and he kept his eyes to hers.
  Ignis Heros / TheJediRevan / 15d 15h 52m 11s
Of course the young elf woman knew what it wasn’t really her place to talk to someone as high up as Ignis but she had always felt that a king conversation wouldn’t do any harm. Besides he’s here talking to me. I should be able to talk to him back. She thought as she looked back towards the mock battle. Her bright blue eyes shined as she looked on happy with one of the new recruits. He was showing great skill and it made her quite happy to be able to see what else he could do. Ailetha made a mental note of the man before her.

When Ignis answerd her question she looks at him again. This time she offers a small smile. “That’s great to hear. I hope everyone continues to be ok. Including yourself ambassador Ignis.” Ailetha stayed respectful to the man before him. She looked over his appearance curious to know what he looked like underneath all that uniform of his. With such a silky voice he must have looks to match it. One can only speculate. Her eyes didn’t leave the man until the mock battle was over. She instructed the two men to take a break and for the next two to take the center of the floor.

Ailetha pushes her blonde hair back and stands with her arms crossed. She wore a very simple attire this morning since she knew she would be sparring with her new recruits. A simple gray tunic with tight spandex shorts underneath made it easy for her to move. The clothes clung to her natural figure which made her seem more attractive. Hearing Ignis speak again she faces him. “Oh you want to help me out?” She was a bit surprised that Ignis wanted to come to her section to be of use. “I am grateful and honored to have you here sir Ignis.” She smiles genuinely. “Come with me to the weapon room.”

The walk towards the room was a bit quiet, Ailetha glances at Ignis every now and then wondering why he wanted to help her how. She was happy though.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 15d 22h 51m 39s
Ignis watched a few moments of the mock battle in silence, he didn't blame Ailetha for the lack of skill displayed by most of the men... They were new recruits they didn't know much in the ways of combat yet... However some few men showed promise, some showed they could one day be great warriors... His presence would no doubt cause some pressure on the men to perform well, he anticipated this, it was to see who would break under pressure.

Ignis knew of Ailetha, she was a master strategist in the last war fought by his homeland. Her expert advice even led Ignis's elite unit into an easy victory over a foe that should have been much harder to defeat. She was highly respected in his eyes, as a general and combatant. He would trust her with his life on the battlefield, and her tactics at any moment.

His eyes strayed from the mock battle, his head turning towards her at her question being raised. Her question was interesting, most people wouldn't have courage to ask of him such a question, one that could be taken personally. Though he was glad for her confidence, she should have it being who she was, this was her barracks, and she deserved his respect.

[b "Well, for the king all is well. I myself am fine, I have little to do however, and thought perhaps I could be of use here."] His eyes locked onto hers for a moment, he then broke away looking to the mock battle once more. He quite admired her, as a general of course, though she was strikingly beautiful as many elvish women are. Though he was forbidden to love being the Emissary to the god of fire... He was still part man, and felt love, lust, and companionship. He yearned for the company of someone, something, he was often lonely... But such is the life of a Hero.

[b "Whatever it is you need done, allocate the opportunity to me I must be of use somewhere. And battle is my most natural place, it is what I was born for."] His voice was soft, not cold, not harsh, but serious with a soft tone. His eyes held to the mock battle, but his thoughts strayed, he was attempting to control them however.
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It has been awhile since there was a peaceful atmoshpere through the kingdom of Impes Ustrina. The people were at peace and everyone seemed quite happy. There were smiles everyone and people walked around with the fear of war far in the back of their minds. The last war had been a brutal one but of course Impes Ustrina had the victory in the end. Ailetha wasn’t the lead general at the time but she worked under the best general there was. That day she had lost her mentor and after the war she had went home to an outer city of the kingdom to just rebuild her life.

Without a general to run the royal army the king knew he was at risk for another attack and being unprepared wasn’t something he was willing to risk. Somehow Ailetha was found and offered the position due to her greats skills that had been acknowledged during the time of war. With nothing else to los she took the position. She was married, didn’t have any kids and no one to go home to. Why wouldn’t she take the position.

After a early morning start Ailetha worked hard to train the new men that arrived to join the royal army. She made sure every single warrior had skills up to her standards. By evening time she felt exhausted but she didn’t let it show. She had a job to do and she has dedicated her life to it. As a mock battle takes place she watches quietly, her eyes focused on the men before her. [i He needs to work on his defense skills.] She thought as she watched the man on the defense fail to block a punch. She lost her focus a bit when she heard a voice directed her way. The young elf looks next to her to see the king’s ambassador. “Ignis.” She said nods her head respectfully. “Things are going well over here. More training needs to be done though. How are things going with you? All is well I hope.”

Of course Ailetha knew how important Ignis was to the kingdom, he was the only one that could communicate with their God of Fire. Without him they wouldn’t have the protection over the city that they need. [i His name is spoken through this city. It’s hard to overlook someone like him.] She thought just taking in his appearance.
  Ailetha / Kita-san / 16d 10h 16m 30s
The Kingdom of Impes Ustrina was powerful and respected among its neighbors, it's ambassador and Demigod Ignis, their key, and communication link with the god of fire, stood watch over their keep and cities. His hand was swift and powerful, though with his weaknesses and flaws, he always fought next to the armies of Impes, and was active in their military organization. He was close to the King and few others, as the King expressed the needs of the people, and Ignis explained it to the god of fire.

Impes's code of arms, was the sun, in front of a black backdrop, it adorned their steeples, castles, walls, shields, and banners about their cities. The four Kingdoms were in a state of constant war, however times were calm, as the primary fight was Impes, and the Kingdom of Ice and Water, Gelus. They had their own god and also a messenger, a warrior, another demigod, Nympha. She was also a great warrior, keeping watch over Gelus and their Kingdom.

Ignis had been at the kings right hand for some time today, listening to the people who brought their problems to him. However Ignis grew restless, wishing to fight, he was a man of war, and action. A warrior is always prepared, but Ignis wanted to see for himself how the army kept prepared. Asking of his king permission to make his way down to the Barracks he was let go, he could go of his free will, but was madly loyal to the service of his King, and wised to respect him in everything.

As he walked down the steps of the city, he looked into the distance, it was calm and peaceful in the valley below their mighty city. He took the steps in stride, excited to finally be back in the barracks, his true habitat as a teacher and as a leader. He didn't show his excitement however it was not in his character. As he entered the barracks he was quickly overtaken by the sounds of training, mock battles and practice fencing, armored training, and he could see the young men who would grow to be warriors weight training... They started so young it brought pride to his heart.

He stepped into line with a young general, she seemed to be watching a mock battle with great intent, he wished a say in it as well. Should she say he should leave he would gladly do so, this was her barracks, he was the one out of rank... Though many wouldn't see it that way... Ignis was very respectful of rank and position. [b "General, how goes the battle?"] He asked in a low voice, standing next to her viewing the battle from above, it was taking place in a large arena inside the barracks. Ignis very rarely came down this way, and had never seen this General before, though he could tell by her attire her rank and position.
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